75+ Skincare Influencers To Market Your Brand [Non-Celebrity]

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The best skincare influencers to follow in 2022 are those with a knack for creating beautiful, effective content. They should be experts in their fields, passionate about their work, and willing to share their tips and tricks with their followers. 

Whether you’re looking to improve your own beauty routine or want to learn more about specific skincare products, these Instagram influencers are a great resource.

How to find skincare influencers on Instagram 

If you’re looking for authentic and influential Instagram users to follow, there are a few ways to go about it. Try searching for hashtags, google search, or influencer marketing platforms.

Ainfluencer is one of the best and easiest influencer marketplaces to find Instagram influencers in your niche. You can explore and invite influencers based on category, hashtag, engagement rate, number of followers, etc.

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Top 76 skincare influencers on Instagram

Here are a few of our favorites to get you started! Whether you’re looking for natural and affordable products, healthy tips, or inspiring stories, these accounts will have your skin looking and feeling its best.

1. Charlotte Palermino

Charlotte also known as the skincare fairy godmother welcomes anyone who is struggling with skincare to her IG family.

The former beauty writer, entrepreneur, and co-founder of @dieuxskin is obsessed with clinical trials and evidence-based research data, and she’ll break it down in the simplest form for you to understand. 

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2. Danielle Gray  

The lovely skincare influencer on Instagram, Danielle, is a beauty expert seen on Rachael Ray, Dr.Oz and more. On her account, you can find tons of helpful skincare-related information. She makes skincare easy and fun.

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3. Stephanie Zheng 

Stephanie, the founder of Mountlai and Meiapothecary, is a holistic esthetician and content creator based in NYC.

If you want to get updated about the latest methods and products to take care of your skin, Stephanie has one of the best skincare Instagram accounts.

She is among popular skincare and wellness influencers constantly posting about skincare tips, wellness, and her journey as an entrepreneur.

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4. Jenny Liu

Jenny is a board-certified dermatologist and among the top skincare influencers on Instagram and YouTube. She uploads great content on how to take care of your skin, hair, and nails.

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A post shared by Jenny Liu, MD FAAD 刘婧, Skincare expert (@derm.talk)

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5. Lisa Richards

Lisa, also known as the skin boss is a skincare local influencer and a master esthetician. She is the owner of skinboss skinspa in Provo where she helps people achieve their best skin since 2002. 

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6. Alessa

Alessa is on the list of top Asian beauty and skincare influencers with over 100k followers. She has the most practical skincare Instagram posts where she uploads mostly about skincare, beauty, and sometimes fashion.

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7. Blonde25

Jenni is a makeup and beauty influencer with an intimate relationship with her followers. On her Instagram account, she talks about not just her professional life but also her kids and how she spends her daily life. Jenni reviews makeup and skincare products and gives detailed information to her fans.

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8. Thebeautyelite

The English girl living in NYC, Amrah is one of the makeup and skincare Instagram influencers with over 250k followers. She Shares her skincare journey and makes makeup easy.

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9. Jennifer Chiu

Jennifer is another Asian beauty and skincare influencer on our list. She shares daily tips, tricks, and hacks on her social channels to inspire you to start your own skincare routine. 

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10. Olia Majd

Olia is a French-Persian blogger and esthetician based in San Diego. She is among skincare influencers on Instagram who also shares makeup tutorials and her styles with her followers.

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11. Joyce Park

The NYU-trained dermatologist, Joyce is an expert in skin, hair, and nail. She partners with skincare Instagram influencers to make diverse and fun content for her IG family. With over 100k followers on Instagram and TikTok, Joyce can be your go-to person for any type of skin consultation. 

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12. Kaice Alēa

Kaice is one of the best skincare Instagram accounts and an entrepreneur. She gives detailed reviews on the products she uses and has prepared very well categorized Story highlights with the link of products that have worked well on her skin. 

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13. Skincraving

Annie is one of the finest micro skincare influencers based in NYC. Her Instagram posts are focused on beauty and skincare products. She shares the simplest reviews on products guiding you through a better skincare journey.

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14. Camelia Katoozian

With over 600k followers, Camelia is on the list of best skincare influencers on Instagram. She is the founder of Kateliabeauty where products are 100% natural, vegan, and non-toxic.

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15. Oceana Hegyi

Oceana is a skincare and wellness influencer who is also a fitness model. Her minimal IG layout is full of her daily routines, travel diaries, and honest product reviews. 

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16. Jadé Marie

Jadé is a skincare expert and makeup artist with over 10 years of experience. She is one of the best skincare Instagram accounts you can follow. She inspires you with her ASMR, meditations, spirituality, and above all skincare videos.

Jadé is a practicing holistic-medical aesthetician and chakra energy healer based in LA.

17. Shani Darden

Shani is an esthetician, skin expert, and one of the best skincare influencers on our list. She is a mom of two little cuties and the founder of the Shani Darden Skincare brand. Her products are available to shop online and in Sephora stores.

18. Lara Devgan

Dr. Lara Devgan is a certified plastic surgeon and a skincare influencer. She is the founder of drlaradevgan. Her skincare Instagram posts include patients’ skin and body transformations, reviewing brands, and many before/afters. 

19. Victoria Lyn

Victoria is a macro influencer and among the finest skincare and makeup influencers with over 1 million followers. On her IG page, she recreates celebrities’ looks and promotes beauty, skincare, and makeup products.

She uses a range of different products to teach her fans the latest trends and hacks.

20. Arshia Moorjani

Arshia is one of the Indian-American skincare influencers on Instagram who is also interested in beauty and fashion.

What makes her one of the best skincare influencers is the trust and deep sense of loyalty that she has built with her audience.

She shares tips for all types of skin and makeup tips as well.

21. Dirtyboysgetclean

Matt is one of the most popular skincare influencers on the platform.

He shares his skin journey, what he has used, and what works best for him.

22. Emma Hoareau

Emma is another skincare Instagram influencer who shares amazing tips in her Story highlights.

What makes her special is the fact that she explains the details of each product, its ingredients, features, and how she uses them.

23. Anjali Mahto

Dr.Anjali is a consultant dermatologist and one of the best skincare influencers on our list. She is the author of the skincare bible⁣. Her account gives you great knowledge about dermatology, skincare, and aesthetics.

24. Thedallasaesthetician

Savanna is one of those skincare influencers who focuses on the result of her work. On her IG account, she shares the journey and what her patients have been through to reach their ideal skin. She is also the head ambassador at theskinpen.

25. Joanna Czech

Joanna is an esthetician and among the best skincare Instagram influencers.

She is the founder of Joanna Czech Skin Care.

You can tell just how much knowledge and passion she has from her skincare Instagram posts.

26. Renée Chow

Renée Chow is a vlogger and digital content creator from New York. She is more than just a skincare influencer on Instagram. She’s also an incredible skin enthusiast sharing her experiences through her very minimal IG page.

27. Shereene Idriss

Dr. Shereene is a Board Certified Derm at idrissderm. She is also a cosmetic expert in faces, fillers, and lasers.

Shereene owns a community for all skin nerds by the name of pillowtalkderm. 

28. Abigail James

The award-winning facialist and the author of the best-selling book “The Queen of Skin”, Abigail, is one of the best skincare micro influencers to inspire you. She regularly posts content about skin, health, mind, and face massage. Abigail is currently working on her new book “the glow plan”.

29. Ben Neiley

One of the most fun and creative skincare Instagram influencers, Ben Neiley is also active on YouTube and TikTok. Ben has 11.8 million video likes on TikTok, based in NYC, he talks about his favorite products and techniques and his followers are mostly female Americans.

30. Liah Yoo

Liah is a Korean content creator and a skincare influencer living in NYC.

Besides her skincare Instagram posts, where she shares her knowledge and reviews different brands and products, she also uploads pictures and videos of her personal life. 

No wonder why she has a good engagement rate.

31. Sofia Grahn

Sofia is among body and skincare influencers based in Sweden with a high engagement rate. Her IG page is filled with different types of skin textures. She uses her community to talk about body positivity and acne awareness.

32. James Welsh

James is one of the UK-based skincare influencers on our list. He is also a popular reviewer with over 1 million followers on YouTube and Facebook.

He uses his social channels to cover men’s fashion, skincare, and grooming. He has a strong 5.15% engagement rate on Instagram, which is above the 3.19% platform average. He is definitely recommended if you want to increase your brand engagement.

33.  Caroline Robinson

Chicago-based dermatologist, Dr. Caroline Robinson, is the CEO and founder of ToneDermatology. 

She was named Most Innovative Skin expert by Refinery29 in 2020 and has a very positive sentiment on Instagram where she advocates for equity in skin and healthcare to her followers.

Carolie is taking advantage of other social channels to promote her work such as Pinterest, TikTok, and YouTube.

34. Brownskinderm

Dr. Adeline Kikam, one of the best skincare influencers on Instagram and TikTok will give you practical tips on skincare, beauty, and derm. Following her account helps you not fall for any PR and marketing spin. If you are looking to increase brand awareness, he is your go-to option.

35. Desi Perkins

Desi Perkins has solidified her space as one of the fairest beauty influencers in the industry with over 4 million Instagram followers.

The CEO and founder of Dezi and Deziskin is a former makeup artist who shares makeup tutorials, her sense of fashion, and more importantly, the way she keeps her skin glowing with her own brand products.

36. varijstylez

Tavaris Jefferson is one of the most acceptable beauties and makeup influencers with over 100k followers. With makeup looks that are more like works of art, this amazing makeup artist shares full-on glam, no matter the occasion. If you’re looking for ways to really upgrade your makeup game, follow Tavaris.

37. Victoriagorbenco

The beauty brand influencer on Instagram, Victoria is one of the finest skin and beauty influencers, and also a dermatologist at Viorica cosmetic Moldova.

She mainly shares her makeup looks, daily styles, ad product reviews.

38. Devsday

Devan is another content creator, aesthetician, and beauty and makeup influencer from Dallas.

Sharing her unfiltered beauty reviews and skincare knowledge is what makes her followers fall in love with her.

39. All.things.skin

James Jackets is a facialist, skincare specialist, and GDC dental nurse.

He mostly posts pictures of skincare products giving the best review to guide his followers into buying what works best for them. He has his own home clinic by the name of @principleskin.

40. Melaniegrantskin

Melanie is among the top skincare and beauty influencers from Australia. She is the official skin expert for CHANEL and an entrepreneur. You can get her products at Skincareedit.

41. Michelle Wong

The beauty science, Michelle is a skin influencer with a Ph.D. in chemistry. She does product reviews and discusses and dispels myths in the beauty industry with science in the most fun and easy way. 

42. Caroline Hirons

Caroline is a facialist and expert in the industry. She is such a popular skinfluencer that you can make sure if Caroline likes your product it’ll likely do well.

The founder of Skinrocks and Beautybacked is one of the best skincare influencers. Her in-depth skincare Instagram posts help you make an informed purchase decision. 

43. Whatsonvisface

Vi Lai, also called the SPF mom has a comedic approach to skincare.

She makes complicated routines easy and understandable for her followers.

44. Hyram

One of the best skincare influencers to stalk is Hyram. He creates product reviews, tutorials, and videos where he reacts to the skincare routines of celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Thorne. If you are a fan of affordable skincare, Hyram is the right one to follow.

45. Vasudha Rai

If you’re looking for an Indian beauty brand ambassador that you’ll love, you should follow Vasudha Rai’s Instagram page. Look out for tutorials like how to make a face paste, how to use a Kansa wand, or how to use a gua sha tool as well as reviews peppered with personal anecdotes and stories. 

46. Joanna Vargas

Joanna Vargas is a celebrity esthetician and skincare Instagram influencer with over 100k followers. She is the founder of Joannavargas and author of “Glow from Within” where she teaches readers how to create the best routine for their skin type.

47. Skincarestandard

Rachael is a skincare and bold lip enthusiast based in San Francisco.

She is among the top beauty influencers. Her secret to beautiful skin rests on developing and maintaining a good skincare routine.

48. Sincerely Oghosa

Oghosa is a UK beauty influencer with a growing community on Instagram and Youtube. Her colorful Instagram page is filled with style, beauty, and skincare content.

49. Sharmtoaster

Shamili posts a variety of skincare routines that she recommends to her fans. what sets her apart from all the other skincare influencers on Instagram is how dedicated she is to giving detailed and useful information like the guides section she has prepared on her account.