25+ Best Yoga Influencers On Instagram In 2023

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Yoga is a physical and mental practice that has been around for thousands of years, and there’s no doubt that it has taken the world by storm in recent years. 

With its calming and stretching effects, it’s no wonder that so many people are beginning to practice it. And what better way to get people interested in yoga than by enlisting the help of some of the most influential yoga practitioners around? 

Yoga influencers not only teach traditional yoga poses but also encourage their followers to experiment with new styles and techniques.

Regardless of their backgrounds or levels of experience, these yoga and wellness influencers have something unique to offer in terms of advice and inspiration when it comes to yoga. And if you are a brand looking for brand ambassadors, they can be a great option for promoting products in the health and wellness niche.

In this blog, we show you how you can easily find your targeted yoga influencers. We have also provided you with a list of the 26 best yoga influencers on Instagram.

So, keep on reading.

How to find yoga influencers on Instagram?

There are several ways to find different types of influencers, such as yoga influencers.

Google is a great option. You can search for influencers in your targeted niche to come up with numerous results. Another possible option is to do the same on Instagram and find influencers that best fit your niche by their particular hashtags.

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26 best yoga influencers on Instagram

1.  Hollybentley_yoga

Holly Bentley is an American yoga influencer who also posts about motherhood issues on her account. She has 125k followers and tries to inspire women, especially moms, to practice yoga and improve their physical and mental health.

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2.  Irosenav

Rosemary Voore is one of the other top yoga influencers on Instagram. She has about 120k followers and is a brand ambassador for “Dermae,” “Onzie,” and “Liforme.” Don’t hesitate to contact her for cooperation.

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3.  Thepilatesdifference

Colleen Tomlinson is among the great yoga Instagram influencers. She is a big proponent of yoga and meditation and has more than 62k followers.

This micro influencer aims to help people improve their mental health and well-being.

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4.  Lisettejyoga

One of the other yoga Instagram accounts is for Lisette John. She is also a lifestyle influencer with 32k followers on Instagram.

Lisette shares photos and videos of her yoga tutorials as well as healthy recipes on her account.

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5.  Ailexnomii

Ailex Nomii is a fitness and yoga influencer with Calisthenics Skills. He is one of the yoga influencers who does online coaching and free consultation too.

He has 29k followers, and his account is full of positive vibes.

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6.  Sakshimaha.zen

Sakshi Mahajan is a great Instagram yoga girl from India. Although this teen girl has only 5k followers, her account has a high engagement rate and is an excellent choice for small brands looking for a nano influencer.

Sakshi is a yoga instructor who helps people improve their well-being.

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7.  Nancykaplani

Nancy Kaplani, born in Germany, is one of the great dancers and yoga influencers. She accumulated more than 4.5k Instagram followers and shares her healthy lifestyle and yoga poses on her account.

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8. Yoga_girl

Instagram yoga girl Rachel Brathen is an excellent yoga and lifestyle influencer with 2m followers on Instagram.

Besides sharing her daily routine, this Sweden influencer regularly posts photos of her yoga and mindfulness practices on her account.

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9. Sjanaelise

Among all hot yoga models on Instagram, Sjana Elise is a top one. She was born in 1994 and is a great poet and an International Yoga Teacher.

Sjana has more than 1.4m fans on Instagram and tries to help people achieve their fitness goals and have a healthy and happy life.

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10.  Aashkagoradia

Aashka Goradia Goble is an Instagram yoga girl with 1.3m followers. She is a practitioner of “Peace of blue yoga.”

This Indian yoga girl shares videos of herself doing yoga on her account.

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11. Kinoyoga

One of the other top yoga Instagram accounts belongs to Kino MacGregor, who is an author, podcaster, and YouTuber. She has 1.1m followers, and her account is full of yoga and fitness-related content.

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12. Beachyogagirl

Kerri Verna is a fitness and yoga trainer who helps people work out at home, reach their goals, and stay healthy.

Her specific yoga website is “Beachyogagirl.com.”

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13. Annaemcnulty

One of the teen yoga influencers on Instagram is Anna McNulty. Anna is a self-taught contortionist and aims to help others get flexible.

She has more than 1m followers on Instagram and is known as the “Gymshark athlete.”

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14.  Ashleygalvinyoga

Ashley Galvin, born in 1984, is one of the other top yoga influencers and instructors with her own unique teaching approach.

She has 555k followers with a high engagement rate. If your brand is related to fitness, she’ll be a perfect option for you.

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15. Flex_with_anushka 

One of the other top yoga Instagram accounts is for Anushka Karmakar. She is a yogi, fitness trainer, and contortionist with more than 77k fans on Instagram.

Anusha holds yoga classes and collaborates with brands in the same niche. She could be an excellent choice for promoting brands related to yoga and fitness.

Talk to Anushka Karmakar

16. The_humble_yogini 

One of the hot yoga models on Instagram is Namita Lad. She is a yoga teacher, fitness model, and Ayurveda practitioner.

Namita could gain more than 6k followers by sharing different yoga poses, and her account is full of positive vibes.

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17. Yogi_kula 

Joanne Coates is one of the best yoga influencers who provides alternative and holistic health services. She believes in the spiritual soul and tries to help women gain both physical and spiritual health by doing yoga.

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18. Aloyoga

Alo Yoga is among the top yoga Instagram accounts with about 3m followers.

“Alo,” “Alomen,” “Alomoves,” “Alowellness, and “Alogives” are all her accounts. She shares her mindfulness practices, as well as her fitness and yoga exercises to empower people.

If you’re looking to promote your brand, she could be a tremendous mega influencer for you.

19. Adrienelouise

Among the best yoga influencers, Adriene Mishler is another example on our list. She is also an actor, artist, and writer who has 1.2m Instagram fans.

Adriene is the CEO of the app “Find What Feels Good” and a co-owner of “Practice yoga Austin.”

20. Laurasykora

Laura Kasperzak is one of the Instagram yoga models. She became an official ambassador for “Alo Yoga” in July 2017. Laura shares her training and experiences on her account, which has 1.1m followers.

21. Amandabisk

Amanda Bisk is another yoga enthusiast and instructor. She is also an exercise physiologist and elite athletics coach.

This Instagram yoga girl has more than 656k followers and a specific website named “Freshbodyfitmind.”

22. Bohobeautifullife

Boho Beautiful is one of the other great yoga Instagram accounts. The account is for a couple, Mark and Juliana, who are yoga influencers. They try to inspire others to live a self-aware life and travel and exercise more.

23. Chelseasyoga

One of the best yoga and fitness instructors on Instagram is Chelsea Seaman. She believes that yoga is a way to bring a sense of quiet and calm into life.

Her account is filled with photos and videos of yoga practices that she shares with her 376k followers.

24. Livinleggings

Liv Townsend is another Instagram yoga girl with 308k real yoga fans on Instagram. She holds yoga classes and shares her tutorials to accomplish her followers’ yoga needs.

25. SarahBethYoga

Sarah Beth is a YouTuber and a great macro influencer on Instagram. She is also a yoga teacher who aims to lead people to get fit, happy, and healthy through modern-day yoga.

She has also created the yoga app “SarahBethYoga.”

26. Esthermarieyoga

And the last influencer among all the top yoga influencers on our list is Esther Marie. She is a yoga and trained mindfulness stress reduction teacher with 147k followers on Instagram.

She could be an excellent micro influencer to work with.


In conclusion, the best yoga influencers on Instagram are those who maintain a high level of professionalism and share inspiring and valuable information with their followers. They are also able to connect with their audience and create a sense of community.

If you are looking for inspiration or want to improve your yoga-related business, the mentioned accounts are great to follow. You can also use Ainfluencer to find more related influencers.

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1- What do I post on Instagram for yoga?

Instagram is a great way to share your yoga practice with the world.
Post photos and videos of your tutorials, poses, and meditations. Use hashtags to help people find your photos if they’re looking for specific content. You can also share tips and quotes about wellness and a healthy and stress-free lifestyle.

2- What is a yoga influencer?

A yoga influencer is someone who has a large group of followers on social media and often posts about or promotes yoga. These people can be certified yoga teachers, or they may just have a lot of followers who believe in their messages.

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