How to Find Influencers in 2022 [10 Practical Ways]

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It’s quite tough to find influencers, but it doesn’t have to be! 

Knowing how important social media has become in modern marketing and sales, you should be looking for the best ways to promote your business online.

Undoubtedly, influencer marketing is among the winning marketing strategies that you can use to grow your brand or business on any scale. However, you won’t be able to develop this collaboration with the top social media influencers unless you carry out an adequate search for influencers first.  

This article will show you 8 practical ways to find influencers to promote your product. 

What Is an Influencer? 

A social media influencer is someone who can affect the consumer purchase decision process on account of their relationship with your prospective audience. 

So, you need to give priority to their niche and interest while you are looking for influencers. This helps you reach the right audience through your influencer’s followers.

Influencers are categorized by their followers count, and knowing their categories is vital when you try to find influencers who suit your budget and strategy best. 

Let’s take a look at the different types of influencers

#1 Nano Influencers 

Nano influencers with 1K to 10K followers are considered to have the smallest yet very loyal audiences. If you run a local business and wish to grow through influencer marketing, nano influencers will only acquire a modest budget. At the same time, they are pretty competitive, reliable, and have a harmonious relationship with followers who easily care and engage.

Remember that it’s important for local businesses to find local influencers, and nano influencers are one of their alternatives to pick.   

#2 Micro Influencers

Micro influencers with up to 100K followers are a good choice for both a small business and a mid sized company. Their audiences are not too large for micro influencers to lose touch with them, and they can still forge a strong relationship with their audience. 

In addition to this, they are also more niche and targeted compared to nano influencers, which makes them more accessible in an influencer search. 

#3 Macro Influencers

For brands like Amazon that focus on brand awareness above all, macro influencers with over 100K to 1M followers are most appropriate.

#4 Mega influencers

Although the number of their followers might seem intriguing, only try to find influencers at this size if you have a large budget and want to draw people’s attention to your brand globally.

According to a Marketing Charts survey, mega IG influencers raised brands’ engagement rate by only 1.2%, while macro and micro influencers boost up to 2.1% and 3.7%, respectively.

Micro influencers have a higher engagement rate

Clearly, mega influencers have over 1M followers. These types of social media influencers may include traditional celebrities or public figures, as well. 

Speaking of celebrities, there are other terms and definitions that help you achieve a distinction of learning more about different types of social media influencers.

The Influencer Definition Vs. The Celebrity Definition

If you want to find influencers to promote your product, you should exactly know who you are looking for. 

For example, by what means is a celebrity famous? A celebrity is well-known in particular fields of entertainment such as movies, sports, music, and writing. In contrast, an influencer in modern marketing is someone who can create an impact on potential customers by promoting or encouraging them on social media.

On top of that, celebrities may acquire social media publicity due to people’s delight in their unique abilities and enjoyment of their acting in traditional media. 

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Social media influencers, however, gain their following in a particular niche by focusing their postings on subjects related to that niche market.

That’s why you should be looking for influencers, not celebrities, to promote your brand and express your brand message to the right audience.

#5 KOLs

New strategies, approaches, and measures have been developed in the world of online marketing, spawning all-new terms and definitions. You should already know a lot about social media influencers, but “KOLs” are less well known.

KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) have parallel professions, such as journalists, entrepreneurs, or writers who may accept to promote your brand or share a promotional link to your website if you build up a relationship with them successfully. 

Now, if you are asking whether to collaborate with KOLs or influencers, you should know that the answer lies within your marketing strategy and preference. 

#6 Virtual influencers  

If you are still not sure why an online influencer is called a virtual character, you are not alone as the trend of social media influencers continues to grow at such a massive pace, and the rise of virtual influencers may haven’t got the recognition it deserves.

The term “virtual influencer” refers to a computer-generated character used to serve as a substitute for an actual person within social media marketing. In short, they are designed to give the impression that they are a real person in real life to be viewed as influential.

What Is Influencer Marketing?

Our efforts to find influencers are supposed to implement an influencer marketing strategy.  

Influencer marketing, which refers to a form of marketing in which you collaborate with influencers, is praised as one of the most efficient and effective marketing tactics any brand or business can use to gain many advantages, ranging from increasing brand awareness to creating a brand affiliate program.

And according to just one influencer marketing agency the Return on Investment (ROI) of influencer marketing is estimated to be 280%!

So the fact that it’s undeniable how beneficial it could be to use influencer marketing in your marketing mix just makes it more crucial to learn practical ways to find influencers.

Tips on How to Search for Influencers?

When you start the search for influencers, you should have already set your goals and considered some key factors and criteria in your influencer marketing. 

Here are the top tips on how to search for influencers effectively.

1. Comprehend the Significance of Your Target Audience

There is a wide range of consumers that the target audience can consist of depending on your brand’s niche, demographics, reach, etc. 

When you plan to find influencers to promote your product, you should make sure to pick influencers who share the same type of target audiences as yours. 

2. Consider What Your Influencer’s Personality Trait Is Like

You may have not thought about it, but brands have personality too. You can call it ‘brand image”, “brand voice” or your “marketing standards”  if you want to.

Many marketing professionals advise that if you are trying to find influencers to promote your product, they should be people who match the type of personality your brand requires. 

To do this, think of your brand message and how you wish to convey it to improve your brand awareness. Then, you will know if you have picked the right influencer for your brand. 

3. Set Your Goals

Do not focus on how to find influencers, if you don’t know what you want them to help you achieve. 

Before you begin an influencer marketing campaign, you should determine what outcomes you hope to produce. Your objectives may include:

  • Brand awareness
  • Brand engagement
  • Audience building
  • Lead generation
  • Sales
  • Brand identity
  • Customer loyalty
  • Link building

4. Search for Influencers Who Can Work in the Type of Collaboration You Are Looking For

You already know the different types of influencers and the importance of your goals. So, remember to take these factors into account when you search for influencers and work out the right strategy and collaboration for your influencer marketing. 

Here are some examples of collaboration between you and influencers.

  • Video product review
  • Post mentions
  • Coupon or promo code
  • Bio link ad and more.

Other major factors in your collaboration that affect how you search for influencers include:

  • The influencer’s follower count and engagement rate
  • Niche and category
  • Quality of content
  • Demographics and target audience
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How to Find Influencers to Promote Your Product?

In general, there are 10 ways to find influencers in your industry:

  1. Use an influencer marketplace 
  2. Search on Google
  3. Look at your followings and followers list
  4. Check your competitors’ followers
  5. Scan competitors’ mentions & tags
  6. Generate relevant hashtags
  7. Search by keywords 
  8. Start following blogs and bloggers
  9. Join LinkedIn
  10. Recruit influencers through your main website

With this in mind, let’s take a look at the first way to find influencers in your industry which is using an influencer marketplace, and then cover 9 more ways to do so.

1. Use an Influencer Marketplace

One of the great things about influencer marketing is that the modern market is evolving rapidly. Today, businesses have a variety of influencer search tools they can use to find influencers and engage with them without facing a real challenge. Some of them may even be the key to your challenge when attempting to find influencers. Why? They simplify your search for influencers.

Ainfluencer is one of the influencer search platforms that help you find social influencers more effectively.

Ainfluencer: Find Instagram influencers

Using one of the best influencer marketing platforms is the easiest way to find influencers.

Ideally, you want to use an influencer search tool packed with lots of useful features to help you find influencers who help you grow your business.

Considering everything, our suggestion to you is Ainfluencer, a leading global influencer marketing, and marketplace agency.

Unlike most of its competing influencer finders that ask for payment upfront, Ainfluencer allows you to have unlimited access to their diverse influencer database of influencers.

Additionally, you get to make deals with them and bargain for the best price that’s mutually beneficial to the parties involved.

In other words, there’s no set price on Ainfluencer, allowing businesses and influencers to decide on a figure that’s acceptable to both parties on this website to find influencers.

Moreover, the platform allows you to create ads and let influencers reach out to you or invite targeted influencers.

Let’s watch this video on how to attract 1000s of influencers to your business on Ainfluencer. 

This means that you can either explore their influencer database to find influencers you want or just create an ad on the marketplace and see who’s interested in working with you.

Key features of Ainfluencer

The followings are a number of features that make Ainfluencer stand out as a marketplace to find Instagram influencers.

Free to Use

In contrast to other agencies, anything you do on this platform is 100% FREE with no hidden fees.


Their automated system monitors your campaigns and will freeze funds until you verify the requested content.


The website uses Artificial Intelligence to facilitate influencer discovery for its users.

Influencer Audit

Utilizing the power of AI, Ainfluencer provides you with an influencer’s account metrics such as engagement rate, avg. comments and likes, comments to followers ratio, and likes to followers ratio.

Campaign Manager

The built-in campaign manager allows you to do many things. You can upload your content, schedule posts, and monitor the performance of each of the running campaigns.

The Ainfluencer’s list of features could go on and on; however, we tend not to spoil all the fun and let you explore the rest for yourself.

Your second option is to use Google to find and contact influencers.

Start with typing in some phrases like “influencers in [location]” or “influencers around me [location]” and wait for Google to surface the results.

Keep in mind that influencer marketing is a very competitive market. Many agencies are trying to fix their spot at the top of the search results with the help of Google Ads.

So it’s a lot likely you encounter a whopping number of advertisements among the top search results. This again takes you back to the previous option of using an influencer marketing tool.

But you can keep scrolling to find a piece of informative content that introduces some viable options for you to find influencers in your industry.

However, this will take much of your time since you have to dig through the whole results one by one, and that’s if you’re lucky enough to come across an article that includes the information you want.

Moreover, you need to manually perform an influencer audit. Because you have to make sure the account or blog you find is authentic and actually owned by a real influencer.

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This is highly essential because you don’t want to end up wasting your money on a fraudulent source. But, it’ll also require you to dedicate a large portion of your time to do it.

Therefore it’s best to not burden yourself and look for influencers in your industry by using an influencer marketing platform.

3. Look at your followings and followers list

You can find influencers who are interested in what you do on your followers’ list. This is also true the other way round as you may have been interested in what some influencers do and looking at your followings’ list is helpful too.

4. Monitor your competitors’ social media mentions and tags

Checking your competitors’ social media mentions for sponsored posts in which an influencer has endorsed those brands will help you find them.

Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook are the best platforms for analyzing your competitors’ content strategy.

5. Keep a close eye on your competitors content and followers

Carefully analyzing your competitors’ social media content or even their blogs is another excellent way to determine whether they’re working with influencers.

6. Do hashtag research

One of the most common ways to find social influencers is to do hashtag research. The two best platforms for this purpose are Twitter and Instagram.

You can do this by typing in a few phrases into the search bars on each platform. Then just check out the profiles sharing the most popular content.

7. Search by keywords

Searching for the best videos and channels in the area of your interest by using posts’ keywords on Google and many other platforms will help you find influencers that have established themselves.

Refine your search terms to discover even more statistics about the creators whose popularity remains high without having to spend a lot of money.

8. Start following blogs and bloggers

With their blog readership and their social media presence, blogs and bloggers are an excellent approach to build backlinks to your website, alongside social media partners.

9. Join LinkedIn

The opportunity to search for influencers in LinkedIn may seem uncommon, but the capability to make refined searches based upon industry and title can help you find the right people fast.

Rather than searching for influencer marketing, the most effective searches are for “blogger” and “content creator.”

10. Find influencers through your main website

Your website should include an opportunity for influencers to contact you in case they stumble across your website through one of your other functions. Adding a link in the footer to your influencer landing page will enable you to share how you’d like to collaborate with influencers and leave some contact details so that potential partners can get in touch.


Knowing how to find influencers in your industry is critical to your business’s influencer marketing strategy.

This is even more important for small businesses trying to find local influencers in their niche to benefit from working with them.

Overall, it’s best to use an influencer marketing platform like Ainfluencer for finding and working with niche-relevant influencers since it’s the most cost-efficient way.

Remember, you can also check your competitors’ social media accounts or blogs to determine what influencers they’re working with.

How to get influencers to promote your product?

Basically, there are 4 steps to get influencers to promote your brand. 
1. Set your goals and expectations for your influencer marketing program.
2. Find the right influencer. 
3. Negotiate your terms and requirements before you agree to a contract. 
4. Close the deal and initiate your influencer marketing. 

How to find influencers for your brand?

In general, there are 10 ways to find influencers in your industry:
1. Use an influencer marketplace.
2. Search on Google
3. Look at your followings and followers list
4. Check your competitors’ followers
5. Scan competitors’ mentions & tags
6. Generate relevant hashtags
7. Search by keywords 
8. Start following blogs and bloggers
9. Join LinkedIn
10. Find influencers through your main website

How to identify influencers?

You can use a variety of approaches to finding influencers such as using influencer marketplaces, searching on Google, monitoring your competitors, or using hashtags to find posts published by influencers. After finding influencers, it’s also important to check activities and gain a deeper insight into their profile.