Top 50+ Wellness Influencers [2023 Non-Celebrity]

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Health is an issue that occupies a lot of people’s minds these days, and everyone has their own way of converting their lifestyle to a healthier one. 

Influencers are no exception as well. There are many wellness influencers who try to gain followers by showing their healthy lifestyle and promising people to coach them all the way.

Their wellness-focused accounts aim to give the audience delicious and healthy recipes, daily mindfulness practices, herbal treatments, fitness and yoga sessions, etc. 

They support their followers and encourage them to pursue the goal of becoming healthier in body and mind.

How to Find Top wellness Influencers on Instagram?

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Top wellness Influencers on Instagram

Here we present a list of the top wellness influencers in 2022:

1. Alemonteiro84

Alê Monteiro is a famous social media personality based in Brazil. Her account is among the best health Instagram accounts.

She is also a lifestyle, travel, and fashion influencer on Instagram with more than 145k followers.

She focuses on promoting healthy living by posting photos of herself working out, eating healthy foods, and giving fitness tips.

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2. Disha_jain6

Disha Jain is a certified nutritionist and fitness coach.

She is a health and wellness influencer with about 100k followers and a wellness website.

Disha gives wellness advice and posts workout videos on her social media platforms.

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3. Invaderofsouls

Ankur Arora is an entrepreneur, lifestyle, and wellness influencer from India.

On his Instagram account, which has about 138k followers, he shares his workout videos and gives healthy tips to help others achieve their goals.

Arora is also the owner of “ Unleash Fitness,” which is a gym clothing brand.

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4. Flexyalexya

Aleksandra Kiedrowicz is a circus performer based in Las Vegas. She is also among the top wellness influencers on Instagram, with about 53k followers.

Moreover, Aleksandra was the winner of Poland’s Got Talent in 2015.

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5. Mickeyguptaofficial

Mickey Gupta is an Indian actor and Instagram user with 62k followers. He is also a certified personal fitness trainer that shares photos and videos of himself exercising and giving tips to help people have a healthy life.

He is one of the great local influencers to collaborate with.

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6. Igorustijanoski

Igor Ustijanoski is an athlete, practitioner, and wellness influencer on Instagram with about 59k followers. He usually shares tips, recipes, and workouts on his account to help others achieve optimal health.

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7. Zipporahs

Zippy Sandler is a 68-year-old lifestyle, travel, and health blogger. She has more than 35k followers, and her account is full of tips on how to live your best life.

Her account is among the best health Instagram accounts and is popular for its inspirational messages and positive outlook.

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8. Zoameliaa

Zoe Amelia is one of the best Australian lifestyle and wellness influencers, who has more than 30k followers.

Her account is full of positive vibes where she posts pictures and videos of her body and workouts to inspire others to have a healthy lifestyle.

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9. Lisettejyoga

Lisette John is a yoga, wellness, and lifestyle influencer with about 32k followers on Instagram.

She shares healthy recipes as well as photos and videos of her everyday routine and yoga tutorials.

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10. Aestheticboy_raj

Raj Mishra is a health and beauty influencer from India. He is also a fitness trainer and runs online classes.

He posts his workouts and inspirational content on his Instagram account, which has more than 10k followers.

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11. Ashaburnley

Asha Burnley is one of the other top Australian wellness influencers with 24k followers. She is also a fitness coach for women and has a specific fitness account named “Ashaburnleyfitness.”

Burnley is the author of the E-book “Eat Amazing.”

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12. Kailanefitness

Kailane Ramos is an 18-year-old Brazilian wellness and fitness influencer.

She promotes healthy living through her photos and videos. Kailane’s account is filled with inspiring photos of her working out, and her posts are often accompanied by helpful tips.

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13. Denise_bikinifit

Denise Guidry is a great certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach. She is also an award-winning NPC Bikini Competition athlete.

She has got about 22k Instagram followers and posts photos of herself in a variety of outfits, showing off her stunning figure and powerful looks.

Her website is “”

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14. Supercilicious_i

Pramath Sharma is one of the other fitness influencers on our list. He is also a personal trainer who usually shares photos and videos of himself exercising with his 19k followers.

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15. Shahnawazfit

Shahnawaz Malek is a 21-year-old Indian fitness model and wellness influencer with about 21k followers. He is also a fitness coach.

Follow and connect with him to get more inspiration and motivation for your workouts.

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16. Vishalgoswami100

Vishal Goswami is among the top Indian wellness influencers. He has got 18k followers on his Instagram account, which is filled with inspiring photos of his amazing body. His posts are often accompanied by helpful tips or advice.

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17. Thepilatesdifference

Colleen Tomlinson is among the great health and wellness influencers. She is a micro influencer with about 63k followers.

Colleen is also a big proponent of yoga and meditation, which have been shown to improve mental health and well-being.

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18. Jdavismoranti

Jacqueline Davis Moranti is a certified fitness professional and one of the top Instagram health influencers.

She lives in Philadelphia and promotes healthy living through her photos and videos on her Instagram account.

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19. Sebastiaorodriguesvianajuni

Sebastiao Rodrigues is among the top Brazilian wellness influencers with about 14k followers.

He is a nano influencer, and his account is full of healthy tips and workouts.

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20. Himani_grover

Himani Grover has one of the best health Instagram accounts. She is an Indian traveler and health influencer. Although she has just 1k followers, she has a high engagement rate and is an excellent choice of collaboration for small business advertising.

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Ashish Chaudhary is one of the other Indian nano wellness influencers with more than 8k followers.

He shares his workouts on his account and tries to promote healthy living.

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22. Nariaarogyam

Dr. Pooja Gupta is a wellness influencer with a women’s health clinic. She aims to help women have a happier and healthier life by giving so many useful tips on her Instagram account.

Her account has about 8k followers.

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23. Profdarlanfarias

Darlan Farias is a Brazilian machine learning engineer and wellness blogger who tries to build tools for fast and safe model training. He gained about 6k followers on Instagram, and his account is filled with fitness and training tips.

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24. Shaik.shakir

Mumayiz Shakir is one of the other good nano wellness influencers. He is 22 years old and has about 6k followers on Instagram. This Indian influencer shares his physic pictures and has recently started collaborating with various brands on his account.

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25. Sakshimaha.zen

Sakshi Mahajan is a health and beauty influencer with more than 5k followers. She is also a yoga teacher and shares images of her workouts and yoga exercises, as well as providing tips to help others improve their physical and mental well-being.

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26. Sp.fitness_issa

Sukrit Pratap Singh is a fitness trainer, health coach, and nutritionist from India. On his Instagram account, which has about 5k followers, he shares photos and videos of his workouts and gives advice on having healthy eating.

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27. Arielamore85

Ariel Gayler is ISSA certified Elite trainer and business owner. She was overweight several years ago, but then she decided to change her lifestyle and start a healthy and happy life.

She has one of the best health Instagram accounts and shares her experiences and meals there.

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28. Nancykaplani

Nancy Kaplani, a yoga and dance instructor, has about 4k followers on Instagram and is among Germany’s best health and wellness influencers.

She shares pictures of her movements and tries to promote healthy living. Nancy helps others maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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29. Sophiahousleypt

One of the other best health Instagram accounts is for Sophia Housley.

She is a coach for weight loss and strengthening.

Her account has more than 4k followers and is full of exercises and health advice to help women who want to lose weight.

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30. Ilaineyflex

Here is one of the other Instagram health influencers. Elaine Acheampong is a fitness and weight loss coach with more than 3k followers. 

She aims to help women lose weight naturally and rebuild confidence. Her account is full of positive vibes and healthy tips.

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31. Peytonlem

Peyton Lemerand is a wellness and fitness blogger from the United States.

She is the host of “Girls gone right” and has an Instagram account with about 3k followers.

She shares photos and videos of her workouts as well as healthy meals.

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32. coach_emjay

Marjolé Dorfling is a mom, coach, and wellness influencer with about 3k followers.

She posts her daily routine, photos of her son, and workouts. Dorfling also gives tips on how to have a better lifestyle.

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33. Harshrajfitness

Harshit Singh Kushwah is another fitness and wellness Indian nano influencer on Instagram. He has more than 2k followers, shares his fitness exercises, and gives tips.

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34. Selfie__steph.vsg

One of the other Australian wellness influencers on our list is Stephanie Williams. She is a nano influencer and has about 2k followers. Stephanie posts photos of her workouts and healthy meals.

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35. Yolanda.hadid

Yolanda Hadid is the most followed account among all wellness influencers on our list. She is a macro influencer, supermodel, and reality television personality. The mother-of-three has been documenting her life and travels on Instagram and has been sharing her healthy lifestyle and natural beauty tips.

She has over 3.7m followers and offers advice on such topics as diet, exercise, and stress management.

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36. Sophiechoudry

Sophie Choudry is an Indian-born British actress, television presenter, and model. She rose to prominence in the United Kingdom for her roles in the BBC sitcom “The Office” and its spin-off series “The Office U.K.”

Choudry is a popular Instagram user and wellness influencer with over 3m followers. She posts photos of healthy meals, workouts, and lifestyle tips on her Instagram account. Her followers can learn a lot about healthy eating and exercise from her posts.

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37. Aishasharma25

Aisha Sharma is one of the other best health Instagram accounts with 2.6m followers. Aisha is an actor, engineer, and travel and fitness enthusiast.

She posts about healthy living and fitness and has gained her followers for her fitness tips and beautiful photos.

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38. Sarahstage

Sarah Stage is an Instagram wellness influencer who has over 2m followers. She posts about healthy eating, working out, and mindfulness.

Her goal is to help others live a healthier life by showing them that it’s possible to be fit, healthy, and happy no matter what their circumstances are.

Her wellness account is “”

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39. Alinebarreto_oficial

Aline Barreto is one of the other top models and Instagram wellness influencers. She has over 1.6m followers on the platform and has been in the spotlight for her modeling work and appearances in Brazilian telenovelas.

She posts a variety of health and fitness-related content, including her workouts. Her account has been praised for its positive message and healthy lifestyle tips.

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40. Venuswilliams

Venus Williams is a tennis legend and one of the most successful athletes of all time. On Instagram, she regularly posts photos and videos of herself practicing, making healthy meals, and spending time with her family and friends. Venus also shares a range of health and wellness tips on her account.

Her fans love to follow her every move, and she has over 1.7m followers on Instagram.

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41. Fitmencook

Kevin Curry, the founder of fit men cook, is an American Instagram influencer who has a following of over 1.6m people. Curry focuses on wellness and teaches people how to eat clean and exercise. He also has his own line of products, which he sells through his website.

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42. Milliemackintosh

Millie Mackintosh is a fashion and beauty icon. She is among the most famous Instagram wellness influencers.

After starting her journey as a fitness influencer, she quickly gained so many followers due to her unique approach to fitness and healthy living. 

Her account features inspiring Stories, workout tips, and recipes, all filtered through an upbeat and positive lens.

In addition to her Instagram account, Millie also has a website where she provides recipes and fitness tips.

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43. Sjanaelise

Sjana Elise, born in 1994, is among the top health and wellness influencers who has a following of more than 1.4m on Instagram. She uses her platform to teach yoga and give people tips to help them achieve their fitness goals and have healthier lifestyles.

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44. Cmcoving

Caitlin Covington is an Instagrammer who has accumulated more than 1.3m followers. Her wellness account is filled with photos and videos of her life, from working out to advice on living a healthy lifestyle.

She shares travel, beauty, outfit, and wellness-related topics on her blog “”

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45. Sarahs_day

Sarah is a wellness influencer on Instagram with over 1.2m followers. She posts workout tips, healthy snacks, and lifestyle advice to help her followers live healthier and happier. Sarah is also the founder of Suneeapp, where she shares healthy recipes.

Get instant access to Sarah now

46. Aloyoga

Alo is one of the most famous Instagram wellness influencers. @alo, @aloyoga, @alomen, @alomoves, @alowellness, and @alogives are her accounts, all of which she uses to empower her audience. She shares her mindfulness practices, meditations, and fitness and yoga exercises to bring them to the world.

47. Aliceliveing

Alice Living is one of the great British health and wellness influencers, who is also a fitness trainer, and best-selling author. She has inspired many people by sharing her personal experiences and her daily lifestyle on social media platforms.

Alice also shares everyday fitness and simple healthy recipes on her account.

48. Candicekumai

Being a famous American influencer, Candice Kumai is also a host, writer, art director, and professionally trained chef. She was named “The golden girl of wellness” by Forbes and Elle.

She posts about wellness, Japanese culture, and nutritious food on her social media platforms.

49. Beautymomme

Saarah Wassel is a beauty, health, and wellness influencer based in Los Angeles. She promotes self-love and mindfulness on her accounts to improve people’s mental health, which she believes is as vital as physical health.

50. alison__wu

Alison Wu is another top wellness Instagram influencer who posts about healthy eating, self-care, and physical and mental wellbeing on her Instagram and Wu Haus blog. She also talks about veganism and shares healthy recipes with her followers.

51. Themindfulblonde

Wellness micro-influencer Danielle Shugg is a Canadian figure who motivates her audience to practice yoga and mindfulness. She shares her experiences as well as her healthy lifestyle and recipes on her Instagram account.

52. Julesacree

The next figure is among the best health and wellness influencers, named Jules Acree, who became famous as a wellness writer and certified yoga and mindfulness coach. She aims to help her audience simplify life to find more joy and ease. She created the “Om and the city” blog to bring wellness and comfort to people’s lives.

53. Blackgirlinom

The Black Girl in Om is one of the best health Instagram accounts. This account promotes natural wellbeing tools such as yoga, meditation, and self-care attitudes. Black Girl in Om podcast, with over 2 million listeners, is full of essential conversations to inspire black women.


Now that you have become familiar with some wellness influencers, what better way than to follow some of these top influencers if you need the inspiration to convert to a healthier lifestyle in 2022.

You can also connect and collaborate with them to promote your brand.

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1- Who is the top Instagram influencer in 2022?

We cannot name just one person as the top influencer. Still, Cristiano Ronaldo, with over 381 million followers, and Kylie Jenner, with over 292 million followers, are the most-followed man and woman on Instagram.

2- What is wellness?

Wellness is the state of being healthy in body, mind, and spirit by eating nutritiously, exercising regularly, doing mindfulness practices, etc.

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