Shopify Collabs Review in 2024: [Is It Safe?]

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If you’re looking for a way to win your customers’ loyalty and drive more repeat sales or get paid through your social media promoting content, then you can’t go wrong with influencer marketing with Shopify Collabs.

Shopify Collabs App is a creator management app that dubs itself as a solution to find influencers and runs an affiliate program that boosts brand sales. Moreover, it claims to be a game-changer for someone new to the content creation. But before starting, you need to know all the information about it, figure out the methods to use it, and develop an influencer marketing campaign that helps both your brand and the influencers.

In this guide, we will provide a comprehensive Shopify Collabs review and dive into the following details: What is Shopify Collabs? How does Shopify Collabs work? How to use Shopify Collabs?

Let’s get started!

What Is Shopify Collabs?

Shopify Collabs is one of the influencer marketing platforms developed by Shopify that helps creators team up with Shopify store owners for easier influencer marketing. The app is designed to help merchants scale their eCommerce marketing and sell their products online to grow their businesses by using influencer marketing.

The new platform has a big influencer marketplace with lots of creators. If you’re a creator, you can join, look through different brands, and choose the ones you want to work with. According to their official website, each creator has a detailed profile showing how many followers they have, their engagement rate, and where they post.

On the brand side?

Well, the store owners can also collaborate with specific creators to get more attention for their brands and increase brand awareness. Shopify Collabs claims to benefit store owners by finding the right creators, managing partnerships, and keeping track of how well things are going. 

If you find Shopify Coallbs too complicated, read on to figure out how it works.

How Does Shopify Collabs Work?

Shopify Collabs connects brands and influencers, letting sellers find and work with influencers who match their products. If you’re a creator, you can find brands and products to showcase to your audience and earn commissions in return.

As a brand, you can discover and handle influencers who will advertise your products. With Shopify Collabs, brands can collaborate with affiliates to promote their Shopify store by influencer marketing on websites, social media, and emails. This helps increase sales without having to handle a big group of affiliates.

What Are the Features of Shopify Collabs?

Shopify Collabs has some cool features that make it easy for businesses to partner with influencers, boost their sales, and enhance their online income.

Shopify Collabs review: Main Features
The Key Features of Shopify Collabs

#1 Shopify Creator Marketplace Access

With Shopify Collabs, businesses can easily connect with many creators. The Creator Marketplace has a list of creators from different areas, chosen by both Shopify and their own followers. This is great for businesses looking to partner with influencers, as they can explore profiles and ask for collaborations directly. 

#2 Gift Sending with Shopify Collabs

This one is pretty simple: Shopify Collabs lets brands send gifts or product samples to influencers. This creates excitement around the brand’s products. Businesses can strategically use this feature to send items to influencers, encouraging them to share their genuine thoughts about the products by writing a review or making a video. Creators can then share it on social media or their blogs.

This is a smart way for brands to get exposure among influencers with big followings before launching products to the public. The tool also helps track these promotional packages and manage inventory.

#3 Affiliate Links and Discount Codes

Shopify Collabs makes setting up an affiliate marketing program easy. This type of marketing compensates partners based on the sales they generate through affiliate links. Brands using Shopify Collabs can find affiliates to promote their store on different platforms.

This approach helps increase sales without having to manage a big team. Brands can also set up commission structures to reward high-performing affiliates, encouraging better results.

#4 Shopify Collabs Analytics

Shopify Collabs provides businesses with analytics tools to track how well their collaborations are doing. This includes monitoring progress and affiliate data, all conveniently accessible within the Shopify store. These analytics offer valuable insights for improving influencer marketing campaigns and overall brand performance.

Are you keen to learn how to run a Shopify Collabs account? Take the following steps to apply to this affiliate marketing website.

How to Use Shopify Collabs?

Let’s quickly run through how to set up Shopify Collabs:

a) Shopify Collabs For Brands

1. Install Shopify Collabs: Go to the Shopify App Store and install Shopify Collabs.

2. Set Your Preferences: After installation, create an account in your Shopify admin panel. In Settings > Apps and Sales Channels, click on Shopify Collabs. Open the app, agree to the terms and conditions, choose your category, and specify your target customers.

3. Create Affiliate Tiers: Shopify Collabs automatically sets a 10% discount and commission tier. You can also make custom tiers for your affiliate marketing that suit your store.

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4. Invite Collaborators: In the ‘Recruit’ section, find suggested collaborators. Filter them by the channel you prefer (Instagram, blog, etc.) and invite influencers who match your brand.

5. Review Your Application Page: Shopify Collabs makes it simple to create an application page for influencers. Check everything is good before sharing it widely.

6. Configure Payout Method: Set up automatic payments on referred orders using Shopify Collabs. Ensure your payment settings are correct to keep your affiliates satisfied.

b) Shopify Collabs For Influencers

Take the following steps to use Shopify Collabs and get paid through your promotion content:

  • Go to the Shopify App Store and install Shopify Collabs.
  • Create an account by going to the Settings panel on your Shopify Collabs login page. Click on ‘Apps and sales channels,’ then select ‘Shopify Collabs.’ Open the app and agree to the terms and conditions to complete your account setup.
  • After setting up your account, customize your applications page and form. You can search for brands you want to collaborate with and submit your applications.

What Are The Benefits of Using Shopify Collabs?

If you’re a merchant, using Shopify Collabs can bring you a bunch of benefits. Let’s break down why you might want to use it or shift your affiliate marketing setup to Shopify.

1. Boost Your Brand and Sales

Shopify Collabs promises to help you increase your brand awareness by teaming up with influencers who have similar audiences and interests. When these influencers promote your Shopify store on their social media, it brings more people to your site. This expands your audience and boosts sales since these influencers introduce your brand to their followers.

2. Easy Payments

Shopify makes paying affiliates easy by sending payments straight to your Shopify account through affiliate links—no more manual payments, saving you time and effort. 

3. Effortless Influencer Marketing

Shopify Collabs enables you to connect with influencers who match your brand and products. No more spending hours researching or struggling to contact them on social media. This platform simplifies finding influencers by providing lots of info like follower counts. 

What Are Shopify Collabs Drawbacks?

According to its real clients’ experiences and comments, Shopify Collabs is a useful platform for influencer marketing, but there are some downsides. It only has a 2.5 out of 5 stars rating on the app store, indicating there are problems.

Here are the main problems and areas that need improvement:

#1 Limited Control Over Affiliate Tiers: Users want more control over assigning affiliate tiers, especially when dealing with multiple options. Automatically assigning tiers to new affiliates could make the process smoother and improve the user experience.

#2 No Vetting Influencers: Some users said they sent gifts but received nothing in return. It seems it doesn’t have control over the scammer influencers! 

#3 Lacks Sales Notifications: Affiliates want to receive notifications or emails when they make a sale. This feature could motivate affiliates and help them track their earnings.

#4 Complex Invitation Process: If you’re a merchant, it’s so complicated to create shareable and discount codes for your affiliates. If you’re not technical, you can’t take advantage of Shopify Collabs features at all!

#5 No Responsive Support Team: If you face some problems, you will notice no responsible support on Shopify collaborations. According to one of the users, they reply with canned responses.

There are a lot of disappointing Shopify Collabs app reviews on the App Store. If you’re curious to know more, check its reviews there. Now, if you need a good alternative, read on to find it.

Ainfluencer: The Best Influencer Marketing Platform

Ainfluencer is a free platform for influencer marketing on Instagram and TikTok. 

In Ainfluencer, both influencers and businesses have unlimited opportunities. Brands can handle numerous campaigns, receive proposals from countless influencers as long as their campaign is active, and enjoy all the platform’s benefits without any fees. 

Now, let’s explore some of Ainfluencer’s features and secret weapons that make it stand out among similar tools.

Ainfluencer for Brands

Brands can find influencers based on various criteria and invite them for collaborations. Ainfluencer has over 500,000 influencers, with 10,000 new ones joining monthly. The good news is that Brands can easily create and launch campaigns without any limits. 

Here’s a video to learn how to create an effective campaign on Ainfluencer:

Ainfluencer’s AI sends targeted invites, and users can access a vast database to analyze influencers, and their past collaborations, and manage successful campaigns. The platform also offers unlimited Walkthrough sessions and allows negotiation within the application. 

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Ainfluencer for Influencers

This marketplace is free to use. Influencers can connect with many campaigns to collaborate and make money. Ainfluencer is the only platform that lets you make unlimited offers, negotiate deals, and set prices with brands. Your social media passwords are not required to keep your accounts safe.

Watch the following video to win a good collaboration with a brand:

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To Wrap Things Up

To sum it up, Shopify Collabs claims to be a big deal for online sellers who want to make the most of influencer marketing. It provides a group of creators, easy collaboration tools, affiliate marketing features, and strong analytics. According to their claims, with Shopify Collabs, you can boost your visibility and increase sales.


1. How Much Does Shopify Collabs Cost?

If you’re a merchant using Shopify Collabs on the Shopify, Advanced, or Shopify Plus plans, it’s free to install and start. However, when you make sales through collaborations, you’ll have to pay an extra 2.9% as a payment processing fee on the commission you owe to creators. Keep in mind that if you’re a merchant involved in international collaborations, there might be foreign currency exchange fees.

For creators, using Shopify Collabs is completely free. You can sign up and participate without any costs.

To sum it up, creators can enjoy Shopify Collabs without paying anything, and merchants on specific Shopify plans can use it for free, too, but they may have to pay a fee when they make sales through collaborations.

2. Is Shopify Collabs Legit?

Certainly yes, Shopify Collabs is a developed tool from Shopify that connects brands with influencers. It helps online sellers use influencer marketing to showcase their products and reach more people.


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