A Complete Guide To Mobile Game Marketing In 2024

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With the rise of social media platforms and online content creators, the marketing world has changed. Now, you don’t need to give lots of money to known companies for advertisement; you can start mobile game marketing yourself. 

If you have launched a mobile game and want to increase its users, we have your answer. In this guide, we have provided five simple but effective strategies for marketing a mobile game. With the help of gaming influencers, you can speed up attracting users and growing your name. 

Ainfluencer gathers a community of more than 500,000 influencers across different niches, including gaming. You can join this platform for free now and run safe and effective collaborations.

What Is Mobile Game Marketing?

Every brand and business needs to find its target audience and invite them to use their service to become successful. As a mobile game producer, you must increase your app installs and grow your brand awareness. So, once the product is ready, you need to start planning a mobile game marketing strategy. 

Mobile game marketing includes different strategies to attract players to a game. The main marketing goals are making your mobile game appear to a target audience, increasing in-game purchases and app downloads, and creating loyal customers. 

How To Start Marketing A Mobile Game?

Are you looking for cost-effective but successful methods to attract game users? Here is how to start a mobile game marketing plan that drives traffic. 

1. Run Paid Ad Campaigns

We are all familiar with the ads that appear while using the free version of mobile apps and games. These ads are great mobile game marketing opportunities and can attract many visitors. You need a video ad that shows the game’s dynamics and graphics and is attractive enough. 

To take advantage of paid ad marketing, check game publishers and contact them using the information they added to their app store page. In most cases, you have to pay them per click you receive. So, make sure to monitor important data and key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates.

To receive faster results in your mobile game marketing campaign, make sure to work with multiple publishers at the same time. 

2. Create Social Media Accounts

Since mobile games are mostly popular among kids, teenagers, and younger people, social media is the best place to find them and start marketing mobile games. So, create a professional account on popular social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

On your page, share content about the latest game updates, answer your comments, share positive reviews on your posts, and collaborate with streamers. 

3. Collaborate With Influencers

Now that you have a social media presence, it’s time to level up your mobile game marketing strategy. Many gaming YouTubers and influencers with an established audience can help your growth. But like many other business owners, you might be concerned about finding a collaborator to help you achieve the desired results. 

Ainfluencer understands such concerns and provides a safe interface for brands to run effective collaborations. This platform keeps your money safe till the collaboration is over, and after you receive the results, the influencer can get their money. The greatest thing about Ainfluencer is that it doesn’t charge brands any additional fees. Let’s see how it works. 

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How To Run Influencer Marketing Campaign With Ainfluencer?

Ainfluencer is a free influencer marketing platform that acts as a bridge between brands and social media influencers on Instagram and TikTok. This platform uses an AI-powered search tool that allows you to search among over 500,000 active content creators on AiInfluencer. Using filters such as age, gender, location, niche, budget, etc., you can find your best partner in a few seconds. 

Ainfluencer Homepage
Ainfluencer Homepage

After finding influencers, you can check their profile, past collaborations, and latest insights to ensure they are active. If you need some fresh data, you can always ask for the latest Instagram and insights on Ainfluencer. After paying for the mobile game marketing campaign, Ainfluencer will keep your money safe on its trust escrow system without delivering it to influencers. 

Once you receive the results, influencers can get their money, and if you have any problems, you can ask for a full refund. So if you are looking for a safe solution to run mobile game influencer marketing campaigns, sign up on Ainfluencer for free now and start your growth. 

4. App Store Optimization

After adding your mobile game to the App Store or Google Play, you need to start marketing it to appear in their search results. Similar to SEO methods, you need to optimize your game’s page on app stores so more users can find it. 

For marketing a mobile game, include keywords related to your game in the app’s title and description. Remember to add high-quality screenshots of the game or even a short video of how it works. Pay attention to the reviews you receive on the app stores (especially the negative ones) and reply. 

5. Work With Streamers

Finally, it’s time to expand your mobile game marketing campaign and include streamers. Platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch are popular among video game lovers to check their favorite creators playing different games online. 

If you have enough budget, reaching out to YouTube and Twitch streamers and inviting them to your mobile game marketing campaign is worth investing in. They can play your game online and invite their audience to download it and give it a try. 


Mobile game marketing has become easier and more accessible these days. With the right strategies, you can successfully increase your game’s visibility, attract more users, and grow your brand. This blog offers some practical strategies for reaching your target audience and building a loyal user base. 

With platforms like Ainfluencer, you can find the right influencers to collaborate with and run safe and effective campaigns. So, if you’re a mobile game producer looking to market mobile games, follow these tips and watch your game grow.


1. How To Do Marketing For Mobile Games?

Want to increase your game players? Here are some mobile game marketing strategies to try. 
Run Paid Ad Campaigns
Create Social Media Accounts
Collaborate With Influencers
App Store Optimization
Work With Streamers

2. What Is Mobile Gaming Advertising?

Brand advertisement is one proven method of increasing a brand’s customer base. Gaming advertising is the same thing, and its goal is to boost app downloads, increase in-app purchases, and gather a loyal user base for a game.

3. How Do Mobile Games Make Money Without Ads?

Most online games include in-app purchases, subscriptions, and collaboration with known names and celebrities.

4. How Can I Promote My Game For Free?

If you don’t have enough money to invest in paid advertisements, don’t worry. There are some free mobile game marketing methods you can try. Here are some tips for the start:
Create a website and regularly update it with blogs related to your game.
Create a social media account and share high-quality photos and videos of your game’s interface. 
Invite streamers to play your game and offer them a free subscription. 


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