30 Best Keto Influencers On Instagram To Follow [2023 Non-Celebrity]

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Many people are looking for information about the keto diet Instagram suggests and what it can do for them, which is why following keto influencers is a great way to get started. 

These individuals are often considered wellness influencers who have great advice on food choices, supplements, and workouts that can help you achieve your keto goals. Also, if you are looking for a way to have your brand promoted to a target audience interested in this niche, in this article, we have listed some of the best keto influencers to follow in 2023.

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Top Keto Influencers on Insatagram

1. Keto Diet Recipes

For brands or people in Canada, Keto diet Recipes is a perfect Instagram account with 21.8K followers to start the keto diet with. 

The “Keto diet Recipes” has helped tens of thousands of people lose weight successfully, at least 5-10 lbs (over 2 to 4 Kgs) in the first week.

Click to contact Keto Diet Recipes

2. Keeping Up With Kat

Sharing what makes Kat happy includes healthy delicious recipes from keto inspiration and her daily life. As one of the best keto influencers in the US, she has 45.5K followers on Instagram.

Talk to Keeping up with Kat

 3. Keto Love Maria

A journey to healthy living with intriguing keto meals images has attracted over 4K followers on Instagram.

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Collaborate with Keto Love Maria

4. Alula Bunny

Today, the best keto Instagram accounts are custom for people interested in leading a healthier lifestyle, and Alexess Stoner on Alula Bunny is one of the best keto influencers in the US worth following. 

Negotiate with Alula Bunny

5. James Hicks

The Keto Coach AKA the Keto Guru, James Hicks is a runner and one of the most influential keto influencers in the US. 

His passion for running and the keto diet has got him over 3.5K followers on his IG account jhickstx with keto meals images and daily training. 

Click to contact James Hicks

6. Judy Witts Francini

One of the other great American keto influencers living in Italy, Judy Witts Francini, with over 7.6K followers has made a name for herself as a culinary concierge. 

Talk to Judy Witts Francini

7. Dr. Ryan Lowery

Ryan Lowery is a food doctor and podcaster from Florida, the US who shares daily videos about Keto and provides a great insight into how we can get healthier with the right diet. 

He’s written a book, published scores of research papers on human performance and sports nutrition, and concentrated his dissertation on optimizing the keto diet using various nutrients and supplements.

The point is that he knows what he’s talking about. 

And his Instagram profile is full of motivational postings about not only sticking to keto but also living your best life outside of the kitchen.

Collaborate with Dr. Ryan Lowery

8. Caveman Keto

Follow the Caveman, one of the great keto influencers in the US with 77.7K followers, down the rabbit hole as he documents the more personal, spontaneous side of his keto lifestyle!

Get in touch with Caveman Keto

9. Nutrirings

Indian cuisine with Keto-style recipes on one of the best keto influencers in India with over 3.1K followers is a great pick for food lovers who are passionate about Indian dishes. Also, Nutrirings is an awesome pick for brands, based in India, that are looking for a partner to start their influencer marketing campaign.

Negotiate with Nutrirings

10. Keto Connect

Located in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, ketoConnect with 472K followers makes it one of the best keto influencers for your marketing campaign on Instagram.

Talk to Keto Connect

11. Food Dreamer

Whatever you need – your Keto holiday, Keto dinner, Keto deserts – the Keto recipes for you on FoodDreamer are there to show you Keto doesn’t have to feel like deprivation.

Click to collaborate with Food Dreamer

12. Keto Made Simple

Julie Smith is one of the best keto influencers. This influencer’s keto diet Instagram account _Keto Made Simple_ has 511K followers.

Talk to Keto Made Simple

13. Keto Karma

Among the greatest keto influencers on Instagram, we cannot overlook Suzanne Ryan on Keto Karma with 336K followers already linked to her quick and easy recipes.

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Contact Keto Karma

14. Martina Slajerova

Martina Slajerova is a well-known figure as a Keto expert and a recipe creator.

She’s a blogger, ten-book author, and the inventor of the KetoDiet App. She has 172K Instagram followers. 

Also, she advocates the Low Carb lifestyle through informative postings and a variety of delectable dish ideas.

Talk to Martina Slajerova

15. Catherine Poulain

Model, DJ, content creator, communication strategist, and on top of that, a cooking babe, Catherine Poulain, may not be one the greatest Keto inspirations on Instagram, yet worthy of mention.

Her diet, healthy life, and style intrigue everyone to follow her anyway.

Negotiate with Catherine Poulain

16. Joe Duff

Make sure to follow one of the best keto Instagram accounts, TheJoeDuff, along with 414K other people following it. 

He is a chef and fortunately, he shares all his Keto recipes on Instagram. 

17. Castiron_keto

keto meals images on Castiron_keto tell us they can be done in one pot, from the Cheesy Buffalo Chicken–Stuffed Avocados to the Keto Curry Hurry (and if you’re short on kitchen gear, they provide everything you’ll need).  

You’ll never run out of cooking ideas with a new dish posted virtually every day.

18. Ketogalsara

Living the Keto’s lifestyle, Sara from Texas shares her journey with 246K followers on Instagram. 

Make sure to follow her for all the Internet-printable recipes on her IG account and her eagerness to collaborate with brands.

19. Jen Fisch

Jen Fisch, one of the top keto influencers living in Los Angeles, looks for a diet that would help her manage the autoimmune and inflammation disorders she had been dealing with for the past 20 years. 

Her IG account with all keto meals images and recipes now has over 1.2K followers. In addition, she has written three best-selling keto cookbooks. 

Her experience with the keto diet will provide you with the motivation you need to make it work for you.

20. Cristina Curp

The author Cristina Curp is a great example of Keto influencers on Instagram with over 94.1K followers and a whole lot of inspiration.

21. Ruled.Me

Rule the keto diet and get healthy with guides, recipes, and helpful tips on ruledme with 246K followers on Instagram. 

As one of the top keto influencers, this IG account includes a variety of dishes that are simple to prepare on hectic weeknights or in quantity for the week ahead. It covers everything from big dinners to on-the-go keto snacks.  

22. Sonia Coronado

Easy flavorful recipes with one of the greatest keto influencers in California on Instagram, being open to collaborations, and having 214K active followers make it an irresistible urge to follow her. 

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23. Maya

Keto bread, desserts, and other yummy easy-to-cook recipes have attracted 206K followers to our next best keto Instagram influencer in the US. 

Do not hesitate to give her flavorful IG account a try. 

24. Maria Emmerich

Another best keto Instagram influencer from the US with 228K followers is Maria Emmerich. 

The nutritionist, speaker, chef, and international best-selling author is a great pick for people and businesses interested in health and beauty. 

25. Emily

The keto copycat and American influencer on Instagram with 177K followers, who has lost 50 Kgs by herself, now shares her experience with people looking for a way to have a healthier life.

26. Black Keto Girl

One of the unique names on our list is the Black Keto Girl Instagram account which is run by the strict keto coach educator Kendra Williams from Houston, Texas. 

In addition to a keto diet Instagram account, her page helps you with your workouts and skincare in the course of your efforts to lose weight. 

27. Nick & Christina

Follow Keto blog, ideas, and fun with the simplest and healthiest lifestyle that Nick, one of the coolest dads in the world and greatest keto influencers in the US, tries to present in his IG account with 110K followers.

28. Annie

You can never get enough of KetoFocus homemade dishes and the doctor of pharmacy, Annie, knows that well. 

She is in the US and her IG account has successfully racked up 77.6K followers.

29. Jennifer Marie

Journal, desserts, chaffles, dinner, bread, breakfast, snacks, you name it and Jennifer Marie, one of the top American keto influencers on Instagram with 34.5K followers provides the simple and fun recipes for you. 

30. Kim Howerton

Our last Keto influencer, also from the US, is Kim Howerton. 

She shares motivational speeches and simple recipes to help her 12.7K followers on Instagram. 


If you are looking to follow some of the best keto influencers on Instagram in 2023, be sure to check out the accounts of the people on this list.

They are all knowledgeable and passionate about the keto diet, and their posts will help you stay motivated on your own keto journey.

Last but not least, brands with health products and services can partner with these influencers for their campaigns. 

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1- Who is the target audience for the keto diet?

Anyone looking for a way to lead a healthier lifestyle and lose weight with fun and the simplest flavorful recipes can use some Keto inspiration.

2- Who is the most followed keto influencer on Instagram?

Megha and Matt (@keto.connect) currently have 472K followers on Instagram which makes them the most followed keto influencers on Instagram.