Top 35 Male Fitness Influencers On Instagram [2024 Update]

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These days, fitness is a top priority for many people. Accordingly, male fitness influencers are on the rise and have taken over social media as a way to motivate people and help them lead healthier lifestyles. 

These men use different platforms, in particular Instagram, to share inspiring workouts, healthy eating tips, and other lifestyle advice with their followers. While many of the male fitness influencers focus on physical fitness, others promote healthy mental attitudes and lifestyles as well. Regardless of the focus of the individual influencer, their fans appreciate the variety and quality of content they produce. 

That’s why many brands look for the best free influencer marketing platforms to negotiate with these fitness influencers and leverage their power to promote their business.

Now before introducing the the top 35 male fitness influencers on Instagram, let’s delve a little deeper into how you can find your ideal influencer.

How to Find Top Male Fitness Influencers on Instagram?

Finding top Instagram fitness influencers can be a knotty issue, but with the right tools and strategies, it’s practically feasible.

Here are a few ways to help you find male fitness models on Instagram easily and fast.

1. Use a Reliable Instagram Influencer Marketplace

The most effective solution is to use the reliable database the best Instagram influencer marketplaces such as Ainfluencer can offer. 

These platforms allow users to search for and follow the top accounts on Instagram. Once you’ve found some influencers to follow, it’s essential to reach out to them and offer them valuable content.

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Also, there are tons of male fitness influencers on Ainfluencer who would love to partner with brands in their niche.

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2. Search on Google

Use Google to find numerous blogs and influencers related to fitness. Fitness guys are never overlooked on Google if they are good at what they do.

However, Instagram influencer marketplaces are at an advantage when it comes to finding muscular guys on Instagram, which is their willingness to talk to new brands and join new campaigns.

3. Exploit the Potential of Hashtags

Try searching for hashtags specific to your industry or topic. This will help you find relevant accounts to follow. 

You can do this by typing in a few phrases into the search bars on each platform. Then just check out the profiles sharing the most popular content.

4. Browse by Location

Another way is to use the “Browse by Location” feature on Instagram. This will allow you to see which users are popular in specific areas, such as Seattle or Los Angeles.

Top Male Fitness Influencers on Instagram

Now that you know how to find the perfect influencer that resonates with your goals the most, it’s about time we introduce you to the most popular guy fitness influencers who are active on Instagram.

1. John Gaines – (@gainsbygains)

“No excuses, just gains”, says John Gains.
A popular male fitness trainer with 216K followers on Instagram, Gains shares training tips on his IG account. If you tend to give up on your training every now and down, you should definitely follow John Gains as he shares tons of motivational videos that will help you stay focused on your goals.

Contact John Gains

2. Javonte Rose – (@iamjavonterose)

If there is anything inseparable from men’s style, that would be fitness. Javonte Rose is a great model and male fitness influencer on Instagram with 120K followers and a TV personality who focuses on both categories in the US. 

He also works as an author and activist with an anti-bullying message. To round his list of activities out, he is the CEO at imhere.4u and _thebluroze, and the ambassador of NovaMEN. Interestingly enough, this male fitness influencer has recently started his career as a singer too.

Collaborate with Javonte Rose

3. Todd Anderson – (@toddanderson42_)

The next on our list of the top male fitness influencers is Todd Anderson whose main focus is to help his followers with their strength, sleep, and human performance. He has reached 115K followers on Instagram and been working as the athlete ambassador for C4 energy drinks for a while now.

Make Todd Anderson an Offer

4. Augusto Bartello – (@augustobartelle)

Our next fitness man, Augusto Bartello, has a head for heights and a stomach for depth. 

Before skydiving, he may have battled his addiction to alcohol, but now his major battle is to provide inspiration through his Skydiving Supporting Sobriety group.

He is one of the most influential guy fitness influencers with 49.9K followers, but his message is borderless. 

Contact Augusto Bertello

5. Craig Capurso – (@craigcapurso)

Similar to Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the musclebound Craig Capurso is a hero we deserve in the US. But a hero that career-driven husbands and fathers need in order to shred fat and build muscle so they can have body confidence & energy to crush the day.

Considered one of the best male fitness influencers on Instagram, he has about 42.8K followers and a podcast you can find out more about on his IG account. 

Negotiate with Craig Capurso

6. Chase Weber – (@chaseweber)

The Colorado State University graduate, Chase Weber, seems to be one of the most organized and busiest male fitness influencers in the US. 

We try to write about his activities in the most organized and detailed way we can so it might do justice to his active and adequate lifestyle: 

  • Chief Executive Officer at Thr33 Active,
  • President of ATD – a non-profit organization that helps the development of youth sports as well as teaching life skills,
  • Associate Producer of Original Programming at Time Warner Cable,
  • Broadcast Associate and Production Assistant at FOX Sports,
  • Production Assistant at ESPN,
  • Member of the Colorado State football team as well as Special Teams Captain.
Contact Chase Weber

7. Henry Porter – (@henryporterpolo)

The professional British Polo player and now the official brand ambassador of U.S. Polo Assn is one of the top male fitness influencers who is also an activist on a mission to end the ocean plastic crisis. Henry’s dedication and authentic content have attracted over 17.2k followers to his account and made him one of the most loved micro-influencers on Instagram.

Become a Friend of Henry Porter

8. Hudson Alexander Alexander

The Committed American football player has over 5K followers. His IG account is dedicated to his career, adventurous daily life, and of course, some smart ads.

Talk to Hudson Alexander

9. Andre Caro Salve – (@andrecarofutsal)

Our next Australian male personal trainer, also a futsal coach, podcaster, and the owner of an online shop is a one-of-a-kind Instagram influencer. He has 108K followers, and his training videos get over 1000 views. His IG account’s engagement rate makes him a perfect influencer for brands looking for brand ambassadors based in Australia.

Chat with Andre Carso Slave

10. Eric Radford – (@ericradford85)

One of the top male fitness influencers who mixes health, fitness, and art in a stunning dance on ice is the one and only Eric Radford from Canada. 

His passion for art and fitness also led him to become a composer as well as an Olympic medalist in figure skating.

Talk to Eric Radford

11. Cody French

If not on the streets, where else would you feel the vibe in people’s excitement? 

The fitness male athlete, Cody French, rolls past the streets in Toronto, Canada on his skateboard and has racked up 10.9K followers on his IG account.

Contact Cody French
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12. Malik Israr – (@malikisrarthefitnessguru)

Do you have a business whose target customers are in India? Are you looking for a male fitness model who mainly focuses on gym equipment and supplements? Do you want him to also target his audience as a transformation and contest coach? 

Well, the one you are looking for is Malik Israr.

Send Malik Israr a Message

13. Kyle Jackson – (@kyle47jackson)

One of the top Canadian male fitness influencers who represents strength in both his sport as a player in Chaos lacrosse and in his family as a husband and father. 

He has over 5.8K followers on Instagram and a successful YouTube channel.

Score the Goals with Kyle Jackson

14. Liam Coyte – (@coytie26)

Liam Coyte is definitely on the list of Instagram fitness models male artists if you see what he is capable of doing with a football. 

There are 121K people following this influencer from the UK, which makes him a perfect choice to partner with in your Instagram influencer marketing campaign.

Partner with Liam Coyte to keep possession of the ball and craze for your business.

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15. Jordan Timmons – (@jtimz12)

One of the top male fitness influencers, particularly for small and local advertising, is the member of Idaho Steelheads, Jordan Timmons. 

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, now, he is a popular ice hockey player with over 2K followers.

Click to Access Jordan Timmons

16. Don Vy – (@don_vy_)

Nothing can beat a tranquil beach with the male fitness trainer Don Vy. 

The British influencer is an expert in SUP (stand-up paddleboarding) and a huge fan of nature. He and his dog travel and explore with over 4K followers on his IG account.

Start Your Journey with Don Vy

17. Amrinder Singh – (@amrinder_01)

Another fitness man from India is Amrinder Singh. With 119K followers, this football player and family guy spreads the energy on Instagram.

Partner with Amrinder Singh

18. Dc Banks – (@jusswaitonitdc)

The two-time American Ninja warrior and certified fitness male personal trainer, DC Banks, is undoubtedly one of the top muscular guys on Instagram to become your partner in an influencer marketing campaign.

Be High on Business with Dc Banks

19. Shawn Mozen – (@shawnmozen)

One of the top male fitness influencers on Instagram is the kettlebell trainer and teacher of physical competence, Shawn Mozen.

The Canadian father and also the CEO at agatsufitness and jiujitsumontreal shows people the dos and don’ts in training with such enthusiasm and joy that you can’t help watching his videos. That’s why he has drawn the attention of over 10.8k followers to his Instagram page.

Contact Shawn Mozen

20. Igor Ustijanoski – (@igorustijanoski)

Triathlon, cycling, running, fitness, food, family, outdoors, mindfulness, practitioner, you name it, Igor Ustijanoski is an expert in it. 

Our next fitness man is from Macedonia and currently has 34.3K followers with a high engagement rate on his IG account.

Partner with Igore Ustijanoski

21. Aniket Anil – (@aniketjadhav11)

The Indian national football team player, Aniket Anil, is taking over Instagram as a fitness influencer in India.

Negotiate with Aniket Anil

22. Mickey Gupta – (@mickeyguptaofficial)

The next name on the list, Mickey Gupta, is a male fitness trainer and actor in India. He has 59.7K followers and a clear highlight for collaborations on his IG account, which makes him a perfect pick for an influencer marketing campaign on Instagram.

Collaborate with Mickey Gupa

23. Marek Stączek

Marek Stączek’s Instagram account with 102K followers is making the most of UGC by publishing videos people send to them every day. 

As its bio says it is a great account for business and promotion, especially for advertisements in Canada.

Join Marek Stączek’s club now!

24. Saksham Rathore – (@saksham.rathore)

Your health partner, Saksham Rathore, is in fact one of the top male fitness influencers and probably the right influencer for your campaigns, particularly in India. 

He is the owner of @stargym_indore, and has colorful experience as a coach and male personal trainer. 

His IG account has reached 39.2K followers and he is ready for new collaborations. 

Collaborate with Saksham Rathore

25. Eugenio Luzcando

The Instagram and TikTok athlete influencer, Eugenio Luzcando, could also be a great choice for businesses looking for a micro influencer.

This professional basketball player is from Chile and has 28.6K followers on his IG account. Also, he is open to collaborating with brands as an influencer or ambassador.

Partner with Eugenio Luzcando

26. Alexander Koerfer – (@alexkoerfer)

It’s said that winners are feted, and runners-up up quickly forgotten. Well, ask it from Danish Alexander Koerfer. 

An experience of 65 times in marathons and 4 times in the Ironman contest has made him a popular public figure in Denmark with 23.1K followers. 

Go the extra mile with Alexander Koerfer

27. Chirag Solanki – (@chiragsolanki246)

Our next fitness male influencer, also a digital marketing expert, is Chirag Solanki, with 11K followers from India.

Connect with Chirag Solanki

28. Ilyas Rashid – (@ilyas_rashid.03)

The national medalist, Ilyas Rashid from India, is one of the top male fitness influencers for sure.

He has 10.1K followers and frequently collaborates with brands. 

Collaborate with Ilyas Rashid

29. Mukesh Sharma – (@ailexnomii)

Our final male fitness trainer on the list is the Canadian influencer, Himanshu Mishra, who helps you with Calisthenics Skills and your Instagram marketing.

Contact Himanshu Mishra

31. James Haskell – (@jameshaskell)

James Haskell is a former rugby player and one of social media’s greatest male fitness models. He is well-known for his interest in health and fitness. His company emphasizes fitness, nutrition, and everything else you need to live a healthier lifestyle. He encourages his 577k fans to eat well and to value nutrition as much as they do exercise.

In addition to his band, James’ social media accounts highlight his work with his wife, Chloe Madley, a physical trainer and nutritionist. This power pair will give you the extra push you need to get back in shape.

32. Simeon Panda – (@simeonpanda)

If you are a fitness addict, then you are most definitely familiar with Simeon Panda on social media. He is one of the best male fitness models on Instagram and TikTok. The British trainer started his fitness journey in 2013 and soon became a top Instagram fitness model accumulating ten million followers across the globe.

Simeon loves to participate in fitness competitions and has been featured on the cover of various fitness magazines. His motive is to spread positivity about staying fit and motivate people to work out daily. His sportswear line offers standard products for all fitness enthusiasts.

33. Chris Bumstead – (@cbum)

Chris Bumstead is a health enthusiast with 22.9 million followers on Instagram and 3.58 million subscribers on YouTube who is known for more than just his youthful charm.

The winner and runner-up in Mr. Olympia, CBBF Bodybuilding Championships Open Heavyweight Division, IFBB North American Bodybuilding Championships, CBBF Canadian National Bodybuilding Championship Men’s Junior Division teaches you what his workout routine is, as well as nutrition, cheat meals, and his daily life.

34. Joe Wicks – (@thebodycoach)

On Instagram and TikTok, Joe Wicks is one of the most prominent male fitness influencers with 4.7M followers. He’s known as ‘The Body Coach,’ and he concentrates on fitness and nutrition to help people achieve a healthy lifestyle. His 15-minute meal planning and 90-day meal plans have set global records.

Joe’s primary goal as an Instagram fitness influencer is to assist individuals in living a healthy and active lifestyle without hunger. This is why his meal programs are so beneficial for people of different shapes and sizes. Joe uses his social media platform to teach people how to prepare tasty, healthy foods while also encouraging them to exercise on a regular basis.

35. Bradley Simmonds – (@bradleysimmonds)

Bradley is a celebrity personal trainer who is well-known in the fitness industry. His enthusiasm for health and fitness is clear in his social media posts. Bradley provides a variety of exercises to meet your needs, whether you are a gym rat or only work out once in a while.

His Instagram account is full of great training routines that you may do whenever you want. The outcomes are guaranteed, as evidenced by his clients’ transformational experiences. His commitment to encouraging everyone to live a healthier lifestyle has earned him the title of top Instagram fitness influencer with nearly 612k followers.


In this article, we provided the list of the top 35 male fitness influencers on Instagram. From their chiseled physiques to their expert advice, these influencers have captured the attention of millions worldwide.

Whether you’re looking for workout routines, nutrition tips, or simply some much-needed motivation, these guy fitness influencers on Instagram are sure to deliver. So why wait? Start following them today and embark on your own journey towards a healthier and fitter lifestyle!

1- Who Is the Most Popular Male Fitness Influencer?

Chris Bumstead is probably the most popular male fitness influencer on Instagram (@cbum) for his impressive accomplishments, training approach, 7.4 million followers, and unique mustache.

2- Who Are the Top Male Fitness Influencers Who Have Clothing Lines?

Many fitness influencers have established their own clothing line due to their popularity. Here are 3 most popular male fitness influencers who have clothing lines of their own:
1. Jeff Seid: He is one of the top male fitness influencers on Instagram who has started a clothing shop named SeidWear.
2. Mike Thurston: THRST is the name he has chosen for his clothing brand. Everything you need from shoes to shorts can be found in Mike’s collection.
3. John Gains: Being among the most popular male fitness influencers led John Gains to start his own clothing line named Gains by Gains in which he sells simple T-shirts.

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