30 Top Instagram Male Lifestyle Influencers To Grow Your Brand In 2023

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Lifestyle influencers are a growing trend on social media. These people use their popularity to sell products or services, and they can have a large impact on people’s decisions.

Lifestyle influencers, especially male ones, have been gaining popularity in recent years. What started out as a way for men to share advice on how to dress, style their hair, and cook healthy meals, has evolved into a full-blown industry. These influencers can be anyone – from celebrities to everyday people – and they can promote anything from fashion to travel or food.

Successful male lifestyle influencers are usually known for their stylish posts and blogs that focus on modern manhood. They may also promote products that they use or endorse, which can help to increase sales.

People are drawn to these types of influencers because they want to see what new and exciting things these influencers are doing. People also trust their advice, assuming that if they’re promoting something, it must be good. This makes male lifestyle influencers good brand ambassadors for promoting a product and service.

Finally, lifestyle influencers provide inspiration; people see their amazing lives and start thinking about the things they could do if they only had the time and money.

Keep reading to discover some of the top male lifestyle influencers. But before that, let’s learn how to find these influencers.

How to find top male lifestyle influencers?

With the rising of the lifestyle industry and the increasing number of male lifestyle influencers, an important issue is finding the top Instagram influencers who hit the charts on popular trends.

There are different ways to find influencers on Instagram. You can find them by Googling their niche, searching through hashtags or location tags on Instagram, or by using an influencer marketplace.

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Top 30 male lifestyle influencers

Take a look at our list of top 30 male lifestyle influencers on Instagram:

1. Ricky Lucky (@rickyluckyone)

Ricky Lucky is among the best lifestyle Instagram influencers from Jakarta. He could gain over 60k followers by sharing content about fashion, food, health, and fitness.

Ricky’s approach to living a healthy and stylish life has inspired many of his followers to do the same.

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2. Ranjit Sundara Murthy (@ranjitsundaramurthy)

Ranjit Sundara Murthy is one of the male lifestyle influencers on Instagram. He has 1m followers and is mainly known for his fashion and car posts. He is a big fan of different car brands such as Mercedes Benz and Rolls Royce.

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3. Alex Stead (@alex_stead)

Alex Stead is one of the other male Instagram influencers who is known as a lifestyle blogger. He is from London and has more than 1.1m followers.

He usually posts about nature and traveling. Alex is known for his unique and trendy style, and he often collaborates with brands to promote their products.

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4. Luke Davidson (@lukedavidson__)

Among the top male lifestyle influencers on our list, Luke Davidson is a teen from Canada. He has about 97k followers due to his unique and inspiring posts.

He tries to put a smile on people’s faces by posting funny stuff on Instagram and YouTube. His YouTube channel has about 7m subscribers.

Luke always tries to keep things positive and inspiring, which is why so many people follow him.

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5. Mohammad Alsabbagh (@sabbaggh)

Mohammad Alsabbagh, with about 1m followers on Instagram, is considered one of the top lifestyle Instagram influencers. His account is full of photos and videos about fashion, adventure, and lifestyle. He has worked with famous brands to create content that inspires others to live their best lives.

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6. Ganeshraj Narvekar (@ganeshnarvekar)

Narvekar is a Mumbai-based rapper and one of the top male lifestyle influencers who gained 1.2m followers on Instagram by sharing pictures and videos of his stylish outfits, travel destinations, and food experiences.

He is a great local influencer for your brand’s promotion.

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7. Dan Sclar (@dansclar)

Dan Sclar is a lifestyle influencer on Instagram. He posts almost about everything, including sport, music, and nature.

But what makes Dan’s account unique is its good vibes and positivity.

In short, if you’re looking for inspiration in all things lifestyle or just want to see what a “normal guy” does in his spare time, be sure to give Dan Sclar a follow. You won’t regret it!

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8. Rashad Little (@mrrlittle)

Rashad is one of the best lifestyle male fashion influencers on Instagram. He has about 405k followers, and his videos are full of tips and tricks, unboxing, and reviews.

He is known for his great sense of style and for being a health and fitness enthusiast. Many of Rashad’s followers look to him for advice on how to live a healthier life.

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9. Nick D’Addario (@brooklynagent)

Nick D’Addario is among the best male lifestyle influencers who has more than 5k followers on Instagram. He is known for being a real estate broker. His positive attitude and outgoing personality also make him a popular source of lifestyle advice.

This nano influencer usually shares photos of his cute girl on his account.

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10. Luke Stackpoole (@withluke)

Luke Stackpoole is a lifestyle influencer on Instagram with over 844k Instagram followers. He is known for being a travel and photography blogger. He usually shares excellent pictures of animals and nature and regularly interacts with his fans in Story, offering advice and answering questions.

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11. Vipul Juneja (@vipul_juneja)

Vipul Juneja is one of the male lifestyle influencers on Instagram who has amassed a large group of followers due to his interesting and engaging posts. He covers a range of topics, from fashion to travel and fitness, and his account provides an interesting glimpse into the life of a stylish young professional.

He also has a talent for creating catchy captions that add an extra layer of interest to his photos.

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12. Caleb Rodriguez (@cjrodriguez02)

One of the top lifestyle Instagram influencers is Caleb Rodriguez. This micro influencer is also a model and video creator. Caleb has over 137k followers and posts photos and videos of his everyday life, which range from workouts to fashion.

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13. Mike Edwards (@aireyys)

If you’re into fashion, fitness, or just living a stylish life, do not hesitate to follow Mike Edwards on Instagram. Edwards is a male lifestyle influencer with over 1.6m people. His account is packed with inspiring photos and videos of Mike and his family.

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14. Vishal Prajapati (@vishalprajapati_23)

One of the other male Instagram influencers from Mumbai is Vishal Prajapati. He could amass 770k Instagram fans with his relatable and down-to-earth posts about fashion, lifestyle, travel, and more.

What sets Vishal apart from other male lifestyle influencers is his willingness to be candid and open about his own experiences – whether discussing his struggles with mental health or sharing tips for living a minimalist lifestyle. As a result, his followers feel like they know him personally, and they continue to come back for more inspiring content.

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15. Reed Woehrle (@reedwoehrle)

One of the Instagram lifestyle influencers is Reed Woehrle. He has more than 562k fans on this platform and is also active on TikTok and Snapchat. He is mainly active in the fashion field, but he often shares photos and videos of his daily life as well.

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16. Aaron Fowkes (@aaron_fowkes)

Aaron Fowkes is among the other male lifestyle influencers on Instagram and YouTube.

He is known for his fashion and funny posts and often shares TikTok videos that he makes with Steph. Aaron is based in London and has about 570k followers on Instagram.

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17. Prateek Chauhan (@lensbehindlens)

Prateek Chauhan is a male lifestyle influencer on Instagram. He was born in India and raised in Dubai. Prateek has always had a passion for fashion and started his own clothing line. Prateek’s unique sense of style and ability to curate looks for any occasion quickly gained him a large group of followers on social media.

He tries to inspire men all over the world with his stylish photos and helpful fashion tips.

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18. Noah Altink (@noahaltink)

Noah Altink is one of the top lifestyle Instagram influencers who has turned his Instagram account into a lifestyle and fashion blog. On his account, Noah showcases his daily outfits and shares different hacks with his followers.

What makes Noah different from other male lifestyle influencers on Instagram is that he doesn’t focus on promoting luxury brands or expensive items. Instead, Noah promotes affordable and accessible fashion pieces that everyday people can wear. By doing this, Noah has been able to attract over 109k people on Instagram and 351k people on TikTok.

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19. PATRICK VAN NEGRI (@patrickvannegri)

Patrick van Negri is among the best male Instagram influencers from Miami. He has accumulated about 230k followers and posts about fashion, food, travel, and more. Patrick’s account is an excellent source of inspiration if you’re looking to add some variety to your daily life.

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20. Danish Khan (@danishkhan.im)

Danish Khan is quickly becoming one of the most prominent male lifestyle influencers on Instagram. His feed is full of exciting and inspiring posts about fashion, travel, and technology, and he could gain 656k Instagram fans.

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21. Tarun Molri (@tarunmolri)

Tarun Molri is an Indian-born fashion and lifestyle influencer with about 220k followers on Instagram.

He shares skincare, health, and fashion content with his audience in an engaging and relatable way. Whether posting about a new outfit or a recent trip, Molri always inspires others to live their best lives.

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22. Nickelson Wooster (@nickwooster)

Nickelson Wooster is one of the other well-known male lifestyle influencers on Instagram who has 940k followers. Nickelson’s account is full of creative content and photos of his stylish outfits and travels.

Moe has worked with major brands such as Oppo, Berluti, and Chopard. He could be a tremendous macro influencer for promoting your fashion-related business.

23. Justin Livingston (@justinliv)

One of the other top lifestyle Instagram influencers from New York is Justin Livingston. He is also a fashion and home decor influencer with over 300k followers.

Justin often posts about his travels and stylish outfits and has partnered with brands such as Nivea and H&M.

24. Brian Kelly (@briankelly)

Brian Kelly, the lifestyle blogger, and stylist on Instagram has more than 267k followers. His account is full of different posts of his everyday life, which he shares with his fans.

He is also the founder of “The points guy,” which is a travel website that shows people how to travel the world.

25. James Duigan (@jamesduigan)

James Duigan is one of the best male Instagram influencers. He is a lifestyle, wellness, and fitness influencer with about 60k followers. As well as providing wellness tips and motivational quotes, James also shares photos of his personal life on his account.

26. JJ Yosh (@jjyosh)

JJ Yosh is among the great male lifestyle influencers on Instagram who has over 736k followers. He is known for his unique and positive outlook on life, which he showcases through his posts.

JJ’s followers are inspired by his travel photos, fashion sense, and healthy lifestyle. He frequently posts about living a balanced and happy life, which resonates with his fans.

27. Taylor Lautner (@taylorlautner)

Taylor Lautner is an American actor and one of the top lifestyle Instagram influencers who has 7.8m fans on Instagram. He is known for his fit lifestyle and often posts photos and videos of his workouts, as well as his personal photos on his account.

28. Julius Dein (@juliusdein)

Julius Dein is a magician and one of the top male lifestyle influencers on Instagram. He has about 7m followers, and his posts often feature him doing stunts or showing off his latest purchases.

Julius has mastered the art of being an influencer. He knows how to keep his followers engaged and always produces content that is both entertaining and aspirational.

29. Stephen Amell (@stephenamell)

Stephen Amell is a Canadian actor who is known for his role as Oliver Queen on the CW series Arrow. What you may not know is that he is also a lifestyle influencer on Instagram with 6.4m followers. His account is filled with inspiring and motivational posts, as well as photos and videos of his workouts and travels.

30. Brian (@fazerug)

Brian is a 25-year-old lifestyle influencer on Instagram who has amassed 6.4m followers on Instagram and 21m subscribers on YouTube. He is known for his creative and stylish posts that often showcase his travels and outdoor adventures. Brian also makes funny videos on Instagram and YouTube to spread positive vibes.


In conclusion, following or working with top Instagram male lifestyle influencers can help you grow your brand. They have loyal followers and are great at promoting products and services. So, if you’re looking to expand your brand, consider collaborating with one or more of these influencers as part of your marketing strategy. You can also find more male lifestyle influencers on Ainfluencer for free.

Keep in mind that you should always research any influencer before working with them to make sure their audience is a good fit for your brand.


1- Who is the most successful Instagram influencer?

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the greatest football players. He’s also one of the most successful Instagram influencers in the world with more than 445m followers on this social media platform, making him the most followed person on Instagram.

2- How do influencers promote brands?

There is no one answer for how exactly influencers promote brands, as the process can vary greatly depending on the individual and the type of brand being promoted. However, some methods that are commonly used include creating sponsored content, collaborating on marketing campaigns, and attending events as representatives of the brand.
Additionally, many influencers use their social media platforms to promote brands by sharing photos and videos of themselves using the products and by giving shout-outs to the brands they partner with.
Ultimately, it is up to the influencer to create content that is interesting and engaging for their followers, which will in return help to promote the brand they are working with.

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