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When it comes to fashion, Instagram is a go-to source for inspiration and, of course, brand marketing. With millions of users sharing images of their latest looks, it’s no wonder that the platform has become a breeding ground for fashion influencers.

Influencer marketing covers virtually every niche imaginable, and fashion is no exception. There are many ways to narrow down the fashion influencers’ Instagram accounts that have changed our perspective on style.

If you are looking for top Instagram fashion influencers to follow your fashion taste, get inspired by the latest designs, and even collaborate with professional fashion bloggers to run influencer marketing campaigns and grow your brand, take a look at our list of 80 top Instagram fashion influencers.

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How to find fashion influencers?

There are different ways to find Instagram influencers. Do you wonder how you can find Instagram fashion influencers? Well, we have listed some ways below to help you meet your need.

1- Reviewing hashtags that are relevant to your market and industry.

2- Examining your followers and tagged posts.

3- Browsing “Location” tags to look for influencers in a specific location.

4- Googling could help you get a pool of Instagram influencers to choose from.

5- Using the “Suggested” feature of Instagram to search for similar influencers to those you already have in mind.

6- If you don’t have the time and energy to do the process manually, you can use an influencer marketplace. Here is a quality Instagram influencer marketplace:

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As a business:

Businesses can create their marketplace ad on Ainfluencer, which is then published on the marketplace where thousands of qualified influencers can see it and make collaboration offers. They can also search and invite influencers to collaborate using Ainfluencer’s advanced search features for location, gender, language, hashtags, number of followers, etc.


Top Instagram fashion influencers

Here is our list of top Instagram fashion influencers:

1- Vera (@adorablevera)

Vera, aka Queen V, is a leading entrepreneur, fashion blogger, and successful influencer with 217K followers on her IG account. Her Instagram account is filled with images of wearing luxury brands’ shoes and bags.

Connect with Vera

2- Atsuna Matsui (@atsunamatsui)

Atsuna Matsui is a famous Instagram Star. She is best known for her beauty, fashion, and travel content. If you are looking for inspiration to live a healthier life, don’t miss her Story highlights that cover fitness, health, food, etc.

Contact Atsuna Matsui

3- Lillian C (@luxematerialarchive)

Lillian is one of the Instagram fashion influencers who helps you wear your best outfit by inspiring you. She shares unboxing seasonal fashion and beauty products posts and Stories on her account with her 22.4K followers.

Talk to Lillian

4- Aziya (@officiallyziy)

Aziya is a 13-year-old fashion model. Thanks to her beautiful images, she has amassed 113K followers on her Instagram account. 

Collaborate with Aziya

5- Sophia Camille Collier (@sophiacamillecollier)

Sophia is one of the top Instagram fashion influencers who has accumulated 216K followers. She is a well-known content creator, hot Instagram bikini model, and actress.

Partner with Sophia

6- Kiara Belen (@thekiarabelen)

She gained fame mostly as a result of her participation in the reality modeling competition, America’s Next Top Model. She debuted on the show in 2012, in its 19th season, and finished as the first runner-up.

Contact Kiara Belen

7- Bibyana Marquez (@bibyanamarquez)

Rolando and Rita Morales welcomed Bibyana into the world on February 4, 2003, in McAllen, Texas. She is now a high school student and plans to pursue a business administration degree. Bibyana enjoys all-things fashion designing her pageantry attire and everyday styles.

This miss teen universe has 165K followers on Instagram and is considered one of the most famous fashion bloggers on Instagram.

Connect with Bibyana Marquez

8- Victoria Henley (@victoriahenley)

Victoria Henley is a famous model born in Georgia. America’s Next Top Model cycle 19 contestant who was attending Liberty University when she appeared on the College Edition of the show.

Victoria is also one of the top Instagram fashion influencers, with 36.4K followers.

Invite Victoria Henley to collab

9- Laura Monroy (@lauramonroy23)

Colombian model, Laura Monroy, became well-known thanks to her @lauramonroy23 Instagram account. She is well known for posting photos of herself in a bikini and underwear on Instagram. Laura also shares her fashion modeling photos.

Negotiate with Laura Monroy

10- Sarah Gullixson (@sarahgullixson)

Sarah Gullixson is a model and TikTok personality who was professionally represented by Wilhelmina Models and Stars Management. She is now one of the known fashion bloggers on Instagram with 23.8K followers.

Talk to Sarah Gullixson

11- Morgan Ketzner (@morganketzner)

Morgan Ketzner is a gorgeous model from Minnesota. She started posting her amazing photographs on Instagram and got famous and gained popularity after that in no time. 

She is now one of the top Instagram fashion influencers with 1M followers. 

Chat with Morgan Ketzner

12- Erika Nova (@erika_nova)

Erika is a supermodel who uses her Instagram account to share her beautiful modeling photos with her 43.1K followers.

Collaborate with Erika

13- Angelina Lavo (@angelinalavo)

Angelina Lavo is the DJ, Producer, and Vocalist from New York City. With a Top 40 Billboard Dance Chart credit to her name for the Papercha$ers remix of “Let’s Fall in Love (Tonight),” Angelina is the true triple threat.

Also, her beautiful face and stunning figure have helped her to be a top fashion influencer on Instagram and also a lifestyle influencer with 1.1M followers.

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Contact Angelina Lavo

14- Jasmine (@jasminelhicks)

Have you ever heard that nano influencers and micro influencers bring you more engagement while collaborating with them? Jasmine is one of the fashion stylers with about 7K followers who can help you.

Invite Jasmine to collab

15- Millie Fowlkes (@milliefowlkes)

Millie is a real fashion lover who shares her outfit photos with her 13.3K followers on her Instagram account to inspire them to be well-dressed. She has also included her website link in her bio to help visitors shop her outfits there.

Connect with Millie

16- Anya Nunkoo (@anya__nunkoo)

Anya Nunkoo is a fashion model who has gathered 10.6K followers on her Instagram. She is a fashion blogger on Instagram whose account is a must-follow for those looking for fashion inspirations.

Collaborate with Anya Nunkoo

17- Maja Malnar (@majamalnar)

Maja is an Instagram star from Slovenia. She is well known as a fashion blogger and travel influencer. She has worked as a backup dancer, singer, and TV personality throughout her career.

Contact Maja Malnar

18- SuzieB (@suzie_kb)

Suzie is one of the top fashion influencers and fitness influencers on Instagram, with 961K followers. She shares posts and Stories showing her clothing and fitness accessories which are all shoppable on her website, which link is included in her bio.

Talk to SuzieB

19- Taylor (@taylormariecowhey)

Taylor Marie Cowhey is a gorgeous fashion model who shares stunning images you want to frame and a fashion collection you’ll want to wear on her Instagram account.

Connect with Taylor Marie

20- Fer Medina (@fermedina)

Fer Medina is a style influencer who displays her passion for fashion and travel on her Instagram account with 326K followers.

Contact Fer Medina

21- Tanner (@tannermmann)

Tanner is a family, fashion, and wellness influencer who has gained 311K followers on her Instagram. If you want fitness, workout, mom, wife, beauty, and clothing content all in one place, don’t miss her IG account.

Invite Tanner to collab

22- Amy Seder Burkley (@amyseder)

Amy is an LA-based photographer, traveler, and fashion blogger with 223K followers on her Instagram account.

Negotiate with Amy

23- Sarah (@sarah_samantha)

Sarah is a model, singer, songwriter, and successful entrepreneur. She is the Co-Founder of @fashion_forward_meetups. Her Instagram feed is filled with her eye-catching poses in colorful and stunning looks.

Contact Sarah

24- Jackie (@stylemydreams)

Jackie is a wardrobe stylist, fashion blogger, and all-around fashion expert. With regular appearances on CTV Morning Live Winnipeg as a fashion contributor, she is all about having fun with fashion and teaching women and men how to dress and love their bodies.

Talk to Jackie

25- Cassidy (@cassidyneves)

Cassidy is an Instagram influencer who shares fashion and lifestyle content with her 19.9K followers. Her Stories are more fun and about her work life, beauty products she uses, her home, etc.

Negotiate with Cassidy

26- Delaney (@delaney_micahlynne)

Delaney is a model, makeup artist, certified spray tan artist, and fashion enthusiast. Her IG account is where she shares makeup, skincare, modeling, travel, and personal life posts and Stories.

Connect with Delaney

27- Imaan Sabouné (@imaansaboune)

Imaan Sabouné’s IG account is a fashion inspiration for those looking for the latest attractive styles. She is one of the fashion stylists who not only shares her style posts but also shares different content, including travel, food, events, holidays, makeup, and skincare, in her Stories.

Collaborate with Imaan Sabouné

28- Madison Kvaltin (@madisonkvetlana)

Originally from northern Ontario, 24-year-old Madison is an entrepreneur and fashion model who started her own “body confident, athletic brand,” Skilla Athletics, and website design business. She has also succeeded Miss International Canada.

Madison uses her Instagram account to share fashion and travel posts and Stories on her account with her followers.

Talk to Madison Kvaltin

29- Jessica (@westmountfashionista)

Jessica is a fashion blogger who has been blogging since 2011. She shares images and videos covering different types of content, including flowers, fashion, handbags, travel, beauty, and fine jewelry.

Contact Jessica

30- Zeba (@ellaprettyblog)

She is a Toronto-based fashion blogger. Be one of her 29.9K followers to see her fashion, beauty, and lifestyle content on her Instagram account.

Negotiate with Zeba

31- Par Par (@parpar6ix)

She is one of the top IG fashion influencers, private event planners, and fashion and beauty stylists.

Contact Par Par

32- Toni Olaoye (@toniolaoye1)

If you are looking for a digital influencer who provides you with fashion, beauty, and lifestyle posts and Stories on Instagram, give Toni a follow and take advantage of her content. 

Collaborate with Toni Olaoye

33- Logan Medeiros (@loganmedeiros)

Logan Medeiros is a fashion, fitness, and lifestyle influencer with 13.7K followers. She takes so many pics in dreamy outdoor environments in beautiful colorful styles.

Negotiate with Logan Medeiros

34- Priya Sidhu (@priyasidhu)

On November 4, 1995, Priya Sidhu, a well-known Instagram star, was born in Canada. As a YouTuber and Instagram star with 162K followers, she makes makeup, hair, and fashion videos.

Contact Priya Sidhu

35- Emma Rose (@emmaleger)

Emma is a model who came into the limelight for being a professional model who has modeled for the cover pages of different magazines like FHM Spain, Men’s Health Greece, etc. 

She is also a fitness ambassador of Mass Nutrition Australia and Women’s Best company.

Talk to Emma Rose

36- Audrey Rivet (@audreyrivet)

Audrey Rivet, who was born in Canada on February 7, 1994, is a well-known blogger with 209K followers on her Instagram account. This Canadian graphic designer, photographer, and content creator shares fashion, lifestyle, and beauty content with her followers on IG and is considered one of the top IG fashion influencers.

Connect with Audrey Rivet

37- Sophia Rose Labbé (@sophiaroselabbe)

Sophia-Rose Labbé is a blue-eyed blonde fashion, lifestyle, and beauty influencer on Instagram with 111K followers. Every Stylish Girl needs accounts like Sophia’s and her killer outfits to get inspired.

Talk to Sophia Rose Labbé

38- Lina (@maybeitslina)

Lina knows how to strike a pose, and she takes super striking images. She not only shares posts and Stories about fashion, but she also posts content about beauty, travel, and tech.

Chat with Lina

39- Liraz Jacoby (@lirazjacoby)