Top Business Influencers on Instagram Who Can Help You

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Today’s complicated business landscape aspires entrepreneurs and business owners to seek help and mentorship from those who have already faced the storms when setting up a business of their own.

But let’s be honest, it’s not always possible to get in touch with such people and benefit from their advice.

The advent of numerous social media platforms has made it easy for business owners and entrepreneurs to use business influencers to their advantage.

Among these platforms, Instagram continues to reign supreme as the primary communication channel for these business-savvy individuals, who share their thoughts and experiences, with their followers.

 In addition to sharing insights with their audience, business influencers collaborate with brands on different promotional campaigns.

Cooperating with influencers has gained popularity among many business owners and marketers mainly due to its high ROI.

Just one influencer marketing marketplace sets the return on investment number to 280%.

This is not something any of us could ignore. Why not go for a method that’s proven to bring tremendous results?

So keep reading to discover the top small business influencers who can help your business to flourish.

Here Are the Top Business Influencers on Instagram: 

Arianna Huffington @ariannahuff 730k followers

Arianna Huffington

First, we want to introduce Arianna Huffington, a global media character who established the award-winning news platform The Huffington Post. 

She resigned from her post as the President and Editor of The Huffington Post Media Group in October 2016 to launch Thrive Global. 

Thrive Global is a startup company assigned to health and wellness.

Multiple media outlets view her as one of the top business influencers.

She’s mentioned on The Guardian’s “Top 100 in Media List” and Forbes’ “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.”

Based in Greece, Huffington has written many articles and books.

The well-known entrepreneur, mother, a writer is well-known for gaining success and profit in her business enterprises.

Lori Greiner @lorigreinershark 731k followers

Lori Greiner

Lori Greiner is an American creator, entrepreneur, television personality, and writer of one bestselling book.

She holds 120 U.S. and international franchises and has invested in some products. These products are showcased in her show, “Clever and Unique Creations,” and also mentioned in top magazines such as The Oprah Magazine and InStyle.

Lori’s first product was a unique jewelry box. 

This product quickly became trendy and sold well, inspiring Greinerto to launch a new line of comparable items. 

As a business influencer, she has traded with all kinds of essential lifestyle products.

Tai Lopez @tailopez 2.8M followers 

Tai Lopez

Tai Lopez is an American investor, entrepreneur, author and business advisor. 

His famous book club, podcasts, and his mentor program are very famous. 

He played a highlighted role on the Bravo reality series “Millionaire Matchmaker” in 2008. 

Lopez was born in California in 1977. He is an investor, partner, and advisor to over 20 multi-million dollar businesses. 

Besides his famous book club and podcasts, The Tai Lopez Show offers information on health, wealth, love, and happiness to 1.4 million people in 40 countries. 

The Tai Lopez Show receives around 800,000 downloads per month. 

Tai also owns Mentor Box, the largest international book shipping club.

The Entrepreneur Magazine mentioned her as the #1 Social Media Influencer.

Rachel Hollis, @msrachelhollis 1.6M followers

Rachel Hollis

Next we have Rachel Hollis who is an entrepreneur, author, life coach, motivational speaker, blogger and podcaster. 

Her books, “Girl, Wash Your Face” and “Girl, Stop Apologizing,” have become popular inspirational books for women worldwide. 

You’ll get a better feeling about the content of these books by visiting her Instagram account. 

She shares motivational posts and lively photos of family, hobbies, and different business ventures on her Instagram account. 

If you’re looking for more ideas from her, visit her blog to read content-rich articles about work, self-improvement, fashion, relationships, and food. 

If you’re interested in personal coaching, conferences and health and wellness events, check out the web page for The Hollis Company, a private coaching and business empowerment she runs with her husband, Dave.

Natalie Franke @nataliefranke 65k followers

Natalie Franke

Natalie Franke started the Rising Tide Society group that works to make businesses more profitable. 

Her campaign hashtag  #communityovercompetition aroused the interest of many audiences.

Franke has lived an exciting life. 

She was once a great wedding photographer.

But after realizing she had a brain tumor, she underwent treatment.

Surviving the ordeal, she decided to take her life in an entrepreneurial route. 

When she discovered that life is too short to fight the hard way, she established the Rising Tide Society to help connect entrepreneurs globally.


These were the top business influencers on Instagram that you can really look up to for growing your own business.

Each individual on our list has achieved success in a distinct field and has a lot to share.

Whether you do business, need the motivation to start one, or you’re looking to improve some areas of your life, you will find someone among them who meets your needs. 

However, keep in mind the influencers we mentioned are definitely not the only ones and the list could go on and on.

Do you know any other Instagram influencers that are helping brands and businesses to grow?

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