25+ Top travel influencers in 2022

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There’s no denying that travel influencers get to do so much for your brand that few can.

As The travel influencer industry is booming, Partnership with a travel influencer is a great decision for tourism brands to boost their brand awareness and support their marketing goals.

Now you might ask how to reach out to top travel Instagram influencers?

To find the top Instagram travel influencers, we jump to this topic.

In this edition, we’ll also be discussing the top 26 travel influencers you can work with.

How to find Instagram influencers?

There might be many ways to find influencers on Instagram that are a good fit for your business and are doing great in your niche. Among them all, the ways mentioned below can help you find Instagram influencers faster than ever. 

  • Use google search
  • Monitor your competitor’s accounts
  • Do hashtag research
  • Use influencer marketing platforms

The easiest way to find travel influencers

You can find influencers in your industry the easiest way with no headaches and save time and energy.

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Check out this video to see how you can connect with different travel influencers:

Here are 26 Top Instagram Travel Influencers You Should be Following:

Top 26 Travel influencers

1. aggie

Aggie is the best to follow if you are fond of adventures. The successful travel influencer also owns a swimwear store, which makes swimwear from recycled fishing nets and plastic bottles. Her account is full of dreamy visuals in amazing locations.

2. brian skerry

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A post shared by Brian Skerry (@brianskerry)

Brian is a photojournalist specializing in marine wildlife and underwater environments. Since 1998 he has been a contributing photographer for National Geographic Magazine. In 2014 he was named as a National Geographic Society Fellow and in 2017 he was named the Rolex National Geographic Explorer of the Year.

3. Alan Schaller

Alan Schaller is a London-based photojournalist, traveler, and street photographer who specializes in black and white photography. His work is focused on the realities and diversities of human life.

4. Jacob Moon

Jacob is an adventure photographer, videographer, athlete, and more importantly a storyteller. He shares his tales with thousands of people that follow him on social media. Jacob travels with his wife and daughter and has inspired many to explore beyond their comfort zones and get outdoors as families to live their best lives together.

5. Olivier Wong

Paris-based Olivier Wong is an engineer with a passion for travel and photography. He uses every free moment to go somewhere and take stunning photos, or simply to wander through the streets of Paris that are always inspirational. 

6. André Hamann

Andre Hamann is a fitness trainer and fashion model who has come to also be known as a social media influencer thanks to the massive followership he enjoys on the internet. Of German nationality, he is internationally known for his work with some major brands around the world.  Beyond that, he is also a businessman who has his own fashion label. He travels for shootings and partnerships with brands.

 7. Babak Tafreshi

Babak Tafreshi is the founder and director of The World at Night (TWAN) international program. Born in Tehran and based in Boston, he is the night sky photographer for National Geographic, a master in nightscape photography with Earth & sky images that merge art, culture, and science.

 8. Liz Kaeber

Liz Kaeber is an Instagram Star and young artist from Germany.

She started her career as a Social Media Star and at this time she has more than 900 K followers on her official Instagram handle.

Ever since she became famous on Instagram, her success hasn’t stopped.

Mainly she posts her modeling shoots in bikinis and fabulous clothes with unique poses and she was famous for her great performance on Instagram.

9. Shenaz Treasurywala

As an actress, model, and, above all, a travel vlogger, Shenaz has been a tourist to several places around the world and she makes great content on travel destinations also body positivity, and mindfulness.

10. Murad Osmann

Murad has been named among the top 3 travel influencers by Forbes. He is a Russian traveler who became popular with the “Follow Me To” series made with his wife Natalia Zakharova in 2012. His photos of holding his wife’s hand while she looks back have become a famous trend across the globe.

 11. Jennifer Tuffen

Jennifer Tuffen, the third top travel influencer on Instagram, is a luxury travel influencer who became famous for her incredible hues dreamy Instagram feed that features the most coveted hotels, food, and landscapes. She is one of the most recommended most famous British travel influencers.

12. Chris Burkard

Famous for his landscapes and scenic photographs of beautiful places (especially cold ones), He describes himself as a photographer and filmmaker. Having worked as a freelancer for numerous famous publications including Surfline.com and Water Magazine, Chris’ photography has a unique sense of human touch blended with the beauty of nature, so much so that a ‘Burkard photo’ is almost impossible to reproduce.


Jack’s travel journey started when he was 21 and started backpacking with the money he saved from his carpet job in Manchester. Slowly Jack started to make some money through reposting and tagging which helped him make further travel plans. Then came a big offer of $35,000 which he grabbed with both hands. By then, he already had around 1 million followers.

14.  Eric Stone

It might seem to you that Eric is low on followers, but he is named the world’s 4th most influential traveler by Forbes and the world’s best family traveler by Fodor. He has visited 97 countries (across 7 continents) so far, 62 of which have been with kids. He describes himself as a writer and a traveler who loves visiting crazy places with his kids. He has already visited places like Greece, Italy, France, the Faroe Islands, and the Maldives.

15. lauren bullen

Lauren, a dental assistant from Western Australia, always had a passion for traveling and visiting new places. She used to save up for months from her job to go wandering. Inspired by the growth of her twin sister’s Instagram account, she started one of her own. As she grew popular, local brands started approaching her for trip promotions and brand deals. 

 16. Louis Cole

Luis Cole is another luxury travel influencer with almost 2 million followers on Instagram. He is a travel vlogger who showcases his adventures and hopes to inspire social change with a plant-based strategy.

He also undertook the “Beyond Borders” project which involved flying to 22 cities over 60-90 days with his pilot friend. Cole has also worked with Discovery and BBC networks and inspired both social change and travel among the masses.

17. thebucketlistfamily

As the name suggests, this is a family that travels together and influences together. They started their journey in 2015 when they decided to sell their house and step outside to explore the world. They have together traveled 65 counties so far. After 3 years on the road, they have now built a beautiful home in Hawaii as they continue to explore the world. They have a successful Instagram and Youtube channel where they post about their travels to countries like Chile, Tahiti, and Tanzania among others.

 18. Hello Emilie

Emilie is a travel influencer known for her beautiful landscape clicks on her Instagram page. She has also authored a book named “Forever Wandering” that contains her experiences of visiting places around the globe. One can feel the connection with nature and natural ecosystems through her book which is an ideal lens to look at the beauty of nature.

 19. Altug Galip

Altug is a world-renowned photographer and travel influencer. His breathtaking shots certainly catch the eye of anyone browsing through his Instagram handle. One of T+L’s ambassadors, Galip has citizenship in four countries, which facilitates his endeavors. Places like Bhutan, Moscow, Milan, Cuba, Qatar, and many others have been beautifully captured by him behind his lens.

 20. Angelica Blick

Angelica Blick is a famous Instagram influencer with 1.1 million followers. She is an active Instagrammer in travel, gym, and fashion niches with multiple photos in awesome outfits and beautiful destinations.

Apart from being a travel influencer, Angelica is also a successful fashion icon. She has won many awards, including the VeckoRevyn Blog Awards and the Vixen Awards. The exotic locations coupled with breathtaking fashion designs make her Instagram an instant hit among millennials. She also runs a successful Youtube channel where she uploads vlogs of her fashion shoots and travels.

21.  Chelsea Y

Chelsea Yamase is one of the top Instagram travel influencers who gained 1 million followers in being a traveler, model, and writer. She explores the world’s creative images, including travel tips, outdoor adventure, and mindful living in Hawaii.

22. Salty Luxe

Sarah is a luxury travel influencer that specializes in tropical and ocean adventures which are reflected appropriately by her Instagram posts. She has also opened her own store with a beautiful initiative of planting a tree for every purchase. She has also been awarded the title of “World’s leading island travel influencer”. Her posts resonate with the warm culture of the tropical world. 

23. Tudor Laurini

Tudor, an Italian YouTube sensation, also known as Klaus has built a dedicated following with his prank calls, challenges, science experiments, and more. His channel has amassed more than 1.4 million subscribers so far.

 24. Sakis Tanimanidis

Sakis is a Greek TV host, producer, and entrepreneur. Sakis became known in his native country as the host, creator, producer, and director of the travel show World Party that aired on Alpha TV from 2014 to 2016. He is also the owner of two restaurants and one travel agency in Greece.

 25. Antonio Pozo

Spanish fitness model who has competed in the Mr. Spain and became a sponsored athlete. He has racked up more than 900,000 followers to his Instagram account.

 26. Sonia Lorenzini

Sonia is a fashion travel influencer who loves nature and adventures. She is fond of fashion and she creates content on her bringing fashion and style to different places she travels.


Instagram travel influencers have helped make travel more informed, accessible, and more popular. 

Forbes reported that the “Instagrammability” of any destination plays a major role in driving travel choices. With the travel influencer industry growing day by day, travel influencers are here to stay! If you are a travel and hospitality brand, you need to know which influencers are best for you and how to reach them. 

On Ainfluencer you can compare and invite travel influencers to help your brand grow.

Who are the Top travel influencers on Instagram?

Top Instagram travel influencers are the bucket list family (@thebucketlistfamily), Jack Morris (@Jackmorris), Murad Osmann (@muradosmann), Jennifer Tuffen (@izkiz)

How do travel influencers make money?

Many travel-based agencies such as travel insurance providers, hotels, tourism boards, airlines, and rental car companies organize campaigns that are only effective with Instagram influencers.