6 Best ways to find nano influencers in 2022

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Not every business has yet fully realized how beneficial it is to find nano influencers for their brand.   

After learning the nano influencer definition, you may wonder if not a big number of followers means there wouldn’t be an actual influence on people. However, when you opt to find influencers to promote your brand,  there are other important criteria to ponder over your influencer search, including: 

  • Engagement rate
  • Relevance
  • Authenticity
  • Values
  • Content quality
  • Frequency
  • Reliability
  • Audience quality

Accordingly, nano influencers can be a good match for the goals you set to set up influencer marketing campaigns.

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This article will help you learn how to find nano influencers and put their social skills to good use.  

What Is Nano Influencer Definition?

Top influencers are basically categorized by their follower count and this number can vary on different social media platforms. Yet, the fair number of followers for nano influencers ranges between 1k and 10k.   

Although this may not sound so large as you may normally expect, nano influencers can boost your engagement twice the rate of macro influencers. So, you don’t just try to find nano influencers to balance your budget. In fact, nano influencers are more consistent and have a closer relationship with their loyal audience.

How to Find Nano Influencers?

Like other types of influencers, you can pick different ways to find influencers to promote your brand. Here are the most effective approaches, tried and tested by a host of marketers who successfully run their influencer marketing campaigns to help you find nano influencers. 

1. Free Influencer Search Tool

The best way to find Nano influencers and also the most cost-effective one is using a reliable influencer marketplace

To learn more about which tool to find influencers works best, you should consider where you will set up your influencer marketing campaign. 

Instagram is the first channel to see an increase in brands’ influencer marketing, followed by TikTok and YouTube in the runners-up place. 

Which social media platforms increased in influencer marketing in 2022

So, it will come as no surprise if you decide to stand out in the IG competition and find Instagram influencers for your campaign.   

To do that, Ainfluencer is one of the top influencer marketing hubs that not only provides the most advanced search filter to find influencers for free, but also helps you in the following aspects of building your campaign. 

  • Set the right goals for your influencer marketing campaign.
  • Create purposeful ads.
  • Be visible to other IG influencers so you can get offers too.
  • Secure the payments and create a formal contract.
  • Get insights into the influencers’ profiles.
  • Check your campaign’s success.
  • Use the in-app chatbox to negotiate your terms and requirements.
  • Schedule your posts and manage them all on a smart calendar.
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How to find Nano influencers on Ainfluencer?

It’s quite easy to find nano influencers on Ainfluencer who are more niche and targeted.

  • First, join Ainfluencer as a brand.
  • After creating your ad, you can use the Ainfluencer’s search filter as a smart tool to find influencers based on your criteria. Now, you can select your category, hashtags, keywords, location, language, gender, and also the number of followers. 
  • To find nano influencers, all you need to do is set the number of followers and click on the search button. You will get thousands of results who are categorized based on their engagement rate, Q-Score, or estimated price. 
  • Click to invite the ones who seem right for your campaign and wait to get a response from them. 

The following video shows you how to attract 1000s of Influencers to your Business

2. Hashtags

Searching for hashtags related to your work can help you find the right influencers. The point to keep in mind is that you should not just pay attention to the number of followers. The results of the statistics show that Nano Influencers can get a better result.

Therefore, focus only on the quality of people’s work and in this regard, do not be afraid to work with Nano influencers with a much smaller number of followers. This will allow you to achieve even higher results and is very cost-effective.

3. Google

You may think that hiring an influencer through a search engine like Google is useless, but it is not. Google can help you hire this person or at least show you what enables you to do that. Just know what phrase to look for. In every field related to the Internet, Google has provided excellent services. 

4. Directly in social

You can use social media to find the influencer you are looking for. Influencers usually share complete information about themselves in their profiles, making it easier for us to identify them.

Examine their page and pay attention to their engagement rate, comments, previous campaigns (with your competitors), and even how they interact with their audience.

5. Ask your friends

You can ask your friends or colleagues. Ask them what influencers they have recently followed on social media that can help you promote your brand.

6. Blogs

Reading blogs is another way to find influencers. Check both the author and the blog source, and remember the blog’s names. Probably the blogger introduces one of these people in a part of his article and examines their working way. Perhaps he has mentioned them in his writing.

Why should businesses find Nano influencers and work with them?

If you are still in two minds about whether or not to collaborate with nano influencers, let’s see why exactly other brands recommend them. 

1. Nano influencers have a harmonious relationship with their followers

One of the top rules for successful trading is to have a close relationship with your target audience and in the case of online marketing, who is better than a nano influencer to serve the purpose?

Their number of followers facilitates one-on-one sustainability communication. It is of great importance to answer questions asked by followers, like or reply to their comments, and show that you care about every one of them.

While all this might sound a bit far-fetched for other types of influencers, these non-celebrities are very much loyal to their audience which also results in mutual trust from their followers, and eventually a high engagement with your business.

2. Nano influencers are reliable and competitive

Nano influencers working on a level that you might be the first one to acknowledge its importance, and the nano influencer you pick to work with might be officially hired by a company for the first time which gives you the opportunity to have their central focus placed on your brand.

If being the center of attention does not sound enough, you might be intrigued by the notion that they will spare no efforts to promote your brand and take your ads to another level.

Sometimes you could feel the need to give them some advice on how to promote your business, but keep in mind not to restrict their way of communication with their followers and trust the authenticity they have, after all, that is why you chose to work with them in the first place.

3. Nano influencers  acquire a modest budget of yours

Is it effective to find nano influencers? Yes, you would know better by now that they play a significant role in online marketing, but are they also cost-effective? Once again, the answer is “YES”.

4. Grow and expand with Nano influencers

If you limit yourself only to these big influencers, you will not find it easy to scale up your reach to a greater extent. You will eventually need nano and micro influencers.

Not only do Nano influencers help you grow, but they are very good choices if you wish to personalize your campaign better, in particular, if you are limited on time and budget.  
Overall, there are many benefits to working with Nano influencers:

  • Close communication with the audience
  • High engagement rate
  • People trust Nano-influencers
  • Budget-friendly event businesses
  • Superiority over competitors
  • Budget-friendly
  • Large statistical community

How to work with nano influencers

In your collaboration with nano influencers, you should consider some tips to make your influencer marketing more effective. 

1. Instead of rules, consider strategies

It is right to have a vivid guideline for your brand collaboration when you are trying to find nano influencers. 

Instead of putting many rules limiting your actions, try to focus on crucial strategies such as your product promotion, discount codes, or links you want the influencer to include.

2. Determine marketing goals in the contract

You need to set specific expectations and marketing goals with your fit nano influencer. Consider the accurate scheduling content, work time, and expertise when writing an influencer contract to assure they are convenient with the timing and content type you require.

When to work with nano influencers?

Of course, nano influencers are great when you try to reach new loyal audiences, increase your brand engagement and define your brand image. Generally, nano influencers work in the following areas best.

1. When brands are new to the online market

When you start as a new brand or business on social media, especially on Instagram, the most common approach which is highly valuable to your business is working with nano influencers.

They would prefer to collaborate with brands they are keen on and more relevant to their niche. So, marketers should get help from them while opening their new online market to position their products in more audience eyes.

If you are in your business’s infancy and hesitate about an efficient marketing decision, it is a low-risk strategy to come up with the right influencers.

2. When they want to offer free products for a specific niche

It is a great way to promote your brand identity by asking nano influencers to test out your new products or services. Using this way helps you to better position your products for genuine advertising.

Moreover, they are most open to accepting free samples for product recommendations.

And when they are satisfied form the products’ quality, they can easier convince potential customers for making purchase decisions.

3. Local businesses usually work with local nano influencers

If you have established your local online business recently, why not think of a nano influencers partnership?

It is thoughtful of a local business to make most local influencers promote their brand authenticity. This strategy has a significant impact on growing your business rapidly. Therefore, instead of wasting time to find the right local influencers in your vicinity, join Ainfluencer to create a free marketplace ad, and search to find different thousands of Instagram influencers from anywhere you want.

The benefits of nano influencers collaboration

Influencer marketing is the best marketing method you can use to experience many benefits. Here are the important benefits of collaborating with nano influencers to better figure out this approach’s logic.

1. Nano influencers can easily make brands high engagement

Increasing the engagement rate on Instagram is a big challenge. The latest influencer marketing results show that nano influencers could drive more engagement which is a big achievement for gaining new reach.

Keeping followers engaged can be difficult, but as they are more approachable, they can better generate engagement. Due to their authenticity and personality, nano influencers are more successful in making the audience’s engagement quality increase sales more from your brand.

2. Nano influencers are more affordable and time-saving

The first and best advantage of collaborating with these influencers is that they are more cost-effective to leverage your influencer marketing strategy.

In general, they are the best choice for startups and small businesses because they mostly aim to build up their presence on the online market with a limited budget.If you are looking for productive content types affordable, nano influencers can serve you with high-quality content to improve your customers’ journey.


Once you find Nano influencers, you can better capture the market and personalize your marketing campaigns. Also, you significantly reduce the risk of your campaign failing. When you separate your audience based on key features and personalize your campaigns based on information about them, your campaign is much more likely to succeed.

How to find influencers?

First, you need to define your goals, strategy, and the type of influencers you wish to work with. Then, to look for influencers, you can join top influencer marketing hubs, search in Google, look for content creators in blogs and scan your followings and followers list. 

How to find influencers on Instagram?

Influencer marketing hubs are growing very popular with brands and influencers. So, the first way to find IG influencers could be joining one of them. Also, you can search through your followers’ list and tagged posts.

How much does a nano influencer make?

The average cost of an Instagram post varies based on the type of influencer you work with. For example, nano influencers can charge you $10 to $100. This is while the estimated price for micro influencers can go over $100 and you may spend thousands of dollars when working with mega influencers.