How To Find Nano Influencers: 7 Best Methods in 2024

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Not every business has yet fully realized how beneficial it is to find nano influencers for their influencer marketing campaigns. Because of their number of followers (between 1K and 10K), nano influencers are more consistent and have a closer relationship with their loyal audience in comparison to micro and macro influencers.

Therefore, nano influencers can be a good match for the goals you set to start influencer marketing campaigns. But how can you find nano influencers in your niche?

This article will help you learn how to find nano influencers and learn about the best situations and benefits of working with them. It will also provide you with a list of the top 10 nano influencers to put their social skills to good use.

what Is a Nano Influencer?

Any social media user with 1K to 10K followers can be called a nano influencer. They aren’t professional influencers who constantly post on Instagram or TikTok and have an admin to answer their DMs and comments. Instead, they are normal everyday social media users.

However, they have a high engagement rate which means most of their followers pay attention to their content and whatever they may promote. In other words, since the followers have more interaction with the influencer, they’ll trust the influencer’s recommendations more.

So, if you want to find and collaborate with nano influencers on Instagram and TikTok, try Ainfluencer. Ainfluencer is a free DIY influencer marketplace that helps you to find influencers based on their niche, location, number of followers, audience quality, age, sex, etc. This marketplace is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses looking for nano and micro influencers.

The Benefits Of Working With Nano Influencers

When even big brands start using nano influencers for their social media marketing campaigns, it means that there is more than just affordability for these influencers. Let’s find out what are the benefits of collaborating with nano influencers.


1. More trustworthy

Because of the smaller number of their followers, nano influencers can have a close relationship with them. So, the followers feel closer to them and respect their opinions.

Therefore, listening to a nano influencer is like listening to a friend or family member. However, receiving product recommendations from a macro influencer is like listening to a marketer which is less personal and less trustworthy.

So, being trusted by the followers is one of the most important benefits of nano influencers.

2. Higher Engagement Rates

Increasing the engagement rate on Instagram is a big challenge. Still, research shows that nano-influencers have an average 5% engagement rate, which is double the engagement rate of micro-influencers.

So, when they run a campaign, the followers actually listen to their product recommendations which results in more CTR and conversion.

3. Affordability

Another great advantage of finding nano influencers and collaborating with them is that they are so cost-effective in leveraging your influencer marketing strategy.

In general, they are the best choice for startups and small businesses who mostly aim to build up their presence on the online market with a limited budget. If you are looking for affordable, productive content types, nano influencers can serve you with high-quality content to improve your customers’ journey.

4. Dedication

Nano influencers work on a level that you might be the first one to acknowledge its importance, and the nano influencer you pick to work with might be officially hired by a company for the first time, which allows you to have their central focus placed on your brand.

If being the center of attention does not sound enough, you might be intrigued by the notion that they will spare no effort to promote your brand and take your ads to another level.

5. Trial and Error Ability

Since nano influencers are much more affordable you can try a few of them and find the best influencers for your campaign. This doesn’t cost you a lot and it helps you to find some perfect brand ambassadors for your business. You can start collaborating with approved influencers by joining Ainfluencer for free.

When To Work With Nano Influencers?

Of course, nano influencers are great when you try to reach new loyal audiences, increase your brand engagement and define your brand image, and you need to find and collaborate with them to achieve these goals.

But generally, nano influencers work in the following areas best:

1. When Brands Are New To The Online Market

When you start as a new brand or business on social media, especially on Instagram, the most common approach that is highly valuable to your business is working with nano influencers.

They would prefer to collaborate with brands they are keen on and more relevant to their niche. So, as a marketer, you should get help from them while opening your new online market to position your products in more audience eyes.

So, if you are in your business’s infancy and hesitate about an efficient marketing decision, working with nano influencers can be a low-risk strategy.

2. When Brands Offer Free Products

It is a great way to promote your brand identity by asking nano influencers to test out your new products or services. Using this way helps you to better position your products for genuine advertising.

Moreover, nano influencers are most open to accepting free samples for product recommendations, and when they are satisfied with the product’s quality, they can easily convince potential customers to make purchase decisions.

3. When brands are local or want to advertise locally

If you have established your local online business recently, why not think of a nano influencers partnership?

It is thoughtful of a local business to ask local influencers to promote their brand. This strategy has a significant impact on growing your business rapidly.

To do that, instead of wasting time finding the right local influencers in your vicinity, join Ainfluencer to create a free marketplace campaign and search to find thousands of different Instagram influencers from anywhere you want.

How To Find Nano Influencers?

Like other types of influencers, you can pick different ways to find influencers to promote your brand. Here are the most effective approaches, tried and tested by a host of marketers who successfully run their influencer marketing campaigns to help you find nano influencers.


1. Use Influencer marketplaces

Using an influencer marketing platform is one of the most effective methods for finding nano influencers.

On these platforms, you can filter influencers based on their number of followers and their locations. Therefore, you can find nano influencers in specific locations and collaborate with them.

You can find many influencer marketing platforms for Instagram and TikTok that are focused on nano- and micro-influencers. And Ainfluencer is one of them which is 100% free.


Ainfluencer is a DIY influencer marketing platform that helps brands and influencers find and collaborate with each other. The platform is mostly focused on nano and micro-influencers. However, you can find thousands of macro influencers in the massive database of this marketplace.

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This platform is focused on TikTok and Instagram marketing. With just a few clicks you can sign up and then create your campaigns. Then you can use the filters and search influencers based on their number of followers, engagement rate, location, niche, language, etc., and invite them for collaboration. And the best part is everything is free on the platform. So, what are you waiting for?

Try Ainfluencer for free

2. search Hashtags

Searching for hashtags related to your work can also help you see how to find nano influencers. When searching for nano influencers, use hashtags related to the type of content they create so that you can identify their presence within specific communities.

For example, if you’re looking for nano beauty bloggers, then search hashtags such as #nanobeautyblogger or #nanomakeupinfluencer.

Hashtag nano influencer

3. search on Google

You may think that hiring an influencer through a search engine like Google is useless, but it is not. Google can help you find nano influencers, and come up with so many related blogs. Just know what phrase to look for.

Google nano influencers

4. Do Competitor Analysis

It’s guaranteed that your competitors are using influencers for their marketing campaigns. So, you can take advantage of this situation and find out who are they working with. Since they have done the hard part and found the nano influencers for you, you can reach out to them and start collaborating.

5. Use Social Media

One of the best ways of finding nano influencers is to use social media platforms. Influencers usually share complete information about themselves in their profiles and bios, making it easier for us to identify them.

So, check the accounts of some followers and see whether they have under 10K followers. After finding one, you can also check the suggested accounts.

Instagram suggested accounts

6. Read Blogs

Reading blogs is another way to help you figure out how to find nano influencers. Check both the author and the blog source, and remember the blog’s names. Probably the blogger introduces one of these people in a part of his article and examines their working way.

7. Ask Your Friends

To find nano influencers, you can also ask your friends or colleagues if they know someone. Ask them what nano influencers they have recently seen or followed on social media that can help you promote your brand.

Top 10 nano influencers on Instagram

After learning how to find nano influencers, here is a list of some of the top ones:

1- Klau Coronel (

Klau is a Latina Cuban nano mom blogger living in Canada who uses her influence on her Instagram to share her journey as a first-time mom to Oliver with her audience. 

On this nano influencer’s account, you can find out about her pregnancy journey, motivation, family life, day-in-the-life mommy routines, lifestyle videos, and much more!

Talk to Klau Coronel

2- Bianca Tomoiaga (@bodyby_bianca)

Bianca is a nano health and fitness influencer. She has a degree in exercise science and will soon graduate as a physical therapist. Bianca shares, as a nano influencer, shares her daily workouts, tips, and physical therapy advice on her Instagram account with her followers.

Connect with Bianca Tomoiaga

3- Sophia J (

Sophia is one of the nano lifestyle influencers looking forward to teaching her followers what she’s learned over the last decade and continues to learn about everyday life, beauty, and self-care.

Contact Sophia J

4- Sarah Samantha (@sarah_samantha)

Sarah is another Instagram nano influencer on our list. She is a blonde Instagram model who is passionate about fashion. This Canadian fashion influencer is also a singer and songwriter. Her Instagram account is filled with her stunning looks and styles.

Chat with Sarah Samantha

5- Monique Victoria (@glowedbymo)

Monique is a Toronto-bassed nano beauty influencer. She is also a successful entrepreneur. Her Instagram feed is full of her makeup videos and images. She also covers cooking and travel content in her Stories and Story highlights.

Collaborate with Monique Victoria

6- Tiana (@passportofmemories)

Tiana is a travel influencer and a photographer. If you are looking for a solo traveler, sunset chaser, and mountain lover, take a look at this nano influencer’s feed, which can greatly promote your brand.

Invite Tiana to collab

7- Filip (@filip_cromade)

Filip is among the top male fashion influencers on Instagram. This nano Croatian boy has above 6K followers and shares photos and videos of his daily life as well as his amazing luxury style.

Connect with Filip

8- Linda Woolven (@lindawoolven)

Linda is an artist from Toronto who holds a degree in fine arts. Her love of texture and color, as well as the movement she gives her paintings through the use of light, layers, and strokes, define her style. To create moody, emotional pieces that connect with her audience, Linda uses a palette knife and brush.

This art influencer is also a published poet, writer, and cookbook author.

Connect with Linda Woolven

9- Truevined (@truevined)

Truevined is a music influencer with over 8K followers on his IG account. He is a creative singer, rapper, producer, and musician that you can follow to get inspired or even collaborate with.

Contact Truevined

10- Megan May (@meganmtl)

If you are looking for nano influencer examples balancing tech, business, lifestyle, and mom life, Megan’s Instagram account is all you need. With more than 5K followers, she can be a perfect Instagram brand ambassador for your brand.

Connect with Megan May

How To Work With Nano Influencers

When you find nano influencers, in your collaboration with them, you need to consider some tips to make your influencer marketing more effective.

1. Instead Of Rules, Consider Strategies

It is necessary to have a vivid guideline for your brand collaboration when you are trying to find nano influencers. 

Instead of putting many rules limiting your actions, try to focus on crucial strategies, such as your product promotion, discount codes, or links you want the influencer to include.

2. Determine Marketing Goals In The Contract

You need to set specific expectations and marketing goals with your fit nano influencer. Consider the accurate scheduling content, work time, and expertise when writing an influencer contract to ensure they are convenient with the timing and content type you require.


In conclusion, nano influencers can be a great asset for brands looking to build relationships with their audience. Finding the right nano influencer can take some time and effort, but the rewards are worth it. To get started, use the ways mentioned in this article, such as using an influencer marketplace, like Ainfluencer.

Once you find nano influencers and work with them, you can better capture the market and personalize your marketing campaigns. Also, you significantly reduce the risk of your campaign failing.

Sign up on Ainfluencer

1- How to find influencers?

First, you need to define your goals, strategy, and the type of influencers you wish to work with. Then, to look for influencers, you can join top influencer marketing hubs, search in Google, look for content creators in blogs and scan your followings and followers list. 

2- How to find influencers on Instagram?

Influencer marketing hubs are growing very popular with brands and influencers. So, the first way to find IG influencers could be to join one of them. Also, you can search through your followers’ list and tagged posts.

3- How much does a nano influencer make?

The average cost of an Instagram post varies based on the type of influencer you work with. For example, nano influencers can charge you $10 to $100. This is while the estimated price for micro influencers can go over $100 and you may spend thousands of dollars when working with mega influencers.

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