How Can You Find the Best Nano Influencers for Your Brand?

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Before we explain how to find Nano influencers, we should know who is a Nano Influencer?

Instagram Influencers with 1,000 and 5,000 followers. These people’s pages do not have deceptive posts with so many photos, 

So they are more like ordinary people and people you contact every day. In this way, their impact on their audience will be much more significant.

Businesses realised the value of these Influencers and are using Nano-influencers in their social media marketing strategies

Why should business work and find Nano-influencers?

There are many benefits to working with Nano influencers:

  • Close communication with the audience
  • High engagement rate
  • People trust Nano-influencers
  • Budget-friendly event businesses
  • Superiority over competitors
  • Budget-friendly
  • Large statistical community

How to find Nano influencers on Instagram?

Use Influencer finder app.

The best way to find Nano influencers and also the most cost-effective one is by using our influencer marketplace tool today.

Ainfluencer provides you with the complete categories of influencers. Then You can explore and select the influencer you want to work with.

  1. You can easily find Influencers by the filter you enter in the dashboard (location, keyword, hashtag,…)
  2. You can contact them directly through our safe platform and suggest to them a price for your advertising campaign.

How to find Nano influencers on Ainfluecner?

After registering on the platform (for free), you can simply find the niche Nano influencer on the dashboard. 

You need to click on the find influencers section

Then enter the appropriate location for finding influencers and explorer among thousands of influencers 


Searching for hashtags related to your work can help you find the right influencers. The point to keep in mind is that you should not just pay attention to the number of followers. The results of the statistics show that Nano Influencers can get a better

er result. 

Therefore, focus only on the quality of people’s work and in this regard, do not be afraid to work with Nano influencers with a much smaller number of followers. This will allow you to achieve even higher results and very cost-effective. 


You may think that hiring an influencer through a search engine like Google is useless, but it is not. Google can help you hire this person or at least show you what enables you to do that. Just know what phrase to look for. In every field related to the Internet, Google has provided excellent services. 

Directly in social

You can use social media to find the influencer you are looking for. Influencers usually share complete information about themselves in their profiles, making it easier for us to identify them.

To find these, people must, keywords and phrases, hashtags and people in positions related to their tag to search for your business. 

You will surely get good results, but do not forget that first of all you have to look for an account on their page. Examine your engagement rate, comments, previous campaigns (with your competitors), and even how you interact with your audience.

Ask your friends

you can ask your friends or colleagues. Ask them what influencers they have recently followed on social media that can help you promote your brand.


Reading Blogs, another way to find influencers is to check both the author and the blog source, remembering the blog’s names. Probably the blogger introduces one of these people in a part of his article and examines their working way. Perhaps he has mentioned them in his writing.


With Nano influencers, you can better capture the market and personalise your marketing campaigns. Also, you significantly reduce the risk of your campaign failing. When you separate your audience based on key features and personalise your campaigns based on information about them, your campaign is much more likely to succeed.

There are plenty of different ways to look for influencers, but using an influencer discovery tool such as Ainfluencer is surely the easiest path you can find.

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