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Nobody can motivate you to work out better than Instagram fitness influencers. There are many famous fitness models and influencers on social media such as Sommer Ray, Anllela Sagra, and Jen Selter.

But there are many top fitness influencers on Instagram that you might not know. And you can use an influencer marketing platform to collaborate with them if you are interested.

So, are you ready to meet the best fitness bloggers on Instagram?

How To Find Top Fitness And Workout Instagram Accounts?

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70 Best Fitness Influencers on Instagram

If you’re looking for some inspiration, you should follow the following Instagram fitness influencers’ accounts. Here is a list of top female, male, teen, Asian, Australian, Brazilian, and black influencers.

Most of the fitness influencers in this list are micro and macro influencers. So let’s go:

Top female fitness influencers on Instagram

Here are some of the top female fitness influencers on Instagram to help you start working out.

1- Amanda Essen

Amanda Essen is an inspirational fitness influencer, EHFA & FISAF personal trainer, model, blogger, and bikini fitness athlete. She blogs and is active on Instagram daily, and right now, she has 143k followers.

She has recovered from a weak and anorexic, sick, depressed, and burned out girl to a strong both mentally and physically, happy and inspired girl that wants to help and motivate people to get healthy.

Connect with Amanda Essen

2- Lana Ector

Lana Ector is a famous fitness influencer who was born in the United States. This fitness instructor and social media personality is recognized for having co-founded the Atlanta, GA based studio Gymnetics Fitness. She also co-created the Ectorcise fitness challenge with her mother.

Contact Lana Ector

3- Jaz McNew

Jaz McNew is the nickname of Jasmine McNew who is a very popular Instagram star, fitness blogger, and social media personality with the biggest fan base on Instagram. Jaz’s beauty, hair, travel, and workout videos and photos helped her to acquire more than 148k followers till now on her Instagram account.

Connect with Jaz McNew

4- Shami

Shami is another fitness influencer that is also in love with a healthy lifestyle. She tries to promote healthy living through her Instagram account, which has more than 34k followers.

Her Instagram account is full of inspiring photos of her working outs, physique, recipes, mindset tips, etc. to help women build body positivity.

Both her personal and fitness blog are inspiring enough to help you build the best version of yourself.

Negotiate with Shami now

5-  Holly Bentley

Holly Bentley’s Instagram account, with 120k followers, is the place of fitness, yoga, pregnancy, motherhood, healthy diet, etc. posts, and Stories.

This fitness blogger has amazing ideas for photo shooting. So, Holly can be considered an Instagram photographer too.

Talk to Holly Bentley

6- Asha Burnley

Asha is a fitness influencer and coach who uses her Instagram account with 24k followers to post both fitness and lifestyle photographs. She is the owner of Ashaburnley Fitness and the Lead QLD Educator of Womensfitnessacademy_aus.

Connect with Asha Burnley

7- yasmin karachiwala

Yasmin Karachiwala is a fitness influencer from India. She was born in the United States on July 4, 1970. Yasmin started her first fitness studio in Mumbai. This Indian fitness influencer has 1M followers on Instagram.

Contact Yasmin Karachiwala now

8- Jane Surin

She is a gym addict and an Instagram fitness influencer. Her Instagram feed is full of pictures of her working out and living a healthy lifestyle.

Connect with Jane Surin

9- Jackie frNk

With 18k Instagram followers, she is one of the top female fitness influencers on Instagram. Jackie is a qualified PT and GFI fitness trainer and a certified Jump Sport Fitness trainer who shares posts about her lifestyle, workout, self-love, etc.

Talk to Jackie frNk

10- Rosemary Voore

Rose has 118k Instagram followers and is one of the Instagram fitness influencers. She’s also a Yoga instructor. She is the ambassador of these three brands  @dermae, @onzie, @liforme.

Her Instagram Stories and posts are all about yoga, workouts, living a healthy lifestyle, kettlebell training, mom life, etc.

Collaborate with Rosemary Voore

11- Disha Jain

Disha Jain is one of the fitness Instagram models. She is a certified nutritionist and fitness coach. She is the creator of  @stayfitwithdisha which is her health and wellness account. Disha uses this account to share healthy diet, before and after, and workout routines posts and Stories in order to inspire people to lead a healthy life.

Connect with Disha Jain

top male fitness influencers on Instagram

There are many male fitness influencers on social media but only a handful of them can be considered top influencers. Therefore, we gathered the top fitness bloggers on Instagram here.

12- Jin Young Lee

Jin Young Lee is one of the well-known Instagram fitness influencers with 353k followers. He is also really popular on TikTok, with 2.2m followers. He shares his fitness workout posts and Stories with his followers to motivate them to healthier lives.

Contact Jin Young Lee

13- Ankur Arora

As one of the male macro fitness influencers, Ankur Arora has 221k followers. His posts cover fashion, fitness, and lifestyle. He is the owner of unleashfitnesss _a gym clothing brand on Instagram.

Chat with Ankur Arora

14- Jorgo Mulla

Jorgo Mulla is one of the teen fitness bloggers with 56k followers. His posts and Stories cover his food, gym workout, motivation, etc.

Connect with Jorgo Mulla

15- Todd Anderson

The great American Instagram male fitness trainer, Todd Anderson, main focus is to help his followers with strength, sleep, and human performance. He has reached 114K followers and worked as the athlete ambassador for C4 energy drinks for a while now.

Make Todd Anderson an Offer

16- Niculae Cătălin

With only 18.8k followers, Niculae Catalin is one of the most successful micro fitness influencers on Instagram.

He is a natural and vegan athlete who is in really good shape. If you need an online coach, he is ready to help. After all, online training is one of the common methods of making money as a fitness influencer.

Contact Niculae Cătălin

17- Coach Meddy

Coach Meddy (born 5th December 1982) is a French Celebrity Fitness Trainer. He’s most known for inventing the MMF Protocol (a Mixed Martial Arts and Football training method). 

Meddy has worked with football teams like Juventus (Turin), Borussia Dortmund and AS Monaco. He has also been associated with many football stars.

This fitness blogger has more than 2m followers on his Instagram account.

Connect with Coach Meddy

18- Craig Capurso

Not unlike Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel, the musclebound Craig Capurso is a hero we deserve in the US, but a hero that career-driven husbands and fathers need in order to shred fat and build muscle so they can have body confidence & energy to crush the day.

He has 45K followers and a podcast you can find out more about on his IG account. 

Negotiate with Craig Capurso

19- Chase Weber

The Colorado state university graduate, Chase Weber, seems to be one of the most organized and busiest fitness influencers in the US. 

So, we try to write about his activities in the most organized and detailed way we can so it might do justice to his active and adequate lifestyle. 

  • Chief Executive Officer at Thr33 Active
  • President of ATD – a non-profit organization that helps the development of youth sports as well as teaching life skills
  • Associate Producer of Original Programming at Time Warner Cable
  • Broadcast Associate and Production Assistant at FOX Sports
  • Production Assistant at ESPN
  • Member of the Colorado State football team as well as Special Teams Captain
Contact Chase Weber

20- mike thurston

Mike is one of the successful fitness influencers and a powerful fitness coach. He through his posts tries to inspire others and equip them with the knowledge to achieve their goals and gain confidence through strength.

Talk to Mike Thurston

21- Kartikey Bhardwaj

KB is one of the inspirational male fitness influencers on Instagram. His natural, fit body can encourage you to be a fitness freak. Kartikey is a vegetarian and sometimes shares some nutrition tips as a vegetarian in his Stories. 

Chat with Kartikey Bhardwaj

22-  Jakir Saifi

Jakir Saifi is one of the Indian Instagram fitness influencers who can help you get inspired even as a teenager. He is a student of the “𝗞11” school of fitness. He was also Mr, Teen 2019 finalist.

This fitness trainer shares workout videos and photos on his Instagram account.

Negotiate with Jakir Saifi

top teen fitness influencers on Instagram

We’ve gathered a list of top teen fitness models who can help you get your gym and fitness product in front of this age group.

23- Barnare Madolora

Barnare Madolora has a great fitness account on Instagram with 330k followers. This micro influencer aims to support and motivate people by sharing photos of himself exercising.

Contact Barnare Madolora

24- Kailane Ramos

Kailane Ramos is one of the great Brazilian teen fitness models.

She tries to promote healthy living through her Instagram account, which has more than 24k followers. Her account is full of inspiring photos of her working outs as well as helpful tips.

Chat with Kailane Ramos

25Bushra Qadir

Bushra Qadir is among the best teen fitness models in India. She is also a top badminton and cricket player. Bushra has 15k Instagram followers and shares healthy meals and tips on her account.

Connect with Bushra Qadir

26- Ashish Chaudhary

One of the other young fitness models is Ashish Chaudhary. He is an Indian nano influencer with more than 8k followers. He tries to show his healthy life, and you can find his workouts on his account.

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Talk to Ashish Chaudhary

27- Aditi Yadav

With 10.4k followers on her Instagram account, she can be a good choice for those who want to find the chance to collaborate with micro Instagram fitness influencers. She is not only a fitness freak, but she has also won an ISSF medal.

Chat with Aditi Yadav

28- Peyton Lem

Peyton Lemerand is one of the great fitness girls from the United States. She shares her workouts and healthy meals on her Instagram account and has about 3k followers. Peyton is also the host of “Girls gone right.”

Negotiate with Peyton Lemerand

29- Genesis Mathison

One of the other top fitness girls is Genesis Mathison. She is also a training coach and shares her workouts on her Instagram account to motivate her followers. This nano influencer is from Chile and can be great for local advertising.

Connect with Genesis Mathison

30- Danica Doble

Danica Doble, one of the great Instagram workout models from Canada, is a tremendous local influencer to collaborate with. Her account is full of her dance movements and her workouts.

Connect with Danica Doble

top Asian Instagram influencers on Instagram

Here’s a list of the top Asian fitness influencers in 2023:

31- Raj Mishra

He is one of the successful Indian Instagram fitness influencers. Raj is a fitness trainer and dietitian. He has been honored with the title of Mr.purvanchal, Mr. Banaras, and Mr. India🇮🇳.

With 10.7k followers on Instagram, he can be considered one of the fitness Instagram models to help motivate you.

Talk to Raj Mishra

32- Ruth

Ruth is one of the top Asian fitness models based in Singapore. Her account is filled with inspiring photos of her working out, styles, and promoting fitness and fashion-related brands.

Connect with Ruth now

33- Ashjad Gymnast

Ashjad is a fitness freak, gymnast, and calisthenic athlete. He has 11.5k followers on his Instagram account and shares posts covering all the three-mentioned fields in addition to some supplements he takes. 

Contact Ashjad Gymnast

34- Nikhil Kashyap

Nikhil Kashyap is a fitness coach with 12.9k Instagram followers. He is one of the Instagram fitness influencers who is a good choice for those brands that are looking for a micro influencer to execute their influencer marketing campaign.

Talk to Nikhil Kashyap

35- Prateek ranjan

He is one of the Asian fitness influencers and a certified personal trainer. As one of the Instagram fitness influencers, he has 15.3k followers on his Instagram account, and people can contact him for health and fitness training. 

Chat with Prateek ranjan

36- Mickey Gupta

Mickey Gupta is one of the fitness Instagram models. This Instagram influencer is a certified Instagram fitness influencer from Delhi, Mumbai, with 60k followers. 

Negotiate with Mickey Gupta

37- Malik Israr

Malik Israr is a fitness model, transformation and contest preparation coach, and a gym equipment supplements dealer. So, on his Instagram page, you can see photos and videos of workouts, supplements, and equipment.

Chat with Malik Israr

38- Yash Kashyap

Yash Kashyap is an Indian fitness model. He has 13.1k followers on her Instagram account. He shares his workout routines, photos and videos with his followers and sometimes gives advice on using supplements. He was honored with the title of Mr. Delhi by IBBF on 22nd Dec 2021.

Contact Yash Kashyap

39- Uttam Malik

He has 34.1k Instagram followers and is one of the fitness Instagram models that is ready to collaborate if you are looking for a nano influencer for your next influencer marketing campaign. 

Connect with Uttam Malik

40- Himanshu Mishra

Himanshu Mishra is a fitness trainer, handstand coach, and calisthenics athlete. If you are looking for one of the Instagram fitness models who can help you with fitness, calisthenics, yoga, and nutrition, he can be one of the best choices.

Contact Himanshu Mishra

41- Kuljeettalwar Singh

Kuljeet is an influencer from India with 30.8k followers. His Instagram posts cover fitness, fashion, and lifestyle.

Chat with Kuljeettalwar Singh

42- Tejas Bhalekar

Tejas Bhalekar is a professional bodybuilder. As one of the fitness Instagram accounts, you can see his hard workout and men’s physique competition photos and videos on his IG account.

Connect with Tejas Bhalekar

43- Bhavya Thareja

Bhavya Thareja is a fitness coach, model, and nutritionist. She uses her Instagram account to share fitness workouts, nutrition tips, and before and after posts.

Contact Bhavya Thareja

44- Jay Shah

Jay Shah is an Indian track and field athlete. This fitness influencer has 18.6k followers on his Instagram account and uses his account to share his workouts, and lifestyle posts and Stories.

Talk to Jay Shah

Best Latina Fitness Influencers On Instagram

The following Latina fitness influencers are the ultimate inspiration. If you are looking for more Latina fitness influencers to either get inspired or to enhance your marketing, take a look at our list of 21 Latina fitness influencers.

45- Tata Gnecco

This Puerto Rican master trainer is on the list of best Latina fit influencers, so you know she’s the real deal. Her workout videos will get you in the mood to pump some serious iron. You might even be inspired to exercise while traveling.

Chat with Tata Gnecco

46- Marce Fitness

This Latina fitness model is crazy cut, which makes sense being the chica fitness Colombia in 2014.

Being a mom of two, Marce is proof that women are strong as hell. So whenever you are looking for motivation, take a look at her IG page for inspiration.

Collaborate with Marce

47- Mailu Maucci

Mailu is a micro influencer with over 50k followers on Instagram and also TikTok. This Crossfit athlete and Latina female bodybuilder, is always showcasing a wide variety of exercises and routines that will keep you wanting more. 

Contact Mailu Maucci

48- Lore Galvez

Lore is among Latina fitness influencers who is also a physical therapist from Chile. With around 500k fans on Instagram, she posts all sorts of fitness videos and promotes fitness-related products in her sponsored posts.

Collaborate with Lore Galvez

49- Rebeca Rubio

Rebeca is one of the best Latina fitness influencers on Instagram with over 500k followers and 1.5 followers on YouTube. This Guatemalan fitness lover knows how to collaborate with brands as a Latina fitness model.

Contact Rebeca Rubio

50- Cristianne Menezes

With more than 100k followers on Instagram, Cristianne is a fitness and wellness influencer, and also a coach. This Latina female bodybuilder gives you a peek into her life at competitions, in addition to her rigorous workouts. She’ll take you through a killer upper body set one day, and a serious lower body circuit the next.

Connect with Cristianne Menezes

Best Instagram Australian fitness influencers

There are some Australian fitness influencers listed below. If you want to know more influencers from Australia who are real fitness freaks, let’s check our list of 26 best Australian fitness influencers.

51- Dasha Gaivoronski

Dasha Gaivoronski is among the best Australian influencers, with 322k followers on Instagram. She is also an online fitness coach and a certified personal trainer. By sharing functional workout videos and giving lifestyle and nutrition advice, Dasha tries to inspire women to gain wellness.

Contact Dasha Gaivoronski

52- Elle Cooper

One of the best Australian fitness influencers on our list is Elle Cooper. She is a personal trainer and fitness model with about 38k followers. She was nominated for IFBB Miss Aus Bikini three times. Her health and fitness website is “Bondielle.com.”

Connect with Elle Cooper

53- Samantha Wicks

Samantha Wicks is an Australian fitness model and online coach with 36k Instagram fans. She is an IFBB Bikini and shares pictures of her body on her account to motivate her followers.

Connect with Samantha Wicks

54- Haydn Wolfsbauer

Haydn Wolfsbauer is another great fitness coach and influencer from Australia. He is an athlete and plays multiple sports.  Haydn has about 26k followers and is among the great nano influencers to promote fitness-related brands.

Talk to Haydn Wolfsbauer

55- Bec Harvey

One of the best Australian fitness influencers is Bec Harvey. She is also a certified online coach and bikini model who aims to help women feel their best through one-by-one fitness and nutrition coaching. Her website is “Becylufit.com.au.”

Collaborate with Bec Harvey

Top Brazilian fitness influencers on Instagram to follow

Do you want to connect and collaborate with Brazilian fitness influencers? Here are some:


TREINADOR KAKÁ is a physical education professional and one of the greatest Brazilian fitness influencers on Instagram. He has both in-person training and online consultant with 989K followers on Instagram. 


57- Ana Carolinne Ribeiro

Ana Carolinne Ribeiro boasts about multifarious business activities and is definitely one of the must-follow Brazilian fitness females to partner with your brand.  From fitness and dance to lifestyle, she creates high-quality content with over 22 million viewers for her Reels and 979K followers on her IG account.

Contact Ana Carolinne Ribeir

58- Claudinha Gadelha

The retired UFC fighter, Claudinha Gadelha, who is well-known in France, China, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, and Singapore, to name a few, has now turned into the hottest Brazilian model on Instagram with the primary ambition to spread health message. 

So, you may expect to have some updates on new fights every now and then, but information on nutrition and new training are what sets her IG account apart. She has 977K followers and a great engagement rate as a Brazilian trainer on Instagram. 

Negotiate with Claudinha Gadelha

59- Juliane Costa

Juliane Costa is the next Brazilian fitness model Instagram has placed next to other stars. 

The Brazilian trainer, also a journalist, is game for any challenges and teaches her followers how to fulfill their goals with the same attitude. Currently, she has 182K followers on Instagram and a successful TikTok account. 

Connect with Juliane Costa

60- Alê Monteiro

Alê Monteiro is a rising star among the top Brazilian fitness influencers with a balanced lifestyle, fitness tips, lots of photos and videos from her trips, beauty content, fashion styles, and 145K followers on her IG account.

Contact Alê Monteiro

Top black fitness influencers on Instagram

Check out some of the top black fitness influencers on Instagram to get inspired.

61- John Gaines

John Gains is an Instagram fitness model from the United States. All you need to get motivated and attempt to be fit is to look at his powerful and fit body. As one of the black fitness influencers, he has 193k followers, and his posts are all about his workout routines.

Talk to John Gains

62- Dc Banks

He is one of the successful black fitness influencers with 12.6k followers. He is a licensed personal trainer who uses images and videos of his workouts to motivate, encourage, and educate his fans. 

Contact Dc Banks now

63- Kabria Dame

Kabria Dame is an Instagram fitness influencer. Her Instagram posts cover modeling, fitness workout, and lifestyle.

Collaborate with Kabria Dame

64- Denise Guidry

She is a bikini fitness coach with 21.6k followers. As one of the black fitness influencers, her posts and Stories are about health, fitness, beauty, etc.

Contact Denise Guidry

65- Clinton Moxam

Clinton Moxam is an Instagram celebrity in the United States who rose to fame after creating the eponymous account. Clinton Moxam is one of the most prominent influencers in the United States, with over 407k followers. This male fitness model and Instagram star appeared on season six of the dating series Are You the One?

Collaborate with Clinton Moxam

Best Instagram workout influencers

Looking to get in shape but not sure where to start? Check out these Instagram workout influencers who are crushing it on the platform.

66- Dennis Ballazhi

Dennis Ballazhi is another Instagram workout influencer with about 18k followers. He is a great micro influencer for fitness-related brands who want to promote their products or services on a low budget.

Connect with Dennis Ballazhi

67- Sofie Hvillum

Sofie Hvillum is a fitness and workout enthusiast who is based in Denmark. She has more than 7k followers and shares her workouts and styles on her IG account.

Contact Sofie Hvillum now

68- Natasha Yancey

Natasha Yancey is a workout and fitness trainer with more than 6k Instagram fans. She is also the founder of “NRY lifestyle fitness.” Her goal is to encourage and help others live the life they want.

Connect with Natasha Yancey

69- Tom Musto

One of the other Instagram workout influencers is Tom Musto. He shares his workouts and healthy diet on Instagram to help his followers have a healthy and happy life.

One of the other Instagram workout influencers is Tom Musto. He shares his workouts and healthy diet on Instagram to help his followers have a healthy and happy life.

Talk to Tom Musto now

70- Amy Perkins

Amy Perkins is one of the American workout influencers and online trainers. She helps women around the world get strong, build confidence, and love themselves.

Connect with Amy Perkins


In conclusion, it’s important to know about the best Instagram fitness influencers so you can be motivated and inspired to reach your fitness goals. These influencers are great sources of information and provide valuable advice when it comes to staying fit and healthy. So, be sure to follow them and learn from their experiences!

1- How much does a fitness model make?

Models are usually paid on a per-job basis, so a model who books more clients will earn more money. Depending on their modeling schedule, fitness models can earn anywhere from $40,000 to $70,000 per year.

2- Can anyone become a fitness influencer?

You’ll have to establish yourself as a fitness expert and be able to share your knowledge with a large audience via social media or a custom-branded fitness app. Check out this article to learn how to become a fitness influencer if this sounds like a good fit for you.

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