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Looking for some inspiration on how to live a healthy lifestyle? Or maybe you are a brand hunting for a large group audience interested in lifestyle influencers? 

In this article, we’re going to discuss the best lifestyle influencers on Instagram! And if you are looking for a way to find them, try an influencer marketplace such as Ainfluencer which is free and perfect for lifestyle influencers.

These individuals are not only talented at taking pictures, but they also know how to mix fashion with function to create stylish and comfortable outfits that will help you stay on track. 

So, take a look and see which of these influencers inspire you the most!

How to Find lifestyle influencers on Instagram?

Looking for the right Instagram lifestyle influencers, in particular, to promote your brand can be a challenge.

Here are different approaches you can try to find influencers

  • Instagram influencer marketplace,
  • Google,
  • Your followings and followers list,
  • Your competitors’ followers,
  • The competitors’ mentions & tags,
  • Relevant hashtags,
  • Keywords in the Instagram Explorer, 
  • Blogs and bloggers,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Influencers’ main website.

Why Use an Instagram Influencer Marketplace?

A reliable influencer marketplace is designed to help you not only find the right Instagram influencers but also create your campaign and manage it until it is successfully over. 

So, it is not surprising to see this as the best way to find influencers. But how does it work? 

Ainfluencer, for example, has a large influencer database enabling you to search for influencers based on your preset filters – keywords, hashtags, category, age, gender, location, and follower count. 

Ainfluencer also guides you through a step-by-step process to create your marketplace campaign, schedule it, set your objectives, negotiate with influencers, have a safe payment procedure until your requirements are fulfilled, and manage all your campaigns to the end by yourself. 

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Top Instagram Lifestyle Influencers in 2024

Lifestyle influencers range widely from beauty and style to health, food, and daily workouts. Here are must-follow Instagram lifestyle influencers on our list. 

1. Amrah (@thebeautyelite)

Amrah, the lifestyle blogger and influencer on Instagram (@thebeautyelite), is an English girl who lives in the US and shares her journey around America and her skincare routine with her 240K followers on her page. 

Her Instagram account features a lot of content about cosmetic products and skincare routines to make makeup easy. We can call her a beauty influencer too.  

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2. Jelena Morkuniene (@lenalenaxx)

Model, fashion lover, happily married wife, and mother of 2 children – what else can make Jelena Morkuniene (@lenalenaxx) one of the perfect lifestyle influencers on Instagram in the US with 242K followers. 

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3. Guillermo J Guajardo (@gjgunit)

The certified international drone pilot from the US, now, one of the top lifestyle influencers, shares daily photos and videos of his family trips and updates on his way of life.

He has 420k followers on his IG account, attracting people who are interested to see how their baby is brought up in their adventurous lifestyle. 

Contact Guillermo J Guajardo!

4. Colleen (@colleen.travels)

Colleen is another blogger who has a passion for traveling, and yet, is one of the lifestyle Instagram influencers in the US. 

Her 381K followers on Instagram can see the life on treehouses in The Mohicans resort, road trips in different states, and above all else, what’s life like in different parts of this vast continent. 

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5. Ally Yost (@ally_yost)

If you are looking for someone who lives, eats, drinks, and even strolls in the city with style, Ally Yost is one of the top lifestyle influencers on Instagram with 168K followers who knows what is in at the moment. 

The host of girly podcast believes that you are so important and so loved.

Connect with Ally

6. bloggerlooksnyc (@bloggerlooksnyc)

With 19.8K followers, she is one of the most inspiring bloggers based in NYC. With fewer than 20k followers, Bloggerlooksnyc is considered a micro-influencers. If you are trying to find a lifestyle micro-influencer, Bloggerlooksnyc is perfect for collaboration.

Her IG account is filled with photos of her trip and its engagement rate levels above 42%.

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7. Anna Heid (@annaheid)

Anna Heid is one of the must-follow lifestyle influencers from the US who never goes out of fashion and style and this is what her 188K followers just expect from her. 

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8. Jerry Maestas (@jerrymaestas)

Jerry Maestas, one of the top lifestyle Instagram influencers, takes the technical aspect a bit more seriously as a professional photographer based in Los Angeles, California. 

He has 97.9K followers and a high engagement rate on his IG account. He is another micro-influencer who exactly knows how to increase Instagram engagement rate.

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9. William Jardell (@williamjardell)

Traveling is a unique passion to have over 191K people follow you as one of the top lifestyle influencers on Instagram and William Jardell has successfully added this to his personal sexual orientation as a gay person. 

Join him in his journey both in life and on his trips.

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10. Ana Ochoa (@shotbyana)

Fashion, lifestyle, travel, beauty, and brand photographer Ana Ochoa is a great influencer based in LA with 89.2K followers to partner with. 

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11. Todd Anderson (@toddanderson42_)

The main goal of Todd Anderson, one of the top Instagram lifestyle influencers, is to assist his 117K followers with strength, sleep, and human performance. 

He has been an athlete ambassador for C4 Energy drinks for quite some time. Also, he’s the founder of @dream.recovery.

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12. Jenni H (@blonde25)

Mother of 2 kids, Jenni H, shares beauty cosmetics, bath products, her workouts, and other interests in her daily life such as her home, cycling, trucks, etc with her 75K followers on her IG account as one of the must-follow famous lifestyle bloggers. 

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13. Augusto Bartello (@augustobartelle)

Augusto Bartello, our next lifestyle blogger, has found his passion for heights and depth in skydiving. 

His daily life – fighting alcoholism to reach heights, has made his main battle to inspire others through his Skydiving Supporting Sobriety program.

Although he is an American influencer with 51K followers, his message transcends national borders as one of the greatest lifestyle influencers.

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14. Shalyn (@strawberry_shalyn)

From beauty, fashion, and tattoos to lifestyle and mental health, Shalyn is worthy of mention. 

She lives in the US and has 47.1K followers on her IG account. 

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15. Alex Vinash (@alexvinash)

The fashion designer and creative director in NYC has dedicated his IG account with 37.2K followers to his special designs, lifestyle, and many more highlights in his life which makes him one of the most famous lifestyle influencers on Instagram. 

Give it a try with Alex

16. Monica Lorraine (@monlorraine)

Artist, Yoga instructor, and brand influencer, Monica Lorrain shares inspirational photos and videos of her daily life with over 2.1K followers interested to get more insight into her healthy and dynamic way of life.

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17. Cassandra Farley (@cassandrafarleyphoto)

Cassandra Farley is a professional wedding photographer based in Utah, the US. 

Besides her photos and videos of weddings, it is her photography tips and her personal life with Ben that make her account with 26.1K followers a must-follow on Instagram as one of the best lifestyle influencers. 

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18. Natalie (@mytravelation)

If you are looking for the revelation of traveling in one of the lifestyle Instagram influencers’ IG accounts, then you can’t afford to miss Natalie with 28K followers. She is a lifestyle and travel influencer both at the same time.

Connect with Natalie

19. Morgan Mitchell (@morganmitch)

The Australian athlete and lifestyle blogger, Morgan Mitchell, is definitely worthy of mention on this list. 

She is not only specialized in the 400 metres, but also competes in the 800 metres now. Her IG account has 107K followers. 

Talk to Morgan

20. Melissa (@melissa.christine)

Melissa is a mother of 2 children and also shares the content of conscious beauty in addition to his family which makes her a must-follow lifestyle blogger on Instagram. 

She is in LA and has over 20.3K followers.

Contact Mellisa

21. Shelly Cannon (@shellycannon)

Positive thinking, powerlifting, food, healthy mind and life, trips, photoshoots, motivational thinking, regular training, and fun, the list of content on Shelly Cannon’s IG account seems to be unceasing. 

With about 24.2K followers, this competitive athlete seems to be one of the greatest lifestyle influencers on Instagram. 

Talk to Shelly

22. Brittany Berger (@berger_queen)

Speaking of fitness, Brittany Berger is the next lifestyle blogger worth mentioning. 

Also, she is a motivational speaker and focuses on your mindset besides fitness which makes her one of the top Instagram lifestyle influencers with 17.2k followers in the US. 

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23. Wendy (@wendy.eats)

The New York City foodie, Wendy with 13k followers on Instagram, shares how to lead a healthier lifestyle with a delicious diet. 

She is all game for brand collaborations that make her one of the famous lifestyle bloggers. 

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24. Claire Forrest (@claireeforrest)

There are two things she is enthusiastic about: travel and diet coke. See her daily life in NY and LA as one of the top lifestyle influencers with 6k followers on Instagram. 

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25. Grayce (@Graycekmeyer)

Stylish Grayce shares content about fashion, dental hygiene, and how she raises her dog. 

She is also a dance coach based in the US, has 11.5K followers on her IG account, and is considered one of the top lifestyle influencers. 

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26. Mo Sheik (@mo.sheik08)

Mo Sheik has become one of the famous lifestyle influencers on Instagram with his passion for travel, food, sharing his lifestyle, and also his expertise in sales and investing. 

He is in Minnesota, the US, and has about 10.2K followers on his IG account which is open to collaborations and partnerships.

Partner with Mo Sheik

27. Daniel Martinez Reyes (@daniel_ernesto_martinez)

The young photographer, Daniel Martinez Reyes, aims to make Cuban photographic work visible from anywhere in the world. 

Follow his IG account with over 10K followers based in the US to have one of the top lifestyle influencers on your list. 

Talk to Daniel

28. Hillary Moodie (@hillarymoodie_makeup)

Another lifestyle blogger who definitely owns a place on this list and also a list of beauty bloggers is Hillary Moodies with 4.5k followers from the US.

Collaborate with Hillary Moodie

29. James Hicks (@jhickstx)

The runner and keto chef, James Hicks, is one of the famous lifestyle bloggers who has made it to the must-follow list with his motivational posts and 4K loyal and engaged followers.

Connect with James Hicks

30. Angy Cabello (@mcabello_)

Travel and travel again over the US, and see high-quality photos from Aspen, New Orleans, Utah, Las Vegas, Arizona, LA, and San Francisco, with Angy Cabello.

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31. Carlinhos Maia(@carlinhosmaiaof)

Son of Maria and Virgílio and Businessman, Carlinhos Maia is another must-follow Brazilian influencer who shares great content about his lifestyle. 

On top of travel pictures, he boasts about his cooking skills, TV appearances, and time spent with his significant other. Also, he is involved in social justice projects in Brazil.

He has over 27M followers on Instagram and perfectly suits big companies for big collaborations.

32. Simeon Panda(@simeonpanda)

Simeon is a world-renowned bodybuilder and fitness specialist. He enjoys posting photos of himself working out and flexing his muscles. Simeon has won several bodybuilding competitions. 

As one of the top lifestyle influencers, he also works with fitness supplement manufacturers. He also owns a fitness gear company. It’s fair to say that he can also be called an amazing fitness influencer.

33. Rosanna Pansino(@rosannapansino)

Like some other lifestyle influencers, Rosanna has a passion for recipe tutorials. 

Her other interests include pets, fashion, and fitness and she is good at creating content for her 4.5M followers.

34. Lilly Singh(@lilly)

Lilly is a Bollywood actress, with 14M followers on Instagram, who has found success in the United States. She is an author and YouTuber who showcases her acting skills. 

Lilly also highlights Indian culture, her personal style, and her feelings about being the daughter of immigrants. 

Finally, she has a book out and sells merchandise.

35. Joanna Gaines(@joannagaines)

Joanna is a Waco, Texas-based businesswoman that owns two stores.

Gifts, home décor, and fashion are all available in the stores. She’s also the author of a book.

Joanna uses Instagram as a lifestyle blogger to show off her family as well as her cuisine and garden. She has over 14M followers on her account.

10 top black lifestyle influencers

Take a look at our list of top black lifestyle influencers on Instagram.

1. Rashad Little (@Mrrlittle)

Rashad is one of Instagram’s top black influencers. His Instagram is filled with posts on fashion, fitness, and routines. He has 549k followers and a fantastic sense of fashion.

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2. Mike Edwards (@Aireyys)

Black lifestyle influencer Mike Edwards has used his social media channels to share his unique perspective on style, fitness, and culture. He frequently promotes black-owned businesses on his 2 million-follower Instagram feed.

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3. Simhle Plaatjies (@simhle)

One of the most well-liked black lifestyle influencers on social media is Simhle Plaatjies. Her work on Instagram, where she has 85.4k followers, concentrates on fashion, beauty, health, and fitness.

Simhle is known for her positive attitude and inspiring content. She frequently publishes videos about loving oneself and overcoming challenges.

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4. Siyanda Bani (@siyabunny)

One of the top black lifestyle influencers, Siyanda Bani has over 331k Instagram followers. She is known for her stylish looks, which she frequently displays on her well-liked account. Siyanda also offers advice on topics ranging from travel to fashion and beauty.
Siyanda is a skilled digital brand strategist as well as a talented content creator. She could be a fantastic macro influencer to collaborate with.

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5. Lizeka Makala (@lillylizcat94)

Lizeka Makala is one of the other black lifestyle Instagram influencers. Anyone looking for inspiration and authenticity should follow Lizeka’s account, which offers everything from fashion and beauty advice to her own photos. More than 133k people follow her.

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6. Brenda Wairimu (@brendawairimu_)

Brenda Wairimu is an African lifestyle influencer. She is well-known for her ideas on healthy living, fashion, and beauty. Brenda has more than 716k Instagram followers, and she often shares inspiring content with them.

Brenda’s followers love her positive attitude and her willingness to share both the good and the bad parts of her life.

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7. Terryanne Chebet (@terryannechebet)

Terryanne Chebet is an African lifestyle influencer on Instagram who has amassed 747k followers.

She is renowned for her fashion, styling, and healthy living advice.
The goal of Chebet is to showcase Africa’s prominent ladies and assist young women in discovering their own unique ways. For many young women in Africa and around the world, she serves as an inspiration.

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8. Pontsho Malatji (@pontsho_mp)

Black lifestyle blogger Pontsho Malatji has about 27.1k Instagram followers. She is known for her relatable and authentic posts about fashion, lifestyle, and beauty. Pontsho encourages her followers to embrace their individuality and be true to themselves.

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9. Venda (@iamzeezo)

Venda, with 104k followers, is one of the other black lifestyle influencers on Instagram. He is also a model and stylist and has worked with many brands.

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10. Carpo (@carpomore)

Carpo is a known black actor, TV host, and influencer. He posts frequently about fitness and fashion. His account has about 285k followers, and his followers look to him for inspiration on how to live better.

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10 top male lifestyle influencers

Take a look at our list of the top 10 male lifestyle influencers on Instagram:

1. Ricky Lucky (@rickyluckyone)

Ricky Lucky is among the best lifestyle Instagram influencers from Jakarta. By posting information about food, fashion, fitness, and health, he could amass over 82k followers.

Ricky’s approach to living a healthy and stylish life has inspired many of his followers to do the same.

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2. Alex Stead (@alex_stead)

Alex Stead is one of the other male Instagram influencers who is known as a lifestyle blogger. More than 1.1 million people follow him, and he is from London. He frequently publishes posts on travel and nature. Because of his distinctive and trendy aesthetic, brands frequently work with Alex to market their product.

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3. Mohammad Alsabbagh (@sabbaggh)

Mohammad Alsabbagh is regarded as one of the top lifestyle Instagram influencers with about 1.1 million followers. His Instagram is filled with images and videos related to fashion, travel, and lifestyle.

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4. Dan Sclar (@dansclar)

This is one of the lifestyle influencers based in Baltimore. he usually shares engaging content about, sport, music, nature, and food with his target audience,

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5. Luke Stackpoole (@withluke)

Luke Stackpoole has 1M Instagram followers and is a lifestyle influencer. His expertise as a travel and photography blogger is well renowned.

He frequently engages with his fans in Stories, giving advice and responding to questions, and he typically posts wonderful photographs of animals and nature.

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6. Caleb Rodriguez (@cjrodriguez02)

Caleb Rodriguez is one of the top Instagram influencers in the lifestyle space. This micro-influencer is also a model and video creator. With more than 121k followers, Caleb shares pictures and videos of his daily life, including everything from workouts to fashion.

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7. Reed Woehrle (@reedwoehrle)

One of the Instagram lifestyle influencers is Reed Woehrle. He is active on TikTok and Snapchat and has more than 547k fans on Instagram. He is mainly active in the fashion field, but he often shares photos and videos of his daily life as well.

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8. Aaron Fowkes (@aaron_fowkes)

One of the other male lifestyle influencers on YouTube and Instagram is Aaron Fowkes. He is known for his fashion and funny posts and often shares TikTok videos that he makes with Steph. Aaron is based in London and has about 612k followers on Instagram.

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9. Noah Altink (@noahaltink)

One of the top lifestyle Instagram influencers, Noah Altink, has converted his Instagram account into a fashion and lifestyle blog. Noah posts pictures of his everyday outfits and tips for his fans on his Instagram.

Noah advocates for readily available, reasonably priced trendy items that regular people can wear. By doing this, Noah has been able to draw 558k Instagram followers and 351k TikTok followers.

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10. Tarun Molri (@tarunmolri)

Indian-born fashion and lifestyle influencer Tarun Molri has over 431k Instagram followers.
His following finds his content on skincare, wellness, and fashion to be interesting and approachable.

Whether posting about a new outfit or a recent trip, Molri always inspires others to live their best lives.

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There are many great lifestyle influencers on Instagram to follow for inspiration. By following these accounts, you can learn about new trends, or become the new ones. Should you be a brand, they will be the best partners to target the right audience. 

What’s more, to find lifestyle influencers perfectly matched with your niche, check out our free service on Ainfluencer

1- Who is the best lifestyle blogger?

If you’re looking for life inspiration, the lifestyle blogs listed below can offer great tips about food, travel, and everything in between.
– Thebeautyelite
– Lenalenaxx
– gjgunit

2- What is a lifestyle account on Instagram?

A lifestyle account is a digital social media account that chronicles the owner’s daily activities and hobbies. A lifestyle Instagrammer publishes content that is motivated by his or her daily activities and hobbies. They share photos and content related to their location, stage of life, behaviors, and experiences.


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