Nashville Influencers: 10 Best Content Creators on Instagram

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Nashville influencers are among the most creative and authentic content creators on social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. From fashionistas to foodies, musicians to makeup artists, this city is filled with talented influencers who not only keep you updated on the latest trends across popular platforms but also share invaluable tips about their culture.

Following Nashville influencers provides daily motivation and insights into effective marketing strategies. Brands can collaborate with them to enhance visibility and credibility in the local community. Stick around to meet them and see how they’re making a difference in the influencer marketing platforms and the world of social media.

Best Influencers in Nashville

Here’s a lineup of the top Nashville influencers that every social media user, especially those from Nashville themselves, should know about. These influencers will keep you in the loop on the latest trends in fashion, beauty, and beyond.

1. Sammy Rae (@samanthadroke)

Are you ready to meet the first content creator on our list? She’s one of the top Nashville influencers on social media. Sammy Taye, known online as SamanthaDrok, has 118k followers on Instagram. She hails from Nashville, Tennessee.

She is one of the best lifestyle influencers in Nashville on Instagram who loves her life as a mother of three beautiful children and a supportive wife. Most of her content revolves around her time with her family and her challenges with her children and her newborn baby.

2. Hunter Premo (@hunterpremo)

With 362K followers on Instagram, Hunter is one of the top influencers in Nashville. Hunter is a lifestyle and fashion influencer on social media, known for her love of vintage items and a serious passion for all things boho.

As one of the best Nashville fashion influencers on Instagram, she is passionate about vintage jewelry and the little things in life. She enjoys hunting for vintage finds, spending time with her family, including her two beautiful kids, Remy and Radnor, her friends, and planning outdoor adventures.

She began her career as one of the hottest Nashville influencers by sharing her wedding proposal story. Now, she covers style tips, home decor projects, travel chronicles, and everyday moments. Her journey is supported by her high-school-sweetheart husband, Cameron, and the incredible community she has connected with.

3. Hey Wanderer (@heywanderer)

It’s time to catch up with two of the most passionate Nashville influencers, who happen to be best friends. Savannah and Casey are some of the best outdoor influencers from Tennessee who run a social media account on Instagram with 277K followers.

They are nature lovers who live on an off-grid homestead. They started a blog in 2011 to drive traffic to their Etsy shop. Their blog gained over 2 million visitors thanks to their exceptional content about making food from natural ingredients, planting various plants in their private garden, and feeding their animals.

4. Brooke Webb (@kbstyled)

For fashion enthusiasts and style lovers, this one is for you. Brooke is one of the most dedicated Nashville influencers, owning her brand named KBStyled. She has an Instagram account with 167K followers where she shares her style, lifestyle, and fitness tips.

Brooke Webb’s brand, KBStyled, is dedicated to the modern everyday woman, offering inspiration and encouragement. Focused on affordable fashion, it promotes styling all aspects of life beautifully on a budget.

KBStyled, among the best Nashville Instagram influencers, provides style tips, home decor inspiration, beauty guidance, travel suggestions, and much more. Whether you’re new to her blog or visit often, you’re warmly welcomed.

5. Alexa Anglin (@alexa.anglin)

Who would have thought someone from medical school could become such a successful influencer? One of the best Nashville influencers is Alexa Anglin with 911k followers.

Alexa studied nursing at the University of Tennessee Knoxville and worked as a registered nurse for three years before pursuing her Doctorate in Nursing. Specializing in pediatrics, she found fulfillment as a nurse practitioner at a pediatrician’s office, a role she adores. 

Eventually, she became a social media influencer, which has now become her full-time passion. While she remains certified as a nurse practitioner, her current focus is on sharing fashion, beauty, and home tips with her audience.

6. Mallory Ervin (@malloryervin)

Many Nashville influencers on social media don’t just create content for fun and meaningless jokes. Some of these influencers are playing a vital role in the community. Mallory is one of them.

She has so much potential as a Nashville-based influencer. Although her primary occupation is as an author, highlighted by her bestselling New York Times book ‘Living Fully,’ she also excels as a podcast host and is a devoted mother. She has an Instagram account with 1 million followers, making her one of the most influential writers on Instagram.

However, her content on Instagram mostly revolves around the time she spends with her three children, friends, and family. Additionally, she started a blog about her book ‘Living Fully,’ where you can share your opinions about the book and discuss it with other readers.

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7. Greta Holler (@greta_hollar)

Let’s talk about one of the best Nashville-based influencers, a wonderful person who loves to help animals in need. She runs an Instagram account with 42K followers. She is a hockey fan and enthusiast, spending her free time watching games and following hockey influencers on social media.

A micro-influencer, she goes above and beyond to please her audience by sharing diverse content. For example, she posts about her dog and also vlogs when she goes on vacation. This keeps her audience pleased and excited. She also runs a blog called ‘Greta Holler,’ where she shares her daily routine, allowing you to engage more with her.

8. Natalie Kennedy (@nataliekennedyblog)

Are you looking for more mom bloggers on Instagram? Meet Natalie, a mother of two wonderful girls, a responsible wife with a healthy lifestyle, and a fashion enthusiast. She has over 650K followers on Instagram and has made over 1,500 posts.

Her content focuses on her lifestyle as a mother and how she manages during challenging times. They live in Tennessee and have recently moved to a new house to start a new chapter.

9. Jen Saviano (@jensav11)

Jen Saviano is an NLP Life Coach and lifestyle blogger based in Nashville. Jen Saviano cherishes life’s simple luxuries: great food, self-care, and solo trips abroad. With over 200K followers on Instagram, she also runs a blog that reflects her passions. This blog serves as her creative outlet, aiming to inspire others to live their happiest, healthiest lives.

She has a friendly voice as one of the best influencers who live in Nashville. Her blog posts will help you cook easy and tasty meals, travel the world, improve your home without spending much, and love yourself more.

10. Maddie Perry (@maddieperry)

The time has finally come for you to meet the last Nashville influencer on our list, a highly professional influencer with 244k followers. Originally from California, Maddie now lives in Nashville. As a Christian influencer, her strong belief in faith and dedication to living for God shines through in her content.

Her Instagram content mostly revolves around fashion, lifestyle, travel, and sales. Owning an account on TikTok with over 140k followers is what has made her recognized as one of the top Nashville TikTok influencers.

How to Collaborate with Nashville Influencers

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Nashville is home to a diverse mix of influencers who cover various topics like fashion, lifestyle, food, and travel. Nashville influencers share engaging content that reflects their personal experiences in a city with such a great culture. As the influencer community in Nashville continues to grow, it remains a source of creativity and inspiration for both local and global audiences.


1. Why Are Influencers Moving to Nashville?

Tennessee is home to a significant number of influencers (nearly 353) because it’s one of the eight states where influencers can avoid state income tax. Therefore, they have the opportunity to collaborate with brands without incurring government taxes.

2. Which City Has the Most Influencers?

Among all cities, Los Angeles, California, had the largest number of top influencers. These influencers likely have a significant impact on various industries, including entertainment, fashion, lifestyle, and more, due to their large following and influence on social media platforms.

3. Why Do So Many Girls Go to Nashville?

Nashville offers a lot to do, from exploring honky tonks to admiring murals. You can tour the Grand Ole Opry, kayak on the Cumberland River, snap a pic at the WhatLiftsYou Wings mural, and enjoy live music at the city’s bars.

4. Do any Famous People Live in Nashville Tennessee?

Nashville is home to celebrities like Faith Hill, Tim McGraw, Dolly Parton, Taylor Swift, and Carrie Underwood.


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