10 Best Outdoor Influencers You Need To Check If You Love Nature

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Some of us dream about traveling around the world and want to know how the nature of different countries looks. Many of us can’t follow this dream, but by following outdoor influencers, we can take good vibes from their experience. 

These travel and lifestyle influencers travel to different countries and have professional skills in photography. Their aesthetic Instagram page can help you find hiking places, travel guides, and everything you need for your next vacation. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most known outdoor Instagram influencers to check and follow.

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Top 10 Outdoor Influencers To Follow

Are you looking for some good vibes by checking the nature? Here are some of the best outdoor lifestyle influencers you can check on Instagram and TikTok. 

1. Ryan Resatka – 730k Followers

Let’s start the list of top outdoor influencers with one of my favorites. Ryan Resattka is a 30-year-old American photographer who likes to travel around the world and hike with friends to find new photography subjects. On his Instagram page, you can check photos of the nature of 20 different countries, 40 states of the US, and twenty-five natural parks. 

As one of the most successful outdoor influencers, he has collaborated with many brands in his niche. His Instagram posts show many examples of brand collaboration. Some recent companies that he has worked with are Mad Campers NZ (a company of camper cars), Index Cabin (for renting on the river), and Airbnb. 

2. Sanni McCandless Honnold – 370k Followers

For people who like to live freely, Sanni is one of the greatest inspirations. Sanni McCandless is a certified professional coach who uses her Instagram page to encourage others to live fearlessly and feel fulfilled.

Even though she recently gave birth to her beautiful girl, this couldn’t stop her. She kept hiking and walking in nature during his pregnancy. As a known outdoor social media influencer, she has collaborated with brands such as Lululemon, Free People, and Nature Valley.

3. Michael Matti

If you are obsessed with nature and want to see photos of untouched forests, Micheal is one of the top outdoor Instagram influencers to check out. Michael Matti is an Indonesian photographer whose love of nature made him start hiking mountains, forests, waterfalls, and beaches. 

Michael lives in a van with his wife and their white German Shepherd dog. If you’d like to collaborate with this outdoor influencer and others on this list, you can sign up on Ainfluencer for free now. This platform uses an AI-powered search tool to help you find collaboration partners easily. 

4. Lacey Spalding – 700k Followers

Not all outdoor influencers are active on Instagram. Many prefer using TikTok and YouTube, and Lacey is one of them. Lacey Spalding is an American TikTok user who is mostly known for travel and outdoor adventure content. 

As one of the successful outdoor TikTok influencers, she has over 700k followers and shares aesthetic short videos of her travels. Other than TikTok, she is active on Instagram and has 223k followers. 

5. Nicole Knox – 148k Followers

It’s common for photographers to travel around the world to take pictures and videos. Nicole Knox is one of the female outdoor influencers who shares her travel journey to find new photography subjects. She is active on Instagram and Pinterest influencer who shares photos of nature. 

6. Brooke Willson – 183k Followers

Those who like to start camping and hiking but think they can’t do it on their own need to check Brooke’s page. Brooke Willson is a travel influencer and one of the outdoor adventure influencers who shares everything with her followers. She can be a great inspiration for nature lovers who want to start traveling alone.

She has recently started her own international group trips and is traveling around the world. To contact and work with this and many more female outdoor influencers, you can join Ainfluencer for free and reach out to them. 

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7. Arden NL – 928k Followers

His talent has made him the number-one photographer in his location, the Netherlands. Arden NL is one of the famous outdoor influencers who started his professional career after a life-changing trip to Namibia in 2017. This trip inspired him to purchase a professional camera and start traveling to different countries.

Arden takes pictures and edits them himself before sharing them on social media. His art look has helped to collaborate with known names such as Sony, Adobe, Google, and Facebook on his outdoor influencers Instagram page. 

8. Joshua Platillero – 1.7M Followers

With more than 1.7 Million followers on Instagram and around 3 Million followers on TikTok, Joshua is one of the most well-known outdoor influencers in the US. If you want to learn about the nature of different states of the US, Joshua shares high-quality videos that you should watch. 

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9. Jenna Silver – 186k Followers

Some people love to travel to relax in nice hotels and enjoy beautiful views but are not fans of hiking. If you are one of these people, There are outdoor influencers who can help you. Jenna Silver is a young traveler who shares information about beautiful locations and hotels on her Instagram page. 

10. Cynthia Corona – 290k Followers

If you are considering traveling to Asia, especially South Korea, China, or Japan, you must check Cynthia’s Instagram account. Cynthia Corona shares a guide for visiting Asian countries, the best hotels to stay in, and the places you need to visit. She is one of the best outdoor adventure influencers, and you can check the highlights of each country on her Instagram page. 

How To Work With Outdoor Influencers?

As we saw, these outdoor influencers regularly collaborate with brands from different niches. These collaborations have two side benefits: Brands can increase their customers, and influencers can earn money from their content. However, as a brand, you might be concerned about finding an influencer to help you achieve the desired results. 

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Following outdoor influencers can be a great way to explore new places and get inspired to travel. The top 10 outdoor influencers mentioned in this article are just a few of the many talented and inspiring content creators out there. 

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1. What Is An Outdoor Influencer?

Outdoor influencers are content creators who mostly have professional skills in photography. They share photos and videos of their hiking and travels to inspire their followers. They encourage their viewers to explore nature and find beauty in the world.

2. How Do Outdoor Influencers Make Money?

Like other types of social media content creators, Outdoor influencers earn money by collaborating with brands. Brands can tap into their target audience and attract more customers.


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