Is Toluna Influencers Legit? [The Ultimate Review in 2024]

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If you’re looking for ways to earn money online, you’ve heard about the Toluna influencers app. Many users love it, though others have doubts about its authenticity. They wonder if Toluna Influencers is legit. The platform offers people a chance to take part in paid surveys. In this article, we provide all the hidden facts about this app and reveal if it’s real or fake.

The Toluna influencers app gives you a chance to make online income by sharing your opinions through surveys. People from all corners of the globe can join them and get paid for speaking out their thoughts. In this guide, we’ll provide a comprehensive Toluna Influencers review for you.

Let’s get started with some basics!

What Is Toluna Influencers?

Toluna is a market research company in Connecticut. It was established in 2000 and has been running surveys for some time now. It collaborates with various organizations to conduct web-based polls among other undertakings. 

Toluna Influencers Homepage
Toluna Influencers Homepage

Known as Toluna Influencers, this company gives individuals an opportunity to earn money online by taking part in questionnaires with other participants. 

Now you may consider:

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How Does Toluna Influencers Survey Work?

Suppose you want an easy way to get more cash, then you should ask yourself ‘How much can you make as a Toluna Influencer, and how it works? Here are the main points:

  • Express your feelings on the app using separate characteristics that make it possible to influence them in a real sense.
  • You will enjoy this site because you can select surveys based on the amount paid for each survey, the duration required for completion, and the subject matter they address. 
  • By completing surveys, you not only earn money but also help big brands improve their products and services.

How to Make Money from Toluna Influencers?

Here’s how you can earn points on Toluna Influencers:

  1. Register: Once you join, some basic information is required from you. You are also required to verify your email. You earn 500 points just for signing up! 
  2. Participate in Surveys: Surveys could be short and long depending on what is convenient for you. For every question answered, you receive points. 
  3. Sponsored Questions Voting: Vote quickly and earn some points each time.
  4. Play games: There are fun games like trivia and memory games. You can win points by playing some of them.
  5. Join Community Contests: Solve puzzles and challenges to earn points.
  6. Get to be the Panelist of the Month: When you earn the highest points in your country for one month, you also get double points for surveys. 
  7. Refer Friends: Invite your friends to Toluna Influencers and when they successfully sign up, you earn points too.

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How Much Money Can You Make from Toluna Influencers Surveys?

How much you make on the Toluna Influencers app depends on a few things:

1. The Number of Surveys: When you carry out several surveys, you can get more money. Yet, not all surveys can earn you the same amount. 

2. Survey Length: Some surveys are short and easy, while others seem complex and lengthy. The longer ones usually pay more, but most surveys take less than 10 minutes.

3. Frequency of Your Surveys: Toluna sends surveys regularly, but you might get them only a few times a week. Checking your account often helps you find more opportunities to earn.

4. Rewards and Payment: The Toluna Influencers app gives different rewards including cash or gift cards in return for completing surveys. Carefully choose the one you prefer because this can influence how much you earn.

Is Toluna Influencers Legit?

Toluna Influencer is a market research website where people can share their opinions on various topics. It has more than 21 million users in 50 countries and 28 languages. This app allows them to earn points upon reviewing products by renowned enterprises.

Creating feedback can even earn you money. Here are a few important things to know about Toluna Influencers:

  • There are several sections within the site where you can post your reflections and views. 
  • Based on the amount paid and its length, you can be selective on the types of surveys to conduct.
  • When you finish surveys, you not only get money, but you also help big companies decide on their products and services.
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Toluna Influencers Pros & Cons

In this section of the Toluna review, we’ll explore the advantages and disadvantages of this market research app to help you make informed decisions!

Toluna Influencers Pros

  • Easy to join: Signing up for Toluna Influencers is simple and free.
  • Diverse opportunities: Members can participate in surveys, polls, product testing, and discussions.
  • Rewards: Earn points for participating and redeem them for various rewards like gift cards, cash, or merchandise.
  • Influence: Members can shape brand decisions through polls and discussions.
  • Customer support: A dedicated support team can assist with any issues or questions.

Toluna Influencers Cons

  • Limited cooperation: While there are social features, there may be little collaboration among members.
  • Potential for survey tiredness: Participation in numerous surveys may become repetitive for some users.
  • Redeeming rewards: Some users may find it challenging to accumulate enough points for desirable rewards.
  • Reward processing time: It may take 1–3 weeks to receive most rewards.
  • Point conversion rate: The conversion rate of points to cash is relatively low, typically requiring between 3,000 and 3,500 points to exchange for $1.

Is Using Toluna Influencers Worth It?

Toluna Influencers could be an ideal choice for you if you like doing surveys and you have already done quite a number of them on other online platforms similar to Swagbucks and InboxDollars. 

Moreover, remember that apart from survey sites, there are other better ways to earn more money in life; therefore, look for other side jobs with better pay than just concentrating on Toluna or similar sites.

We recommend using an influencer marketing platform that allows you to negotiate for your earnings. Keen to learn more? Read on about Ainfluencer!

Ainfluencer: The Professional Influencer Marketing Platform

Ainfluencer is virtually comparable to a giant marketplace where influencers can interact with brand owners. You don’t need to have set links to join them. You can invite as many influencers as they want for free. There’s no limit to finding, checking out, and inviting influencers. Moreover, you as a brand owner can use smart filters to find influencers that fit your needs. They can filter by influencer size, platform, gender, country, and more. In addition, Brands and influencers can use the built-in chat on Ainfluencer to talk about offers, negotiate, make payments, and discuss collaborations. It’s a convenient way to manage everything in one place.

Below is an outline of what you are likely to appreciate: 

  1. It doesn’t cost anything to join so anyone can use it.
  2. There are lots of chances to team up with brand owners in different areas.
  3. You can find brands that match what your audience likes.
  4. You can easily talk with brands using our messaging tool.
  5. We’ve got a helpful team to help you out.

Still not convinced to sign up? It’s worth noting that, Ainfluencer uses an escrow system to make sure payments are secure for both brands and influencers.

Watch this video to learn how to use the app: 

Join for free and start making money in a new way!

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To Wrap Things Up

Toluna Influencers is a website where people can share their thoughts and opinions on various topics. By taking surveys, participating in polls, and testing products, members can help companies make decisions. In return, they earn rewards. It’s a great way for anyone to share their views and make a difference.


1. How Much Do I Get Paid Per Survey?

For every Toluna survey completed, there are always points you earn between 15 to 50,000 each. Every 15 points equate to $0.004, every 50,000 is $16.67. 

How can you do this? 

Accurately complete your profile in order to receive more surveys.
Be honest with your answers.
Keep looking out for survey invitations from your inbox.
Make sure you participate in some of Toluna’s polls and ‘discussions around here’.
When you’ve earned enough points,  redeem your rewards on time too.

2. How Much Are Points Worth on Toluna Influencers?

Toluna Influencers has a tricky way of converting your points into rewards. The rewards’ worth depends on how you use your points and the total points you have. Usually, you can swap between 3,000 and 3,500 points for $1.

3. How Long Does the Toluna Influencers App Take to Pay?

It takes 1–3 weeks to get the most rewards on Toluna Influencers.

4. Is There Any Limitation on How Much You Can Earn on Toluna Influencers?

No, there isn’t any limitation to how much you can earn. You will never reach a cut-off point while it is sometimes hard to qualify for surveys in the first place.


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