5 Mood-Boosting Benefits of Local Influencer Marketing

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The benefits of local influencer marketing help many businesses of all sizes in many different ways.

Generally, Influencer marketing is a method that paves the way for promoting businesses on any scale and creates a great opportunity for indirect advertising.

New businesses are more hopeful about kick-starting their activity in the social media marketing sphere by relying on influencer marketing.

That being said, a sub-branch of influencer marketing called local influencer marketing is even more effective at producing successful results without involving celebrities and big influencers.

So, many local businesses are taking advantage of local influencers to raise their brand awareness, for driving more revenue.

Local influencer marketing benefits bring more attention to a brand.

This blog provides you with 5 mood-boosting benefits of local influencer marketing.

This helps you to better figure out its importance and be able to incorporate it into your overall business strategy.

Benefits of local influencer marketing

5 Benefits of local influencer Influencer Marketing

If you want to build your local brand awareness practically you need to know some beneficial tips for local influencer marketing to make your marketing journey more convenient.

Here there are 5 valuable local influencer marketing benefits that help you increase your exposure and generate sales.

1. A great way to boost engagement

Local influencers can boost engagement rates more than other influencers.

They are highly active individuals who spend more time on their followers.

Engagement includes the number of comments, and likes, and influencers respond to their followers’ comments.

Engagement rate

According to Bettermarketinghub, the interesting fact about local influencers with approximately 1-10K followers is their exceptional 10.1% engagement rate, and for those with 10-100K followers, the number is set to 7.6%.

The data clearly shows that the fewer followers, the higher the engagement rates.

Based on this fact, a high engagement rate can make a valuable high-quality interaction as Seth Godin said “People do not b.”buy goods and services. They buy relations, stories, and magic” 

So this is reliable proof to count on these people to boost engagement with your small business and as a result, grow an emotional bond with prospects and customers.

2. It is more cost-effective

Generally, local influences do not charge high fees in return for promoting your products or services.

This benefits most businesses and brands to kickstart their influencer marketing plan.

However, you also have to know that being a ‘local’ influencer doesn’t equal low charges; other crucial factors such as the following size also count.

Typically, most marketers and owners are not in favor of investing a lot of money in bringing in mega influencers to leverage their local market at first.

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For this reason, it would be a great idea to partner with nano or micro-influencers for local influencer marketing.

For instance, an Instagram influencer with 1-10K followers could charge $10 to $100 per post in 2021 which is really cost-effective compared to the astronomical charges of famous influencers.

To make it easier for you to find the right local influencers based on your budget, you can check out Ainfluencer’s DIY (Do-it-yourself) influencer marketing services.

3. Reach a narrow target audience

Another great benefit to local influencer marketing is being able to target a more distinct demographic.

Local influencers’ audiences are typically people who live in the same place as a brand’s preferred location.

They can better create buzz around a business and attract more local prospects within a specific niche.

Furthermore, the audience they attract will be more likely to choose you over other brands because of the trust local influencers have established for you.

4. Higher Return on Investment

Based on what the Influencer Marketing Hub has found

“89% of people surveyed say ROI from influencer marketing has a much better impact than other marketing channels.”

It’s evident that local influencers produce better ROI (return on investment) in comparison to mega-influencers.

They are authentic and persuasive individuals that can collaborate with you in influencer marketing campaigns, leading to better ROI.

However, keep in mind that having clear business goals is a step you should take before expecting to see the desired ROI from your influencer marketing strategy.

So be clear about your goals first.

Then you can rest assured that you’ll achieve the best ROI from working with local influencers.

5. Benefits of local influencer marketing: A great alternative to advertising

Another huge benefit of local influencer marketing is driving up sales without having to spend huge amounts on advertising.

When Internet advertising spending is increasing; so is the use of ad blockers.

Statista reports that in America alone the use of ad blockers was close to 26% in 2019.

As data proves, in the current conditions it’s much easier to promote your business with local influencer marketing instead of spending more budget and time on ineffective advertising.

In addition to being expensive, we can see that ads are not a guaranteed method to produce favorable results.

But based on what was mentioned earlier, working with micro or nano influencers is a budget-friendly option.

So it’s best to let local bloggers, YouTubers, or Instagrammers promote your business instead of advertising for it.


Local influencer marketing is beneficial for all types of brands and businesses to attract local followers, keep them engaged, and increase sales.

It is one of the best available marketing methods you can leverage for organically improving all aspects of your business.

In case you’re not familiar with the world of influencer marketing, you can rely on an influencer marketing platform to easily approach and run campaigns from a broad community of local influencers.

Also, feel free to leave a comment and share your own experiences of collaborating with local influencers.

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