Top 10 Plus-Size Fitness Influencers To Check And Follow

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Are you looking for inspiration and guidance to kickstart your fitness journey? No matter your body type and shape, plus-size fitness influencers who share their experience with their followers can help you start your body-positive activities to love yourself and your body. 

In this article, we will list the top fitness influencers on Instagram who share their workout techniques and strategies. So, if you are someone who is feeling unhappy about your body these days, make sure to check their pages and at least listen to their self-love speeches to help your mental health. 

10 Best Plus Size Fitness Influencers

These days, the definition of fitness is not limited to only one body shape. Here are some of the best plus-size fitness models who are trying their best to help women around the world feel better about their bodies. 

1. Jessamyn Stanley – 595k Followers

If you are low on budget and need more money to afford yoga classes, Jessamyn Stanley is one of the plus-size models and female fitness influencers with the same experience. Jessamyn started working at home and shared her experience on social media. Viewers noticed her as a black, plus-size woman practicing yoga with the minimum equipment.

If you want to know workout techniques at home, you can check her thick fitness influencers’ Instagram videos. Also, you can buy the UnderBelly yoga program’s subscription on her site.

2. Dana Falsetti – 216k Followers

One of my personal favorite female fitness influencers is Dana Falsetti. Dana encourages others to find strength and confidence on the mat and gives inspiring and nurturing tips to her followers. If you want to see how she loves and appreciates her body while trying to keep it healthy, check her page as one of the plus-size fitness influencers.

3. Mirna Valerio – 161k Followers

The last star on the list of plus-size fitness influencers is Mirna Valerio, a native of Brooklyn, NYC. She started her online blog in 2008 while she was still in school, and the blog is now updated. Her blog and athletic story have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Runner’s World, NBC Nightly News, CNN, etc. 

4. Tiffany Croww – 149k Followers

In 2019, Tiffany Croww, one of the top curvy fitness influencers, found her passion in yoga and became a yoga teacher. In her career, she tries to help people with injuries, disabilities, and curves have a healthy life routine. Her slogan is You are Worthy, and she always tries to help women have a better lifestyle and reach their goals in life.

If you are a total beginner in yoga and are looking for plus-size fitness influencers to know where to start, make sure to check Tiffanie’s beginner guide. Besides her Instagram account and official website, Tiffany is also active on TikTok and has more than 700k followers. 

5. Sarah Sapora – 135k Followers

One of the plus-size fitness influencers who regularly talks about self-love is Sarah Sapora. Sarah is a writer, inspirational speaker, and one of the known midsize fitness influencers who was in pain for her body till 2016. Then, she decided to start self-improvement by working out every day. According to her,  ‘nearly 70% of American women are considered plus size’, and she can help everybody to improve their health.

6. CeCe Olisa – 92k Followers 

Starting her presence on social media as a fashion influencer, Cece is a top body-positive activist. She is one of the best curvy fitness influencers who shares her fitness journey through her YouTube videos. Her videos are focused on helping plus-size women work out at home and reach their body goals.

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Other than Instagram and her personal blog, Cece is one of the fitness YouTubers and shares long videos of her workout techniques. 

7. Roz Mays – 77k Followers

If you are a plus-size beauty who loves pole dancing, Rose is one of the fitness influencers you need to check out. Roze Mays, known as Roze the Diva, has spent many hours in the gym to become a professional personal trainer and pole dancer. Her name and talent have been featured in many fitness magazines, including Fitbit, The New York Times, ESPN, Glamour, Huffington Post, etc. 

8. Louise Green – 66k Followers

One of the plus-size fitness influencers who has worked a lot to change the idealistic standards of fitness culture is Louise Green. Louise Green is a personal trainer, fitness coach, and fitness activist who has tried to help women all around the world feel better about their bodies, regardless of their weight. 

Her book, ‘Fitness for Everyone: 50 Exercises for Every Type of Body’ can help you know what activities are better for you to reach your body shape goals. 

9. Jessie Diaz – 29k Followers 

Want to add some energy to your day with your workout? Jessie is one of the plus-size female fitness models who mixes workout techniques and movements with dancing. In addition to dancing, Jessie is also an active weightlifter and does CrossFit, and she shares her experience about body positivity with her followers all the time. 

10. Roy Belzer – 5k Followers

Are you looking for the best mid-size fitness influencers who can help you with a personalized fitness program? Roy Belzer is one of the plus-size fitness influencers who regularly helps his audience and writes programs for them. Roy Belzer is a Nationally Certified personal trainer who helps people worldwide with workout and nutritional advice based on previous experiences, information on their everyday life, personal goals, and fitness background.

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The fitness world is no longer confined to a specific body type. Plus-size fitness influencers are breaking barriers and inspiring millions worldwide to have a healthy lifestyle and appreciate their bodies. In this article, we’ve introduced the top 10 plus-size fitness models you can follow on social media for inspiration. 


1. How Can I Start My Fitness Journey As A Plus-Size Individual?

Starting your fitness journey involves finding activities you enjoy, setting realistic goals, and listening to your body. Consider seeking guidance from plus-size fitness influencers for inspiration and personalized advice tailored to your unique needs.

2. Are There Specific Types Of Workouts Suitable For Plus-Size Individuals?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer. Fat fitness influencers can engage in various workouts, including yoga, strength training, cardio, and more. The key is to find activities that align with your interests and comfort level while gradually increasing intensity.

3. Can I Wear Stylish Activewear As A Plus-Size Person?

Absolutely! Many brands now offer stylish activewear in inclusive size ranges. Plus-size fitness influencers often share fashion-forward options that enhance your workout experience and make you feel confident and empowered.

4. How Can I Maintain A Positive Body Image During My Fitness Journey?

Building a positive body image involves self-love, self-acceptance, and focusing on your body’s capabilities rather than external appearance. Thick fitness influencers often share insights and practices to help individuals foster healthy relationships with their bodies.


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