Top 33 Arab Instagram Influencers: Explore the Arab World in 2024

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Instagram is very prevalent in Arabic countries like UAE, Kuwait, Iraq, and Syria. The Arab market is so critical to most brands. Therefore, the brands whose target customers are in one of these countries look for Arab influencers for collaboration. 

If you need to start influencer marketing in Arabic countries, this list of top Arabic influencers can be helpful for you. Furthermore, finding influencers will be much easier using one of the influencer marketing platforms, which we will explain next.

How to find Arab influencers on Instagram? 

Before getting to the list of top Arab influencers, let’s check out some methods to find influencers in the related countries. Furthermore, the influencer you find should align with your industry, too. 

For example, you may have a business about cosmetic products and your target audience is in Kuwait. Therefore, you should find beauty or lifestyle influencers in Kuwait. 

Well, how to find them? The first place might be the Instagram platform. However, it might be complex and time-consuming if you want to search for influencers on Instagram because you can’t find a list of influencers based on your preferences, such as location or category. 

That’s where influencer marketplaces like Ainfluencer come into play.

Ainfluencer: The Best Marketplace to Find Arab Influencers 

Marketplaces like Ainfluencer can connect you to the list of thousands of influencers in different countries and categories. Therefore, you can easily join Ainfluencer for free and search for influencers based on categories, countries, language, gender, hashtags, number of followers, and your budget. 

If you are a brand that doesn’t like to pay any platform fees during your full usage of the platform, Ainfluencer is for you. 

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In the next step, select your category, which is usually the field of your business, e.g. health, fitness, etc. Then, select the country in which you want to find influencers. In our example, we want to find travel influencers in Lebanon, and their gender and language are not important to us. 

how to find lebanese influencers
How to Find Lebanese Influencers

 As you can see in the picture above, using Ainfluencer is an easy, quick, and cost-effective way to find influencers in any country. It’s 100% free to join Ainfluencer, so don’t hesitate to grow your online presence using this platform. 

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33 Best Arab influencers on Instagram 

Now, let’s see a list of top influencers who are popular in the Arab countries. 

1. Rosy Daou (@rosydaou)

With 731K followers on Instagram, Rosy is a renowned Lebanese model, who is often dubbed the ‘Queen of Beauty’ in the Arab world. She is one of the Arab Instagram models who post about fashion, new trends, and cosmetics.

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2. Aicha Ayach (@aichaayach)

Aicha is one of the Arab beauties from Morocco. She is one of the most beautiful Arabic women, a talented fashion designer and lifestyle influencer. Furthermore, since she is a TV presenter, she is so popular and has 520K followers. 

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3. Kim & Den (@wheremyfoodat)

Kim and Den are two Arab food bloggers from Dubai. This couple has 91K followers on their Instagram account where they share their love stories, travel destinations, and delicious food they eat in restaurants or cook together.

Want to collaborate with Instagram influencers in Dubai

Collaborate with Dubai Influencers

4. Tina Lattouf Chamoun (@yourlebanon)

Do you like Lebanese cuisines or have a Lebanese restaurant? Therefore, Tina is the Arab influencer you should collaborate with. As a food blogger and a well-known chef, she shares recipes for her cuisines. 

People follow Tina to learn new tips and tricks about cooking. Therefore, her account would be suitable for promoting ingredients and products related to cooking. 

Ask Tina to collaborate

5. Nadya Hasan (@nadyaa)

With 370K followers, Nadya is a fashion influencer from UAE who mainly collaborates with luxury brands like Gucci. Nadya also loves traveling, and most of her promotions are in the beautiful places she visits on her trips. 

Connect with Nadya

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6. Nada Kabbani (@nadakabbani)

The editor-chief of Elle magazine in Dubai, Nada, is a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle Instagram influencer with 28K followers. Although she doesn’t define herself as a travel blogger, she loves traveling and sharing photos of beautiful places she visits.

Collaborate with Nada

7. Jassem (@shyooo5y)

Looking for Instagram photographers in Arab countries? Jassem is a photographer from UAE. He loves traveling and taking photos of beautiful places on his trip. Although Jassem is not a model, he is in good style and can be a good pick for modeling, too. 

With 54.4K followers on Instagram, his account is the perfect place to promote travel destinations or photography tools.

Make an offer to Jassem

8. Mariam Yeya (@mrskeepa)

Mariam is a fashion influencer and model with 224K followers. Her style is so unique, and most of her followers follow her to get an idea of her dressing style. Furthermore, her popularity in styling led her to launch an online shopping website that carries her name as a clothing brand. 

Connect with Mariam

9. Kat Lebrasse (@katlebrasse)

Kat is an Arab influencer with 48K followers. As a mom blogger, she loves sharing Stories of her two children on her account. Furthermore, she loves fashion and has her own style. Therefore, she can be considered a fashion influencer too.

Collaborate with Kat

10. MIMI (@according_to_mimi)

As a micro influencer with 12K followers, Mimi is one of the Arab influencers from Kuwait who loves cooking. Unlike most Arab food bloggers who cook Arabic dishes, Mimi shares recipes for cuisines from other nations, like Chinese food or Italian pizzas. 

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11. Mahmoud (@mrmoudz)

Carrying his unique style, Mahmoud is a male fashion influencer from Dubai. Like many other Arab Instagram models, Mahmoud is also a fan of luxury fashion brands. Accordingly, he follows a luxury lifestyle by purchasing expensive cars and going to opulent and luxurious hotels.

With 540K followers on Instagram, he is considered one of the top Arab influencers in the men’s fashion category. Furthermore, Mahmoud likes to share positive quotes and messages to encourage his followers to build a better life.

Contact Mahmoud

12. Haifa Beseisso (@flywithhaifa)

With 594K followers, Haifa is an entertainment influencer who creates fun videos. Haifa is also a TV host, making her a popular public figure. Furthermore, Haifa is a well-known YouTuber, her YouTube channel has 829K subscribers. That shows the popularity of Haifa on YouTube.

Send a message to Haifa

13. Milli Midwood (@millimidwood)

With 22.5K followers, Milli is one of the Arab Instagram influencers from Dubai. She is a lifestyle blogger who loves to post about fashion and new trends. Moreover, Milli is the head of the young women’s lifestyle online magazine. 

Make an offer to Milli

14. Na’el Abu Alteen (@nael_abu_alteen)

Do you want to encourage Arabians to choose your hotel or tourist destination? Na’el is a travel influencer from Emirates, who can help you reach your goal. 

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With 1.5M followers, she is one of the top Arab influencers on Instagram. As mentioned, Na’el travels the world, shares photos of beautiful places he visits, and promotes luxury hotels he stays in. 

Furthermore, he was a successful engineer who decided to leave his job and travel the world. Thus, his lifestyle is so inspiring to most people.

15. Lana Rose (@lanarose786)

Artists have many fans in Arabic countries. Lana is an artist and singer from Dubai, with 3.9M followers. Although singing is her career, she is mainly known as a lifestyle blogger. She posts about her daily life, beauty, and fashion. Furthermore, she collaborates with different cosmetic brands and beauty clinics.

16. Noha Nabil (@nohastyleicon)

Another Arab girl who loves beauty and fashion is Noha; a beauty influencer from Kuwait. With 12.5M followers on Instagram, there is no doubt that Noga is one of the top Arab influencers.

After becoming so popular on this platform, Noha decided to launch her own business in the world of cosmetics and personal care. All the products are sold under her name (Noha Nabil) and include eye contour, lipstick, and eyeliner. 

17. Abdulaziz (@bin_baz)

Abdulaziz is one of the famous Arab influencers who creates fun videos. He lives in Dubai and has 5.2M followers. According to his videos, all he wants to do is to make people smile. 

18. Noor Stars (@noorstars)

Noor, one of the Arabic influencers from Dubai, was selected as the Arab woman of the year 2022. She mainly creates funny and comedic videos.

Moreover, Noor is also a makeup influencer with 14.2M followers on Instagram. Like many other Arab influencers on this list, Noor also has a YouTube channel with 20M subscribers.

19. Joelle Mardinian (@joellemardinian)

Joelle is a Lebanese TV host with 21.8M followers on Instagram. This number shows how famous this person is among people. However, that’s not only because of her career as a TV host; Joelle is also a makeup artist and has her salon. 

Furthermore, she has founded a brand for skin and hair products. Joelle mainly collaborates with Spas and plastic surgery clinics.

20. Fouz al Fahad (@therealfouz)

Fouz is one of the female Arab models familiar with Arab fashion. When we talk about Arab fashion, we mean the particular style most of the modern and fashion girls in these countries like. Since Fouz has excellent taste in fashion, her style is always inspiring for young women.

With 3.6M followers, Fouz collaborates with fashion brands and promotes dental products, including Shein and Colgate brands.

21. Ascia (@ascia)

Ascia is a Kuwaiti-American fashion blogger with 2.5M followers. She is one of the Arab Instagram influencers who is both a model and fashion designer and is known for her cute curly hairstyle. 

Furthermore, she is one of the most influential Arabic influencers on social media who collaborates with different brands, especially hair salons and cosmetic brands. Unlike most models, Ascia likes to show her natural face without any filter. That’s why she encourages her followers to love themselves as who they are.

22. Nora Bo Awadh (@nora1352)

Nora is one of the Arab beauties and a makeup artist from Saudi Arabia. As a beauty blogger, she has 3.7M followers on Instagram and has her own cosmetics brand, which she promotes on her account.

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23. Dana Al Tuwarish (@daneeda_t)

Dana is one of the Arab influencers who is half Kuwaiti and half Iraqi. She is interested in mode and fashion. However, she is more of a lifestyle blogger, not a fashion influencer. Dana has 2.3M followers on Instagram and shares her daily life and favorite styles.

24. Sherif Fayed (@sheriffayed)

Sherif is a Dubai-based TV host who loves luxury and adventure travel. Therefore, his 1.3M followers mainly follow Sherif to see the beautiful photos he takes on his trips. Her Instagram account is so inspirational to people who like to find pristine locations for their trips. 

25. Model Roz (@model_roz)

Born in Medina and living in LA, Model Roz is one of the top female Arab models with 15.3M followers. This Saudi-American model is both a fashion influencer and a beauty blogger.

26. Lojain Omran (@lojain_omran)

We have another TV-host on the list of top Arab influencers. It seems that the lifestyle of TV-hosts is so interesting to people. Lojain is a TV host with 11.2M followers on Instagram. 

Her Instagram account is her personal blog, so she posts about her daily life. Besides being a lifestyle blogger, Lojain likes to share her fashion styles too.

27. Mohamed Beiraghdary (@movlogs)

Mohammad is a UAE-based vlogger with 4.4M followers. As a car influencer, Mohammad mostly writes about luxury car options. Furthermore, his videos are usually about Dubai’s luxurious lifestyle.

28. Fazza (@faz3)

Fazza is the crown prince of Dubai, with 14M followers on Instagram. Most people follow Fazza because of his notable writing and poetry. Furthermore, being a prince didn’t make Fazza feel he was different than others. He shares his love of animals, particularly horses, and also posts about places he visits on his trips.

His Instagram account is a haven for car enthusiasts who want to stay up-to-date with the latest news, including updates on sports car brands and industry trends.

29. Nour Arida (@nouraridaofficial)

Nour is one of the top Arab influencers with 10.9M followers. She is originally a Syrian-Swedish influencer who lives in Europe. Following the western fashion, this Arab Instagram model has a great taste in styling. That doesn’t end here. Nour has more to share on her Instagram account, especially about her cute girl and her lovely family.

30. Huda Kattan (@huda)

Without a doubt, Huda Kattan is the most famous beauty blogger with two separate Instagram accounts: one belongs to her blog, with 3.5M followers, and the other is the Hudabeauty account, with 53.9M followers, which is dedicated to her beauty brand. Huda is the most popular Arab influencer on social media.

She started makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, where she currently has 4.13M subscribers. When she reached more fame, she launched Hudabeauty in 2013. Now Huda is one of the top Arab Instagram influencers that not only has her own brand but also collaborates with luxury brands.

31- Narins Beauty (narins_beauty)

If we were to name the industry with the most fans in Arab countries, it would undoubtedly be the beauty industry. That’s why most Arab models have the highest number of followers. Narins is one of them. On her Instagram account, where she has 10.4M followers, Narins usually shares about fashion and beauty. 

But that’s not the only reason her followers like her. Since she loves traveling, she combines her love of fashion and travel to show how to be stylish on the go.

32. Ahmed AlKhafaji (@alkhafajitv)

Ahmed is one of the top male Arab influencers from Iraq, who is living in Dubai. He is a lifestyle blogger and motivational speaker with 8.5M followers on Instagram. Furthermore, he is one of the influencers who collaborates with luxury brands. 

33. Rawan Bin Hussain (@rawan)

Originally from Kuwait, Rawan is an actress and singer in Dubai with 7.4M followers. However, most of her fans may know her as a fashion blogger because she likes to discuss fashion and share styling ideas. 


Instagram is very popular among Arabs. Therefore, finding Arab influencers for collaboration can help your brand grow in the related countries. Whether you are looking for Arab models, luxury travelers, video creators, food bloggers, or lifestyle influencers, this list can be helpful to your business.

If you don’t find the influencer you want to collaborate with on this list, you can register on Ainfluencer for free, and search for Arab Instagram influencers in various categories.


1- Who Is the Top Influencer in Dubai?

Huda Kattan, with 53.9M followers on her Hudabeauty account, is the most famous and top influencer in Dubai.

2- Who Has the Most Followers on Instagram in Egypt? 

Tamer Hosny is an Egyptian singer and actor who has 23.4M followers on Instagram. 

3- Who Is the Lebanese Influencer in UAE?

There are many Lebanese influencers in the UAE, but one of the most famous ones is Joelle Mardinian, who is a TV-host, makeup artist, and entrepreneur. She has 21.8M followers on her Instagram and usually posts about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle. 

4- Who Is the Syrian Influencer in Dubai?

One of the Syrian influencers in Dubai is Hayla Ghazal, a YouTube star and a beauty entrepreneur. With over 2.3 million followers on Instagram and 9 million subscribers on YouTube, Hayla is one of the popular Arab influencers. She usually posts videos about cooking, makeup, fashion, and lifestyle.

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