50+ Instagram Photographers To Inspire You And Collaborate With In 2022

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In a world where anyone can be a photographer, the art of photography has become more popular than ever. Instagram is a platform where skilled Instagram photographers from all over the world share their experiences with other people. Instagram photographers claim that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here, we’ve prepared a list of the top 52 photographers on Instagram in 2022. Hopefully, they inspire your creativity and give you an outlook on what the top photographers are doing.

But before checking the list, let’s explain the possible ways of finding the top influencers.

How to find top Instagram photographers?

If you’re looking for the best Instagram photographers, there are a few easy ways to do it. Try searching on google, searching on Instagram by hashtags, or using influencer marketplaces.

You can search on Google and find influencers on Instagram. For example, by typing “Instagram photographers” into the Google search bar, you come up with numerous results. Then you can check if they are a good fit for your brand or not.

You can also search for influencers on Instagram. By searching keywords such as “#photographyinfluencers, you can find many accounts to go through them.

You can also take advantage of influencer marketplaces and find your desired influencers quickly.

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Top Instagram photographers

Here is our list of top 52 photographers on Instagram:

1. Serhiy Drobotenko (@drobotenko.s)

Serhiy Drobotenko is a Greek photographer who specializes in capturing couples, weddings, and landscapes on Instagram. He gained over 53k followers by sharing his captivating and haunting images, which have a dreamlike quality.

Connect with Serhiy

2. Jake Guzman (@jguzmannn)

Jake Guzman is one of the top Instagram photographers. He has a great eye for composition and knows how to capture a moment in time that will make you stop and take notice. His photos are evocative and often tell a story, transporting you to another place and time. If you’re looking for some excellent Instagram inspiration, be sure to check out this travel and automotive photographer’s account.

Contact Jake

3. Gabriel García & Mike Madrid (@CupofCouple)

Gabriel García and Mike Madrid are among the world’s top Instagram photographers and video makers. García is known for his street photography, which is almost in Madrid.

This gay couple, considered LGBTQ influencers, has amassed 309k followers on Instagram by posting creative and visually arresting images.

Connect with Gabriel and Mike

4. Abdulaziz Y Alshayji (@azizvito)

Abdulaziz Y Alshayji is one of the best photographers on Instagram as he has a unique perspective and eye for details. He is also a Videographer and creates funny videos and images.

Abdulaziz is based in Kuwait and currently has 110k Instagram fans.

Contact Abdulaziz

5. Mike Kus (@mikekus)

There’s no question that Mike Kus is one of the top Instagram photographers. He is excellent at capturing the perfect moment, and his Instagram account is full of beautiful photos. What’s even more impressive is that Mike Kus doesn’t just take great photos – he also knows how to use Instagram to build a large group of followers and grow his business.

This British photographer is also the author of “The Pocket Photographer.”

Connect with Mike

6. YuTsai (@yutsai88)

One of the popular photographers, who is also a host, is YuTsai. He is a fashion and celebrity photographer with 537k fans. His photos are always well composed and are usually designed for well-known magazines. He’s also very creative and always comes up with new ideas for his photos. If you’re looking for a macro influencer in this field, be sure to check out his Instagram account!

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7. Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim (everlook_photography)

Dylan Toh and Marianne Lim are among the best photographers on Instagram and have amassed 180k followers, all of whom are eager to see the latest images they’ve posted.

Both Toh and Lim started out by photographing their everyday lives but soon found that they had a talent for taking great pictures. They began sharing their work on Instagram and quickly gained a following. They both know how to capture beautiful scenes in a unique way.

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Connect with Toh and Lim

8. Renzo Grande (@renzogrande)

Renzo Grande is an Instagram photographer and humanitarian who has earned 39k followers on this social media platform because of his breathtaking landscapes and cityscapes. He is also a photographer for social change.

Contact Renzo

9. Ravi Vora (@ravivora)

Ravi Vora is a commercial and travel photographer, artist, and director. Vora could accumulate 764k fans on Instagram by sharing his photos, which are often moody and atmospheric, creating a sense of mystery and intrigue.

Connect with Ravi

10. Emily Blincoe (@emilyblincoe)

Emily Blincoe is one of the other popular Instagram photographers. She has a keen eye for color and compositions, as seen in her photos. Her photos are often vibrant and poppy, making them perfect for Instagram.

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11. Chris Ozer (@chrisozer)

One of the best photography Instagram accounts is for Chris Ozer. He has taken the social media platform by storm and currently has over 534k followers. His aerial images of landscapes and cityscapes have won him a large and devoted following.

He often incorporates buildings and landscapes, creating abstract images that highlight the beauty of urban spaces.

Connect with Chris

12. Eric Lau (@photographer_ericlau)

Eric Lau is one of the other Instagram photography influencers with 8k followers. This nano influencer, who is based in Toronto, has a unique style that blends fashion and landscape photography into one cohesive whole.

He takes the time to engage with his followers and build relationships with them. By regularly responding to comments and taking the time to appreciate their feedback, he has created a community of loyal fans who are always eager to see his latest work.

Contact Eric

13. Alessio Albi(@alessioalbi)

Alessio Albi is an Italian photographer who has gained immense popularity on Instagram for his evocative and dreamlike images. His stunning portrait photos and images of the Italian countryside have won him more than 804k followers.

Alessio’s photographs are characterized by their ethereal beauty and quality. He often uses natural light and soft filters to create a special atmosphere in his images. His work has been featured in galleries and represented by Condé Nast and Monday Artists.

Connect with Albi

14. Stanley Babb (@stanlophotography)

Stanley Babb is one of the top Instagram photographers in the world. He has a unique perspective and a fantastic eye for detail that sets his work apart from the rest. He is primarily a wedding and commercial photographer, and his works are thought-provoking and always beautiful.

Contact Stanley

15. Olya Hill (@livingnotes)

Olya Hill is a top Instagram photographer and director from LA. Her account is full of amazing travel photos, as well as stunning shots of everyday life. Olya’s photographs have been featured on several popular Instagram accounts, and she continues to inspire people with her beautiful work.

Connect with Olya

16. Michael Shainblum (@shainblumphotography)

Michael Shainblum is a great photographer with 728k followers on Instagram. His photos are unique and captivating, and whether he’s photographing landscapes, cityscapes, or portraits, Michael always manages to capture the beauty of his subjects. If you’re looking for some inspiration, he is among the top photographers to follow on Instagram.

Contact Michael

17. Sebastien Nagy (@sebastien.nagy)

Sebastian Nagy is one of the famous photographers on Instagram who has 260k followers. He captures the perfect moments, and his photos are always stunning. His account is full of beautiful landscapes and exciting architecture.

His work is truly inspiring, and it’s no wonder he has amassed such large fans on Instagram. If you’re looking for some excellent photography inspiration, be sure to check out Sebastian Nagy’s account.

Connect with Sebastien

18. Ilkin Karacan Karakuş (@ilkinkaracan)

Ilkin Karacan Karakus is among the best photographers on Instagram. He has a unique perspective and eye for detail that sets his photos apart from the rest. His Instagram account is full of beautiful, creative shots that are definitely worth a follow.

Send Ilkin invitation

19. Babak Tafreshi (@babaktafreshi)

Instagram has become a popular social media platform for photographers to share their work. Among these Instagram photographers, Babak Tafreshi is one of the bests. He is amazing at capturing beautiful night images and is the founder of “TWAN, The World At Night.”

Connect with Babak

20. Sasha Samsonova (@sashasamsonova)

Sasha Samsonova is one of the top Instagram photographers from Ukraine. She is currently living in LA and has more than 727k followers.

Sasha’s photos are full of color and emotion, and they always make you feel like you’re right there experiencing the moment with her. Her photos are stunning, and her captions are always thought-provoking.

Contact Sasha

21. Laura Izumikawa (@lauraiz)

Laura Izumikawa is a verified storyteller and photographer on Instagram. She has over 534k followers, and her photos always receive a lot of likes and comments. Laura is known for her creative and unique photography style, which often features her young daughter, Joey.

Connect with Laura

22. Michael Sasser (@sasserstillsboudoir)

Michael Sasser is among the other top Instagram photographers. With over 83k followers, his breathtaking boudoir photographs have earned him a place among the best photographers on this social media platform.

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He also holds online courses to help photographers grow.

Contact Michael Sasser

23. Travis Burke (travisburkephotography)

In the world of photography, Travis Burke is a name that is quickly becoming well-known. His breathtaking landscapes and adventure shots have caught people’s attention worldwide. He currently has about 770k fans on Instagram.

Travis captures everything from deep space to the depths of the oceans and everything in between. His photographs are full of color and life and often depict nature in its rawest form.

Connect with Travis

24. Polina Razumovskaya (@polinarazumovskaya)

Polina Razumovskaya is a Russian photographer with 17.4k Instagram followers. Razumovskaya’s photographs are often simple, but always incredible. This micro influencer often shoots landscapes and architecture and takes beautiful portraits.

Send Polina invitation

25. Beth Kirby (@bethkirby)

Another great photographer is Beth Kirby. She has accumulated 655k followers on Instagram by posting beautiful and creative photos. Beth’s work showcases her talent for capturing the natural beauty in everyday moments. She is also a cook and takes photos of her meals.

Connect with Beth

26. Simone Bramante (@brahmino)

Simone Bramante is among the other best photographers and has 991k followers on Instagram.

What makes Simone’s work so unique is his creativity and ability to capture the beauty of everyday life. Whether he’s shooting landscapes or portraits, his photos always have a sense of emotion and serenity.

Contact Simone

27. Önder Koca (@onderkoca)

Önder Koca is a travel writer and photographer on Instagram. He has nearly 480k followers, and his work has been featured in magazines and online platforms. Koca’s photographs are evocative and atmospheric, often portraying scenes of natural beauty or urban landscapes. His images have a strong sense of composition and lighting, making them so popular on Instagram.

Connect with Önder Koca

28. Luke (@watchluke)

Luke is a UK photographer and director of “world.shooters .”

He is great at finding the perfect shot and knows how to capture a moment in time. His photos are always stunning, and he has a large group of followers because of it. Luke’s work is truly inspiring, and it’s no wonder he’s one of the most popular photographers on Instagram.

Contact Luke

29. Alice Gao (@alice_gao)

Among all the top photographers on Instagram, Alice Gao is a great one. This NYC- based influencer has about 900k followers and is known for her life, interiors, and travel photos.

Connect with Alice

30. Johan Lolos (@lebackpacker)

There are many talented and popular photographers on Instagram, but Johan Lolos is one of the top shooters on the platform. Lolos’ photos are eye-catching and often tell a story. He is perfect at finding details and knows how to capture a scene in its entirety.

John posts his documentary and unpublished photos on “johanlolos.”

Send Johan Lolos invitation

31. Hassan Ishan (@seefromthesky)

Hassan Ishan is a professional photographer who has made a name for himself on Instagram. He takes pictures of beautiful landscapes and cityscapes of Maldives and became well-known for his surreal photography.

Connect with Hassan

32. Olivier Wong (@wonguy974)

Olivier Wong is a famous photographer who has gained 935k fans on Instagram. Olivier’s photographs are often stunning and eye-catching, as he has a great talent for capturing the beauty of the world around him.

Contact Olivier

33. John Park (@hungryasianrke)

John Park is one of the other Instagram photographers who uses this platform to share his photos of everyday life. He is mostly a food photographer and could gain about 8k followers on the app. John can be an excellent choice if you’re looking for a nano influencer to collaborate with.

Connect with John

34. Claire Droppert (@claireonline)

Claire Droppert is a Dutch photographer and visual artist who captures sounds of silence. She has nearly 340k followers, and her account is full of stunning photos. Claire is an excellent photographer, and her work is definitely worth checking out.

Contact Claire

35. Iurie Belegurschi (@iuriebelegurschi)

One of the best photographers on Instagram is Iurie Belegurschi. He is a nature photographer who is based in Iceland and has 1m followers. He often travels the world to capture the most incredible landscapes and has a unique ability to capture the beauty of nature in a way that few other photographers can match.

Connect with Iurie

36. Tobi Bakre (@tobibakre)

In a world where anyone can be a photographer, Tobi Bakre is one of the published shooters on Instagram.

Tobi is also an actor, model, and analyst. He could be a great brand ambassador to promote your products to his 2m followers.

Send Tobi invitation

37. Kristina Makeeva (@hobopeeba)

Kristina Makeeva is one of the other top Instagram photographers who has found success on this social media platform. She has more than 1.1m followers and often posts creative compositions that make use of reflections and symmetry. Her photographs are colorful and atmospheric, and many of them have a perfect quality.

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Connect with Kristina

38. Paul Nicklen (@Paulnicklen) 

Paul Nicklen is one of Canada’s greatest and most famous Instagram photographers. He is also a filmmaker, a marine biologist, and one of the National Geographic photographers. He currently has 7.3m followers.

39. Chris Burckard (@Chrisburkard)