Top Instagram Photographers Should follow In 2020

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Instagram is a platform where skilled Instagram photographers from all over the world share their experiences with other people. Instagram photographers claim that a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here, we’ve prepared a list of the top 15 photographers on Instagram in 2020. Hopefully, they inspire your creativity and give you an outlook on what the top photographers are doing.

1. Paul Nicklen – @paulnicklen 6.7 Million followers

Paul Nicklen is one of the greatest and most famous Instagram photographers from Canada. He is also a Filmmaker, Marine biologist, and one of a National Geographic photographer.

2. Chris Burckard – @chrisburkard 3.6 Million followers

Chris Burkard is another American photographer of nature, who has gathered a high number of followers on Instagram. His pictures are of beautiful places all over the world and also landscapes, lifestyles, and places he travels. 

3. Steve McCurry – @stevemccurryofficial 3 Million followers

Steve McCurry is one of the best known Instagram photographers. His portfolio covers many nations, religions, and cultures, and his camera skills are truly second to none.

4.Brandon Woelfel – @brandonwoelfel 2.9 Million followers

Brandon Woelfel is a freelance portrait photographer born and based in Long Island, NY. Brandon began his pursuit of photography as a college student studying computer graphics. … Brandon’s magical use of lighting and color gives his portraiture a unique intimacy that has attracted over 2.9 million followers on Instagram.

5. Jimmy Chin – @jimmychin 2.7 Million followers

Jimmy Chin is another National Geographic photographer and one of the greatest Instagram photographers and influencers; he is also a professional climber and film director.

6.Alex Strohl – @alexstrohl 2 Million followers

Alex Strohl is a French photographer and author, best known for his landscape and outdoor photography. Strohl is based in Whitefish, Montana. In 2018, XXLPIX ranked him in 12th position in the “TOP100 photographers on the web” list. He authored a book named Alternative Living, published by Blurb in 2015.

7. Michael Yamashita – @yamashitaphoto 1.7 Million followers

Yamashita is another National Geographic photographers and Instagram photographers with more than one million followers. His pictures are about nature and daily life in Asia. 

8. Hannes Becker – @hannes_becker 1.5 Million followers

Becker is another nature photographer and a drone pilot; he has named herself a German Roamer. His breathtaking pictures of landscapes and nature are stunning.

9. Jack Harries – @jackharries 1.4 Million followers

Harries is a filmmaker and environmental activist and also a photography influencer on Instagram. His work as a photographer and video artist was started on social media.

10. Theron Humphrey – @thiswildidea 1.3 Million followers

Theron Humphrey obtained fame and popularity on Instagram while recording a documentary across all 50 states of the US and sharing his travel experiments on Instagram.

11.David Guttenfelder – @dguttenfelder 1.2 Million followers

David Guttenfelder is an American photographer from Iowa, former chief Asia photographer for the Associated Press, known for his photos of North Korea.

12. Dylan Furst – @fursty 1.1 Million followers

Dylan Furst is a filmmaker and one of the famous Instagram photographers based in Bellingham, Washington state. His pictures are all about nature with a special and unique theme.

13. Adam Senatori – @adamsenatori 774k followers

Adam Senatori is a filmmaker, pilot, and one of the famous Instagram photographers. He also takes travel photography for outfits like LA Tourism and the Oahu Visitors Bureau.

14. Pei Ketron – @pketron 751k followers

Pei Ketron is one of the top Instagram photographers and influencers. Her fame is because of taking photos with mobile.

15. Dan Rubin – @danrubin 700k followers

Dan Rubin is a designer and photographer who gives you an innovative and excellent view of the world by using his shots of different perspectives.