30 Hot Korean Instagram Models To Follow In 2024

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Korean influencers gained more popularity on Instagram and TikTok in the past year. Moreover, most of the social media accounts belong to sexy Korean women. Apart from following hot Korean Instagram models to see what they share and do in their daily lives, people would like to know what these models buy, wear, and even eat. That’s when influencer marketing grows in this country.

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How to find Korean Instagram models? 

Do you want to find Korean models on Instagram easily? The quickest and easiest way is to search for them on Instagram Influencer Marketplaces, such as Ainfluencer. You can sign up for free and access the list of the top influencers on Instagram.

The search process on this platform is straightforward and time-saving. Instead of searching on Instagram, which will give you lots of results that are not related to what you want, this platform lets you search based on your preferences: category, country, gender, hashtags, etc. The result of searching with this method is more accurate than other methods, such as searching Google or using Instagram hashtags.

It’s worth mentioning that, in addition to Instagram, you can also find many hot and gorgeous creators on OnlyFans who are ready to share their sensual content with you. If you’re interested, make sure to click the link below to discover some of the top accounts on the platform!

Since you want to see top Korean girls on Instagram, let’s delve right into the list.

30 Korean Models on Instagram

Here is a list of 30 hot Korean Instagram models you can collaborate with to promote your business. They are very pretty and inspiring in all aspects of life.

1. Seola (@seola_s) 

Seola is one of the sexy Korean girls on Instagram who has 750k followers. Although she is mainly known as a YouTuber, she still has great engagement on Instagram too. With her skinny body, tall height, and cute look, she is considered one of the hottest Korean Instagram models.

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2. Seungyeon (@0seungyeon)

With 1M followers, Seungyeon is a young Korean model on IG with a casual style. She is a lovely and cute girl who is also a model for the famous brand Mont Blanc. She can be an excellent influencer for fashion and clothing brands.

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3. Oh Hayoung (@_ohhayoung_) 

Oh Hayoung is also one of the hot Korean Instagram models who follows a teenage style. It seems that she is so influential on teens. Thus, with 1M followers, she can be a pleasing icon for promoting related products and services.

Collaborate with Oh Hayoung

4. Angelica (@pandangelica) 

Angelica introduces herself as a digital creator. However, her unique hairstyle and makeup make her so popular among hot Korean girls, leading to 152K followers on Instagram. She also has vitiligo, a disease that causes parts of the skin to turn lighter or white. She accepts these patches as a symbol of beauty and doesn’t try to hide them. However, as a makeup artist, she can do that very easily.

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5. Hyunju Yoo (@_hyunju.__) 

Hyunju is an athlete who has 388K followers. She is so cute that it seems she has come out of the video games. That makes her one of the hot Korean girls on Instagram who is commonly a sportswear model.

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6. Park Min Jeong (@1995.mj) 

Park Min Jeong is a Korean hot chick with 988K followers. Although she introduces herself as a video creator, she is mainly known as a sexy model. Park Min is a superb model for underwear and swimsuits.

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7. Sarangdungy (@sarangdungy) 

Sarangdungy is a young artist with 818K followers on Instagram, making her a macro influencer. She is a stylish girl who follows a classic style and loves sports. Thus, she is an excellent role model for sportswear and fashion accessories.

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8. Bora Kim (@wanna._b) 

Bora is one of the sexy Korean girls who is a female Instagram model. She is also a travel blogger with 1.1M followers. Being a hot model on Instagram is impossible without a workout, and Bora does that too. That’s why she is always one of the top Korean Instagram models.

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9. Songjieun (@bimil_jieun)

Songjieun is one of the hot Koreans on Instagram who loves playing golf. She also spends her time in nature and plays music in her leisure time. With 604K followers, she can become a hot and cute model for sportswear, especially collared shirts and skirts that women golfers wear.

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10. Heejoo (@yoo.xx) 

Most of the models on the list have another career too. They mostly follow their hobbies. Whether it’s a sport or simple work like walking dogs! Heejoo is that person. Although she is a famous Korean model on IG, she still considers herself a dog walker. That’s her favorite job besides being a fashion model on instagram. 

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11. Soi (@soi.f) 

A great body shape is not formed without training. That’s why most of the hot Korean women on Instagram are athletes. Soi is a yoga trainer with 120K followers. Her curvy body shape made her a perfect alternative for promoting sportswear. However, that doesn’t mean she can’t be an excellent model for fashion clothes and accessories.

Collaborate with Soi

12. Elizabeth Johyun Wang (@wprincesss)

Elizabeth is a fitness influencer whose great body shape made her famous for modeling swimwear and fashion clothes. She has 25K followers and loves traveling and swimming.

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13. pink_hannaaa (pink_hannaaa) 

Hanna is a cute hot Korean model on Instagram with 250K followers. She was a dancer and cheerleader and is now a well-known model and fashion influencer.

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14. soyeo (@soyeo)  

Soyeo is a Korean hot chick on Instagram that has 52K followers. She is primarily a beauty and health influencer, but also posts promotions for clothes and fashion accessories.

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15. Yeji Kim (@yeah_zzzzz) 

When you visit Yeji’s account on Instagram, you will recognize her as a dancer. But due to her unique style and the dancing videos she publishes on her Instagram, she is considered an excellent and practical model for distinctive and casual clothes. Yeji has 89K followers who know her because of her choreographies and dances.

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16. Mina Myoung (@minamyoung) 

Mina is a well-known Korean model on Instagram with 770K followers. However, like many other models, she follows her own dream as a dancer and artist. Mina also has a dancing school and mostly has income from this career. But she is still an excellent figure for clothes, particularly loose and baggy clothes people wear in dancing classes.

Collaborate with Mina Myoung

17. DJ Siena (@dj_siena) 

As her name indicates, Siena is a DJ and musician on Instagram. With 642K followers, her page is a great place for brands and companies to promote their business. Besides being a music influencer, Siena is a hot Korean model on Instagram who commonly promotes clothes and swimsuits.

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18. youngji Hur (@young_g_hur) 

Youngji, with her skinny body and cute face, is one of the Korean models on Instagram, with 811K followers. She is an excellent character for promoting clothes.

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19. Seojinban (@seojin_ban) 

Seojin is an athlete who trains every day. She has 785K followers and has recently become one of the most attractive Korean Instagram models.

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20. Sewhee Cho🇰🇷 (@sehui1004) 

Although Sewhee might not have as many followers as other Korean models, she has achieved many awards. In 2014, she became Miss Korea; in 2015, she earned the honor of Miss Asia Representing Korea; and in 2017, she became Miss Universe Korea. Sewhee has 100K followers. She loves cycling and golf. Therefore, she can be a great model for such products. 

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21. Juney (@within_eyeshot) 

Juney is a micro influencer among other Korean models with 17.2K followers. But still a great fashion model. She loves nature and traveling. Furthermore, she is a model and actress who promotes different styles. However, she is mainly known as a hot bikini model on Instagram.

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22. Hyen (@hyen22222) 

Hyen is a young blond Korean girl who started her Instagram account as a video creator. Soon, she attracted more people and became more influential to young girls and teenagers. She is a fun, cute Korean model on Instagram with 106K followers. She is interested in playing golf, that’s why she is mostly known as a golf influencer in Korea.

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23. Seojuhun (@seojuhyun_s)

Seojuhun is a famous character among Koreans because she is a member of the Girls’ Generation band. That’s why she now has 8.2M followers on Instagram and has become the hottest Korean model for famous brands such as Dolce Gabbana. 

24. Sandra Park (@daraxxi)

Sandra is one of the top Korean Instagram models, with 10.1M followers. She is also an active user on this platform that updates her page daily. That’s why she has a great engagement rate too.

25. Ennik (@somsomi0309) 

With 19.7M followers, Ennik is a popular mega influencer in Korea. She gained as much fame that led her to become a model for different clothing brands and jewelry. 

26. Siyoung (@si.young)

Let’s meet Siyoung, one of the hottest Korean models who loves traveling all around the world. As a popular Korean girl, Siyoung has 610k followers on Instagram, and she is not only a top model in Korea but also a travel blogger who promotes resorts and top travel destinations.

27. Yeoniaile (@y_aile)

Although she considers herself a designer, Yeoniaile is known as a hot Korean model who is into adventure and shares exciting moments of her life, such as skydiving. But her life is not limited to these moments; she loves swimming and traveling, which makes her a popular model in both fields.

28. Lee Ji-eun (@jjieun_lee2)

Golf is a popular game in Korea, and we have another Korean hot model who promotes golf clothes. Lee Ji-Eun is a Korean model who is a golf player. That’s why most of her posts show her with golf clothes. She has 150K followers and is a popular TikToker too.

29. Cha Cha (@cha_sohyeon)

One is the hottest Korean models on Instagram is definitely Cha Cha. Like many Korean girls, she has pale skin and highlighted hair. And she loves Korean food. You can see her post lots of stories of tasty foods.

30. Suin 이 수인 (@s2.suin)

Suin calls herself a travel creator. She loves traveling all around the world. Even though she writes her Instagram captions in Korean, you can still enjoy her photos. She posts a lot of photos in bikinis or beautiful outfits.

Make Money On Social Media as a Korean Instagram Model

The popularity of influencers has made them unique among their followers. That’s why people usually accept what an influencer recommends. Accordingly, brands and companies have found influencer marketing an excellent method to improve their online presence and increase sales. Therefore, finding Instagram influencers is more crucial to them. 

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Based on research done in Korea, 71% of Koreans trust social media for purchasing something. Business growth is not possible without influencer marketing these days. Especially if you have just started a new business, it’s hard to introduce yourself to others without collaborating with influencers on Instagram and other social media platforms.

No matter in which country you live, finding the best influencers in your area should be at the top of your marketing strategy. Fortunately, now it’s easy to find the best character for your brand on Instagram. Sign up on Ainfluencer, and find Instagram influencers that match your criteria.


Who Is the Trending Korean Girl on Instagram? 

Lee Sung-kyung (@heybiblee), with 15.2M followers, is the most popular Korean model on Instagram.

Who Is No 1 in Instagram Korea?

Lisa (@lalalalisa_m), with 100M followers, is the No1 Instagrammer in Korea. She is the youngest member of the K-pop girl band Blackpink, and her posts reach millions of likes and thousands of comments. She is a mega influencer on Instagram.