20 Free Influencer Marketing Platforms To Grow Your Business In 2023

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Influencer marketing has become a critical part of digital marketing and a popular way for brands to showcase products to wider audiences. Marketers engage with influencers for content promotion, and the majority plan to increase influencer spending.

Knowing influencer marketing platforms is crucial for social media marketers since using the best free influencer marketing platform is a practical way to grow their brand.

There are different popular social media channels such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, etc., but Instagram is the number one platform in terms of impact and importance among other social media channels. The photo-sharing app boasts a huge audience and is rapidly rising in popularity among casual users and businesses alike.

Now you might consider multiple ways to find Instagram influencers to achieve this main marketing goal, but take a pause and pick up the smartest, fastest, and easiest free influencer marketing platform to help you grow your brand and make money on Instagram. Influencer marketing platforms are one of the best efficient ways to expand your Instagram business results and boost product sales.

What is Influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a form of marketing that focuses on using key figures to promote a product or service. These individuals, known as influencers, have a large group of followers on social media and are often respected by their peers. By working with these influencers, brands can reach a larger audience and increase brand awareness.

What are the influencer marketing platforms?

Influencer marketing platforms are online tools that connect brands with influencers for influencer marketing collaboration. These influencer search platforms offer a discovery tool for brands and influencers to meet and make deals.

Influencer marketing websites and platforms let brands discover suitable influencers and develop relationships with them to run campaigns. Over time, top free influencer marketing platforms offered additional services to brands, such as real-time analytics, campaign management, creating marketplace ads, etc.

All these services help brands generate traffic, leads, and sales and let influencers promote brand awareness on their social media accounts. Here are the 20 best free influencer marketing platforms in 2023.

1. Ainfluencer

Ainfluencer homepage

Ainfluencer is a free influencer marketplace that uses AI-powered matching and discovery engines to find the best influencers on Instagram. With this marketplace for influencers, you can explore and discover influencers by selecting a variety of filters, such as your keyword, the influencer’s location, hashtags, language, gender, number of followers, etc.


Brands can search for influencers by creating a free marketplace ad. This ad will then be posted to the marketplace, where thousands of qualified influencers can see it and make offers.

Watch the YouTube video below to see how Ainfluencer can help you create marketplace ads and do influencer marketing.

Note: Ainfluencer makes Instagram influencer marketing and ads on marketplaces easy and fast for both influencers and brands.

Ainfluencer’s app is also available for influencers to explore brands and collaborate with the desired ones.

This DIY marketplace allows you to run influencer marketing campaigns freely. You can schedule a half-hour walkthrough session, and Ainfluencer’s team will explain the entire process to you for free.

Aside from that, you can also use one of Ainfluencer’s three different pricing plans to let this influencer marketplace do the process for you.


  • Ainfluencer includes a chat box that provides a great channel for communication, sharing and discussing details, collaborating on content, and publishing brands’ posts.
  • This free Instagram influencer search tool allows influencers to scan through thousands of branded offers and connect all of their influencer accounts in one place.
  • Ainfluencer simplifies the workflow to ensure that brands respond quickly and accept deals more often through the built-in offer notifications.
  • It offers secure payments through the app so that you don’t have to chase after deposits or balances on the job.
  • Ainfluencer is one of the best influencer management tools and provides revenue and campaign views stats and also withdraw funds whenever you like.
  • Although it’s named as one of the best micro influencer platforms, you can find mega, macro, and nano influencers as well.
It’s 100% freeIts influencer database does not contain Youtube or Facebook influencers.
This free influencer marketing search tool is available for both iOS and Android.
It includes a set of tools that an Instagram influencer needs to make deals with brands.
Ainfluencer provides insights into influencers’ accounts and gives you more information about their engagement rate, their audience, and the quality score of their content.
It has a safe payment procedure.

2. FameBit

Influencer marketing platform-FameBit

FameBit is one of the best free influencer marketing platforms that acts as a mediator between brands and YouTubers. This free influencer search tool’s mission is to connect popular YouTube influencers with brands for endorsement opportunities.


  • Brand/influencer matching
  • Campaign analytics
  • Content creation
Brands can launch campaigns and receive proposals for free.It doesn’t have an SSL certificate.
FameBit has expanded its platform to several other social media channels, including Facebook, Vine, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram. Its database is not so large.
The website is easy to navigate.


Tribe Homepage

Tribe is a content-first platform known as one of the best free influencer marketing platforms to connect brands with creators at higher speed and lower cost. This fastest growing influencer search platform is considered for a variety of business scales. Influencers first consider brand campaigns, then go through content creation; after that, marketers evaluate which content and influencers best fit their campaign.


  • Its influencer database has audience analysis.
  • This top free influencer marketing platform has user-generated content management.
  • It is easy to use and has workflow capability
  • You can search and discover influencers on its free influencer database.
Influencers get judged on the quality of their content, not the number of followers.It can get too slow and difficult to upload the list of influencers in bulk.
All brands and influencers are monitored and mediated.It’s a bit slow.
Its influencer database free includes both TikTok and Instagram.The automated tagging of this influencer search platform is not accurate. 

4. Influence.co

Influence.co Homepage

Influence.co is one of the most professional free influencer marketing platforms that helps influencers develop their networks, access the latest news and resources, engage with other influencers, and secure collaborations with top brands. Brands can take advantage of authentic human engagement through the community of influencers to build their awareness using this influencer marketing platform free.


  • It offers influencer search and discovery.
  • This free influencer platform gives you the ability to manage your marketing relationships. 
  • It also has campaign management.
It is easy to navigate.
Its database is not so large.
The platform is user-friendly.
You can search for different influencers based on industry, budget, location, and niches.

5. Hypr

Hypr Homepage

Hypr is predominantly one of the best influencer marketing websites that assist companies with audience analysis and campaign management. It’s among the free influencer marketing platforms that help brands find influencers free, based on their posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest. The power of its search engine, which allows you to search through the gigantic database of 10 million influencers, is the main strength of this free influencer search tool.


  • You can do the influencer search and discovery.
  • Performance tracking with audience demographics and conversion attribution is easy on this free influencer platform.
  • It has a fraud detection and audience health feature.
  • The database contains over 10 million accounts.
You can get real-time social analytics.You may face errors while working with the platform, especially when signing in.
They offer you dedicated account managers to help you find what you’re looking for.

6. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo Homepage

Buzzsumo is among the free influencer platforms that lets you see what is popular on social media, and which successful content of any competitors is shared most. Above all, its influencer and outreach section allows you to find, analyze, and follow influencers in your niche. Its other features include:


  • You can export reports.
  • You can find influencers free, and it gives you competitor analysis.
  • It provides engagement figures for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit.
You can see what’s trending overall.It doesn’t have many filtering options.
It gives you the ability to identify influencers in a certain topic area.
This social media influencer finder is good-looking and easy to use.

7. Upfluence

Upfluence Homepage

Upfluence is one of the full-scale free influencer marketing platforms with a massive database of nearly 3 million influencers. It’s one of the influencer management tools that its algorithm analyzes each piece of content for reach and engagement. More importantly, clients are allowed to search through this platform to find influencers free using keywords, locations, number of followers, etc., and find influencers from all over the world on Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, Pinterest, blogs, and Twitter. 


  • You can do an influencer search based on 20+ criteria such as keywords, location, engagement rates, etc.
  • It has multiple campaign management features.
  • You can monitor analytics and mentions on its free influencer database.
  • From a single dashboard, you can track the development of each influencer collaboration.
It’s among the easiest influencer sites that let you get in touch with influencers.It has only annual plans.
This platform gives you detailed metric reports of the data.It has a complex structure and may not be easy to use, at least for newbies.
It has a free Chrome plugin.
Individual affiliate links and promo coupons can be generated with Upfluence.
Each client is assigned a personal manager.

8. Affable.ai

Affable.ai Homepage

Affable.ai is another best free influencer marketing platform with an influencer search feature. Brands can use its campaign services to optimize, manage, and track their campaigns easily.


  • You can search for influencers through the platform’s filters.
  • You can get influencers’ insight and learn about their social media history.
  • This free influencer marketing platform gives you the ability to track your campaigns.
It has workflow automation.The influencer database doesn’t include many nano and micro influencers.
The marketing platform is user-friendly.
It gives straightforward analytics.

9. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor Homepage

Here is one of the best influencer websites. With HypeAuditor searching for influencers would be so easy. This marketing platform ranks bloggers by their quality score and engagement rate. It provides many information about the influencers to help you choose the best fit for your brand.

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On this free influencer marketing platform, you can run influencer campaigns, track the performance of your Instagram and YouTube accounts, and run individual campaigns.


  • You can analyze and compare influencers.
  • The signup procedure is free.
  • It gives you information about influencers’ followers, accounts’ main topic, authentic engagement rate, etc.
  • It is one of the free influencer platforms with a money calculator.
  • You can run and manage influencer campaigns.
It gives you detailed reports of influencers.You can not connect with influencers on the platform.
This influencer search platform has a fraud detection feature.
You can track your campaigns easily.

10. Storyclash

Storyclash Homepage

Storyclash is one of the other free influencer marketing platforms that helps influencers to be discovered and collaborate with brands. You can enter your brand’s name into its search bar, and see all the influencers that have recently mentioned you on their social media accounts.


  • It has an influencer research feature.
  • You can get customizable reports.
  • You can access your campaign analytics and demographic data.
  • The support team is quick.
This free influencer search tool allows you to have content-based searching for influencers.There are no location filters for the free influencer database.
You can have real-time analytics.

11. PitchBoard

PitchBoard Homepage

PitchBoard is among the top free influencer platforms that focuses on enabling marketers and brands to reach new audiences. It analyzes influencers’ data and determines who has the most suitable followers for the campaign.


  • You can view all your campaigns on the Dashboard.
  • It estimates the influencer’s cost per engagement.
  • You can see influencers’ followers’ information using this influencer site.
The interface is easily navigated.Payment fees are too high.
You can have real-time information.It takes a cut of the influencers’ payment.
It’s easy to manage your campaigns.

 12. Dovetale

Dovetale Homepage

Dovetale is One of the influencer sites that focus on eCommerce stores. It’s a great option for small businesses to manage influencer marketing campaigns and generate sales. If you connect your Shopify store, you can use its free plan.


  • It has many tools for managing and tracking your campaigns.
  • It gives you commission and sales stats.
  • It’s one of the best influencer websites that provides you with several campaign templates.
It has a clear workflow.It doesn’t have a chat box.
You can track your campaignsInfluencers can only connect to the platform via their Facebook accounts.
Its free influencer database and search filters are precise.

13. Audiense

Audiense is one of the best influencer marketing platforms and tools that crawls the entire social web to give you all the necessary data. It’s among the influencer tools that helps you get insights about audiences, such as your mutual followers, interests, location, etc.


  • It has an audience segmentation that puts audiences into different subgroups.
  • You can identify the relevant audience to your niche.
  • It can measure your impact on Twitter.
It gives you a deep analysis of your competitors’ audiences.The given data is only from Twitter.
You’ll learn how to best engage your audience.

14. Gatsby

Gatsby is a free influencer marketing website that enables you to identify the Instagram profiles of influencers and invite the most influential ones to collaborate with you. You can also create different pop-ups and pages to collect your clients’ info.


  • You can analyze influencers’ audience reach.
  • It gives you the ability to create popups and buttons for marketing websites.
  • It enables you to create customizable checkout pages and popup widgets.
You can have all your clients’ information.This influencer software is a bit complicated and hard to use.
It has workflow automation.
You can sync all the data with your marketing tools.

15. Tagger


Tagger is a data-driven free influencer marketing platform that makes it simple to find influencers all over the world and manage their connections. 

Also, this free social media influencer finder provides enhanced analytics tools to assess audiences, interests, and affinities when it comes to campaign design and administration. You may also compare your results to those of your competitors.


  • Over 6 million influencer profiles are available to you on Tagger.
  • Influencer profiles can be filtered by geography, engagement rate, affinity, and other factors.
  • You can analyze influencer metrics and assess their credibility.
  • It lets you keep track of and compare competitive data.
  • You can also create customized campaign reports that are accurate and real-time.
Tagger’s social listening tool helps you analyze competitors.It may take some time to become familiar with all of its features.
Gain access to large influencer networks to make proposals and approve material directly.Small firms may find it too complicated.
This free influencer website also displays the best content and authors for specific criteria. 

16. Influencity


When Influencity first launched in 2014, it was solely focused on Twitter. It was one of the influencer management tools that attempted to automate Twitter influencers’ tweet publication. However, their focus has shifted over time to include Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitch, and other major social media platforms.

You can apply several filters on this free influencer marketing platform in a variety of ways to find the most relevant results when searching for influencer profiles on Influencity.

After you’ve found a profile you like, you may look at its demographics, follower quality, affinity, and more. Basically, you don’t have to conduct any research. It also has campaign management and tracking capabilities.


  • With lookalike influencer searches, you’ll get more relevant results.
  • You can make a list of influencers and forecast how they will perform.
  • Multiple influencer campaigns can be automated at the same time.
  • It lets you examine the costs of previous initiatives in order to strike better deals with influencers.
  • To collaborate more easily with your team members, you can add notes to this influencer platform.
  • With easy-to-read graphs, you can compare campaign effectiveness.
Get access to a massive free influencer database (over 70 million influencer profiles)Pricing plans don’t include many features and options.
Check how frequently an influencer engages with their audience.It has a lot of features, but it has a steep learning curve.
Detect phony influencers.
It is one of the best influencer programs that lets you match your audience’s preferences to influencer profiles.
There is a free trial available.

17. Intellifluence


Intellifluence is among the other best free influencer marketing platforms with huge influencer networks that cater to a wide range of influencers, from peer-level micro influencers to celebrities with millions of followers.

Their flexibility in channels, as a platform-agnostic network, leads to a wide range of application cases, from Amazon to YouTube.


  • You can make influencer discovery.
  • It has messaging tools.
  • Its payment process is safe and secure.
Intellifluence doesn’t require any lengthy commitments.If you forget to use the coupon code when signing up, you will miss the chance to have the 30-day free trial.
It offers a 30-day free trial.

18. Pitchbox


It’s among the free influencer platforms that is distinguished by its integration with SEO solution providers like Moz, SEMRush, and Ahrefs, which allows for accurate, insightful analytics.


  • You can find bloggers, publishers, and influencers.
  • It’s one of the influencer tools with a customizable, personalized outreach and follow-up.
  • You can make data-driven decisions on Pitchbox.
Using Pitchbox results in an increase in conversions, according to many internet reviews.Pitchbox has a lot of challenges in learning how to make the most of this free influencer marketing platform, and requires some concentrated effort to get to know it.
Furthermore, their excellent search capabilities and audience targeting have gotten a lot of great feedback.

19. Captiv8


Captiv8 has added functionality to the platform over time, making it one of the top end-to-end influencer marketing websites.

The AI is always striving to catalog any bit of data it can observe about the 1.5 million+ influencers in its free influencer database, and the social listening feature is still prominent.

Captiv8’s data is particularly deep because they have marketing and/or API connections with all of the social media.


  • Captiv8 has completed the package with Discovery, Campaign Management, and a Reporting analytics component, all of which combine to make it a top-of-the-line free influencer marketing platform and a class leader.
Captive8’s hashtag and location social listening service aids in discovery and strategy.Captive8 doesn’t provide enough onboarding/training, which means a slower learning curve.
With automated tools, you can analyze your performance and obtain recommendations for when and where to post.On Captive8, new features are stealthily introduced with minimal warning or fanfare.

20. IMAI


IMAI is one of the influencer marketing websites that gives you access to over 230 million influencers from Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Twitch, and Twitter. It’s one of the best influencer programs with AI-driven analytics.


  • You can have demographic and psychographic data of influencers and their audiences.
  • You can search for influencers on this influencer site through various filters.
  • Manage your campaigns and measure their success.
The influencers’ community is big.The search process is often slow.
It has a custom-branded influencer app to connect with influencers via the platform.

Qualities of a Top-Notch Influencer Marketing Platform

Perhaps knowing how to choose the best influencer marketing platforms is the most challenging task.

Today, hundreds of influencer marketplaces and platforms are available for brands and influencers to connect and collaborate. But nobody out there really tells you what to consider when deciding to choose the best free influencer marketing platforms to find influencers.

Generally, good influencer marketing websites should have the following qualities:

  • Being zero risk
  • Free trial
  • Mobile app
  • Being easy to use
  • Real-time metrics
  • Custom search filters
  • Built-in post scheduler
  • Ability to post personalized offers
  • Wide array of influencers
  • Access to a content library
  • Campaign management tools
  • Ability to receive offers from influencers

This was just a general overview of the core features top influencer marketing websites need to contain.

When a social media influencer agency incorporates all these features into its website, it creates a complete DIY (Do-It-Yourself) influencer marketing platform free. You can benefit from using influencer marketing in many ways. Still, you first need to know how to choose the ideal influencer platform. Now let’s delve deeper into each point and learn how they contribute to a platform’s credibility.

  • Risk-free

When we mention a platform that should be risk-free, we’re actually referring to having a safe and secure payment process.

All of us want peace of mind when we have our credit cards out and intend to do a transaction online. So it’s critical for any influencer marketing platform to guarantee a system for payment management.

A reliable marketing website will freeze your funds until your requested content is published according to your deal with the influencer(s).

  • Easy to Use

The second quality of a platform that sticks out is that it should be easy to use.

It must have a user-friendly interface, making it easy for anyone to navigate through different sections of the website.

While on a social influencer agency’s website, you should feel entirely comfortable finding and using different features, such as influencer discovery, audit, outreach, etc.

  • Free Trial

Third, the best influencer marketing platform provides users with a free trial.

If, in any case, a platform asks you to input your credit card information and pay upfront, you should think twice about using it. At least the first offer you create, should be free of charge. It’s anyone’s right to be able to test a tool for a short period of time, so that they can trust it.

  • Mobile App

This feature is not much necessary, but it definitely makes things a lot easier. We live in a world where smartphones are a core element of our lives.

Over the years since its invention, cell phone dependency has risen excessively to a point where it’s caused many of us to be “Mobile addictive.” Statista forecasts that the total number of smartphone users will surpass 4 billion in 2023.

An influencer marketing company can facilitate many relevant tasks for its users by developing a cellphone application in such conditions.

  • Content Library

Having a content library is another quality we believe a social media influencer agency must include on its website. A content library allows you to upload the content you want in different formats and see a preview version before it’s published. Additionally, you should be able to write a caption and determine the hashtags you want to include with the content.

  • Large Community

Next up on the list is a platform’s database size. None of us want to end up using a site that doesn’t have a large, diversified community of influencers.

As a brand or business owner, you are looking to scale your efforts to a maximum level with influencers. For this to happen, the agency you decide to work with should offer you a bustling marketplace with a vast range of influencers.

  • Campaign Monitoring

Moving on to the next essential feature, the platform you plan to use needs to have a campaign management section. You should easily be able to create, run, and monitor different campaigns simultaneously.

With a few clicks, the free influencer marketing platforms you want to use should allow you to upload various campaign details like images, videos, duration, etc.

Anyway, what’s the point of working with an influencer agency if we have to manually keep track of our campaigns?

  • Creating and Receiving Offers

The next quality is a combination of two of the ones we mentioned earlier in the introduction of this article. In addition to posting your customized offers on a website’s marketplace, the option of receiving offers from different influencers should also be available for you.

You may already have some influencers in mind who you want to invite to your campaigns in some cases. While in some other cases, you may wish to create offers and let influencers reach out to you.

An influencer marketing platform that is claiming to be the best, has to indeed have both of these options built-in.

  • Real-time Analytics

The penultimate quality on our list has the option to show real-time social media metrics. You need these metrics (such as likes, comments, shares, etc.) to track your campaigns and measure the final results.

However, even if the platform doesn’t provide you with such analytics, you can still obtain them manually. But that’s not really optimal when you’re paying for influencer marketing services.

  • Search Filters

Lastly, the website you’re using must have specific search filters. This’ll help ease the process of finding the right influencers. Some of the essential search filters are hashtags, location, industry, and followers, to name a few.


Considering all the points we’ve discussed to choose the best free influencer marketing platforms and the free influencer marketing tools we have introduced so far, Ainfluencer stands out pretty well among other rivals. The platform is dedicated to Instagram influencer marketing and has all the qualities we talked about. Alongside having access to all the key features, the website offers you a complete, free walkthrough of their services.

Try Ainfluencer for free

1- How do you grow your brand with influencer marketing?

Here are a few effective steps to help you with your influencer marketing campaign:
Identify the goal of your campaign
Pick the right social media platform
Pick the right influencers
Attach an experience or emotion to your brand
Choose the best influencer marketing platforms

2- What platform do influencers use?

For social influencers, Instagram is the platform of choice. Although 93% of U.S. marketers use Instagram to execute their influencer marketing campaigns, there are other popular social media platforms like TikTok that you should keep an eye on.

3- Which platform is best for influencer marketing?

Choosing the best influencer marketing platform can be a game-changer in the process of executing marketing campaigns. Here are some influencer marketing tools to assist brands when working with influencers.
1. Klear
2. Ainfluencer
3. Creator. co
4. Upfluence
5. Hypr
6. FameBit
7. Webfluencial

Cyrus Nambakhsh

Cyrus is a serial entrepreneur, product-led-growth expert, a product visionary who launched 7 startups. He has built scalable platforms to help businesses and entrepreneurs. Contact: Cyrus@ainfluencer.com