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Instagram bio is the first section where the Instagram user encounters your personal or business profile. Therefore, it is essential to know you should provide the necessary information about your foodie account in your Instagram Bio very soon to improve Instagram marketing. So Instagram bio for food bloggers is an essential part of attracting the audience.

The role of Bio in increasing Instagram followers is exact. As a food blogger, Your Instagram biography is like your business card, portfolio, and homepage of your website, all in one package. 

You only have a few seconds to make a great initial impression, so you need to focus on your Instagram bio and make sure it is creative enough to turn Instagram visitors into followers.

What should I put for my Bio on Instagram?

A great bio should reflect your personality and brand. This is the essential secret of having a proper bio! 

Instagram bio is a way for users to contact you. So in this section, you can put your contact information.

Your Instagram bio should cover many things. This may seem difficult given the limited number of characters you can use; however, an attractive Instagram bio should include the following:

Choose a good name

The first point is to try to choose a name carefully to make your Bio attractive. The name you select should be either your name or your Brand name.

You can also use words related to your job and profession to choose a name. As you know, this word is the keyword that Instagram recognizes you with and uses this keyword when you search. So remember that this world knows you.

Attractive profile photo

The second point is related to choosing your profile photo. If your Instagram page is related to you, try to choose an attractive photo of yourself for your profile photo. In this case, strangers who enter your page will find out that you are exactly who they are looking for. This will make them like your page and follow you.

But suppose the page is related to the activity you do. In that case, you can use the logo related to your business or the logo related to it. To attract and increase followers, you can write a brief description of your work in Bio. 

And as a food blogger, it’s better to choose a photo of yourself.

Make the Bio exciting and beautiful.

You have to use all your creativity to create Bio excitingly and attractively. That way, when your Bio is friendly and not too formal, more people can connect with it and become your follower page.

Use emojis. A great way to give an interesting and exciting look to your Bio. Interestingly, emojis will not have a limit on the number of characters in words. This allows you to add more information about your activity.

Here are some ways to use emojis to have an attractive Instagram bio:

  1. Try combining a few words with emojis. You can use your creativity in this case.
  2. Use emojis to get the attention of your content. You can also use it as a marker to separate different parts of your text to make it easier to read.
  3. Every emoji you add to your Instagram bio should be relevant to your field of work.
  4. Using an emoji without accompanying text is not recommended. 
  5. Choose different emojis to have an attractive Instagram bio.
  6. Emojis improve Instagram bio for food bloggers.

Use keywords and hashtags.

Instagram uses keywords in a different way than other social media. Using keywords with hashtags will help you search for what you are looking for better and easier.

Using brand hashtags is an essential technique in having an attractive Instagram bio for a food blogger.

Creating an engaging Instagram page will be much easier when you give your followers the ability to share your content with your affiliate community using your branded hashtag. Creating an attractive Instagram bio using hashtags can help you promote your account and ensure more followers and attract more audience for your brand.


There is only one place on Instagram where you can put a direct link to a website, and that place is the bio section. If you have a site, put it in your Instagram Bio. This section helps you to ask users to click on it and thus increase your site traffic. 

Note that users do not do something automatically, and you have to ask them! For example, suppose you link a food blog in the Bio and introduce that article from your site in a post. In that case, you must ask users to refer to your Instagram bio and click on that link to enter the site.

Create a call to action (such as call, email, and direct)

Instagram Bio for a food blogger is an excellent place to ask users to do something! This social network has also made it easy for you by adding the Instagram contact button and other action buttons. For example, you can put your email and contact number in these action buttons and ask users to contact you for advice or questions. Email, in particular, is a great way to communicate so that you can keep users’ queries and emails forever.

You can also put the address of your restaurant or store on the Instagram business page and ask users to visit it at the specified time;

Example of Foodie Instagram bio for food bloggers:

Food god

Jonathan Cheban is an American Food Blogger who always loves food.

Jonathan Cheban

Yumna Jawad

Yumna is Michigan based food blogger who was working as Branding and R&M for the retail food industry.

Yumna Jawad

Tieghan Gerard

Tieghan Gerard, a woman of simple nature who use to inspire by people and places that she loves the most.

Tieghan Gerard

Deliciously Ella

Ella is a British Food Writer and Entrepreneur known by the brand name Deliciously Ella. She has published some great food books on her Amazon Account.

Deliciously Ella

Minimalist Baker

Dana Shultz is working on adding innovation to the Food Industry.

Minimalist Baker

Skinnytaste Healthy Recipes

Gina Homolka is one of the best food bloggers on Instagram for healthy recipes. She believes in eating seasonal, whole food so that you can maintain good portion control.

Skinnytaste Healthy Recipes


You can easily create a great Instagram bio have an attractive and successful Instagram bio. Your Instagram profile does not have to be fixed; you can update it from time to time and use other creative ideas to increase its appeal. The simplest thing is to change the waves, but you do not change much on your bio page.