Top 20 Vegan Influencers in 2024: Enter the Delicious World of Vegan Recipes

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From following a healthier lifestyle to saving animals and the environment, several reasons make people start a vegan diet. On the other hand, some think being a vegan is difficult because most recipes contain meat or related products. Therefore, what do vegans eat? Is it a bunch of vegetables? The truth is that vegans also eat delicious foods, including vegetables, nuts, and fruits. But most people are not aware that these foods exist. So, they need someone to give them recipes for delicious vegan cuisines. And that’s the job of vegan influencers. 

If you want to learn more about being a vegan, the following list of vegan bloggers will help you find your way. Furthermore, vegan bloggers can also be an excellent option for brands that offer organic or gluten-free materials. They can use an influencer marketing platform to find them and start a collaboration.

Well, it’s time to get into the world of vegans and find mouthwatering vegan recipes. 

Top Vegan Influencers on Instagram

If you want to know who to cook delicious vegan foods, follow these influencers: 

1.Michaela Vais | Vegan Food – @elavegan

With more than 1M followers, Michaela is one of the top vegan Instagram influencers. She is the author of a cookbook called ‘Simple Delicious Vegan’. She gives recipes to cook vegan foods and cakes. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? The best part is her presentation, which comes with a pleasant and attractive decoration, making the food more delicious even in the photos.

Additionally, her recipes are not all about being vegan. She considers people who might be unable to consume gluten and need to eat gluten-free cakes and foods. Therefore, she highlights this type of recipe with the #glutenfree hashtag, making it easier for her followers to find these recipes.

2. Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram – @fullyrawkristina

The truth is that there are lots of fruits in the world we don’t know, and Hawaii is the heaven of unique, delicious, healthy, and nutritious fruits. Want to learn more about these fruits and what you can make with them? Come to Kristina’s profile on Instagram. She lives in Hawaii and introduces Hawaiin fruits and gives recipes for making juice and cakes with them.

Kristina is one of the vegan influencers with 1M followers. Apart from her Instagram account, she also has a health and wellness website. So, her followers can visit and learn more about following a healthy lifestyle. She also has a positive slogan in her life: Health, Healing, and Love.

3. Jessica – @thefoodietakesflight

Is it hard to be a traveler and a vegan at the same time? It may sound difficult to find a place in your destination where you can eat vegan foods, right? But that doesn’t scare Jessica, an Asian cook with great ideas for vegan recipes. Jessica has 929K followers and is a vegan blogger. Still, with her enthusiasm for travel, she can also be a significant travel influencer.

Jessica is Asian, so all the recipes come from this part of the world. That made her write a cookbook about vegan Asian food.

4. Sadia Badiei, BSc Dietetics – @pickuplimes

Everyone loves delicious, mouthwatering cakes. But it’s not the perfect choice for diabetic people. So, do they have to forget about cakes for all their life? There are good cake recipes that are diabetic-friendly. You can find some of the best cake recipes that are organic, vegan, and sugar-free. Sadia created her Instagram account with this issue in mind. She provides plant-based recipes to her 863K followers and believes healthy food nourishes the soul.

Additionally, Sadia is also a YouTuber with over 4M subscribers. You can find more cooking tips and recipes on her YouTube channel, which she has shared on her LinkTree profile

5. Nisha Vora – @rainbowplantlife

We have another top vegan Instagram influencer who is a YouTuber too. It seems that making recipe videos is easier on YouTube rather than on Instagram. Nisha is a digital creator with 773K followers who gives ideas about vegan cooking. She likes this job because she has written two cookbooks with vegan recipes and how nutritious some foods are.

6. WoonHeng Chia – @ woon.heng

For people who think it’s impossible to have a meatless lifestyle, WoonHeng has excellent cooking tips. She is Chinese, so her 635K followers can learn to cook vegan Chinese food. Furthermore, she has a website for cooking tips and ideas, which is

Looking for more influencers in China? Here is the list of the top Chinese Influencers to grow your brand. 

7. Ernesto Rivas – @netocraves

Cooking is not all that Ernesto shares on his profile. Although he is known as a Mexican vegan cook, he also shares posts about his daily life. Furthermore, Ernesto loves plants and knows a lot about them. So, you can learn many things about keeping plants at home. Furthermore, Ernesto has created an Ebook with his recipes. It’s available on his LinkTree profile.

Now that we are talking about a Mexican vegan influencer let’s check out the list of top Mexican influencers on Instagram, too.

8. Angela Liddon – @ohsheglows

Being a mother with three kids is hard enough, let alone trying to become a vegan Instagram influencer and whip up new recipes for your followers. But Angela has succeeded in both. With 601K followers, she posts vegan recipes and gives nutrition ideas. Additionally, Angela is an author who has won the New York Times bestselling author twice. Her cookbook name is ‘Oh She Glows.’ That’s not the end because Angela is also a food photographer. Lots of work for a mom, isn’t it? 

Talking about being a photographer, half of Instagram is full of beautiful photos. Who has taken them? Check out the list of top Instagram photographers to know them. 

9. Katie – @chocolatecoveredkatie

Even in the strictest diets, you will miss sweet cakes. But how to find a dessert that is delicious and healthy at the same time? That’s Katie’s job. She has made the world of sweets healthier for her 516K followers by making healthy and vegan desserts. Do you see? Being vegan is not all about vegetables. You can cook vegan desserts and enjoy their sweetness without any health concerns.

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However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about your health. Let’s see what health influencers have for you on their Instagram. 

10. SO VEGAN – @sovegan

Ben and Roxy are a couple who enjoy cooking. Together, they launched a project called ‘So Vegan’ and selected the name for their Instagram account. Although they both have separate Instagram accounts about cooking, they work together on this account and cook delicious vegan cuisines for their 437K followers. Furthermore, they not only have an app for cooking but also have written two cookbooks with the help of each other.

11. JADE – @panaceas_pantry

As one of the Australian vegan influencers, Jade knows how to attract her 437K followers. Accordingly, she gives recipes for savory, healthy desserts and presents them with excellent photos. Since Jade is also a photographer, that’s not a surprise why the pictures of her desserts seem to talk to their viewers. As a successful influencer from Melbourne, Jade collaborates with organic ingredients stores and brands. 

12. Lauren Boehme – @rabbitandwolves

Not all vegan Instagram influencers give recipes on Instagram; some people, like Lauren, talk about being vegan and recommend what to eat to stay healthier. Lauren is an author with 377K followers. She writes about the benefits of being vegan. Moreover, if you don’t know what to eat as a vegan, his book ‘Southern Vegan and Delicious AF Vegan’ can help you find your way into this world.

13. Nadia Al-Khaffaf- @nadiashealthykitchen

You will get hungry by visiting Nadia’s Instagram account because you will see pictures of mouth-watering cakes and desserts. However, you may think they are unhealthy. But the good news is that Nadia is a nutritional therapist with 377K followers on Instagram. Therefore, she knows all about eating healthy food, and all these savory cakes are made according to healthy recipes. 

Do you want to stay healthy and eat desserts at the same time? Follow Nadia to discover the world of healthy, delicious desserts. 

 14. Maria Koutsogiannis – @foodbymaria

Each country has its specific cuisines, and being vegan means creating those foods differently. Maria is a Greek food blogger with 252k followers. She cooks plant and nut-based cuisines. Additionally, her recipes usually include simple ingredients available in any store. So, creating these dishes is simple and quick. 

15. Nadine & Jörg – @ eatthisorg

Couple bloggers are cute; together, they dance, do workouts, or cook. Nadine and Jorg are a couple from Germany. They have 197K followers. However, since they are German, all their recipes are written in Dutch. So, you may need translation to cook these delicious foods. 

16. Chloe Coscarelli – @chefchloe

With 189k followers, Chloe is a vegan chef who teaches cooking in different kitchens. So, she is one of the best influencers to promote restaurants and kitchens. Since most of her followers are also vegan, her partnership is mostly with restaurants offering vegan foods. 

17. Sara | The Vegan Sara – @thevegansara

Following a vegan diet is made simple with Sara’s personal blog about cooking. Although she might not consider herself a chef, she is so passionate about cooking and like to taste new foods. Her 153K followers also like her cooking recipes. 

18. Nuno Mota- @alhofrances

With 50K followers, Nuno is a vegan micro-influencer who lives in Lisbon. As a vegan influencer who has just started becoming famous in this world, she mostly cooks plant-based food and drinks. Furthermore, she has a website, which is more complete than her Instagram recipes.  

19. Tracye McQuirter -@byanygreens

Although most famous vegan influencers are the ones who give recipes, nutritionists also have their fans. Tracy is the author of a bestselling book called ‘Ageless Vegan and by Any Greens Necessary.’ As the name indicates, her book is all about the benefits of becoming a vegan. However, Tracy is still a micro-influencer with 45K followers.

20. Reyn- @recipesfromreyn

Are you one of those people who never know what to make for lunch or dinner? Reyn can give you meal ideas, diet tips, and restaurant recommendations. Although she only has 33k followers, she is still a great micro food blogger. Furthermore, she also has a taste in makeup. Therefore, she is considered a vegan beauty influencer.

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Bottom Line 

Whether you are vegan or want to begin this diet, following vegan influencers can be helpful because they can give recipes and ideas about what to follow a meatless diet. Therefore, if you are a vegan and have special recipes to share, you can have a chance to make yourself more visible to brands and businesses in this field. You only need to join Ainfluencer and wait for offers. However, having an active account with great content can increase your chance of being chosen by top brands.

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What Is a Vegan Influencer?

Generally, vegan influencers are food bloggers or chefs sharing their unique recipes and the benefits of a vegan diet. They usually convince people that veganism is easy and you can still make delicious foods on this diet.

How Do Vegan Instagram Influencers Make Money?

Most brands and businesses selling vegan ingredients or cooking utilities collaborate with vegan bloggers to promote their products. Additionally, they can make a cookbook with their recipes and sell them online.