55+ Top Art Influencers To Grow Your Brand On Instagram In 2023

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The art industry, like everything else in 2023, is continuously changing and evolving. Every day, new trends emerge that redefine the art scene, and you must stay up if you’re an aspiring artist, critic, social media marketer, or simply interested in art.

Art may have once been restricted to museums or the private collections of the wealthy. Today, however, art is accessible to everyone thanks to Instagram and social media. Get to know some of the most influential artists in the world. Get to know some of the top art influencers.

How to find art influencers on Instagram?

If you’re looking to find art influencers on Instagram, there are a few things you can do to start. Finding influencers in your industry on Instagram can be challenging and time-consuming. However, there are some easy ways that help you quickly find Instagram influencers. Here are some:

1- Searching on Google 2- Looking for related keywords and hashtags on Instagram 3- Checking out your followers and tagged posts 4- Use an influencer database 5- Subscribing to an influencer marketing platform and influencer marketplaces.


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55+ Top Art Influencers On Instagram

1- Albanusdesign

Albanus is an illustrative fine artist and designer with 62.1k followers on Instagram. This is one of the best art Instagram accounts that is full of monochromatic artwork that fuses dark, occult & high fantasy themes. 

Contact Albanus

2- Tkaracan

Tugrul Karacan is a self-taught artist/ illustrator based in California. He studied visual communication design at Istanbul Bilgi University. But he quickly found that he was drawn to storytelling more – so than design.

In Turkey, he had been writing and illustrating for a children’s magazine for three years. Within this duration, he composed a 150-piece comic series and about 500 illustrations for kids. Also, he created children’s books for Rovio (Angry Birds Movie), Sweet Apple Publishers (London), and others.

In 2017 Tugrul moved to California. Now he is creating his own children’s books. In his free time, Tugrul doodles some emojis and stickers for fun.

Connect with Tugrul Karacan

3- Haiiileen

Aileen Quintana is a multi-dimensional artist who is one of the most successful Instagram artists, with 19.8k followers. She is also a consultant, director, producer, designer, filmmaker, performance artist, sculptor, and installation artist.

What makes Haiiileen’s practice, so intrinsically distinctive is her synesthesia, a rare sensory condition which transforms everything she hears into visual imagery. This has led her to study physics. She is able to grasp a full understanding of how sound, light, and color all interact with one another. Haiiileen then incorporates her findings into 3-dimensional mediums and installations, where she can bring her synesthetic visions to life and transport her viewers to transcendent, alternate worlds. 

Talk to Aileen Quintana

4- Tomerperetzart

Tomer Peretz is a Los Angeles-based Israeli conceptual artist and painter. Peretz utilizes a spectrum of platforms, including oil and acrylic painting, photography, and conceptual art, to express his unique and contemporary point of view.

As one of the art influencers on Instagram, he has amassed 38.9k followers.

Chat with Tomer Peretz

5- Yiannogram

Dr. Yiannis Savva is an abstract artist exploring the ninth dimension in his paintings which are inspired by his work as a molecular biologist.

He shares his unique artwork on Instagram with his 20.2k followers and is one of the art influencers on Instagram.

Collaborate with Dr. Yiannis Savva

6- Artbymegan

Megan Elizabeth is a female painter who captures the power of nature and its fleeting moments. She focuses on the effects of dappled light, contrasting shadows, and overlapping textures. Reflections of light on water, shadows created by trees, and fallen leaves, as well as petals on contrasting surfaces, inform her subject matter. She paints these fleeting moments so they are noticed.

As one of the art influencers, she has 17.2 k followers on Instagram to share her art.

Contact Megan Elizabeth

7- Detour303

Thomas Evans, a.k.a. Detour, is an all-around creative specializing in large-scale public art, interactive visuals, portraiture, immersive spaces, and creative directing. His focus is to create work where art and innovation meet.

Detour’s work is difficult to explain because his technique is constantly evolving due to his ongoing experiments in visual art, music, and interactive technologies.

With his ever-evolving approach to art, Detour’s focus is on expanding customary views of creativity and challenging fine-art paradigms by mixing traditional mediums with new approaches.

He is one of the successful art influencers on Instagram who has gained 82k followers over time.

Collaborate with Thomas Evans

8- Stjame

David Santiago, also known by his artist persona St. Jame, creates wistful images of ethereal female figures floating delicately across the surface. With sultry eyes that create an atmosphere of mystery and intrigue, their penetrating gaze draws the audience in. The audience is interested in learning more about the women, in discovering the secrets hidden behind their thoughtful eyes and parted lips. Stepping into the world of St. Jame is like stepping into a delicate world filled with softly blushed skin and inquisitive figures daring you to look more.

Talk to David Santiago

9- Sabartstudio

Shaylen Amanda Broughton is one of the top-selling Instagram artists, with 28.2k people following her. Her artistic ambition began long before college and is also her current livelihood, pulsating in the plethora of artwork on canvas.

Broughton began her career as a visual artist. She has participated in group and solo exhibitions throughout the United States, as well as the United Kingdom and Australia.

Shaylen has recently been experimenting with new mediums, such as using natural water sources to achieve fluidity in her compositions. Her art is highly experimental, and it is constantly changing. She attempts to connect with the flow of life through abstract expression, diving deep into black bottom waters, ascending curiously towards limitless stars, and eventually recognizing the divinity inside ourselves. 

Contact Shaylen Amanda

10- Talbertart

Matt Talbert is among the well-known art influencers on our list. He is a contemporary oil painter living in Southern California. He has had the honor of being named one of the “Top 100 Figurative Artists Working Now” by PoetsArtists Magazine.

Matt’s main concentration is on expressive paintings of the human figure, which he has shown in New York City galleries such as Arcadia Contemporary, Abend Gallery, and the Salmagundi Club.

Talk to Matt Talbert

11- Robszot

Robert Szot is one of the most followed artists on Instagram, with 62.9k followers. His dedication to mark-making, combined with his ability to layer large monochrome color fields atop denser and more intricate bold hues, results in a mysterious image that reminds us that there is more to the world than rational materialism, that there is room for the unknown, the inexplicable, the abstract and dynamic glory of color and form.

Negotiate with Robert Szot

12- Brooklynlamb

Brooklyn is into creating large-scale portraits of animals. Brooklyn’s art has been shown in private galleries all over the world, and she has completed hundreds of commission paintings. On request, she also paints murals for home interiors. She’s been teaching individuals how to paint since 2017, and she’s helped them gain confidence in their own creative expression.

Chat with Brooklyn

13- Tenhun

Ten Hundred (Peter Robinson) is an artist and designer. He is known for his bright, colorful, and imaginative character art. He has murals in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Kansas City, Tokyo, Japan, and Buzios, Brazil.

Cartoons and anime, street art and graffiti, childlike imagination, comics, international cultures, religions, and folklore are all sources of inspiration for him.

He spends his time creating fine art, and gallery shows, running his shop “Statix” in Seattle, WA, designing clothes, toys, and figurines, and painting enormous murals all around the world.

As one of the successful art influencers on Instagram, Peter has gained 173k followers.

Connect with Peter Robinson

14- Valeriemckeehan

Valerie McKeehan is best known as an illustrator. The mind behind the original illustration company Lily & Val. The company is known for its typography and hand-lettered illustrations. She’s also the author of two coloring books, The Complete Book of Chalk Lettering and Chalk-Style Expressions Coloring Book.

As an illustrator, she rose to recognition and success. In 2012, she started making chalkboard art, greeting cards, and other paper goods.

As one of the most known art influencers, she shares her artwork on Instagram with her 75.4k followers.

Talk to Valerie McKeehan

15- Minas_halaj

Minas Halaj is one of the best art influencers on Instagram, with 34.5k followers. Minas Halaj earned his bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Yerevan’s University of Fine Arts in 2002. In the same year, he moved to the United States and began studying at the University of Art in San Francisco in 2004.

Minas was raised in a creative family, dreaming exclusively of art and constructing his own artistic universe. He can recall drawing when he was a child, experimenting with and exploring the medium. He used a variety of materials, including recycled, old, vintage clothes, and textiles. 

Minas creates a symphony of graphics, sculptures, collages, and figurative compositions in his art. He does his work with a range of recycled materials, including tar as a background and parts of a pre-Victorian dress to provide texture and complexity.

Collaborate with Minas Halaj

16- Tonecastle

Anthony Castillo ( known as Tone Castle) is a professional muralist who has worked on murals for some of the biggest names in business, including the NFL, MLB, UFC, Liquid Death, Area 15, and Nightmare Toys.

He has one of the best art Instagram accounts and is one of the best art influencers with 18.3k followers.

Talk to Anthony Castillo

17- Christianmacnevin

Christian MacNevin is a freelance concept artist currently working in the games industry for Sega Studios in San Francisco, California. Christian worked on Iron Man II, the video game.

He is one of the successful art influencers who has gained 24k followers on Instagram.

Negotiate with Christian MacNevin

18- Chadschoon.art

Chad Schoonmaker is an artist and photographer. When he is not in front of a canvas or behind the camera, he is finding inspiration from being a husband and dad. He shares his artwork on Instagram with his 18.9k followers.

Contact Chad Schoonmaker

19- Rickywatts

Ricky Watts is a Sebastopol-based illustrator, painter, and muralist. Watts studied graphic design at the Art Institute of California, San Diego, before returning to the Bay Area to focus on becoming a fine artist while working as a professional graphic designer.

Chat with Ricky Watts

20- Theartsherpa

Cinnamon Cooney, AKA The Art Sherpa, is one of the art influencers who has taken on the responsibility of showing everyone (of all skills and none) that they can paint. 

She runs one of the best art Instagram accounts and YouTube art channels, where she shares videos to show how complex paintings can be created in a very simple manner.

Chat with Cinnamon Cooney

21- Jennifermcchristian

Jennifer McChristian, an award-winning artist, was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. She knew she wanted to be an artist since she was a child. McChristian began her art study at Dawson’s College in Montreal, Canada, after graduating from high school.

Her Instagram is one of the best art Instagram accounts where this artist influencer shares her artwork with 44.4k followers.

Connect with Jennifer McChristian

22- Tiagoazevedoart

Tiago Azevedo is a famous painter, who was born on April 9, 1985. He has participated in numerous exhibitions in cities all over the world and has won the respect of the public and international art critics. Beyond the art exhibitions, Tiago is working on his second illustration book.

Contact Tiago Azevedo

23- Alexameadeart

Alexa Meade is an artist who uses paint to create the illusion that our reality is a two-dimensional artwork by painting the human body and three-dimensional spaces. 

As The New York Times describes Alexa’s artwork, “Think of it as a Van Gogh — that is if one of his paintings were brought to life as a performative protest.”

Talk to Alexa Meade

24- Carolinegeys

Caroline Geys is a Belgian-born multimedia designer and artist residing in the Arts District, Los Angeles. Her design projects and artwork include numerous permanent and temporary murals and installations, and exhibiting in galleries. Color, typography, geometry, nature’s phenomenons, architectural amalgamation, and optimism are all explored in her work.

She has amassed 21.8k followers on Instagram and is considered one of the successful Instagram artists.

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Talk to Caroline Geys

25- Thankyoux

Ryan Wilson, also known as ThankYouX, rose to fame in 2009 with graffitied tributes to Andy Warhol that he stenciled all over Los Angeles. The artist operated at night, working as a graphic artist and art director in the corporate world by day. 

As one of the professional art influencers, he has 111k followers on his IG account.

Chat with Ryan Wilson

26- Anoushka

Anoushka Mirchandani is a San Francisco-based female artist. Anoushka moved to the United States when she was 18 years old, having been born and raised in Pune, India. Her work is influenced by both her cultural upbringing in India and her personal growth and discoveries in the United States.

Connect with Anoushka Mirchandani

27- Andreea_ionela_berindei

Andreea, a self-taught artist, began painting at a young age. Her landscape and portrait paintings, which commonly contain seas, water, and other natural elements and hues, are her most well-known works. Her 155k Instagram followers get to see images of her technique as well as her work.

Chat with Andreea

28- Anna_tsvell

Anna Tsvell is a full-time contemporary visual artist and photographer. She began her art career in 2014 as a self-taught artist and established her own original artistic style, which makes her paintings instantly identifiable and appealing to art lovers all over the world. The major distinguishing aspects of Anna’s exceptional style are long curving necks and chaotically combined parts of the face and body. 

Anna works with acrylics, watercolors, and inks on paper and canvas. Anna Tsvell’s digital art is equally noteworthy. This artist influencer is well-known on Instagram and has 78.6k followers.

Talk to Anna Tsvell

29- Chelsealeopold

Chelsea Leopold is an abstracted realism-focused fine artist. Her drawings, including scribbling and general chaos, are her most well-known works. In 2012, she received her bachelor’s degree from Philadelphia’s Tyler School of Art.

Negotiate with Chelsea Leopold

30- Vanessa_alice

AM DeBrincat is a Maltese-American artist who lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Her multilayer paintings combine oil paint, digital photography, and printmaking to investigate how we establish identity in the digital age. 

AM DeBrincat was born in San Francisco, California, and attended the Universidad de Sevilla and the University of Oregon to study literature and art. She graduated from Parsons the New School for Design in New York City with a Master of Fine Arts degree.

She is one of the must-follow art influencers on Instagram if you are into art.

Collaborate with AM DeBrincat

31- Beverlysalas

Beverly Salas is an Anaheim, California-based self-taught artist. She uses markers, watercolor, acrylic paint, and colored pencils for the majority of her work. Her illustrations are inspired by imaginary plants, dreams, surrealism, and everything around her.

Sharing her artwork on Instagram helped her gain 136k followers.

Connect with Beverly Salas

32- Neimykanani

Neimy Kanani is an artist and painter whose paintings are inspired by vintage, antique, rococo, surrealism, dolls, fairytale, and nostalgia themes. This artist enjoys painting with multiple different media such as digital painting, watercolor, oil paint, etc.

Talk to Neimy Kanani

33- Kelseyjbeckett

Kelsey Beckett is a famous illustrator who was born on March 28, 1990, in the United States. This illustrator and fine artist is known for her dreamy and detailed portraits. Since beginning her career in 2012, she’s been shown in galleries throughout the United States.

Contact Kelsey Beckett

34- Caitlin_hackett

Caitlin Hackett combines her love for animals with her interest in both wildlife biology and mythology to create artwork that speaks to the current biological mythos that constructs the barrier between what is considered Human and what is considered Animal.

Her work alludes to the physical and metaphysical limits that separate people from animals, as well as how science, mythology, and religion have distorted these boundaries.

She is one of the most successful Instagram artists who has amassed 431k followers.

Talk to Caitlin Hackett

35- Biophilicart

Sallyann is an artist who creates beautiful, contemporary art that reflects her love of the natural world around us, particularly animals, bird, and wildlife art. She truly believes that everything is connected, and her artwork is one of the ways in which she personally likes to connect with nature.

She is just an ordinary girl with no art qualifications who simply draws pictures that touch her heart. As one of the best art influencers, she has gained 64.9k followers on her Instagram account, where she hopes her art reflects the love she feels for the life around her.

Connect with Sallyann

36- Jko_art

Jane Koluga is an artist and illustrator who is also creating murals in the places where it can make a change. She is also one of the successful Instagram artists with 67k followers.

Chat with Jane Koluga

37- Robbrowningart

Rob Browning attended Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia, for his formal art education (1974-1979). His work has been used commercially by customers such as General Electric, ITT, American Airlines, and Disney Enterprises, and is in many public and private collections. He currently resides in central Virginia, USA.

Rob shares the images of his paintings and drawings with his 30.2k followers on Instagram.

Talk to Rob Browning

38- Colorbyfeliks

Feliks K is one of the most-followed art influencers on Instagram, with 959k followers. This American social media star, who has gained popularity through the eponymous Instagram account, uses this platform to share his paintings, art tips, inspirations, etc.

Collaborate with Feliks K

39- Erikaleesears

Erika Lee Sears is a self-taught oil painter and she took the plunge to leave her corporate job in order to paint full time. She currently makes an original piece of art every single day and shares her journey online. She is one of the successful Instagram artists with 271k followers.

Collaborate with Erika Lee Sears

40- Matthewsorgie

Matthew Sorgie is a NY/LA-based artist. You may know him from Youtube or Instagram, where he shares the art he makes along with tutorials, process work, and vlogs. By sharing his artwork on Instagram, this artist influencer has collected 177k followers.

Chat with Matthew Sorgie

41- Geaphoto

As one of the best art Instagram accounts, Geaphoto is where you can see beautiful paintings. Gea is an artist, photographer, and videographer in Los Angeles who shares her artwork and personal life Stories and posts with her 238k followers on Instagram.

Talk to Gea

42- Kaiami

Kaiami is the pen name of Kaia Tseng, a California-based freelance illustrator, crafter, and designer. She studied fashion design, with a focus on illustration. She’s always enjoyed using art to bring her thoughts to life.

Contact Kaiami

43- Willie_hsu_art

Artist Willie Hsu is an expert in the creation of three-dimensional sketches on two-dimensional surfaces. Hsu labels himself as an art maker, photo taker, tattoo enthusiast, and sneaker hobbyist.

Willie has gained 110k followers on Instagram and is considered a successful Instagram art influencer.

Talk to Willie Hsu

44- Artnoeldobarganes

Noel Dobarganes is a Cuban artist born in Matanzas in 1977 who currently lives in Miami. Painting, drawing, ceramics, and sculpture are all represented in his work, focusing on painting. His aesthetic uses huge formats to make a strong impression on the viewer, and his themes are mostly focused on the human being and portraiture, always from a psychological rather than a physical perspective.

Negotiate with Noel Dobarganes

45- Pierre_artista

Pierre Jean-Louis, a self-taught artist, based in New Jersey and New York is a self-taught artist. His father, the legendary Haitian painter Bonaventure Jean-Louis, had a strong influence on him as he grew up in a conservative, religious home.

Connect with Pierre Jean-Louis

46- Nickthomm

Nick Thomm is a Los Angeles-based Australian artist noted for his large-scale hyper-color spectral paintings and immersive projection installations. Thomm investigates new color schemes, abstract image construction, and the fusion of traditional art and technology in his work. His large-scale Spectral Paintings are a fascinating blend of shape and color, done in a high-contrast palette influenced by the digital age.

Talk to Nick Thomm

47- Ndartlife

Nick Davis began drawing and painting at a young age, inspired by the greats that came before him, such as Brooklyn graffiti pioneer Jean-Michel Basquiat and Nick Davis, a St. Pete, FL native. He soon realized that he wanted to use the art form to depict the raw emotions of Black citizens in their day-to-day joy and struggles. 

Davis wants to let his people know that, despite the current situation of the world, your Black is immeasurably beautiful. He also uses painting to cope with anxiety and depression.

Collaborate with Nick Davis

48- Freemechanism

Monté L Miller is a self-taught artist who is inspired by video game art, picture books, and cartoons. This artist influencer has 53.8k followers on Instagram and shares his beautiful artwork with them.

Chat with Monté L Miller

49- Daliakantorart

Dalia Kantor is one of the best art influencers on Instagram with 31.4k followers. She uses colors, shapes, and abstract figures to express the content of her soul. Among her styles, you can find Abstract Art, Decorative Art, Fine Art, Figures, Faces, and Custom Pieces. Most of Dalia’s paintings and ideas are inspired by the nature around her, human emotions, sensibility, her world travels, and invigoration. 

Contact Dalia Kantor

50- Crystalcosmosart

Crystal Cosmos is a Chicago-based illustrator and comic artist who uses her Instagram account with 32.8k followers to share her unique artwork on Instagram.

Chat with Crystal Cosmos

51- Banksy

Banksy, a street artist whose identity remains unknown, is a household name in the art world. It’s no surprise that Banksy is one of the most influential art influencers in the world and, consequently, on Instagram.

The anonymous street artist has over 11 million followers on Instagram, and their feed is sure to get the creative wheels turning in your head! 

52- KAWS

KAWS (Brian Donnelly) is a well-known and sought-after contemporary artist. He gave a new take on pop art and filled the world with a particular creative spirit.

Brian worked as a freelance animator at Disney after graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York. He was also embellishing the city with his graffiti at the time (booths, public transportation, billboards).

53- Sirjoancornella

You should have seen the comics created by this artist. Joan Cornellà is a creator behind the comics with a pinch of black humor but which talk about serious social problems. 

He’s also a professional artist whose illustrations have adorned the pages of well-known magazines. Joan has won awards in competitions and has worked with a variety of media and companies. 

Joan Cornellà is one of the well-known art influencers on Instagram, with 3.3 million followers.

54- Takashipom

Takashi Murakami is a well-known Japanese artist well recognized for his vibrant prints for celebrities such as Kanye West and Louis Vitton. Murakami is a talented sculptor as well as a talented digital artist. His work is a well-balanced mix of traditional Japanese art and popular culture.

55- Obeygiant

Shepard Fairey, the founder of the OBEY clothing brand, is a fashion designer and artist with over a million Instagram followers. After designing the unofficial symbol for former President Barack Obama’s election campaign, Fairey rose to fame. 

His work is an expert blend of pop art, social commentary, and popular culture. And most of all, his digital prints are incredible, and we strongly advise you to follow his feed for creative inspiration! 

56- Abstractsunday

With over a million Instagram followers, Neimann is an author, illustrator, graphic designer, and digital artist. Neimann has had a successful career that began in the 1990s and has continued to this day.

The New York Times, the New Yorker, and Wired have all published his work. For years, business giants like Nike and Microsoft have used his work in their marketing campaigns.

His illustrations are whimsical concepts relating to pop culture and social commentary.

57- Bosslogic

Kode Abdo, also known as Bosslogic on Instagram, is a graphic designer and digital artist from Australia. Bosslogic is most known for his work on Disney and Marvel Studios’ iconic comic book covers and artwork.

Kode is one of the best art influencers who is definitely in the big leagues, and his feed does not disappoint! He has over 2 million followers on Instagram.


In conclusion, although it is difficult to predict who will be the top art influencers on Instagram in 2023, it is safe to say that those who are currently making a big impact will only continue to grow in popularity. If you are looking to expand your brand’s reach on the platform, it is important to identify and connect with these individuals early on. By doing so, you can help ensure that your brand remains relevant and top-of-mind among this influential group of users.

1- How do I grow my art business on Instagram?

There are different things you can do to be more flexible about what you post. To promote your art on Instagram:
1- Post multiple aspects of your work to form a closer relationship with your audience.
2- Use IG Stories to your advantage.
3- Keep track of the number of accounts reached, how many new followers, how many saves your posts get, and more are all accessible on Instagram’s analytics.
4- Take advantage of videos to market your gallery.
5- Use relevant hashtags when you post a new piece of art to Instagram to promote your gallery.
6- Collaborate with other artists.
7- Use ads.

2- Who is the most successful Instagram influencer?

Cristiano Ronaldo, who currently has 484.3 million followers across three social media sites, is the most successful Instagram influencer.

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