World’s 12 Top Selling Artists On Instagram [2024 Update]

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Instagram has become more than just a platform for sharing photos and connecting with friends; it’s a vibrant marketplace where art meets commerce. Nowadays, Instagram artists are using the app’s visual-centric nature to showcase their work. With a single post, they can reach millions of potential buyers, turning followers into loyal customers.

These artists are not just selling paintings or prints; they’re selling a lifestyle, a brand, and, most importantly, a piece of their personal story. Their unique power to influence people’s decisions has led brands to look for the best influencer marketing platforms to help them connect with top-selling artists on Instagram. 

Now, let’s introduce some of the best ones out there and their colorful worlds!

Our List Of The Top Selling Artists On Instagram

If you are an artist and want to become one of the best artists on Instagram, if you are a brand and want to collaborate with Instagram artists, or if you are just interested in art and want to know some artists to follow on Instagram, our list of top selling artists on Instagram helps you achieve what you want.

You can even find most of these artists on Ainfluencer, which is a free and easy-to-use influencer marketplace, and get access to them.

1- Takashipom (@takashipom)

Takashi Murakami is one of the great and top selling artists on Instagram who works in fine arts media and commercials.

He used the term ‘super flat’ for the first time to describe post-1990s Japanese Pop art.

His Instagram art account has more than 2.6M followers, and he shares posts from his cartoon-like works as well as his selfies with celebrity friends such as Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

2- Damienhirst (@damienhirst)

Damien Steven Hirst is a great English Instagram artist who was named the UK’s richest living artist by Sunday Times Rich List in 2020.

He has about 915k followers on Instagram.

Hirst became famous for his artworks with preserved dead animals. He is also well-known for his paintings by his own hand, as well as for making conceptual sculptures.

3- Danielarsham (@danielarsham)

Among so many Instagram artists, Daniel Arsham is an American star in the contemporary art world, whose account has more than 1.4M followers.

This visual artist usually posts images of his faintly sinister ‘eroding’ sculptures of everyday objects.

His works have been shown at The Museum of Contemporary Art in Miami, The New Museum In New York, The Athens Bienniale in Athens, Greece, and so many other great museums.

4- Shantell_martin (@Shantell_martin)

Being in our list of top selling artists on Instagram, Shantell Martin is best known for her large-scale, black and white, and simplistic line drawings.

She is a British visual artist and usually performs her drawings for a live audience. This artist, philosopher, and designer has more than 208k followers on her Instagram art account.

5- Alexameadeart (@alexameadeart)

Alexa Meade, who has more than 316k followers, is among those Instagram artists everyone loves following because of her unique self-invented painting method; that is painting on people!

 She converts three-dimensional paints into two-dimensional paintings. After her work quickly went viral through the blog, Meade gained many chances to make more investments in her work and became one of the top selling artists on Instagram.

Thus far, she has displayed her artworks at some art institutions, such as Saatchi Gallery’s “The Art of Giving” exhibition; the “Camera-Ready Color” show at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery in 2012; and at Sotheby’s New York’s “The Art of VR” show.

Most recently, Meade’s art was emphasized prominently in singer Ariana Grande’s music video “God is a woman.”

6- Jenstark (@jenstark)

Jen Stark, who is one of the best artists on Instagram, has won the Visual and Media Artist award in Los Angeles.

Stark was born in Florida and is interested in imagining visual systems to mimic evolution, sacred geometries, topographies, plant growth, and fractals. Her artworks focus on using paint, metal, wood, and also paper.

What also makes Stark’s artworks appealing is her use of vivid colors, designs, and models, resulting in cloud-like, molecular, and organic structures that depict the natural world.

Stark has over 214k followers on Instagram. This Instagram artist also cooperates with several other art influencers, and they mention each other in some of their posts. This further helps her to attract more followers on Instagram.

Stark studied at the Maryland Institute College of Art, graduating in 2005. Since then, she has held exhibitions globally, with major shows in New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, Thailand, and Canada. 

Her famous artwork is in the Smithsonian American Art Museum collections, the West Collection, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale, and MOCA Miami.

7- Andreasoosart (@andreasoosart)

One of the other top selling artists on Instagram is Andrea Soos, who is famous for her creative combination of the gestural application of color, patterning, and mark-making to create playful abstractions.

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What’s interesting about her is that Soos’ art practice involves an intuitive, discreetly creative use of brushstrokes in her works. Moreover, song lyrics and music inspire her paintings. 

Soos’s audience easily connects to the entry points of her visual paintings. Her 105k followers on her Instagram art account acknowledge her paintings as authentic and stunningly impressive. Soos regularly posts images of her work on Instagram accompanied by relevant hashtags and mentions. HE is currently based in Victoria, British Columbia.

8- Juliaspowellart (@juliaspowellart)

Julia S. Powell, who has over 203k followers on her Instagram art account, is a prime example of how Instagram as an online gallery can benefit an artist’s career to present and sell art productions.

Her name is among the top selling artists on Instagram. She spends about 15 minutes of her day on her Instagram account, uploading one to three posts. She uses hashtags and communicates with other artists and followers to guarantee that her artworks are noticed, as Instagram is her main sales program.

When she created her Instagram account in 2016, Powell spent an hour per day on these activities. However, due to her loyal and established following, she can scale back on her time on Instagram.

9- Eniwamura (@eniwamura)

En Iwamura is a Japanese artist who became famous for his acrylic and ceramic arts. Iwamura’s ceramic figures are nothing but quirky personalities influenced by Japanese Manga.

He studied arts in the US and also worked in the global sculpture market. Also, Iwamura believes in the philosophy that a Manga-like ceramic figure has the potential to be regarded as a universal language. 

He has over 84k followers on Instagram, where he shares his art. Over time, his followers made Iwamura one of the top selling artists on Instagram. They have appreciated him for showcasing images of his ceramic productions and the process involved in creating them. 

10- Sopopomo (@sopopomo)

Among all top selling artists on Instagram, Dan Lam is an American one with more than 391k followers on her Instagram art account.  She keeps to a more “organic” sharing strategy rather than a structured one which means uploading a photograph of her work once it is completed and doing it regularly.

In 2020, Lam displayed her gallery, Fort Works Art, in Dallas to support more autonomy over the sales process.

Afterward, she re-exhibited her previous gallery by including “well-established collectors,” who can buy with more consistency. Currently, Lam meets with galleries to decide which dealers she believes will best represent her work.

11- Pichi and Avo (@pichiavo)

One of the best artist Instagram accounts belongs to Pichi and Avo, the famous duo of artists from Valencia, Spain. Friends and co-workers, these two young men are among the most famous graffiti artists and are known for incorporating mythological figures into their art.

Their beautiful work has attracted about 205k followers to their Instagram page, where they share some of their paintings.

12- Chema Mendez (@mendezmendezart)

Last but not least on our list of the top artists on Instagram is Chema Mendez (AKA Mendez Mendez). Mendez’s work centers around deep concepts and philosophical matters. He pays great attention to details and produces meaningful complex works of art. 

Mendez started his journey in digital arts in 2009 and as of 2020, he’s been considered among the best NFT creators. He’s been able to mint 120 NFTs and sell all of them. It’s worth mentioning that he has about 11k followers on his IG page. 

How to find the top selling artists on Instagram?

Brands and companies who are working in the art and design niche, need to find top selling artists on Instagram to cooperate with, for promoting their products and services. But as a brand looking for these artists, how can you find them?

#1 Marketing platforms

Using marketing platforms is the easiest way to find these top selling artists on Instagram and collaborate with them. One of the best platforms that you can use is Ainfluencer.


Ainfluencer is an Influencer finder platform that helps you find influencers easily. It lets you make descriptive ads about your art company, and then explore and find influencers through Ainfluencer’s advanced search engine. After that, you can invite the most related influencers to your brand to work with you. Or, if your ads are open, Instagram artists can simply access your ads and make offers.

#2 Google

Google is also another powerful tool that can be used to find influencers in any industry. By using the right keywords, you can find Instagram artists, bloggers, journalists, and other professionals who have a lot of influence online.

#3 Hashtags

Hashtags on Instagram can also be a good way to find Instagram artists or influencers in any other niche. Many of these artists use the best art hashtags on Instagram to reach a wider audience and sell their work. Therefore, by searching for hashtags related to your brand or product, you can find your desired match.


All in all, we introduced the top selling artists on Instagram you need to know. It doesn’t matter if you are a brand, wanting to increase brand awareness and promote your company, or an Instagram artist, looking for other artists to cooperate with. Follow the mentioned Instagram art accounts in this article, and connect with them on Ainfluencer.

Is Instagram Good for Selling Art?

Instagram is a great place for artists to promote and sell their artworks. By creating an Instagram account and showcasing your works, collaborating with other Instagram artists, and using related hashtags, you can become one of the top selling artists on Instagram.

What Hashtags Should Artists Use?

Here is a list of top hashtags Instagram artists can use:

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