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If you’re a gaming fan, following top Twitch streamers can be thrilling as a great way to spend your time. But who are the top Twitch streamers, and how can you find them? Do they only use Twitch, or are they active on other social media platforms as well?

Stay with us as we answer all the questions you have about these Twitch influencers. Join us as we walk through a comprehensive explanation of the most popular Twitch streamers.

10 of The Most Subscribed Twitch Streamers

More subscribers and followers for each Twitch streamer usually represent unique and high-quality content. If you’re looking for the most subscribed Twitch streamers, you need to take a look at this list.

1. Richard Tyler Blevins

Are you ready to discover the top Twitch streamers on YouTube? Meet Ninja, also known as Richard Tyler Blevins, a popular American streamer, YouTuber, and professional gamer. He rose to fame as a Fortnite YouTuber and set records on Twitch by streaming with celebrities like Drake. Currently, Ninja boasts over 23 million Twitch followers on YouTube, and 12.3 million on Instagram making him one of the most popular streamers.

Ninja was born in Metro Detroit and moved to Chicago as an infant. He attended Grayslake Central High School before becoming a professional gamer, competing in tournaments and live-streaming his gameplay.

This Twitch streamer began his professional gaming career in 2009, competing in Halo 3 for various teams like Cloud9, Renegades, Team Liquid, and Luminosity Gaming. He started streaming in 2011, moving from H1Z1 to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds before finding massive success with Fortnite Battle Royale in late 2017. 

2. AuronPlay

If you enjoy watching Spanish gamers with their lovely accent, AuronPlay is the one for you. Also known as Raúl Álvarez Genes, he is a popular Spanish YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and one of the best Instagram comedians

His YouTube channel boasts over 29.1 million subscribers and more than 4 billion total video views. AuronPlay is not only one of the most subscribed Twitch streamers from Spain but also boasts one of the largest Instagram followings, with 18 million followers.

Raúl Álvarez Genes, born on November 5, 1988, in Badalona, Catalonia, Spain, initially worked at a graphic arts and bookbinding company for nine years starting at age sixteen. In 2013, he decided to quit when he began earning more from YouTube than from his job.

Raúl Álvarez Genes (AuronPlay), started his YouTube channel in 2006, naming himself after a character from Final Fantasy X. Initially, he wore a mask in his videos but later stopped. These top Twitch streamers gained popularity in 2012 with video reviews, turning his hobby into humorous commentary on internet content. Álvarez has participated in roleplay gaming on platforms like Grand Theft Auto V. 

3. Ibai

Since Spain is killing it in gaming, let’s meet one of the most popular Twitch streamers. Ibai Llanos Garatea, known as Ibai El Mason, is a Spanish internet celebrity, Twitch streamer, and esports commentator. He was with G2 Esports from 2020 to 2021 and is now a co-founder of the esports organization KOI. 

He operates one of the most-followed channels on YouTube with over 11 million subscribers and 3.33 billion views. He also has a massive following of 10 million on Instagram.

Ibai Llanos, born in Bilbao, Spain on March 26, 1995, got into gaming during the 2008 financial crisis to take his mind off things. He started commentating League of Legends matches in 2014 and worked as a commentator with the LVP. In 2020, he joined G2 Esports and then launched his own brand in January 2021.

He is one of the top Twitch streamers who keeps surprising us as of December 2021, Llanos and Gerard Piqué co-founded the KOI esports team. This YouTube influencer set a Twitch record in June 2022 with 3.3 million viewers. 

4. XQC

For professional Overwatch players, this channel is a must-have. Félix Lengyel, named xQc, is a Canadian YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and former professional Overwatch player. After a controversial time with the Dallas Fuel, he shifted to full-time streaming on Twitch and collaborated with various esports organizations as a content creator.  Despite facing bans for rule violations, he maintained a large fanbase. Later, this Twitch streamer signed a lucrative two-year streaming deal with Kick.

He has gained over 2 million subscribers on YouTube and 570K followers on Instagram, accumulating more than 1 billion total views. If you’re curious about how much money he makes on YouTube, his large following certainly raises that question.

5. El Rubius

Who would have thought a Twitch streamer would have the potential to become a writer one day? Rubén Doblas Gundersen, born on February 13, 1990, known as elrubiusOMG or El Rubius, is a Norwegian-Spanish YouTuber famous for his gameplays and vlogs. He has written books and comics, including ‘El Libro Troll’ and the ‘Virtual Hero’ series, which was adapted into an anime due to his YouTube success.

Rubén Doblas Gundersen, popular as Elrubius, became a YouTuber in 2006 with his channel ‘elrubius’. He gained popularity with montages of games like Skyrim, commenting on funny and unusual situations. In 2012, due to copyright issues, he announced a channel change to comply with his contract with Machinima Network, Inc.

In January 2021, El Rubius announced on Twitch that he was moving to Andorra to be closer to friends and avoid public attention in Madrid. This caused controversy because many YouTubers and streamers were moving there for lower taxes. Right now, this Twitch streamer has 12.3 million subscribers on YouTube and more than 17 million followers on Instagram.

6. TheGrefg

With over 18 million YouTube subscribers and more than 7 million Instagram followers, this Twitch streamer has become one of the most impressive social media personalities with the most viewed YouTube videos and has achieved remarkable success at the age of 27.

David Cánovas Martínez, also known as TheGrefg or Grefg, is a popular Spanish YouTuber and Twitch streamer who previously held the Guinness World Record for the most concurrent viewers on Twitch stream.

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He is one of the biggest Twitch streamers who has developed an interest in video games from a young age. He launched his YouTube channel at the age of 14. Later, in 2018, he relocated to Andorra for tax reasons. TheGrefg gained further recognition when Epic Games introduced a Fortnite cosmetic based on him in January 2020. 

7. Shroud

Let’s check out another Twitch streamer from Canada. Michael Grzesiek, known as Shroud, is a Canadian Instagram influencer, streamer, and YouTuber, formerly a professional Valorant and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player. His YouTube channel has over 6 million subscribers, making it one of the most-followed channels on the platform. Also, he has over 1 million followers on his Instagram account.

This famous Twitch streamer started his Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) career with teams like Exertus eSports and Manajuma in ESEA. Later, he joined compLexity Gaming as a stand-in and then moved to Cloud9 when Cloud9 acquired compLexity’s roster in August 2014. 

When Mixer closed in June 2020, he said no to a big offer from Facebook and returned to Twitch on August 11, 2020. His first stream back had over 516K viewers at its peak. Later on July 8, 2022, this hot Twitch streamer joined Sentinels as a player for their Valorant team.

He was born in Toronto, Canada, and has a Polish heritage. He’s been living in the United States for years. In 2021, he bought a $9.4 million house in Los Angeles, where he now lives with his girlfriend, Hannah Kenney. With the number of followers he has and the expensive house he can afford, he certainly knows how to make money on YouTube.

8. Kai Cenat

Interested in learning about an American Twitch streamer? Kai Carlo Cenat III, born on December 16, 2001, is a popular online streamer and YouTuber known for his comedic content and live streams on YouTube. He currently has 7.26 million subscribers on YouTube and 9.5 million followers on Instagram. Cenat was awarded ‘Streamer of the Year ’ at both the 2023 and 2024 Streamer Awards.

Kai Carlo Cenat III, known for his YouTube and Twitch content, began uploading videos in 2018, joining AMP on YouTube and streaming on Twitch in 2021. He gained recognition through collaborations and milestones, such as breaking Twitch subscriber records. Cenat’s ventures extended to music and partnerships, including significant guest appearances and brand deals with Nike.

This Twitch streamer is known for popularizing internet slang words like ‘Rizz’ (derived from ‘charisma’) and ‘Gyat’ (a variation of ‘Goddamn’). ‘Rizz’ was named Oxford University Press’s word of the year for 2023, and ‘Gyat’ was nominated for the American Dialect Society’s 2023 Word of the Year.

9. Pokimane

Let’s discuss one of the hottest female Twitch streamers from Canada, Pokimane. She’s a Moroccan-Canadian internet personality best known for her Twitch live streams featuring video game content, especially in League of Legends and Fortnite. 

With 6.85 million subscribers on YouTube and 5.7 million followers on Instagram, Pokimane holds the title of one of the most-followed female Twitch streamers on social media.

Imane Anys was born in Morocco on May 14, 1996, and grew up in St. Catharines, Ontario. She got into gaming from her brother’s old Game Boy and Nintendo games. During middle school, she played MMOs like MapleStory and Endless Online, focusing on customization and social interaction. She is one of the Female Twitch streamers who later studied chemical engineering at McMaster University but dropped out to pursue streaming full-time.

Among other female Twitch streamers, Imane Anys is a wonderful content creator on YouTube with her main channel called Pokimane. Her content ranges from edited gaming clips to vlogs and ASMR videos. Anys was also involved with OfflineTV, a collaborative YouTube channel focused on creating engaging content.


The last Twitch streamer on our list is Nicholas Stewart, known as Jynxzi, an American Twitch streamer and YouTuber specializing in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow  Six Siege. Currently, he has over 3 million subscribers on YouTube and 380,000 followers on Instagram. He was awarded ‘Best Breakthrough Streamer’ and ‘Gamer of the Year’ at the 2024 Streamer Awards.

Stewart started streaming on Twitch in January 2019 and began posting YouTube videos in September 2020, mostly rage compilations and Rainbow Six: Siege gameplay. Later, he joined Spacestation Gaming in March 2023, hitting 1 million Twitch followers and becoming one of the most-subscribed streamers globally. 

He is a famous Twitch streamer who launched his podcast in January 2024 and won awards at The Streamer Awards in February 2024. Later, a video game publisher named Ubisoft released a Jynxzi-themed bundle for Rainbow Six: Siege in March 2024.

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Now that you’re familiar with the top Twitch streamers around the world, it’s interesting to understand their journey and what they’ve overcome to reach this point. Passion and a love for gaming are key reasons why many of them left their jobs to pursue Twitch streaming full-time. These streamers might be role models for you to start exploring a new career path that could be the right move for you.


1. Who Is the Most Popular Twitch Streamer? 

As of May 2024, AuronPlay has the most followers on Twitch with over 29 million. Pokimane is the top female streamer with just over 5 million followers.

2. What Is a Twitch Streamer?

Twitch is a platform where you can watch people play games in a fun and social way. Streamers play their favorite games while providing commentary on their gameplay. You can access Twitch through the app or online at Twitch TV.


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