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If you’re a brand owner who wants to reach a Canadian audience and you’re looking for Canadian YouTubers to promote your brand, you’re in the right place.

There are a lot of popular YouTubers from Canada. And, businesses want to find YouTube influencers in their niches to collaborate with them. It’s not surprising that most brand owners don’t know how to find top Canadian YouTubers in different niches. To make it easy:

In this article, we’ve picked out some of the biggest Canadian YouTubers and the best influencer marketing platform to collaborate with. 

Let’s get started!

List of Famous Canadian YouTubers (Female & Male)

If you want to promote your brand in Canada, these YouTubers can help you have a better influencer marketing campaign and reach your target audience. This list of famous Canadian YouTubers from gaming to fitness YouTubers, is ordered by the number of subscribers. We’ve excluded celebrities, actresses, and singers from this list.

Let’s dive into it!

1. Evan Fong – (@VanossGaming) (25.9M)

If you’re interested in video games, then check out and subscribe to Evan’s channel! He’s a famous gaming YouTuber who is well-known for his successful channel called VanossGaming, where he shares videos of himself playing video games and reacting to them. 

Vanoss is one of the highest-paid channels on YouTube. Evan often collaborates with other creators in his gaming videos, including H20Delirious, Moo Snuckel, I AM WILDCAT, Daiti De Nolga, and others. 

Moreover, he received two award nominations, including one for Tech and Innovation in Gaming at the Shorty Awards. By now, he has over 25 million subscribers on his channel.

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2. Lilly Singh – (@LillySingh) (14.4M)

Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman or iiSuperwomanii, is a famous Canadian YouTuber and comedian. She’s gained success by improving her brand and is considered one of the top female Canadian YouTubers. 

What is cool about Lilly is that she danced in the background of a few Bollywood films before she became a YouTuber. 😀

Lilly has received several awards for her outstanding work on YouTube, including two Teen Choice Awards, an MTV Fandom Award, and a People’s Choice Award. 

In 2017, she was listed as the tenth-highest-paid YouTube star in the world by Forbes, with reported earnings of $10.5 million. Wow! Now, she has over 14 million subscribers who love her videos!

Now, let’s introduce one of the female Canadian YouTubers.

3. Lauren Riihimaki – (@LaurDIY) (8.33M)

Lauren Kobayashi Riihimaki is one of the most popular Canadian female YouTubers and became famous for her channel called LaurDIY. Her channel shows fashion and beauty content and has more than 8 million subscribers. 

Lauren started sharing do-it-yourself (DIY) tutorial videos on her blog while studying at the University of Toronto. She received a Shorty Award for ‘House & Home’ and a Streamy Award for ‘Lifestyle’ in 2017. 

Additionally, her web series, Served By LaurDIY, premiered on Facebook Watch. Her brand of jewelry, accessories, and craft kits is now available at retail stores and online shopping websites.

Follow her YouTube channel, then you’re gonna love her!

4. ExplodingTNT – (@explodingtnt) (5.03M)

Saman Rajabian, the person behind ExplodingTNT, born in Toronto, is one of the Canadian Minecraft YouTubers. He’s famous for creating funny Minecraft videos and trolling content on his YouTube channel, with over 5 million followers. 

One of his well-known creations is a Minecraft character named Pink Sheep, featured on a separate channel. Saman started his channel to showcase videos about exploding statues. Additionally, he owns minigame servers named McOrigins and The Nova.

5. Kurtis Conner – (@kurtisconner) (4.74M)

If smiling isn’t your strong suit, Kurtis will make you laugh. Kurtis Conner, a Canadian YouTuber and comedian, is known for making funny comments about internet trends, movies, and TV shows.  

He often makes light-hearted videos, especially enjoying film criticism, and speaks out against trends that make jokes at others’ expense. Funny! 😂

Moreover, Kurtis released a comedy album called ‘Cuppla Jokes,’ which became popular on iTunes and reached the sixth spot on the Billboard comedy charts. He used to be part of a band called Wallows and has performed comedy across North America. Subscribe to his YouTube channel, to have a nice time!

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Collaborate with Kurtis Conner

6. Yolanda Gampp – (@HowToCakeIt) (4.27M)

If you’re thinking of baking a new Christmas cake with your family, check out Yolanda Gampp on YouTube. She’s a self-taught cake artist who has a popular channel called How To Cake It. She has over 4.2 million subscribers on YouTube and even hosts a livestream called Camp Cake.

In addition to her YouTube success, she’s also released a cookbook with the same name and was part of the Food Network’s Sugar Stars. Just try her Pumpkin Cake and see if it blows your mind! 😋

Now, below is the name of one of the Canadian fitness YouTubers who can spark a fire in you!

7. Will Tennyson – (@WillTennyson) (2.29M)

Will Tennyson, a Canadian fitness YouTuber, has built an inspiring brand centered around the idea of personal empowerment. Through his YouTube channel and the creation of ‘WILLPWR,’ Will encourages individuals to take control of their lives and adopt a growth mindset.

What sets Will apart is his openness about the challenges he faced as a young adult, creating a connection with his audience who may be experiencing similar struggles. He faced difficulties with his weight but worked hard to shed 60 pounds. 

Now, he inspires over 2 million people by showing that with determination and persistence, anyone can transform their body.

Click here to associate with Will Tennyson!

Collaborate with Will Tennyson

8. Steven Wallis – (@campingwithsteve) (1.46M)

This is a Canadian vlogger for those who are interested in traveling! He’s one of the top Canadian YouTubers, known for his outdoor videos. His channel is popular for its unique take on camping. In his videos, he shares the challenges and fun of camping and outdoor activities. 

His subscriber count is more than a million and growing, many enjoy his content, even if they don’t plan to try those camping styles themselves. Most of them watch his videos just for fun without needing to experience it. 😂

9. Stef Sanjati – (@StefSanjatiOfficial)(566K)

She used to be a YouTube vlogger. Now, she’s famous for her videos that teach about being transgender. Sanjati talks about a variety of topics on her channel with her 566K subscribers, like mental health and fashion. 

She often shows herself putting on makeup in live streams and interacts a lot with her viewers, whom she calls BreadSquad. 😀 

Sanjati looks unique because of Waardenburg Syndrome, a condition she discusses on her channel. This syndrome also made her deaf in one ear. Shoutout to Stef Sanjati for showing power and standing out!

10. Ina Mihalache – (@SolangeTeParle) (421K)

One of the most popular Canadian YouTubers is Ina Mihalache. She talks about various subjects in her videos, including art, culture, and emotions. She has nearly half a million subscribers on YouTube and offers advice to socially reserved young women.

Ina Mihalache collaborated with a fellow journalist on the France 3 documentary and contributed to a 54-part broadcast with Radio France. 

Additionally, she has written a book about her internet experiences titled ‘Solangeteparle,’ receiving praise for her acting roles.

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To Wrap Things Up

If you’re looking for gaming tips or fashion and beauty tips, there are Canadian YouTubers making videos about your interests and earning some money while doing it. We’ve provided a list of top YouTubers from Canada to help you find them easily. If your favorite influencer is not on our list, inform us in the comments!


1. Who Are the Most Popular Canadian YouTubers?

The following are all well-known YouTubers from Canada:
1. Evan Fong,
2. Lilly Singh,
3. Lauren Riihimaki,
4. ExplodingTNT,
5. Kurtis Conner,
6. Yolanda Gampp,
7. Will Tennyson,
8. Steven Wallis,
9. Stef Sanjati,
10. Ina Mihalache.

2. How to Find Top Canadian YouTubers?

Influencer marketing platforms are great tools for finding YouTubers from Canada or wherever for your brand. Ainfluencer is one of the top free options available. You can properly discover ideal influencers for your campaigns through its advanced filtering features.


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