15 Best YouTube Video Ideas in 2024

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YouTube Video Ideas
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Whether you’re an experienced YouTuber looking to improve your existing channel or a beginner seeking inspiration to start your own YouTube channel, we’ve got you covered. To make that happen and establish yourself as a YouTuber on this very popular platform, you need a consistent stream of the best YouTube video ideas.

As a result of what we said, becoming a YouTuber requires a considerable amount of creativity, and of course uniqueness. If you are wondering how to be creative, this article will present you with some of the most creative YouTube video ideas.

15 Best YouTube video ideas

To achieve the best YouTube video ideas, we’ve collected a selection of the best concepts that you can use to create unique content for your audience.

1. Step-by-step Instructions

The point of having a YouTube channel is to make videos about what you’re really good at, and then show others how to do it as you do. For example, if you know a lot about makeup, making tutorials about putting on makeup can help you get more subscribers. This YouTube video idea is all about telling people what you know and showing them how to do it, so they can learn from you.

2. Product Reviews

Talking about things you’ve used or experienced is called reviewing products. Good YouTube video ideas give fair and detailed opinions, it can help people decide whether to buy those things or use those services. So, your honest reviews can help people make smarter choices when they want to buy something.

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3. Vlogs

One of the best YouTube video ideas is making daily vlogs, this is one of the easiest ways to get subscribers. Showing your audience what you do every day, where you go when you travel, or when something special happens to you. Vlogs are like sharing your personal life with them, so they feel like they know you better. It helps them connect with you on a personal level because they can relate to your experiences. 

4. Educational Content

Educational content refers to materials or information designed and presented with the primary purpose of imparting knowledge, skills, or understanding to the audience. This content aims to educate and inform, often covering a wide range of subjects, from academic topics like mathematics and science to practical skills, personal development, and more. These types of videos help people learn and understand things they might not know much about.

5. Challenges and Experiments

Challenges, a popular YouTube video idea, involve participating in popular online trends or trying out interesting experiments in your videos. These can catch the attention of people who watch your videos and make them want to see more. It’s like doing something exciting that makes people curious and engaged.

6. Behind-the-Scenes

Having multiple videos on YouTube definitely has its own scenes, whether it’s funny or not you can make a whole video out of it. This involves giving your viewers a glimpse of how you generate ideas, your workspace, or your video-making process. 

This allows them to see what happens behind the scenes and comprehend how you craft the content they love. It’s similar to revealing the hidden aspects of your creative work. You can also consider this as one of your funny YouTube video ideas, which tends to attract a large number of subscribers because people enjoy laughing at things.

7. Interviews

Talking to people who know a lot about something, people who have a lot of followers and influence, or simply interesting folks who are into the same topics as you are. A great YouTube video idea is to engage your audience by asking them questions and having a conversation. It’s like having a chat with someone who has valuable insights, and your viewers get to learn from their expertise or experiences.

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8. Gaming Content

If you’re interested in creating your own gaming content, it’s helpful to follow other gaming YouTubers. If you enjoy playing video games, you can create videos where you demonstrate playing through a game (playthroughs), discuss your opinions about games (reviews), or provide guidance on improving gameplay (guides). This is a way to share your gaming experiences and expertise with others who are also interested in the game

9. Travel and Adventure

Another fantastic YouTube video idea involves capturing moments of joy during your vacation while simultaneously creating content. It’s about documenting your journeys, discoveries, and thrilling experiences in various places around the world. Through these videos, you share your travels and the exciting activities you engage in while exploring. It’s akin to crafting a visual diary of your adventures for others to relish and enjoy. You can count this as an easy YouTube video idea.

10. Unboxing Videos

Talking about things you’ve used or experienced that fit with what you usually talk about. If you give fair and detailed opinions, it can help people decide whether to buy those things or use those services. So, your honest reviews can help people make smarter choices when they want to buy something.

11. True Crime

One of the most popular YouTube video ideas with a zero chance of you not liking it is about crimes and murders. True crime YouTube videos are a widely popular content genre that delves into actual criminal cases and investigations. These videos often dissect compelling and high-profile crimes like unsolved mysteries, notorious murders, kidnappings, heists, and other significant criminal incidents.

12. Study with Me

Most of us benefit from having a partner or motivation when doing things like exercising, studying, or cooking. It can make these activities more motivating and enjoyable.

‘Study with me’ YouTube videos are a type of content where people or creators record themselves studying or working on educational tasks, aiming to create a supportive and motivating study atmosphere for viewers. These videos have become increasingly popular, serving as virtual study companions, especially for students and learners seeking assistance in staying focused during solitary study sessions.

13. Cooking Recipes

Different YouTube video challenge ideas like cooking recipes cover a wide range of delicious dishes and cooking tips. Talented chefs and home cooks share step-by-step tutorials, offer kitchen advice, and explore different cuisines, making YouTube a fantastic place to learn and 

enjoy cooking.

14. Movie Suggestions

YouTube video ideas like movie suggestions are content where creators recommend and discuss movies, whether it’s reviewing recent releases, sharing their all-time favorites, or curating lists of films for specific tastes or occasions. These videos help viewers discover exciting movies they might not have encountered otherwise, making them a valuable resource for movie enthusiasts.

15. Tutorials About YouTube Itself

YouTube can be a complex platform to navigate. Many tutorials cover topics such as changing your channel name, featuring channels on YouTube, or canceling a YouTube TV membership. There are a lot of things that you might not know about YouTube, these tutorials can provide valuable information and help you better understand the platform.


On YouTube, you can be super creative with these top video ideas. They help you make fun and interesting videos that people will like. Whether you’re showing what you’re good at or going on cool adventures, these ideas let you connect with your viewers. When you try out these ideas, you’re not just making videos – you’re also making a group of people who want to learn. So, whether it’s teaching, vlogging, reviewing, or exploring, your imagination is the key, and making videos will be really fun and satisfying.


1. Which Type of Videos are Most Viewed on YouTube?

Music videos consistently rank as the most popular type of content on YouTube. This is primarily because YouTube serves as a central hub where newly released music videos are made available for easy access. It’s the go-to platform where you can quickly find and watch the latest music videos as soon as they are released.

2. What Is The Fastest Growing Genre on YouTube?

The YouTube categories that grew the fastest in terms of annual subscribers were Movies and TV. Cause as we all know who wouldn’t want to watch the best movies ever?


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