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We all know when it comes to video-content websites, YouTube has lots to say with its content creators, especially Australian YouTubers. It is the leading video-based social media platform with more than 3.5 million content uploads daily (which seems unbelievable, but it’s true!).

This enormous social media website is a money-making machine for content producers globally. With creative content, countless YouTubers have made thousands and millions with YouTube and built a luxury living out of it. If you aspire to join them and still don’t know how to become a YouTuber, don’t worry!

Now, among the successful content producers, Australian YouTubers have had a prosperous and thriving pace. Some of these Australians are known as the richest YouTubers on the planet.

Stick around this article while we explore the world of the biggest Australian YouTubers and name some of the most successful ones.

What Is YouTube Influencer Marketing, and How Do Australian YouTubers Benefit from This?

Like other social media platforms, you can make good money with YouTube if you act intelligent. This web-based video platform has a unique algorithm, and if you follow it as an influencer or sponsor, you can become successful.

YouTube influencer marketing is when famous YouTubers collaborate with companies and brands on free influencer marketing platforms. These platforms are bridges to link both sides to create prosperous campaigns.

With these cooperations, content producers, including Australian YouTubers, promote and advertise their sponsors/brands’ requests boosting their brand awareness and earning a sizeable amount of money.

So, it is a win-win situation for both parties. Sounds fair enough!

How Do Australian YouTubers Enhance Their Channels?

YouTube influencers know their audience, what type of video content they want to see, how they can get engaged with the content (increase views, likes, comments, and subscribers), and what promotions should pop up on their videos.

However, if they produce substandard, boring, and irrelevant content, they will receive YouTube dislikes and lose followers. The same goes for top Australian YouTubers.

For example, think about a famous Australian YouTuber and bodybuilder like Calum Von Moger. He is posting about workouts and diets constantly. If he wants to collaborate with a brand, he can’t work with fast food companies and promote delicious burgers full of fats and refined carbohydrates. Otherwise, he would lose numerous subscribers.

As a result, he cooperates with one of the top supplement brands and keeps promoting healthy and protein-based products. This partnership will gain more followers and content engagement for him.

So, make sure that you stick to your niche while cooperating with a trade name.

Now, we’re going to mention some of the most popular Australian YouTubers and examine their content production.

In addition, if you are interested in learning more about Australian influencers, you can read about the top Instagram ones!

1. XtremeGamez: One of The Best Australian Gamer YouTubers

In the world of gaming, Australians are pro gamers with lots of talent and abilities. Among these, XtremeGamez has come out on top with more than 7 million subscribers.

XtremeGamez: Australian Gaming YouTubers
Thomas And Jonathan Smith

Thomas (26 years) and Jonathan Smith (24 years) are XtremeGamez duo YouTubers who started their YouTube career in 2014. These well-known Australian content producers are professional gamers and create gameplay content, live streams, giveaways, and DIY challenge videos.

They earn an estimated amount between $3.7K to $59.2k yearly and have a net worth of $4 million.

Also, they are known as Australian prank YouTubers, and you might know them for their prank videos. Check out this funny prank clip of them with 1.7M views.

These Greek-origin brothers have created two other channels: XtremeGamez Pokémon and XtremeGamez Shorts. They also have active accounts on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Want to connect with these brothers? Click on the link below to start a collaboration with them.

Connect with XtremeGamez

2. Wengie: A Chinese-Australian YouTuber

If you are a beauty and fashion enthusiast, you will certainly love this YouTube content producer. Wengie is a popular Chinese-Australian female YouTuber with more than 13.5M subscribers.

Wengie: Chinese-Australian YouTuber
YouTube Star Wengie

Born in China and raised in Australia, Wengie or Wénjié Huang started her YouTube channel in 2013. Since then, she has gained numerous fans and followers through fashion, beauty, DIY, life hacks, and prank videos.

You might have also heard of her as a famous pop singer. She has released many songs, performed in a few concerts, and has a successful singing career.

Aside from the Wengie channel, the 37-year-old YouTuber has six other channels, including ‘Wengie Music’, ‘ReactiCorns’, ‘Maximus’, ‘Wengie’s Make Life Beautiful’, ‘Wengie Music Asia’, and ‘DIY & FUN with Wengie’.

Some of her DIY and life hack videos have reached up to 50M views (mind-blowing!), and she is one of the most well-known Australian YouTubers. You can watch her videos today and learn from Wengie!

On top of that, this YouTube star had collaborations with other artists and brands in recent years, including Minnie, Shalmali, Ikka Singh, Indigo Pascual, Yoobi Box, and Christian Dior. If you want to link with her for partnership, simply click here.

Link With Wengie

3. LazarBeam: One of The Best Australian Fortnite YouTubers

If you’re a gamer, especially a Fortnite or Minecraft lover, you have probably heard of LazarBeam for his professional gameplay and funny commentaries.

Born in 1994, Lannan Neville Eacott, known as LazarBeam, is an internet personality and one of the most successful Australian male YouTubers. He has associated with other popular gamers like Lachlan Power and Loserfruit.

For those who may not hear of Fortnite, it is a third-person shooting video game released in 2017 with survivor battle royal gameplay. This game’s publication was a big blast in the world of video games and had immense growth.

LazarBeam: Fortnite Player
The Professional Fortnite Player, LazarBeam

As Fortnite developed, so did many gamers and streamers. Among them was LazarBeam, an Australian YouTuber, who started streaming and posting his gameplay on YouTube, gaining countless viewers.

Although you may know him for his comedic and entertaining commentaries and slow-motion videos, LazarBeam achieved considerable growth with Fortnite.

Furthermore, the Australian content creator has two more channels, such as ‘LazarLazar’ and ‘LazarShorts.’ He has 21.5M subscribers with video clips up to 55M views.

Are you looking for a way to connect with this gaming influencer and promote your brand? Follow this link and reach out to him.

Connect With LazarBeam

4. Brittney Lee Saunders: One of The Top Australian Beauty YouTubers

Are you the kind of person that seeks an influencer with a combination of beauty, fashion, success, and comedy? You should check out one of the hottest YouTubers, Brittney Lee Saunders.

Brittney Lee Saunders: Australian Beauty YouTuber
Beauty With Brittney Lee Saunders

She is an Australian beauty YouTuber and a successful businesswoman with a channel of more than 1 million subscribers (@beautybybrittneyx) and a total net worth of $5M. Brittney was born in 1993 in Newcastle, Australia, and started her YouTube career in 2011.

You probably have seen her make-up videos, heard of her song covers (she has a good voice), or know her by her ‘Australian tries American products’ series. Brittney also makes comedy skits and rant videos, which are entertaining.

But that’s not it! The intelligent YouTube star is running five prosperous businesses and owns five brands. Now, you are convinced why her net worth is high!

While Brittney produces a series of content to entertain her fans and followers, she cooperates with other influencers, brands, and sponsors to earn more.

You can easily connect with her using this link.

Connect With Brittney

5. Lachlan Power: One of The Richest Australian Gaming Youtubers

When it comes to affluence, we can talk about the Australian gamer and YouTuber who has had a thriving career in recent years. Lachlan Ross Power is one of the wealthiest Australian gaming YouTubers, with an estimated net worth of $17 million.

Lachlan Power: One of the richest Australian Influencers
The Owner Of The PWR Team

Born in 1995 in Australia, the professional gamer began his YouTube career in 2013. He started commentating on games such as Minecraft, Call of Duty, and Battlefield with a YouTube channel called CraftBattleDuty.

Later in 2017, when Fortnite was released, Power began playing and commentating on the video game. It was the peak of his popularity when he achieved massive growth.

Currently, the Australian YouTube influencer has a team of expert gamers known as PWR and competes in big competitions.

Even though you are not a gaming fan, you have certainly heard his name and are familiar with his content, as he is a famous internet personality. With 15M subscribers, his Fortnite videos are all over YouTube.

Furthermore, Lachlan possesses two more YouTube channels: ‘PWR’ and ‘More Lachlan.’

Click here to associate with Lachlan Power!

Associate With Lachlan Power

6. How To Cook That: An Australian Baking YouTuber

Do you like cooking? Are you a food enthusiast? Start your learning and cooking journey with the Australian YouTube cooking channel.

How To Cook That: Australian YouTuber
How To Cook That Logo

How To Cook That cooking website and its YouTube channel were founded by Ann Reardon in 2011. She is an expert Australian dietician and food scientist with special baking abilities.

Ann began posting food recipe videos on YouTube and selling products simultaneously. She rapidly developed and had substantial growth till 2013.

If you are a big fan of delicious desserts, cakes, and other confectionaries, you have undoubtedly seen her videos on YouTube or other social media platforms.

Currently, How To Cook That channel has nearly 5M subscribers, and Reardon’s net worth is $3 million.

In addition, if you want to know more about food influencers, you can read our article to get familiar with the best food bloggers on Instagram.

Want to taste some delicious desserts and cookies or collaborate with this food influencer, start connecting with Ann.

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7. Loserfruit: An Australian YouTuber and Twitch Streamer

She is another skillful Fortnite player and live streamer with a big YouTube channel to entertain users. Loserfruit is a female Australian YouTuber and gamer playing Fortnite and constantly posting her gameplays.

Loserfruit: Female Gamer
Loserfruit With The Same Fortnite Skin Outfit

Kathleen Veronica Belsten, better known by her gaming tag ‘Loserfruit’ or ‘Lufu,’ was born in 1993 in Melbourne, Australia. She registered on YouTube in 2013 and began content creation with League of Legends and Overwatch videos reaching Fortnite clips.

In addition, she is a famous Twitch streamer and is well-known for his live-streaming content.

Belsten is part of the Click Crew group and is one of the most popular female Australian YouTubers. Her YouTube channel has exceeded 4 million subscribers with videos up to 23M views.

Want to know the top gaming influencers on Instagram to collaborate with? read the mentioned article.

A successful Twitch and YouTube star that you can work with for good cooperation. Contact her now via this link for further information!

Contact Loserfruit

8. Chloe Ting: Australian YouTuber and Professional Fitness Trainer

Start your workout program and healthy diet today! Watch one of the top Australian YouTuber’s clips and build that body today.

Chloe Ting: Australian YouTuber and Fitness Trainer
Workout With Chloe Ting

Chloe Ting is a certified trainer and a YouTube fitness influencer. She was born in Brunei in 1986 and moved to Australia as a teenager. Her career began in 2011 when she created a YouTube channel.

First, she started posting video content about fashion and travel, but a year later, her posts altered to workouts and diets.

Besides training programs and healthy food, she also created challenges. One of her most viral challenges was the ‘Two Week Shred Challenge.’

This YouTube star has her own website (chloeting) now that offers workout programs, videos, and healthy diets.

Furthermore, if you want to get familiar with top Instagram female fitness influencers, read our full article. To collaborate with Chloe Ting, simply click this link.

Collaborate With Chloe Ting

9. HowToBasic: One of The Biggest Australian YouTubers

Have you ever seen videos of someone from his point of view throwing food and making a big mess? Yup! That’s HowToBasic. The famous Australian YouTuber has a distinctive content creation and surprisingly has many viewers.

HowToBasic YouTube Channel
HowToBasic Thumbs Up

HowToBasic is a well-known comedy YouTube channel created in 2011 by an anonymous creator (we don’t know his identity yet). This YouTube star creates videos that are clickbates with names that claim to be a tutorial for cooking, baking, or making something (better known as how-to videos).

Despite its names, you see food throwing, smashing, and mixing instead of learning how to make it. The content is funny, but it is a waste of food and somehow a waste of time. Many people hate it and disagree with its content production.

However, some love it and are big fans of the bizarre and disgusting clips. Somehow or other, it seems hilarious to them.

As a result, this Australian influencer has gained over 17 million subscribers and a net worth of $3M.

You should also know that this well-known YouTube channel is part of the Warner Bros Discovery Ad Sales. Don’t forget that you can cooperate with the crazy but intelligent YouTuber as well by hitting this button.

Cooperate With HowToBasic

10. Sailing Merewether: The Lovely Australian Couple YouTubers

A big boat, a sunny sky, and a turquoise sea are all that the beautiful couple needs to produce entertaining vlogs for travel and adventure lovers.

Sailing Merewether: Australian Couple YouTubers
Isabelle And Kieran

Isabelle and Kieran are well-known travelers and micro YouTube influencers with over 60k subscribers on their channel, named Sailing Merewether. They like sailing and going on sea adventures while making video content of their travels.

The Australian couple YouTubers capture eye-catching and breathtaking sites during their voyages, sharing them on their channel to gain more viewers.

Also, if you are interested in travel influencers, check out the top Instagram travel influencers on Ainfluencer.

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If you are a nature lover and like to cooperate with the couple, you can contact them for business purposes through this link.

Contact Merewether

11. Living Simply Australia: A Full Guide From An Australian YouTuber

If you are planning on migrating to Australia? You can get lots of advice from the Australian YouTuber Martina.

Living Simply Australia With Martina
Martina And Her Complete Guide

Martina is a travel influencer who constantly speaks about the advantages and welfare of living in Australia. She recently created her channel, Living Simply Australia, in 2021 and kept posting about expenses, jobs, and education in this beautiful country.

Despite being new on the video-content social media platform, the YouTube star has videos reaching up to 520k views.

Start your immigration journey and get full advice from the Australian family YouTuber today! Watch her complete informational videos and get familiar with the Australian lifestyle.

Also, if you are interested in working with the travel guide, you can connect with her using the button below.

Work With Martina

12. BrenyBeast: A Native Australian YouTuber and Gamer

Want to build your world in Minecraft? Do incredible challenges in the biggest-selling video game of all time? Follow one of the best Australian Minecraft YouTubers of all time now!

BrenyBeast: Australian YouTuber
Play Minecraft With BrenyBeast!

BrenyBeast is a professional Minecraft player and YouTube star with over 143,000 subscribers and a video with nearly 1 million viewers. This successful influencer was born in 1993 in Australia and launched his channel in 2010.

In addition, BrenyBeast is also known for his Twitch streams, but mainly he is famous for his Minecraft game tutorials.

Working with this content creator can be a good choice. So, if you are interested, give a single click to the link below.

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From a YouTube star to a songwriter, singer, and actor, this talented young man has a strong career. Troye Sivan is a well-known Australian influencer, YouTuber, and artist.

Troye Sivan: Singer and Influencer
The Famous Troye Sivan

Starting his YouTube career in 2007, the social media influencer posted his vlogs and musical talents on the platform. He had substantial growth in the music industry and gained global popularity.

Born in 1995, Troye Sivan Mellet, with the YouTube channel ‘Troyesivan,’ has won two YouTube creator awards in 2013. After years of activity, he has over 8.1M subscribers, and his videos have seen more than 180M views.

‘Dance To This’ featuring Ariana Grande is one of his most famous videos, with more than 200M viewers. Aside from this, he has numerous successful songs published on social media. The Australian star has also won huge awards and once been nominated for the Golden Globe in 2018.

Furthermore, Svan has played in popular movies like X-Men Origins: Wolverine and Spud.

Generally, he is a prosperous artist and influencer with lots of fame. You will indeed have a profitable business collaboration with Troye Sivan. Connect with him right now using this link.

Connect With Troye

14. Muselk: An Australian Gaming YouTuber

Jump into the career of the crazy Australian gaming YouTuber and learn how he became famous. Muselk is a professional gamer and YouTube influencer with more than 12 years of content production.

Muselk: Australian Gaming YouTuber
Smile With Muselk

Born in 1994, Elliot Watkins began his career by posting gameplay content in 2012, increasing his views and subscribers through the years. He gained a lot of popularity after Fortnite’s release and became a well-known YouTube star with over 9 million subscribers.

The Australian YouTube influencer has a video called ‘Trap Tunnel Race in Fortnite’ with more than 25M views. He is also known as a famous Twitch streamer with countless followers.

Watkins has an estimated net worth of $12 million and is one of the most successful Australian male YouTubers. Reach out to this guy for collaboration today using the link here!

Collaborate With Muselk

This well-known content creator and influencer is among the biggest Australian YouTubers. He is a 32-year-old gamer with a thriving career in making YouTube clips.

JoshDub: Pro Gamer
JoshDub With The Purple Setup

Born in Australia, Joshua Wanders, better known as JoshDub, is a YouTube star and an internet personality with numerous fans. He began posting Minecraft videos on YouTube in 2013 and had a fast pace in achieving popularity.

Growing in recent years, Wanders gained countless subscribers, reaching 9 million with videos up to 80M viewers. This Australian influencer is famous for his funny virtual reality game memes.

In addition, he has collaborated with other well-known YouTubers like SwaggerSouls, EddieVR, and Mully. The young Aussie YouTuber has a net worth of $3.7M (rich for a gamer, right?).

Despite all his fame, he has never collaborated with brands and sponsors. Be the first to start a business with this funny content creator by visiting this link. Who knows? You might be the first to get the chance.

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16. Shani Grimmond: A Charming Australian Beauty YouTuber

Everything you want about beauty and style is available on this YouTube channel. Shani Grimmond, a well-known Australian model and social media influencer, posts videos of make-up and beauty hacks.

Shani Grimmond: Australian Beauty YouTuber and Influencer
Blonde And Beauty

She was born in 1997 in Brisbane, Australia, and is known for her beauty expertise. Grimmond began her YouTube career in 2011 and had a very successful path. Her channel has reached up to 1.4M subscribers, and her videos have up to 3.8 million views.

Despite being famous on YouTube, her Instagram account has had considerable growth in recent years, passing 1.3 million followers.

The young influencer founded a swimwear brand called “Sylk Swim” and is one of the most successful Australian female YouTubers. Her measured net worth is $3 million.

Are you interested in make-up and beauty? Start cooperating with Shani Grimmond by following this link.

Cooperate With Shani Grimmond

17. MaxMoeFoe: Among The Top Australian Prank YouTubers

You might have heard of him from the guy that went on the news for pranks. Crazy and hilarious, MaxMoeFoe is another Australian YouTuber with unbelievable and amusing videos. Whenever you’re bored, hit his channel to change your mood immediately.

MaxMoeFoe: Pranker
Dare Me To Prank!

Max Stanley, known as MaxMoeFoe, is an Australian YouTuber and social media influencer with entertaining content. He is a native Australian born in 1993.

Beginning his YouTube channel in 2007, Stanley posted prank videos and vlogs to amuse his fans and followers. He soon became famous with his comedic clips.

The YouTube star has collaborated with HowToBasic making hilarious and ridiculous content. One of his videos collabs with HowToBasic got 32 million views, and his account will soon pass 3M subscribers.

Want to make a start with this insane but genius influencer and promote your brand? Follow up on this link and begin now!

Contact MaxMoeFoe

18. Bazza Gazza: A Well-known Australian YouTuber and Influencer

Every day the number of skilled Australian gamers is increasing worldwide. Among these gamers, we have Bazza Gazza, a young professional player with insane gameplay in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch.

Bazza Gazza: Australian YouTuber
Doctor Bazza Gazza Back In Town!

Brodey Rogan de Meur, famous for Bazza Gazza, is a native Australian gamer, YouTuber, and renowned influencer. He was born in 1997 and is 26 years old.

The young YouTube star created his channel in 2015, starting with CS GO clips and switching to Overwatch, Fortnite, and Among Us. His professional gameplay has gained him many viewers and subscribers, reaching 900k.

In addition, Brodey has active accounts on other social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram.

He has a world record Overwatch video with more than 3 million views and is one of the most-skillful Overwatch players of all time.

Do you enjoy Bazza Gazza’s gameplay? Are you willing to link with him for sponsorship? Visit this link and start your cooperation today!

Work With Bazza Gazza

19. Tammy Hembrow: The Professional Australian Fitness YouTuber

Around the world, we have countless fitness trainers, but when it comes to being fit, beautiful, and intelligent, the Australian fitness trainer, Tammy Hembrow, comes out on top.

Tammy Hembrow: Fitness Trainer
The Fit Tammy Hembrow

Tammy Hembrow is an Australian YouTuber, model, influencer, and businesswoman with an athletic career. She was born in 1994 in Queensland, Australia, and began her work on social media in 2015.

Since then, Hembrow has posted content about workout programs and healthy diets, gaining countless subscribers on YouTube. Currently, her YouTube channel (TammyHembrowOfficial) has around 1.3M subscribers.

Furthermore, she has a renowned Instagram account with 17.6 million followers. The Australian YouTube star owns brands and a website.

Do you want to know more about Instagram Australian fitness influencers? Read the mentioned article to find out the top 25.

What’s incredible about this YouTuber based in Australia is that she is a mother of two, and her post-pregnancy transformation is unbelievable.

If you want to connect with this successful inspirational woman, use the button below.

Connect With Tammy

20. How Ridiculous: The Australian Trick Shot YouTube Channel

Magnificent and fascinating, these 3 Australian YouTubers make the most incredible trick-shot clips and experiment videos and amaze their viewers.

How Ridiculous: Australian YouTubers
The Special Trio

How Ridiculous is an Australian YouTube channel comprised of 3 young men, including Scott Gaunson, Brett Stanford, and Derreck Herron. It was launched in 2009, posting captivating experiments and trickshot content.

They are famous for destroying things, throwing objects, and dropping items from long distances and tall heights. The trio has obtained millions of subscribers and viewers using this creative content. The influential YouTube channel has around 20M subscribers.

‘How Many Giant Ballons Stops An Arrow’ is their most-watched video, with more than 145M views. Watch it here! You will understand why they have so many fans.

If you think of collaborating with this successful channel, you are doing positively! Try a partnership via the button below and enhance your business.

Partner With How Ridiculous

21. Jess Conte: Among The Best Australian YouTubers

In the world of beauty and fashion, the Australian social media influencer and YouTuber has taken a turn for the better and is making a living out of it.

Jess Conte: Australian Influencer
The Successful Social Media Influencer

Jess Bauer, famous for her Jess Conte YouTube channel. This Australian YouTuber is a popular internet personality, an actress, a singer, and an entrepreneur. Born in 1996, the young Australian lives in the United States and has a deep passion for fashion.

She created her YouTube channel (@JessConte) in 2011 and steadily grew by posting about fashion, beauty, and vlogs. Presently, Jess has around 2.33M subscribers with numerous videos and a huge number of viewers.

Although she is a beauty influencer and fashion lover, her singing and entertaining videos are also great. She has a net worth of approximately $3 million.

Jess Conte married in 2016 to the love of her life Gabriel Conte, and they had their first child in 2021. So, aside from all her talents, she is a mother too.

Are you willing to work with this famous Australian fashion vlogger and beauty influencer? Ainfluencer is here to help you directly connect with her with a single click.

Connect With Jess Conte

22. Kyutie: A Young Australian Female YouTuber

From vlogs and gaming content to pranks, reaction videos, and funny clips, everything is available on Kyutie YT channel, and she is a multi-talented lady.

Kyutie: Australian Female YouTuber
The Australian Female YouTube Star

Ellen Pellon, well-known for Kyutie, is an Australian based YouTube star with many entertaining videos. She was born in 1997 and is 26 years old. Her influential YouTube career started in 2010 when she posted gaming content first.

Since then, she gradually became famous and added other types of content. Now, she has 3.4M subscribers and is a renowned content creator.

In addition, the Australian online personality has active accounts on other social media platforms and another YouTube channel (@KyutieBeauty), where she posts about beauty and fashion.

But, mostly, she is known by the name Kyutie. The successful influencer has a net worth of $2 million.

If you want Kyutie’s fans and followers to notice your business, connect with her now via this link and start a collaboration!

Contact With Kyutie

23. Sammy Robinson: The Australian YouTuber and Social Media Personality

This young, nice-looking, and successful Australian YouTube star posts make-up and beauty content to reach out to her fans and entertain them.

Sammy Robinson: Australian Beauty
Learn Makeup With Sammy!

Born in 1996, Sammy Robinson is a female Australian beauty influencer with countless videos about make-up, beauty, and fashion. This young YouTube star launched her channel in 2012 and had a considerable rise in social media. Presently, she has approximately 690k subscribers.

Also, Sammy constantly posts to her other social media accounts, including Instagram and TikTok. The social media influencer has worked with many brands increasing her fame and income.

To cooperate with the Australian influencer, use Ainfluencer to contact her easily.

Cooperate With Sammy

24. Sabre Norris: One of The Youngest Australian YouTubers

Before starting, know that she is not just a normal YouTuber. She is a professional surfer and skateboarder with world records. And most importantly, this Australian athlete is only 18 years old.

Sabre Norris: Young Australian YouTuber
Young And Genius

Born in 2005, Sabre Norris is a talented young lady who is an Australian YouTube star and a famous athlete. She is passionate about surfing and skateboarding, with precious world records.

One of her skateboarding records is to be the third female in history and the first in Australia to land a 540 on a half pipe which went viral on ‘The Berris’ YouTube channel with over 9m views.

Moreover, she competed in World Surf League and became the second youngest female to participate in this event.

Sabre Norris is the oldest child of Justin Norris, and together they have 5 YouTube channels. They are one of the top Australian family YouTubers and content creators (what a fun family!).

The Norris family’s YouTube channels are ‘The Norris Nuts,’ ‘Norris Nuts Do Stuff,’ ‘Norris Nuts Gaming,’ ‘Norris Nuts Clips,’ and ‘Norris Nuts Cooking.’ Their most followed one is ‘The Norris Nuts’ with 7.02M subscribers.

If you want to cooperate with the Norris nuts, you can simply follow this link.

Cooperate With Norris Nuts

25. ReeKid: A Young, Well-known Australian YouTuber

She is not a regular everyday kid that you will see. ReeKid is a multi-talented vlogger known for his gaming content and live streams.

ReeKid: Female Gamer
Reekid, The YouTube Star

Born in 2006, ReeKid (@ReekidReal) is a 17-year-old lady who started her content creation when she launched her YouTube channel in 2019. Since then, she has created VR gaming content and gained numerous fans. Other than YouTube, her Instagram and Twitch are active with countless followers.

Want to get familiar with top Twitch influencers to work with? Hit the mentioned link and dive into the article to learn all about them!

The Young YouTube star has an excellent influential career. She has collaborated with other YouTubers, such as Your Narrator and JoshDub. One of her most-viewed clips is the ‘Clips that made me famous’ with over 5.4M views.

Are you looking for a good partnership with this young, intelligent lady? Start by giving this link a single click.

Partner With ReeKid


Therefore, YouTube is a perfect place to start growing your business and earn large sums of money. It has become the main source of income for countless influencers, particularly Australian ones. Likewise, brands can take significant advantage of this video-based social platform and its YouTubers. They can collaborate with the perfect YouTube influencers that match them and promote their brands and products. As a result, both parties benefit from this and reach their goals. Use this article and connect with some of the best YouTube influencers to start a successful partnership.


1. Who Are Australian YouTubers?

They are individuals who are originally from Australia or live in this country and have a successful, popular YouTube channel. These are usually famous content creators that keep YouTube users entertained. Australian YouTubers are also known as Australian influencers who cooperate with brands or other influencers to earn more money and fame.

2. What Type Of Content Do Most Australian YouTubers Create?

Almost all Australians like to play video games, from kids and teenagers to adults and middle ages. So, the most content you see from Australians is gaming content.

3. Are All Australian YouTube Channels Solo Users?

No, Australian YouTube channels are mainly single users, but a few family or group YouTubers are available with a single channel for their content.

4. Where Can I Find Australian YouTubers To Connect With?

You can find Australian influencers and YouTubers on YouTube influencer marketing platforms. These platforms are network places where brands and influencers come together to connect and collaborate. We recommend using Ainfluencer among the top influencer marketing platforms. It is free and easy to use, including various features where you can find the ideal company or influencer and start a thriving cooperation.

5. Are Australian YouTubers Similar To Australian Instagram Influencers?

Typically, they’re not the same as these platforms are different, and posting content is dissimilar. However, some of these Australian YouTubers have Instagram accounts and are well-known Instagram influencers.

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