30 Best Australian Fitness Influencers On Instagram [2024]

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Australia has a large population of physically active people. This has led to the development of many Australian fitness influencers. These individuals have helped to promote healthy living and exercise among their followers.

Instagram fitness influencers are people who typically have a lot of dedication to their fitness routine and have achieved a certain level of fitness through hard work. They then share their tips and tricks with their followers on social media, which can help others to achieve similar results.

This article provides you with a list of the 30 best Australian fitness influencers and a brief look at who they are. But I’m sure you want to know how to discover these local influencers and connect with them. So, let’s get to that first.

How to find Australian fitness influencers?

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30 best Australian fitness Influencers

Now that you know how to find influencers on Instagram, let’s check our list of 26 best Australian fitness influencers:

 1. Emilysears – @emilysears

Emily Sears is a famous Australian Instagram fitness model and feminist with 5.2M Followers. She is mainly known for her appearances in popular magazines such as Maxim.

Her account is full of different topics, including fitness and beauty, making her an excellent choice to promote so many brands.

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2. Andrew Pap – @andrew_pap_

The owner of Battle Fit Australia and the personal trainer to the stars, Andrew “Pap” Papadopoulos, is a self-described fitness addict and endurance athlete. After serving in the Australian Defence Force for a while, Andrew founded Battle Fit Australia as a method to simulate military training with a unique twist.

He has 182K followers on his Instagram account.

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3. Asha Burnley – @Ashaburnley

Asha Burnley is one of the top Australian female fitness influencers. As well as being a fitness coach for women, she is also the author of the E-book “Eat Amazing.”

Burnley has 23.4k followers on Instagram.

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4. jenna Louise – @jennalouise_jl

Jenna is an athlete, model, YouTuber, author, and the founder of the Jenna Louise Brand with 119k followers on Instagram. She is also a Master Trainer and Nutrition Coach from the Australian Institute of Fitness.

She hopes to inspire others to challenge themselves every day in order to improve their physical and mental health, confidence, well-being, sense of self-worth, knowledge, and values through the use of her brand and social media presence.

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5. Dasha Poposvchi – @Dashbody_

Dasha Gaivoronski is among the best Australian influencers, with 307k followers on Instagram. She is also an online fitness coach and a certified personal trainer.

By sharing functional workout videos and giving lifestyle and nutrition advice, Dasha tries to inspire women to gain wellness.

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6. Megean Martin – @megsutherland

Meg Martin is an Australian fitness personality and nutritionist. She encourages people to train and find their capabilities, and her account is filled with positive vibes.

She is also a runner and has gained about 55.4k Instagram followers.

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7. Elle Cooper – @Bondielle

One of the best Australian fitness influencers on our list is Elle Cooper. She is a personal trainer and fitness model with about 46k followers. She was nominated for IFBB Miss Aus Bikini three times. Her health and fitness website is “Bondielle.com.”

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8. Samantha Wicka – @_Samanthawicks

Samantha Wicks is an Australian fitness model and online coach with 38.6k Instagram fans. She is an IFBB Bikini and shares pictures of her body on her account to motivate her followers.

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9. Olivia Bowen – @oliviadbowen

Mrs. Olivia Bowen is another great fitness coach and influencer from Australia. She is a beauty blogger and fashion lifestyle influencer. Olivia has about 3.1M followers and is among the great macro influencers who promote fitness-related brands.

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10. becylu harvey – @Becylufit

One of the best Australian fitness influencers is Bec Harvey with 42.1k followers on her Instagram account. She is also a certified online coach and bikini model who aims to help women feel their best through one-by-one fitness and nutrition coaching.

Her website is “Becylufit.com.au.”

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11. Mathew Richard O’Reilly – @Mattoreilly_kingbodies

Among so many Australian fitness influencers, Matt O’Reilly is a top one. He is a popular king body online coach who also gives nutrition tips. Matt has about 79.1k followers and a high engagement rate.

12. Milly Turley – @Millyturleyfit

Milly Turley is a hot Australian fitness model with an incredible physique. She has 120k followers and has her fitness clothing brand named “Velocity.au.”

13. Mitch Nucifora – @Mitchnucifora

While considering the best Australian influencers, you shouldn’t forget Mitch Nocifora. He is a fitness blogger with more than 90.5 k followers on his Instagram account, where he posts pictures of his amazing body.

14. Jake Nikolopoulos – @Jakenikolopoulos

Jake Nikolopoulos is an Australian fitness personality with 56.6k Instagram followers. He is also an IFBB pro bodybuilder and “Massivejoes” sponsored athlete.

15. Tayla Hicks – @taylahicksfitness

Tayla calls herself a bikini fitness athlete. She has a chiseled body, and she managed to win lots of different awards. This female Australian fitness influencer is one of a kind. Tayla is both fit and delicate at the same time. There aren’t many fitness models like her. If you want to bu

16. Quisha Baterna – @Quisha_fit

Quisha Baterna is one of the other famous Australian fitness influencers with 21.6k followers and a high engagement rate on Instagram. She is also a fitness coach and tries to inspire others to live a healthy life by sharing photos of her muscular body and her workouts.

17. Kayla Itsines – @KaylaItsines

Kayla Itsines is the top Australian fitness model with 15.8M Instagram followers.

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She is also a personal trainer and was named one of the “30 most influential people on the Internet” by Time magazine in 2016 and 2018.

Kayla is the author of a series of eBooks, “Bikini Body Guides,” as well as the founder of the workout app “Sweat.”

She aims to help women around the world achieve their fitness goals and health.

18. Emily Skye – @Emilyskyefit

Emily Skye is one of the best Australian female fitness influencers on Instagram.

She tries to motivate people to shape their bodies, eat healthy foods, and appreciate what their bodies can do. Emily also provides special meal plans for vegans, vegetarians, and gluten-free clients.

She is currently a global ambassador for “Reebok” and “Lucozade Sport” and is a great choice to promote your brand in front of a large group of audience. She is also the owner of @james_cosmetics.

19. Stephanie miller – @Stephclairesmith

Stephanie Miller is an Australian fitness personality with 1.5M followers on Instagram.

She is a co-founder of “Keep it cleaner,” which is a fitness, wellness, and nutrition website. Stephanie shares her workouts and nutrition plans on Instagram to help people stay fit and healthy.

20. Nick Cheadle – @Nickcheadlefitness

Nick Cheadle is another famous Australian fitness model.

He studied at the Australian Institute of Fitness and is now a co-owner of the “Paragon Strength and Performance” gym. Nick also created the “My Physique” online coaching program.

He has more than 794k Instagram fans, shares creative workout videos, and gives health advice.

21. amanda Bisk – @Amandabisk

Amanda Bisk is an Australian workout lady and yoga and Pilates teacher. She believes that yoga is an essential part of life and is the key to gaining general wellness.

She is a former Australian Pole Vaulter.

Amanda posts photos and videos of her exercises to inspire others to have a healthy lifestyle. Her Instagram account has 638k followers.

22. Felicia Oreb & Diana Johnson- @Basebodybabes

Base Body Babes is a fitness, health, and lifestyle account founded by two sisters, Diana Johnson and Felicia Oreb.

These two Australian influencers gained more than 525k followers by motivating women to be as healthy, fit, and strong as possible. They share great exercises, healthy meals, and fitness advice on Instagram.

23. Danial William Conn – @Dan_dc_conn

Dan Conn is one of the other top Australian fitness influencers on Instagram. He used to play for the Roosters, Gold Coast Titans, and Canterbury Bulldogs.

But now, he is a fitness trainer and nutritionist with 253k Instagram followers.

Dan has worked with many brands such as Mass Nutrition Bondi and Zeal Optics. He could be a great ambassador for your brand too.

24. Michelle Bridges – @Mishbridges

Michelle Bridges is one of the most influential Australian fitness influencers, models, and trainers.

She has over 20 years of training experience, published 17 books, and created the “12WBT,” 12 Week Body Transformation online program.

Her Instagram account has 267k followers.

25. Sam Wood – @Samjameswood

Sam Wood is an Australian fitness model on Instagram with 267k followers.

He is the founder of a lifestyle program named “28 by Sam Wood.” The program includes a daily 28-minute exercise program, as well as recipes for some quick and healthy meals.

He is one of the top brand ambassadors of Reebok company.

26. Chloe Ting – @chloe_t

The last Australian fitness influencer on our list is Chloe Ting. This personal trainer tries to make her community known on YouTube and could gain more than 2M followers on Instagram by motivating people to challenge themselves daily to achieve their physical and mental health.

27. Stephanie Sanzo – @stephaniesanzo

One of the hottest Australian fitness girls on Instagram is definitely Stephanie Sanzo. She has 3.4M followers on the platform. Stephanie enjoys doing workouts at the gym, and she shares many videos as tutorials for her followers. Moreover, she always wears sexy gym clothes while working out. So, if you want to know how to look good while sweating, check out her photos.

28. Nathan McCallum – @nathan

One of the great fitness models from Australia is Nathan McCallum. He is a fitness and workout influencer with about 820k fans on Instagram and shares his workouts with his audience.

Tayla Hicks – @taylahicksfitness

Tayla calls herself a bikini fitness athlete. She has a chiseled body, and she won many different awards. This female Australian fitness influencer is one of a kind. Tayla is both fit and delicate at the same time. There aren’t many fitness models like her. If you want to build a body like hers, give her a follow. You won’t be disappointed.

29. Olivia May – @_omay

Olivia May is an Australian track athlete, fitness trainer, and sportswear model. She is truly beautiful and inspirational. Olivia is not like fitness models who spend all their time in the gym. She pays a lot of attention to her lifestyle and creates many interesting reels related to it.

30. Ruby Starr – @ruby.fogarty

Last but not least on our list of top Australian fitness influencers on Instagram is Ruby Starr from Gold Coast. She has 23K followers on IG, which makes her a micro-influencer. Ruby is an online personal trainer, and her workouts can be done inside and outside the gym.


Lastly, the Australian fitness influencers listed above are great role models for staying fit and living a healthy lifestyle. They provide great tips and advice on how to exercise and eat right, and they are all inspiring individuals.

If you are looking for motivation to get in shape or brand ambassadors to promote your business, be sure to follow these 30 fantastic Australians on Instagram. You can also use Ainfluencer to find more results.

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