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Season 5 of USA Love Island was one of the best seasons of this show. Islanders were passionate, energetic, and fun to watch. The Love Island USA season 5 cast wanted to win it all, and nothing could have stopped them.

Many of these contestants had the talent to become some of the best American influencers on Instagram. Some Islanders were already celebrities with many followers on Instagram and TikTok. So, we are going to introduce the Love Island season 5 cast to you and help you know them better.

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Love Island USA Season 5 Cast

Thirty-three contestants participated in season 5 of the USA Love Island reality show. During their five-week stay in one of the Fiji Islands, they desperately searched for love, creating unexpected romance. And, of course, many of the relationships were cut short in a heartbeat.

So, we’ll introduce the USA season 5 cast here in no particular order because we hate to spoil the show for you. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Leonardo Dionicio

Just by looking at Dionicio’s face and body, you’ll understand that he has no trouble finding dates and is not going to be dumped easily. He is a 21-year-old salesman from Connecticut with 90K Instagram followers.

Leonardo comes from an athletic family. Considering his fit body and charming smile, he can be perfect for fitness clothing brands and other fashion brands for marketing collaborations.

Carmen Elizabeth Kocourek

Cameron Kocourek is a blonde Instagram model and one of the season 5 contestants of Love Island USA. She is one of the hottest islanders, and there is no surprise that everybody wants to win her love.

Cameron was born in 2001 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She was already very popular on Instagram and TikTok, but Love Island helped her blossom and gather more than 150K followers on Instagram.

Currently, she is an Instagram model who has collaborated with well-known brands such as Summer Fridays and Fashion Nova. If you want to be the next brand to collaborate with her, join Ainfluencer for free.

Marco Donatelli 

With just a glance, you’ll know Marco Donatelli is going to be one of the biggest stars in the USA’s Love Island. This 23-year-old entrepreneur was born in Girard, Ohio.

Joining the season 5 cast of USA Love Island greatly affected his popularity. He has more than 418K followers on Instagram and 105K followers on TikTok. Donatelli is a very attractive model and fitness enthusiast, which has helped him gain a lot of popularity among fans and other Islanders.

Hannah Wright 

Born in Palm Springs, California, 24-year-old Hannah Wright is another Islander of Love Island in season five. With her killer smile and blonde hair, she won many hearts on the island. But she would stop only after winning it all.

Hannah has more than 180K Instagram followers and mostly posts about her lifestyle, travels, and beauty. She is one of the best lifestyle influencers you can follow. As one of the main cast members of Love Island, you can still find many comments about her time on the island.

Carsten Bergersen

Can you imagine having a guy who has never had a girlfriend on Love Island? Well, Carsten Bergersen is here to turn the table for himself. He is probably the only contestant in Love Island history who was single his whole life.

In the pre-interview, he called himself a hopeless romantic searching for love. This made Carsen a special Islander, and everybody wished he could score.

Carsen, who was born in Cottage Grove, Minnesota, is 23 years old and has 138K Instagram followers. If you want to collaborate with Carsten Bergersen and other top Influencers on Instagram and TikTok, try Ainfluencer. It’s 100% free.

Taylor Nicole Smith

One of the hottest girls on Love Island season 5 was Taylor Smith. During the show, she was a good friend to many Islanders, and everybody loved her. Born in 1999, she is originally from Orange County, California.

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She works as a hotel manager and an Instagram model and influencer. She shares very interesting content on Instagram and TikTok, so her engagement rate is very good. Smith has 69K followers on Instagram, which makes her a micro influencer on the platform.

Kenzo Nudo

Kenzo is a 26-year-old male fitness influencer from Phoenix, Arizona. He is one of the hottest cast members of Love Island season 5. Not only is Kenzo very popular among the girls, but he also tries to be a good friend to male Islanders. He is charismatic and lovable.

He is also very popular on different social media platforms such as Instagram and YouTube. Kenso has 100k followers on IG and mostly posts about lifestyle, traveling, and fitness.

Kassandra “Kassy” Castillo

Kassandra Castillo is a 23-year-old Louisianian Islander on Season 5 of Love Island USA. She is one of the cutest contestants of season five. Her smile is so pretty that every guy on the island wants to make her laugh.

She is a real estate student and Instagram influencer with 158K followers on the platform. With that number of followers, you can easily guess how popular she is among the fans.

Destiny Davis

Davis is a Microbiologist from Florissant, Missouri. She is a combination of being hot and clever. Destiny is one of the Love Island season 5 casts that set foot on the island on day 1. So, you’ll see her a lot during the show.

If she had been more active on the platform, she could have been one of the most popular black TikToks because Destiny knows how to make people fall in love with her.

Keenan Anunay

Football players have always been popular among women, so it shouldn’t be surprising to have a college football player like Anunay among the cast members of Love Island season 5.

He is 24 years old and one of the fittest guys on the island. Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised to learn that she was one of the most popular male contestants among the female viewers of season 5. Keenan has 94K followers on his Instagram.

Other Members of USA Love Island Season 5

As we mentioned before, 33 Islanders were competing for first place in season five of American Love Island. So, we are going to mention the rest of the contestants here:

  • Kyle Darden,
  • Scott van-der-Sluis,
  • Johnnie Garcia,
  • Isiah Harayda,
  • Imani Wheeler,
  • Matia Marcantuoni,
  • Jonah Allman,
  • Vickala “Kay Kay” Gray,
  • Taylor Chemlka,
  • Mike Stark,
  • Hannah Ortega,
  • Allie Ryan,
  • Ashley Sims,
  • Brandon Janse Van Vuuren,
  • Dasja Johnson,
  • Eddie Brown,
  • Najah Fleary,
  • Robert “Rob” Rausch,
  • Emily Chavez,
  • Harrison Luna,
  • Anna Kurdys,
  • Victor Gonzalez,
  • Jasmine Sklavanitis.


Love Island is one of the most popular reality shows in the USA. And season by season, it gets better and better. So, in season 5, the show was at its best. Thirty-three contestants competed with each other during the season to find the love of their lives and win the title. Therefore, we provide you with some information about the season 5 cast of Love Island USA to help you feel closer to the Islanders.


1- Who won Love Island USA season 5?

Marco Donatelli and Hannah Wright were the favorite Islanders of Love Island season 5, and they won the show. Donatelli joined the island on day 1, but Wright entered the island on day 2. Together, they continued until day 32 and won Love Island USA season 5.

2- How many Love Island USA couples are still together?

Very few of the Love Island cast members stay together after the show ends. For example, only Isaiah and Sydney made it last among the season 4 couples of Love Island, and every other couple went their separate ways.

3- How much is Love Island prize money?

The winning couple of Love Island USA will receive $100,000, which they should split. Viewers’ votes decide the show’s winners.

4- Will there be Love Island USA Season 6?

Of course, Love Island has been renewed for seasons 6 and 7, which are expected to be released in the summer of 2024 and 2025, respectively. However, we don’t know the exact release date of season 6 of Love Island USA.


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