What Is Instagram Brand Influencer? 2023 Update

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In recent years, there has been a growing trend of using Instagram marketing for marketing and advertising, with brands increasingly turning to influencers to promote their products. And Instagram brand influencers are becoming more and more popular. 

But what exactly is a brand influencer? And what do they do? 

An Instagram brand influencer is a term used to describe someone who has a large following on Instagram and is able to persuade their followers to take action on behalf of a brand. 

Brand influencers can be very helpful for businesses, as they can help promote products or services to a wider audience.

Typically, an Instagram brand influencer will promote products or services in exchange for exposure to their large audience. Due to the size of their following, Instagram brand influencers are often courted by brands looking to grow their reach.

Why Brands Partner With Social Media Influencers?

Brands are always looking for new and innovative ways to reach their target market or engage with their current audience in a more meaningful way. One way that brands are doing this is by partnering with social media influencers. 

There are many reasons why brands partner with social media influencers. 

Some of the reasons include the fact that these influencers have an engaged and loyal audience, and of course, they are credible.

Additionally, brands may partner with influencers to create content that is more authentic and engaging than what the brand could create on its own! Influencers can also be helpful in terms of driving traffic to the brand’s website or social media pages.

Trust is another important factor in influencer strategy. This is what makes Instagram influencers a valuable asset for brands that work with influencers.

How to find Instagram brand influencers?

Finding Instagram brand influencers for your brand can be a daunting task. But with the right influencer strategy, tools and tips, it can be easy to run influencer partnerships. Here are four tips to help you find relevant Instagram brand influencers:

1. Influencer marketing platforms

As social media has become increasingly popular, so too has the use of influencer marketing platforms. These platforms make influencer partnerships so easy and allow businesses to connect with influential individuals on social media.

Influencer marketing platforms offer a variety of features, including search capabilities, contact management, and reporting tools. They also vary in terms of the number of influencers they have and the types of influencers.


Ainfluencer is an influencer marketplace that helps you to easily manage and do Instagram influencer marketing yourself.

As a brand, you have access to thousands of influencers. You can compare and invite influencers based on location, number of followers, engagement rate, category, quality score, etc.


Ainfluencer is also a great influencer search tool that is 100% FREE. The only thing a brand should do is to sign up on Ainfluencer and create a campaign so IG influencers on the platform can see it.

Watch this video to see how Ainfluencer works:

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2. Use hashtags

By using specific hashtags, you can find Instagram brand influencers who are relevant to your business. In addition, you can use hashtags to research popular hashtags that are being used by a large number of people. This can help you to identify trends and learn more about what people are talking about on Instagram.

3. Search Google

By typing in specific keywords, such as “top Instagram influencers” or “best IG influencers,” users can find a list of profiles that have a large following and are considered to be influential in the market. This can be an amazing yet simple help to brands looking for Instagram influencers for marketing purposes.

google search-top Instagram influencers

4. Monitor your competitors

As a business owner, it is important to keep an eye on your competition. By monitoring your competitors, you can find out who their influencers are and what influencer strategy they are using. This information can help you stay ahead of the curve and keep your business competitive.
Competition analysis is a key part of any brand that works with influencers. By studying your competitors, you can learn what works and what doesn’t. You can also find new opportunities for collaborations and influencer partnerships.

What Are The Benefits Of Working With Brand Influencers?

More and more businesses are turning to Instagram brand influencers to help promote their brand.

But what are the benefits of working with IG influencers?

Here are the reasons why you should consider influencer partnerships.

benefits of working with brand influencers

#1 Build brand awareness

If you’re looking to increase brand awareness, working with top influencer brands is a great way to do it. When you partner with an influencer, they’ll share your content with their followers and it helps you reach a larger audience.

#2 Reach a bigger audience

By tapping into the social followings of multiple well-networked IG influencers, brands can reach new audiences that they otherwise wouldn’t gain exposure to. This also ensures that their brand messaging reaches audiences preconditioned to accept and respect the influencers’ views (so long as they are genuine).

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#3 Build trust

Influencers have earned their followings, so they’ve already established trust with their audience. This is a reflection of consumers’ trust in influencers’ opinions, meaning influencer branded content resonates better.

#4 Generate leads

When it comes to getting more leads, many businesses turn to influencers. After all, if top influencer brands endorse your product or service, their followers are likely to take notice. And that’s why working with influencers can be a great way to get more leads.

#5 Increase website traffic

Not only do you need people to visit your site to learn more about what you have to offer, but you also need them to take the next step and become customers. Working with top influencer brands is one strategy that businesses should consider.

#6 Drive sales

Businesses that use influencers to promote their products and services can see a significant increase in sales. This means that if you’re not using a well-designed influencer strategy, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to improve sales.

#7 Alternative to Ads

Unlike ads, which can often be seen as intrusive, influencers are seen as more trustworthy sources of information. Their recommendations are more likely to be followed because people trust their opinions.

#8 A shortcut to content marketing

Influencers let their creativity run wild when producing branded content, allowing brands to step away from their own potentially biased messaging.

Creative freedom lends itself well to more native-style advertising, meaning influencer content is less disruptive and more natural.

What Is The Role of A Brand Influencer in Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing roots advertising in the hands of credible, authentic, and relatable individuals with a powerful social media presence otherwise known as influencers. Since social media influencers succeed where traditional ads fail, brands receive calculable value from working with them. 

In recent years, the term “brand influencer” has become more and more prevalent in marketing and advertising. Instagram brand influencers act as extensions of brands, lending their voices and opinions on products, services, or topics to the socials. 

More importantly, brand influencers have built trust with their organic social followings. Top influencer brands haven’t bought fake followers or pretended influencer status.

How to connect with Instagram brand influencers?

Instagram brand influencers can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. However, connecting with them can be difficult. Here are a few influencer tips to help you get started.

1- Reach Out Directly to your Influencer

Reach out directly to Instagram brand influencers via email, DMs, or other messengers. Most likely, they have their contacts in their profile bio. If not, just simply send them a DM.

2- Don’t Lose Track of your Influencers

Create a spreadsheet to help you record your influencers’ information. Build a consistent way to keep track of your influencers’ contact information and to avoid future awkward mistakes. The majority of the time, you will be able to find your influencer’s contact information on their profile.

3- Use Influencer finder tools

As you know, influencer marketing is becoming one of the most effective ways to reach new customers.

A better approach is to use a tool that’s specifically designed for influencer research. Ainfluecner can help you easily find, analyze, and connect with the most relevant and authoritative influencers in your niche.

Qualities of a good influencer

Here are some traits you should exactly be looking for in an influencer when using influencer marketing.

Your Influencer must be relevant to your customers

Every day, there are millions of social media users posting photos about the brands and products they love. At the highest level, you want to choose social influencers based on the niche content that they produce—content that is highly relevant to your brand. Essentially, look for social media influencers in your vertical and make sure it’s a contextual fit.

But in order to find your best influencers, you will need to take it a step further. Ask yourself: Who is this influencer’s audience? How does this influencer brand him/herself? And, does this align with my brand’s target customers and messaging? When choosing your influencers, make sure that your brand and your brand influencer align.

Your Influencer must appear to be authentic

The reason consumers trust influencers is that they view them as authentic sources of information. Therefore, the more sponsored content an influencer posts, the more their status is diluted. Essentially, you want your influencer to look authentic, not promotional, or else they lose their value.

Influencers in crowded verticals may work with many brands and products. But the best ones do this discreetly. Continue to keep this in mind once you are ready to leverage your influencers, even if you are the only brand that your influencer works with, soft promotional touches drive the best results.

Your Influencer must be active and post frequently

The more active an influencer is on social media the further your brand name will be spread. There is a distinct correlation between how often bloggers post and the rate of return visitors. It often takes multiple returns to turn a prospective customer into a customer. Brand Influencer on Instagram more active than an influencer is on social media the further your brand name will be spread. There is a distinct correlation between how often bloggers post and the rate of return visitors. It often takes multiple returns to turn a prospective customer into a customer.

Look for indicators that your influencer is active on social media—monitor for the number of likes, comments, and shares. The success of your brand’s reach depends on how effectively your influencers engage with their own followers.


Businesses are turning to influencers to help promote their products and services. If you’re looking to market your business, especially on Instagram, working with an Instagram brand influencer could be a great way to do it.

By taking advantage of influencer marketplaces, make sure you find the most relevant influencers in your niche. 

Find influencers on Ainfluencer
1- Who are influencers on Instagram?

Instagram influencers are regular Instagram users but with a unique ability to influence others, well-established credibility, and a considerably large audience. From a marketing perspective, an influencer is defined as a person with the power to influence potential buyers of a product or service.

2- Do Instagram influencers get paid?

There are a number of factors that determine how much an Instagram influencer makes. They can earn anywhere from a few dollars to a million dollars per post. The amount you make depends on a few factors: Number of followers, engagement rate, etc.

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