Asian American Fashion Bloggers: Top 10 Creators To Check

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For those looking for inspiration for their fashion choices, following an Asian American fashion blogger helps you know the latest trends and fashion ideas in both cultures and get inspired by their looks. 

In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best fashion influencers and bloggers you can check out and inspire others. This list covers a wide range of bloggers, from plus size to sustainable fashion advocates, to answer your needs. 

10 Best Asian American Fashion Bloggers

Are you looking for the best Asian American fashion influencers to follow on social media? Here are the top and most creative influencers you need to check. 

1. Bishamber Das

Thanks to social media platforms, especially Instagram and Twitter, the knowledge about self-love has increased, and plus-size influencers are trying to improve it. 

Today, fashion and styling are not only dedicated to a group of people, and everyone, regardless of their weight, height, or body shape, can become a fashion blogger.

Bishamber Das is one of the best asian american fashion bloggers who has tried to help women increase their confidence by knowing how to style. This Indian blogger is now one of the most well-known plus-size models in the UK, an actor, and the Founder Of Girllikemeonline, a clothing brand for plus-size people. 

2. Wendy Nguyen

One of the most known asian american beauty and fashion bloggers with more than 1.5M followers on Instagram is Wendy Nguyen. She is one of the Asian Instagram models who moved to the U.S. when she was 8. In 2011, she started her career in fashion by creating a YouTube channel and teaching people how to style different colors.

In 2015, Wendy established the Wendy’s Lookbook Foundation to share information about fashion, beauty, cats, and juvenile justice issues. Other than Instagram, this Asian American influencer is active on YouTube and has more than 700k subscribers. 

3. Jessica Wang

We have all seen videos of Chinese fashion street walks and were amazed by their styles. One of the Asian American fashion bloggers that can help you with these styles is Jessica wang. This NYC-based Chinese fashion blogger has been in the industry for almost a decade and knows everything about trends. 

In 2014, Jessica launched her blog ‘NotJessFashion’ where she regularly shares fresh style content and collaborates with known brands such as  Burberry, Dior, Bulgari, Coach, David Yurman, Omega, and YSL. 

4. Jean Wang

Most people know Jean as a beauty influencer on Instagram. Still, with a passion for style, she is also a top Asian American fashion blogger. Jean is obsessed with classic and old money style, and if you are also a fan, she has one of the best fashion blogs to check. 

In her blog, she shares travel, lifestyle, and fashion content. There are also some subcategories, such as cooking, hair tutorials, weddings, and everything you need for a better lifestyle. 

5. Chriselle Lim

With around 1.6M followers on Instagram, Chriselle Lim is a famous Asian American fashion blogger. Chriselle was born in Texas and spent four years in Seoul (her mother country), where she studied fashion from 2004 to 2008. 

Before blogging, she was a stylist and the fashion editor for a local luxury magazine in Beverly Hills. Now, she is a full-time blogger on Instagram and has her personal blog, ‘ The Chriselle Factor.’

6. Allison Teng

Are you a plus-size beauty? One of the Asian American fashion influencers with lots of outfit inspiration and shopping tips for you is Allison Teng. Allison started her blog, ‘Curvy Girl Chic,’ in 2009 as a creative outlet, hoping to connect with other plus-size and curvy girls. 

Until today, she regularly shares fashion, beauty, and shopping tips on her website as well as her Instagram page. She has also collaborated with famous brands, including ASOS, Torrid, Rachel Pally, ELOQUII, Lane Bryant, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, etc. If you are looking for plus-size lingerie models, make sure to check her page. 

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7. Lina Mayorga

Now it’s time to introduce you to one of the best asian american fashion bloggers focusing on sustainable vegan fashion outfits. Lina Mayorga believes fashion and sustainability can complement each other rather than being mutually exclusive.

Besides being a blogger, Lina has launched her clothing brand, LMS, for men and women using high-quality and environmentally friendly materials. 

8. Ellen V Lora

The next star on the list of Asian American beauty and fashion bloggers is Ellen V Lora. This Armenian beauty grew up in California, and most people know her for her ‘PURE EVL’ fashion blog. This fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger regularly updates her blog and manages her Instagram page.

On the blog of this Asian American fashion blogger, you can learn everything you need for daily styles and even custom designing. 

9. Anh Sundstrom 

For businesswomen looking for eye-catching looks for work, Ang Sundstrom is the Asian American influencer you need to check. There are different categories for each season on the blog that help you with a classy and elegant style. 

If you like her taste in fashion and are looking for inspiration for party outfits, there is a ‘Weekend’ category on her ‘9to5 Chic’ blog that you can check. 

10. Aimee Song

The last star on our list of Asian American fashion influencers is actually a known designer. Aimee Song started blogging in 2008, called Song of Style, while studying Interior Architecture. She currently designs her own fashion collection and has collaborated with many fashion and luxury companies, such as Dior, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, and Valentino.

Other than fashion, this Asian American fashion blogger regularly shares skincare, makes tutorials on her Instagram page, and has more than 7M followers. 

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Following Asian American fashion bloggers can be a great way to stay updated with the latest trends and fashion ideas. In this article, we provide a list of top Asian American fashion bloggers who can help you with styling and knowing the latest trends in the industry.


1. Can I Find Inspiration For Everyday Fashion From These Bloggers?

Absolutely! The highlighted asian american fashion influencers cover a broad spectrum of styles, from everyday chic to avant-garde. Whether you’re looking for casual outfit ideas or fashion-forward inspiration, you’ll find a variety of looks to suit your taste.

2. Do These Bloggers Collaborate With Brands?

Many of these bloggers collaborate with renowned fashion and lifestyle brands. Their influence extends to partnerships, often resulting in exclusive collections, promotions, and brand ambassadorships. Ainfluencer allows you to discover these and many more Asian American fashion bloggers and runs collaborations easily. 

3. How Can I Stay Updated With The Latest Trends From These Bloggers?

Most featured bloggers have active social media profiles, particularly on Instagram. Following them on these platforms will keep you updated with their latest outfits, style tips, and any collaborations they may be involved in.


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