25 Top German Instagram Influencers To Grow Your Brand In 2023

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You may need to present your brand in a specific country like Germany. Therefore, you need to find influencers in that location. In this post, we have listed 25 top German influencers that can help you grow your brand in Germany. Furthermore, we will explain how to find more German Instagram influencers in a few minutes.

How to find German Instagram Influencers?

First of all, you may think about searching different hashtags to find German influencers on Instagram. That’s one way of finding influencers on this platform but not that easy and accurate. You can also search Google for German influencers, but still time-consuming. What is the best option? If you are eager to start Instagram influencer marketing, you should use an Instagram influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer.

The method is easy and quick; you only need to sign up for free on Ainfluencer and start searching for influencers based on their location, such as Germany, and categories like fashion, gender, language, and hashtag. 

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Top German Instagram models and fashion bloggers 

1. Liz Kaeber (@lizkaeber)

With 1M followers, Liz is a famous German fashion blogger who promotes different brands. She mainly likes street style and casual clothes. 

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2. Emilia (@emilia) 

Emilia is one of the famous German women with 1M followers. Her fitness skills have led her to the fashion world, and now she is a fashion model and fitness influencer

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3. Dina Denoire (@dinadenoire)

Dina is a German Instagram model from Berlin. She has 1M followers and is considered a macro influencer on Instagram. 

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4. Vanessa Mai (@vanessa.mai)

Vanessa is a singer with 977K followers. Besides being a hot German singer, she is a hot model too. She promotes cosmetics products and brands, including L’Oreal Paris. 

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5. Kathie Lam (@kathielam)

Kathie is one of the German influencers that likes to try on different styles and clothes. Although she is still a micro influencer with 10.5K followers, she still gets much attention and engagement, which makes her an excellent choice for promoting clothes. 

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6. Soso (@saraurb)

Soso is one of the German beauties with a cute face and sexy poses. She is mainly a makeup and hairstyle model. With 21K followers, she is considered a micro influencer on Instagram but still a suitable choice for cosmetic brands and hairstyle salons. 

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7. Steph Ernst (@steph.ernst)

Steph is one of the German influencers who has just started her career in modeling. She has 14K followers, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be an excellent choice for modeling your products because micro influencers are considered more influential on their followers. 

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8. Bella (@mrsbella)

With 2.4M followers, Bella is a famous German celebrity and one of the most popular German beauties on Instagram. She is a model and also a lifestyle influencer who enjoys sharing her daily style and stories. 

Top German fitness influencers

9. Andy Raab (@andy_raab) 

Andy is an online coach and fitness trainer with 49.7K followers. His six-pack abs make him one of the famous German fitness influencers. Furthermore, he owns a fitness center. Therefore, his account will be a suitable place to promote fitness apparel. 

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10. Rafael (@rafaelmcstan)

Rafael is an active male blogger, a German fitness influencer, and a traveler. On his account, he shares challenging moments of his workouts and wonderful photos he takes of nature on his trips. Rafael is also an excellent Instagram photographer.

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11. Frank Metzler (@pumping.frank.metzler)

Frank is a fitness influencer who provides scientific and complete information about exercising to his audiences. He thinks people should know what is happening in their bodies when they do work out. Therefore, he explains everything. Frank has 39K followers and is an online coach.

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12. Nathanael Radloff (@nathanael_radloff)

Nathanael is a famous bodybuilder with 74K followers. He is a popular online coach and fitness trainer whose muscular body makes him more prevalent among people who like to become athletes. He is a suitable choice for promoting sportswear and fitness apparel.

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Top German male models on Instagram

13. Onkel Rafi (@rafaelneugart)

If you are looking for a handsome German male fashion influencer, Onkel will be your number-one choice. He is a male model with 882K followers and the brand ambassador of a clothing brand called KOSHÀNY. Onkel is one of the famous German men you can find on Instagram. 

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14. André van Bosse (@vanbossen)

With 22K followers, Andre is one of the German male fashion influencers that likes the street style. He is also a Crossfit athlete. However, he doesn’t share his workouts on his account. He usually shares photos of his journeys, which are mainly in nature. 

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15. Daniel Korte (@daniel_korte)

Daniel will be an excellent option if you are looking for a German male model to promote suits and formal outfits. He is a handsome man with great style with 15K followers who are inspired by whatever he shares. 

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16. Dave Gordon (@davegordonb)

Dave might not be as famous as other German male fashion influencers on this list, but he is handsome and always in style. He usually wears suits and promotes office outfits which might not be as formal as coats and suits but suitable for a formal occasion. Dave has 12.5K followers on Instagram. 

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17. Feroz Azadi (@alejandroo_prince)

With 15K followers, Feroz is considered a newcomer in the male fashion world. He is on the list of German influencers who loves traveling and sharing his lifestyle with his followers.

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18. Yves Unser (@yvesunser)

Yves is one of the famous German men with 78K followers on Instagram. He is a well-known model that has been in many fashion shows in different countries. Yves is also an athlete; he does work out every day to stay in shape.

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Top German bloggers 

19. Daniel Štrauch (@gogomantv)

With 999K followers, Daniel is one of the German influencers who posts about his daily life, mostly about fashion or sport. His little brother also has a role in his posts. Daniel tries to create fun content on Instagram and make people smile.

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20. Sarina (ViktoriaSarina) (@sarina_vs)

With 973K followers, Sarina is one of the famous German bloggers that writes about her daily life, offers beauty tips, and promotes fashion clothes. She loves animals, cakes, and pastel colors. That makes her an influential person for young girls and teenagers. Sarina also has an online shop that sells writing supplies, such as notebooks with unique designs. 

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21. Mira Bräuer (@mira__bella)

As a nano influencer with 14K followers, Mira has a personal blog that mostly posts about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. She also writes about her daily life and shares the special moments of her life with her followers.

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22. Daniel Schüler (@danielschueler)

Daniel is one the famous German men who is a moderator and News anchor. He loves dogs, has two of them, and describes himself as a dog dad. Daniel has 13K followers and shares his daily life, job, and fluffy friends posts with his followers. 

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23. Suzanna (@suzanna.way)

Suzanna describes herself as a digital creator. However, her photos mainly present her as a lifestyle influencer who loves to share information about styling and cosmetic products. She has 19K followers who are so engaged with her posts. 

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24. Shanti Joan Tan (@shantijoantan)

Shanti is a lifestyle and travel influencer with 1M followers and loves traveling the world. She shares photos of her trips and comments on the foods she eats in each country. 

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25. Mareen (@miss.everywhere)

Mareen is a famous German celebrity listed as Forbes’ best travel blogger. She is not only a luxury traveler but also one of the hottest German women. With a pretty face, skinny body, and 1M followers, she is an excellent choice for promoting dresses and sexy clothes. However, she primarily promotes hotels, restaurants, and travel destinations.  


In 2022, more and more people are using Instagram and following at least one influencer. In the world of technology, it’s hard to skip influencer marketing on this platform. Using an influencer marketplace like Ainfluencer can brighten your way on the road to Instagram influencer marketing. You can now easily find German influencers and promote your brand and products to your targeted online audiences. 

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1- Who is the most followed German on Instagram?

Lisa and Lena (@lisaandlena) are twin bloggers and two famous German influencers on Instagram. They have 18.4M followers on their Instagram account. 

2- Who is the most famous German fashion celebrity on Instagram?

Stefanie Giesinger (@stefaniegiesinger) is a model and fashion blogger from Germany that has 4.8M followers on Instagram.

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