25 Top Hair Influencers On Instagram To Grow Your Brand In 2024

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Thanks to social media platforms, specifically Instagram, we are only a few swipes away from discovering our favorite new haircut or hair color through hair influencers. They can also help you with hair care tips for a better look.

If you are looking for hair influencers to either get inspired to change up your appearance or to collaborate with them and end up increasing your brand awareness and making the most of your influencer marketing campaigns for hair and beauty products, you are at the right place. 

In this blog post, we’ve provided a list of 25 hair influencers. But before getting started with the list of famous hair stylists on Instagram, we’ll let you know how to easily explore and find them.

How to find hair influencers on Instagram?

Finding hair influencers and famous hair stylists on Instagram can be difficult, but with a little effort, you can easily find Instagram influencers. While some of these accounts may be private, many are open to being found by searching for keywords related to hair (such as “hair stylist” or “hairstylist”) and including the specific hashtag requested.

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25 top hair influencers on Instagram

There are many hair bloggers on social media. But, all of them may not be suitable for your needs. Here, we gathered the best Instagram hairstyle influencers for you. Let’s get started.

1- Miggz Hernandez (@miggzxbarber)

Miggz Hernandez is one of the most successful hair influencers with a following of more than 60K on Instagram. He has a fun, upbeat style that is popular with millennials. This hairstyle influencer applies enhancements with new & improved application brushes designed to create sharp lines & a longer-lasting Canvas.

Connect with Miggz Hernandez

2- Chuy Blendz (@chuyblendz)

Chuy Blendz is one of the famous hair stylists on Instagram with 113K followers. This licensed professional barber shares videos and images of his professional haircut designs on his IG account. He is also active on YouTube, where he shares full in-depth haircut tutorials.

With that number of followers, he is one of the

Contact Chuy Blendz

3- Servak Markosian (@sevakmarkosian)

Servak Markosian is one of the famous hair influencers on Instagram who has gained 10.6K followers thanks to his perfect and professional hair cuts and hair colors. If you are wondering what hairstyle should you pick for the next party, check his IG out.

Talk to Servak Markosian

4- Sofie Pok (@staygold31)

Award-winning hair blogger and influencer who earned the title of Best Female Barber of the Year at Barbercon in 2017. She has amassed a considerable following on Instagram, where she often shares her most recent hairstyles with her 497K followers.

Negotiate with Sofie Pok

5- icolorhairinc (@icolorhairinc)

Having been in business since 2016, iColorHair is now Burbank’s most renowned hair salon and is dedicated to providing you with the look you’ve always wanted. They offer a wide range of services, so you can pick the one that best suits your needs. Hair care influencers can get inspired by taking a look at the suggested hair care products on their website, hairstyles, extensions, hair colors, etc.

Connect with icolorhairinc

6- Jayne Matthews (@jayne_edosalon)

Are you looking for a hair inspiration Instagram account? Jayne Matthews is one of the best hair influencers who has amassed 285K followers on her Instagram account and shows a new way of thinking about hair.

With nothing more than a straight razor, he specializes in framing faces while embracing natural texture, highly influenced by the styles of 1960s Paris and 1970s Rock and Roll. I currently work as an international educator teaching advanced cutting techniques to hairstylists. She has also been featured in the New York Times, Forbes, and CNN.

Chat with Jayne Matthews

7- Chris Weber Mirlach (@chrisweberhair)

Chris is one of the famous hair stylists on Instagram with 123K followers. Chris is best known for his dimensional beach blondes & “effortless” looking brunettes; he enjoys creative styles and specializes in lived-in haircuts. In order to maintain his artistic development and ensure a wide range of creative opportunities, he employs a variety of color lines and products and attends countless classes and educational seminars.

Talk to Chris Weber Mirlach

8- Katie D’Souza (@bridalhaircouturebykatie)

As one of the hair influencers Instagram accounts, Katie’s IG has 11.4K followers. She is one of the best Instagram hair influencers who is professional at refined bridal hairstyling and specializing in polished upstyles & waves. Her hairstyles are carefully designed around her clients’ natural beauty and personal style and aim to elevate their look beyond the aisle to the red carpet.

Contact Katie D’Souza

9- Negar (@negarbeautybox)

Negar has over 20 years of experience as a professional makeup artist, hairstylist, and influencer. As a talented hair blogger who does stunning haircuts and various styles, she has gathered 28.3K followers on her IG account and is considered one of the famous hair stylists on Instagram.

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Moreover, you can see her introduce different hair products and lipstick brands to her followers. Her instagram account is a totall package.

Chat with Negar

10- Lisa Dinh Hair Studio (@lisadinhhairstudio)

If you are a hair care influencer seeking new services or a superior standard of professional cut, color, and more, consider Lisa Dinh Hair Studio as your premier full-service salon. Lisa adorns her clients’ hair with various colors and shapes. Her Instagram account is a valuable resource for discovering new hairstyles for yourself.

Contact Lisa Dinh Hair Studio

11- Balayageombre (@balayageombre)

Balayageombre is a hair care blogger with over 550K followers that offers balayage, ombre, and other services such as highlights, LOB haircut, extensions, shadow root, etc. She chooses different hairstyles and hair colors based on the seasons. She believes on Spring and Summer straight hairs look better for women and in Autumn and Winter curly hairs are more suitable.

Connect with Balayageombre

12- Evoque USA (@evoqueusa)

Natural hair influencers and hair care influencers always look for accounts that top professional hair product manufacturers. Are you looking for the same? Then don’t miss the chance to take a look at Evoque USA Instagram account.

Contact Evoque USA

13- Guy Levi (@hairbyguylevi)

Guy Levi’s Instagram account with 150K followers is what you need if you are looking to get some hair inspiration on Instagram. He professionally does haircuts, colors, and extensions. Levi is one of the best hair influencers on IG.

Partner with Guy Levi

14- Mirko Vergani (@mirko_vergani)

Mirko Vergani is one of the best hair bloggers on Instagram. This creative color specialist has amassed 84.9K followers thanks to his tutorials, works, and events he shares with his followers.

Talk to Mirko Vergani

15- Sohea Hyun (@sohea_hyun)

Sohea Hyun is one of the blonde influencers who is a blonde and Asian hair color specialist from the United States. She has created an international following with her unique takes on hair color. Her Instagram, with 208K followers, is where she shares her work with others.

Chat with Sohea Hyun

16- Kacie Nguyen (@hairbykacie1)

Kacie Nguyen is the owner of Sunkissed Salon in the Bay Area who pursued being a hairstylist at the age of 19 and now is one of the famous hair stylists on Instagram with 109K followers.

Talk to Kacie Nguyen

17- Maria Milanes (@mariamilaneshair)

Maria Milanes has been in the beauty industry for 30 years and is a certified Balayage specialist and incorporates Ombre, Highlights, Babylights, Color Melting, and Vivids~Rainbow colors on her clients. If you want to see her hair colors and hairstyling photos and videos, take a look at her Instagram account.

Negotiate with Maria Milanes

18- Carlina Ortega (@carlinaortega1)

Carlina Ortega is a hair influencer who specializes in hair dyeing. Her clients range from individuals who just want to change their look for a day to those who want to completely overhaul their appearance.

Talk to Carlina Ortega

19- Sarmad Najem (@hairbysarmad)

Sarmad has been doing hair for over 12 years. His many years in the salon and working particularly with long, dense, dark hair has helped him learn and develop her own techniques that work for all different hair types to create the results his clients want. He is one of the most successful hair influencers on Instagram, with 536K followers.

Chat with Sarmad Najem

20- Audrey Anne J (@audreyannej)

Audrey is one of the most famous hair bloggers on Instagram and has gained 1M followers. Her hairstyles are easy to learn and do and, of course, are so simple and beautiful. She is one of the bast DIY hair stylists on IG.

Contact Audrey Anne J

21- Kim Kimble (@kimblehaircare)

Kim Kimble is one of the well-known natural hair influencers and hairstylists with 517K Instagram followers. Due to her success in hair and beauty industry, Kim has managed to create the Kim Kimble Signature Collection of hair care products.

Since Kim’s philosophy is that healthy hair and great style should co-exist, she can be considered as one of the hair care influencers of our list.

Kim started out as a shampoo girl for her mother at the family salon in Los Angeles. She opened her first salon in 1995 and has worked with celebrities like Beyonce, Shakira, Mary J. Blige, and even the iconic Miss Piggy. She has appeared as a hair expert on numerous TV shows and stars on her own reality show, LA Hair, on WeTV.

22- Harry Josh (@harryjoshhair)

Harry has developed a variety of styles that may be used at meetings, work, parties, etc. Visit his Instagram page to see how beautifully he displays his work.

He does hair for Lily Aldridge, Karlie Kloss, and Taylor Hill. His page demonstrates how to achieve the model-like catwalk hair that the Victoria’s Secret Angels have.

23- Justine Marjan (@justinemarjan)

Justine is a hair pro who uses her Instagram account to walk you through countless hairstyles so you can do them yourself at home.

24- Adir Abergel (@hairbyadir)

Adir Abergel is a remarkable superstar hair specialist and one of the successful hair influencers on Instagram, with 882K followers. He was the person who did Amber Heard’s hair when she visited the James Cordon Show.

25- Kayley Melissa (@kayleymelissa)

Our last hairstylist on the list is Kayley Melissa, who is a well-known YouTube beauty vlogger & a professional hairstylist. She tries different hairstyles, including tape-in hair extensions herself so you can understand which one may look better on you.


In conclusion, it is evident that Instagram has become a powerful tool for all influencers, and hair influencers are no exception. These individuals have the ability to reach a large audience and share their expertise with the world. By following them, you can learn about the latest trends and products. Using the right hair influencers on Instagram can also help you grow your brand. By choosing wisely, you can connect with a larger audience and create more awareness for your business. So, be sure to do your research and find the right people to work with!

1- Who is the highest-paid social media influencer?

Christiano Ronaldo, with 613M followers, is the most followed IG influencer, and his estimated average price per post is $3.23M. So he is also the highest-paid social media influencer.

2- Who is the biggest makeup influencer?

Huda Kattan is regarded as one of the biggest makeup influencers and top Instagram beauty influencers in the world, with over 50 million followers.

3- How to find hair clients online?

To find hair clients, you can create a professional website, establish a strong social media presence, list your business on online directories, collaborate with influencers, and run targeted social media ads. By using a influencer marketing platform such as Ainfluencer you can easily work with well known hair and beauty influencers to promote your brand on Instagram and TikTok.

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