Top 11 Atlanta Influencers You Need To Check In Your Location

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With the rise of social media influencers in recent years, you can see many creators in different locations. Atlanta influencers are growing these days, and we can see them across different niches. 

If you like to know these American influencers in your location, check their content, and get inspired by their work, we have your answer. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the most well-known influencers in Atlanta, professionals in different niches. 

11 Best Atlanta Influencers To Follow In 2024

Following social media influencers can help you check their lifestyle and get inspired by their content. Here are some of the best Atlanta-based influencers you need to follow in 2024. 

1. Kemi Ann

For first-time mommies who are facing new challenges in their lives, Kemi Ann is one of the influencers in Atlanta who gives you the feeling that you are not alone. Kemi Ann is a mom influencer who is growing her beautiful daughter alone. On her Instagram page, she shares her parenting journey, fun moments with her 18-month-old girl, and cooking videos. 

2. Alexandra Lord

Now, it’s for checking one of the top fashion Atlanta influencers with a luxury girlie vibe. Alexandra Lord is a fashion and beauty influencer with a long history of collaborating with known names, such as eBay, Gleem, Olay, Puma, Pantene, etc. Besides makeup and fashion tips, Alexandra loves traveling and sharing her moments on her Instagram page. 

3. Leanna Blake

With more than 300K followers on Instagram, one of the most known Atlanta social media influencers is Leanna Blake. Leanna is a Rice Award Beauty & Fashion nominee in 2017/2018/2020 and Time2shine Radio Award winner in 2023. If you would like to stay updated with the latest trends in the fashion industry, make sure to follow this female Instagram model.

4. Tim Caver

For art lovers and those interested in portrait photography, Tim Caver is one of the Atlanta influencers you need to check out. Tim is an Instagram photographer who takes and edits the portraits himself. He loves to add his special color pallet and make the models look like a fairy.

5. Sarah Lampley

Mom of three kids, Sarah Lampley is one of the best Atlanta influencers who is full of inspiration around taste in decor, organization, and family entertainment. She shares photos and videos of her clean, cozy house and happy family on her Instagram page.

Other than this, she has an active blog, ‘Sarahllampley,’ where she uploads content in four different categories: Lifestyle, Motherhood, Decor, and Travel. 

6. Stephanie Mifsud

One of the best Atlanta Instagram influencers who can help you find what you need on Amazon with the best pricing is Stephanie Mifsud. Stephanie is an Amazon influencer and blogger who shares quick beauty, fashion, and lifestyle tips on her page. She reviews different makeup items and finds the best dupes for them on her storefront to help her audience save money. 

7. Chrissy Arpie Ott

For couples who want the perfect wedding night, Chrissy Arpie Ott is one of the influencers in Atlanta who can help you. Chrissy Arpie Ottis a wedding influencer, launched her online blog, ‘The Perfect Palette’ in 2009. She gives advice and creativity on every Instagram post and helps couples visualize the wedding party of their dreams.

8. Jake Holland

Finally, it’s time to check male Instagram influencers in Atlanta. Jake Holland started posting comedy videos on the Vine app and could get around 500K followers before the app got shut down. He is currently active on Instagram, where he shares his fun moments with his friends, and has around 115K followers. 

9. Jessica Camerata

If you are looking for Atlanta Instagram influencers who can give you short tips to put your life together, Jessica Camerta is the lifestyle blogger you need to check. Jessica provides everyday tips on her Instagram page and her official website, ‘An Indigo Day’. She discusses different topics such as fashion, beauty, life, and travel. 

10. Curtis McKoy 

If you live in Atlanta and want the best food dishes in your location, Curtis is one of the Atlanta food influencers who can help you. His Instagram food blogging page, ‘atlfoodgoals’, covers various options for different tastes. You can check his highlights for ‘Sweet Tooths’, ‘Coffee’, ‘Brunch Plates,’ ‘Cocktails, etc. 

11. Robin Lamonte

The last star on our list of Atlanta influencers is one of the best fashion bloggers over 40. Robin Lamonte is a fashion blogger in her 60s who started sharing fashion tips in 2016. 

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Her blog ‘Helloim50ish’ is great for middle-aged women who want to look chic and classy, regardless of their age and body shape. Besides her blog, Robin is also active on Instagram, with more than 100K followers, and shares fashion and beauty tips. 

How To Work With Atlanta Influencers?

As we saw, Atlanta influencers are active across different niches and industries such as fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and even weddings. Their content creation skills have helped them to attract users’ attention and establish a trusted audience. 

Brands can work with these influencers to boost their customers and grow social media followers. That’s why many of these top Atlanta influencers regularly collaborate with brands in similar niches to earn money from their content. But as a brand, you might find it difficult to find the collaboration matches that align with your goals. But with Ainfluencer it’s as easy as pie.  

The Best Way To Find Atlanta Influencers – Ainfluencer

Ainfluencer is a free influencer marketing platform that connects brands with influencers across Instagram and TikTok. There are over 500,000 active influencers across different niches that are willing to work with brands like you. To help you find your best collaboration match, you can use the AI-powered search tool to target based on more than 20 criteria. 

Ainfluencer Homepage
Ainfluencer Homepage

For example, if you are looking for Atlanta influencers, you can set the location, gender, niche, and budget. After a few seconds, Ainfluencer will suggest a list of top creators based on your added filters. You can check their profiles and contact them using the in-app chat tool. If you are ready to work with your niche influencers for free, sign up on Ainfluencer now!


The world of social media influencers is rapidly growing, and Atlanta is not an exception to this trend. In this article, we introduced you to ten of the most successful Atlanta influencers, and professionals in their niches. If you like to work and collaborate with these and many more influencers in Atlanta, make sure to sign up on Ainfluencer for free


1. How To Find Influencers In Atlanta?

There are different methods you can try to find social media influencers in your location. Google search and hashtag research are standard methods to discover Atlanta influencers, but there is also a better and much easier way. 

Ainfluencer is a free influencer marketing platform allowing you to find influencers in a few seconds based on more than 20 filters (including location, gender, and niche). 

2. What State Has The Most Influencers?

According to a study by Heepsy, California has the highest number of influencers across the U.S. With its large population of over 40 M, it’s no surprise that this state has the highest number of social media influencers. There are over 200K influencers in this state, most of them in LA.


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