25 Top Wedding Instagram Influencers To Inspire You In 2023

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A wedding is a special event for most people. It’s the most memorable day for couples, so they want to make it more romantic and dreamy. That’s why wedding planners are so popular these days. If you want to know how Instagram helps plan your wedding, you can follow the best wedding Instagram accounts and wedding influencers to find out what’s happening in this lovely world.

How to find Instagram wedding influences?

Whether you are a brand that wants to collaborate with influencers or someone who wants to follow wedding trends online, it’s important to find influencers on Instagram. First, you can search for influencers on Instagram by name or relevant hashtags. However, that might be time-consuming because you need to check several accounts to determine if they are influencers or someone valuable to your business. 

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Top 25 wedding influencers on Instagram

1. Blossoms Events (@blossoms_events)

Blossoms Events is an event production company specializing in weddings. This team is one of the top wedding planners on Instagram that was named a leading event designer by Harperbazaar magazine. Although Blossom Events’ headquarter is located in the southeast, they don’t only work in a specific location; they travel if needed. This wedding planner account has 12.8K followers.

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2. Soirée8 Rental (@soiree8)

Soiree Rental is one of the best wedding Influencers on Instagram, with 42.5K followers. This company offers different services for weddings. They can design tables for special events or rent the tools to other wedding planners. Since talented women own the company, they usually use lovely handmade decorative designs.

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3. Laura Christie Britt (@gritandgraceinc)

Laura is one of the famous event planners from Washington, DC. She is a creative wedding blogger who loves this special event’s luxury designs. Laura is an excellent stylist, too; she shares her daily style on her Instagram Stories.

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4. Jessica Farrell (@royalbeeflower.co)

Nothing makes a wedding more magical than colorful flowers. That’s why top wedding planners usually have their florist. However, you can hire your own florist for this special event. Jessica is a florist from California. From creating a dreamy bridal bouquet to designing a wonderful aisle for the bride and groom to stand and take amazing photos, you can count on Jessica’s creativity.

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5. WeddingWire (@weddingwire)

Wedding Wire is one of the top wedding planners based in LA. With 821K followers, Wedding Wire is one of the top wedding Instagram accounts that inspires you about how to decorate your wedding salon and gives ideas about the music you can play on this special day.

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6. Joy Proctor Design (@joyproctor)

Joy Proctor Design is one of the best wedding Instagram accounts that can inspire people for their wedding decorations, wedding dresses, and photography. Joy has 67K followers and was named top designer by Harper’s Bazaar & Vogue.

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7. Lisa Vorce (@lisavorce)

Lisa is one of the top wedding planners on Instagram, with 57K followers. She has a creative team to plan every step of a wedding event, from decorating tables to collaborating with music bands and photographers. Therefore, you won’t need to think about anything else rather than enjoying your dreamiest day of life.

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8. Bespoke Bride (@bespokebride)

Bespoke Bride is one of the wedding influencers that doesn’t plan a wedding but gives couples ideas about this special day. This account can help brides find their gown style or inspire them to take unforgettable photos on this day.

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9. Renée Sabo (@urban_soiree)

Renee Sabo is one of the top wedding influencers from Boston. If you want to create a romantic wedding theme, you can count on Renee. Furthermore, you don’t need to be in Boston to collaborate with Renee; his team can travel to your destination. Since Renee is a famous wedding blogger on Instagram, with 13K followers, you can work with Renee as a team if you have a business related to any special events like weddings.

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10. Sareh Nouri (@sarehnouri)

Most people start planning their wedding by choosing the most beautiful wedding gown. If you want to find the most beautiful and unique wedding dress for this particular day, you can count on Sareh Nouri, who designs luxurious wedding gowns. Sareh has 148K followers and is one of the best wedding bloggers on Instagram.

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11. Nicole Harris (@by_nicoleharris)

Nicole is a famous event planner in LA. She mostly plans outdoor events, especially weddings, and tries to make events as luxurious as a dream. With 16K followers, Nicole is still a micro influencer. Still, on her Instagram posts, she collaborates with other brands in the wedding industry, such as florists, photographers, and service rentals. Therefore, if you have business in either of these categories, Nicole can promote your brand to her followers.

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12. Karen Tran (@karentranevents)

If you want a floral experience on your wedding day, you can leave your wedding design to Karen Tran. By checking her Instagram photos, you can see how much she likes decorating with seasonal flowers to create a more romantic atmosphere. Karen is one of the wedding influencers that decorates different events and introduces brands in this field. She has 268K followers and is a macro influencer on Instagram.

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13. Alyson Nicole (@alyson_nicole)

You can find many jewelry influencers on Instagram who show you luxurious and expensive jewelry for your wedding. But Alyson Nicole’s work is different. She is a nano influencer with 6K followers who creates handcrafted accessories that may not be as expensive as jewelry but are unique, especially for a boohoo-style wedding.

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14. Vivian (@goldenmomentsla)

The wedding invitation is also a part of the wedding plan. You can’t invite your guests without giving them a unique and memorable invitation. Top wedding planners may have their own invitation designer. But you can work with a specialist in this field who has creative ideas like Vivian. With 5K followers, Vivian is a nano influencer that is a suitable choice for wedding planners to collaborate with.

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15. Bluebird (@bluebirdproductions)

Bluebird Production is one of the top wedding planners based in Colorado. With 18K followers, Bluebird plans luxury events by cooperating with other businesses in this field. This company can help couples find a great destination for their wedding photos or have a delicious cake on their wedding day.

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16. Andy Lydick (@andylydick)

You can find many photographers on Instagram, but Andy is a specialist in taking wedding photos. Therefore, if you are looking for an expert in wedding photography, Andy will be the right choice.

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17. Wedding Meets Fashion (@wmfteam)

Wedding Meets Fashion is one of the Instagram wedding bloggers that share beautiful and inspirational wedding-related photos. This account has 16K followers and introduces photographers and wedding designers and gives ideas about this special day.

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18. Somer and Lisa (@acharmingfete)

Somer Khouri and Lisa Costin are two famous event planners who design and plan different occasions. Their company is in Miami, but they can plan your wedding in your preferred destination. This team, with 22K followers, can help couples have the best moments of their lives on their wedding day.

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19. Gather Events (@gatherevents)

As its name indicates, Gather Events is a group of top wedding planners who work together to design weddings and create the most beautiful atmosphere for this romantic day. This wedding influencer account with 30K followers can inspire couples for their dreamy day. 

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20. Barbara Kavchok (@barbarakavchokbridal)

To shine on your wedding day, you need to wear a unique and impressive wedding dress. Barbara is a fashion designer with 15.5K followers. She designs incomparable wedding dresses, and her Instagram account is the best place to see different designs and plan your wedding theme based on your gown. Moreover, Barbara also introduces wedding photographers and famous event planners. She is considered one of the best wedding influencers on Instagram too.

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21. Julian Leaver (@julianleaver)

Julian is one of the best wedding influencers on Instagram you can follow. He is an event planner that shares his tips about the different steps of a wedding, from buying a dress to rehearsal dinner. With 17K followers, his account is not only for seeing beautiful photos of happy couples kissing each other but also is a helpful place for them to make their dream come true.

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22. Riley & Grey (@rileyandgrey)

Riley and Grey’s Instagram account can help you choose the most beautiful and affordable wedding theme if you are not a fan of luxury weddings. From boohoo design to classical, these wedding influencers with 34K followers inspire their followers to choose a more distinctive wedding dress, decoration, or cake for their dreamy day.

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23. David Stark (@david_stark_design)

David is a creative decorator and wedding designer who has gathered a talented team as his wedding planners. He and his team usually work on large-scale events and build a unique and classic atmosphere for each event. David has 53K followers and mostly designs indoor events.

24. Once Wed (@oncewed)

Once Wed is the brand that designs wonderful wedding dresses. This wedding Instagram account is one of the top wedding bloggers that can guide brides to find the most attractive wedding dress or find wedding planners for this event. Moreover, the photos on this account can be inspirational to couples for taking photos. Wed has 247K followers on Instagram.

25. Ella Dee (@elladee.events)

With 43.5K followers, Ella is one of the famous event planners with her own style. She mostly decorates events with colorful balloons. Ella decorates weddings, birthday parties, and other ceremonies.


Planning a wedding was difficult in the past because it wasn’t that straightforward to find the right wedding planners or even photographers for this special day. Now with the growth of social media and influencers, it’s as easy as exploring Instagram with different hashtags. Since you can see the pictures of the services that each team offers, it will be more effortless to compare and discover the right event planner for your wedding. You can find 25 top wedding influencers on this post that can help you prepare for the happiest day of your life.

1- What is a wedding blogger?

Wedding Bloggers Or Wedding Influencers are the ones that dedicate their Instagram accounts to this special event. They might be wedding planners or influencers that promote wedding dresses, decorators, or other wedding-related services. They can help couples plan their wedding without any concern. 

2- What Should A Wedding Planner Post On Instagram?

As the name indicates, wedding planners are people or a team that plan a wedding from zero to a hundred. They usually post about their previous events, share how they decorate a table, what they offer, and how they can help couples on this day.

3- How Does Instagram Plan Your Wedding?

Instagram is very useful for planning a wedding. On this platform, you can easily find a suitable wedding dress, photographer, florist, wedding decorator, and wedding planner who can gather all these teams together.

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