25 Top Jewelry Influencers To Collaborate With In 2023

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In the world of fashion, jewelry is one of the most important accessories. It can make or break an outfit and can also be a great way to express your personal style.

As a jewelry designer, it can be challenging to get your name out there. One way to do this is by collaborating with jewelry influencers. By working with someone who already has a large following, you can reach a new audience and gain exposure for your brand.

If you’re looking for some new jewelry to add to your collection, or if you’re looking for someone to promote your jewelry brand, here are some of the top jewelry Instagram influencers to follow.

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Top 25 jewelry influencers on Instagram

Here are some of the best Instagram jewelry accounts to help you increase brand awareness.

1. Peter Marco (@petermarco90210)

One of the best Instagram jewelry accounts is for Peter Marco. Living in Beverly Hills, Peter is a celebrity jeweler with 324K followers on his Instagram account. Check her account to see his extraordinary diamonds, jewelry, and watches.

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2. Valeria (@lelaleagems)

Valeria, also known as Lela Lea gems, is a trendy jewelry Instagram influencer. She has gained 87K followers by sharing necklaces that she has made with colorful gems. Her second account as a travel influencer is “lerkina7.”

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3. Ashkoz (@ashkozbeauty_collectionz)

Ashkoz is a jewelry expert from the US. She has an online store with more than 57K followers and shares pictures of unique and luxury jewelry on her Instagram account. Follow her for some inspiration.

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4. Jennifer Engel(@Jenniferengeldesigns)

Jennifer is one of the nano influencers with Instagram jewelry shops in Colorado. She shares timeless, dainty, and meaningful handcrafted jewelry and has gained nearly 8K followers. Jennifer also shares some pictures of her personal life on her account.

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5. Lisa Gastineau (@lisagastineau)

Lisa is one of the jewelry influencers who creates jewelry with diamonds and gemstones designed for each person’s “Spiritual Intentions.” She believes that gems have love, beauty, healing, and protection power. More than 46K people believe and follow her on Instagram.

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6. Iradj Moini (@iradjmoini)

One of the Instagram jewelry brands is for Iradj Moini. Although she has only 9K followers on her Instagram account, her website and collections of earrings, necklaces, rings, cuffs, pins, etc., are great. She is based in New York City and shares luxury jewelry on her account.

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7. May (@call.me.may)

May is a jewelry designer based in New York. She is among the top selling artists on Instagram and creates both male and female jewelry. May can be an excellent option for promoting your brand and gaining new audiences.

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8. Junon (@hausofjunon)

One of the best Instagram jewelry accounts is for identical twins known as Junon. They create couture crystal clothing and metalworking magic in New York. They have accumulated 140K followers so far, and the number is rising day by day.

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9. Swapna Rani (@swapnaranibrand)

Swapna Rani is among the Instagram jewelry influencers from Los Angeles. She is the winner of the 2018 AGTA Spectrum Classical and AGTA Spectrum Carving. This micro influencer, with nearly 58K followers, was also featured in Vogue.

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10. La Borla Joyeria (@la_borla_gold_)

La Bora Gold is one of the Instagram jewelry brands. This jewelry and watch company has over 18K followers. This company’s website, “laboragold.com,” is a great website with various types of necklace, watch, bracelet, etc.

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11. Ashley (@ashleylikesgems)

Ashley is a writer and jewelry influencer based in Miami. She has 12K followers and shares the best jewels she sees. Ashley is a jewelry editor, and her account is full of beautiful pics and useful tips for using jewels.

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12. Limlim (@limlimofficial)

Lim is one of the Instagram jewelry shops in Montréal. The shop and Instagram account is dedicated to luxury and trendy fashion accessories. Lim, the fashion influencer, has gained nearly 50K followers on her Instagram account.

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13. Stephanie Gottlieb (@stephaniegottlieb)

Stephanie Gottlieb (SG) is a jewelry designer and curator in New York City. Stephanie, who is also a mom blogger, has 452K followers and posts about her daily life, as well as beautiful pictures of jewelry and watches.

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14. Marlyn Schiff (@marlynschiff)

One of the other jewelry influencers on Instagram is Marlyn Schiff. She believes that her works are trendy jewels that can elevate people’s every day. Follow her Instagram account, which has over 12K followers, for some inspiration.

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15. James Michelle (jamesmichelle)

One of the other best Instagram jewelry accounts is for James Michelle. She shares pictures of unique, customizable, and handmade pieces of jewelry, which are ethically and locally made in Oregon and Hawaii. James is also a lifestyle influencer with 245K followers.

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16. Julia Ward (@juliawardpiercing)

Julia is another Instagram influencer who works as a designer, jeweler, and registered piercer. She has amassed over 5K followers by sharing beautiful piercing pics and her daily lifestyle.

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17. Harry Roa (@harry_roa_gallery)

Harry Roa is one of the best Instagram jewelry influencers. The Instagram account, with 106K followers, is full of glamorous rings and other accessories with diamonds. Harry also shares posts and videos of herself on her account’s feed and Stories.

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18. Chris Pluhacek (@chris.pluhacek)

Chris is a jewelry and male fashion influencer on Instagram. His account is a mix of all things from fashion to cowboy and men’s lifestyle. Chris, who is also a daddy blogger, has gained over 27K followers. His account is a great option for promoting so many brands.

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19. Tracey Ellison (@thediamondsgirl)

One of the top jewelry Instagram influencers is Tracey Ellison. With 994K followers, this macro influencer travels the world to showcase the best diamonds, gems, and jewels on her account. She currently lives in the USA, and her account is full of amazing big rocks she tries on.

20. Danielle Miele (@gemgossip)

Danielle Miele is a jewelry blogger, gemologist, and collector of jewelry. She is a mom and pregnant influencer as well, and her account is a combination of both her personal life and eye-catching jewels.

21. Liza Urla (@gemologue)

Liza Urla, the founder of “Gemologue,” is one of the top Russian jewelry influencers based in NYC. She is a female Instagram model and digital creator who posts about her lifestyle and beautiful jewels. Liza is also a brand ambassador for fine jewelry and haute couture brands.

22. Jeanne Damas (@jeannedamas)

Jeanne is among the best Instagram jewelry accounts. She is also a fashion and makeup influencer and is a brand ambassador of “lamaisondesfemmes93.”

Her account is an excellent source for fashion and jewelry lovers and has amassed 1.5M followers so far.

23. Pablo Cimadevila (@pablocimadevila)

One of the other top jewelry Instagram influencers is Pablo Cimadevila. He started Cimadevila design with his brothers, David and Miguel, in 2014. His account, with 490K followers, is full of precise and lovely works with jewels.

24. Avi Koren (@avikoren)

Avi Koren is an entrepreneur and private jeweler who works in Dubai, Belgium, Hong Kong, and other countries. As well as luxury watches and pieces of jewelry, his account also contains his personal photos. He has amassed over 530K followers by the time of writing this blog.

25. Ori Vechler (@vechler)

Working in Shanghai, Hong Kong, Beijing, Dubai, and Los Angeles, Ori is a private jeweler and the founder of “Gemma_FineJewelry.” Ori usually works with diamonds and shares pictures of his elegant works on his Instagram account, which has 388K followers.


In this blog, we listed some of the top jewelry influencers to collaborate with. Each has its own unique style and aesthetic that can add value to your brand. When reaching out to these influencers, be sure to have a well-thought-out plan and offer them something of value in return.

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1- Who are some top jewelry Instagram influencers?

Here are five top jewelry influencers on Instagram:
Jeanne Damas
Pablo Cimadevila
Avi Koren
Tracey Ellison
Ori Vechler

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