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In recent years, social media influencers have become increasingly popular in India and worldwide. They are often considered to be trendsetters and opinion-makers, and their opinions can have a significant impact on their followers. 

Indian influencers are often very active on social media, and they frequently post about a wide range of topics, from fashion and beauty to lifestyle, travel, and more. 

Read on to get to know top Indian influencers in 8 categories.

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Top 15 Indian lifestyle influencers

There are many top lifestyle influencers and bloggers on Instagram and other social media platforms. Since searching manually is a very time consuming process, we gathered top lifestyle influencers in India for you.

1- Aakriti Rana (@aakritiranaofficial)

Shaky, bouncy, and full of verve, these attributes perfectly fit the distinctive and lively spirit of Aakriti. Her Instagram is all about brilliant colors, positive vibes, and exciting adventures, as well as fantastic clothes that you may well not miss. She quite has a unique personality that contributes to her being one of our top five Indian lifestyle influencers.

Contact Aakriti Rana

2- Nisha Guragain (@iamnishaguragain)

One of the most talented Indian lifestyle influencers on Instagram is Nisha Guragain. Nisha was a teenage girl when she started posting on Instagram, and in no time she won the hurt of people of India. She travels all around the world and shares her adventures with her 9M followers.

Nisha is working as an Instagram model currently. After gracing the screens in a few movies and TV shows, she proudly labels herself an actress.

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3- Magali Vaz (@magali_c)

Magali Vaz’s quirky sense of style has resulted in a unique appearance that garners many followers for her beauty blog. She believes that beauty is self-expression and firmly believes in studying the history of beauty, especially throughout the 20th century, for it plays an essential part.

Aside from being a beauty influencer, Magali is also an excellent videographer and a vlogger. Check out her Instagram account for candid, lively, and energizing commentary on her lifestyle.

Connect with Magali Vaz

4- Akanksha Redhu (@akanksharedhu)

Akanksha Redhu is a beauty and lifestyle influencer from New Delhi. She began blogging in 2010 with the intention of expressing her ideas and opinions, but she now uses her account as a forum to cover a variety of beauty, makeup, and fashion-related topics.

She has collaborated with Burberry, Vero Moda, Dior, Hermes, MAC Cosmetics, CaratLane, Gap, Le Meridien, Honda, Chanel, H&M, Michael Kors, and many more reputed brands which makes her becomes one of the top Indian influencers, in 2023.

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5- Devina Malhotra (@guiltybytes)

Devina Malhotra founded GuiltyBytes. She encourages her audience to embrace their body, regardless of its shape and age. As part of her artistic work, she is active and ambitious on Instagram, where she posts guides, vlogs, and life hacks in addition to her beauty-related work.

Chat with Devina Malhotra

6- Diipa Khosla (@diipakhosla)

An Amsterdam-based Indian luxury lifestyle influencer with close connections with Louis Vuitton, Etihad Airways, Bucherer fine jewelry’s joy collection, Victoria Secret, and her own fashion brand Indie Wild has been named by insiders as a target of luxury brand inundation.

Diipa has a whopping 1.9M followers on her Instagram account. Delighting Instagram fans, in addition to being a good mother, she is also quite an appreciated Indian influencer.

7- Juhi Godambe Jain (@juhigodambe)

Juhi Godambe is the creator of Arabella luxury lifestyle and makes sure not to miss a chance to enjoy life in its best and enjoy every second. This lifestyle influencer’s Instagram with everything is just great, and her posts will inspire people day by day.

Juhi has the following base of 552K people on Instagram. This Indian luxury lifestyle influencer strives to send out messages to her followers regarding the top manner of dressing, favored brands, and styles she has collaborated with.

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8- Natasha Luthra (@natasha.luthra)

Below the section headings Fashion, Travel, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Luxury, this Influencer is always on the lookout for amazing content. 

Natasha has gained popularity with high-quality images and rich content. Seeing her follower base of more than 317K followers, lots of companies have chosen to collaborate with her.

Talk to Natasha Luthra

9- Rizwan Bachav (@rizwanbachav)

Rizwan Bachav is one of the best male lifestyle influencers and the winner of the male Indian influencer of the Year for 2021-22 from Parcos, peppers shots at rival female influencers! Holding a social media platform of 133K followers, Rizwan has made a name for himself among his peers as he has built a small but very close following.

This top Indian lifestyle influencer has a notable interest in luxury lifestyle brands, cars, watches, and property. His many male and female followers are interested in precisely what he lives for.

Contact Rizwan Bachav

10- Aashna Bhagwani (@aashna_bhagwani)

Aashna Bhagwani is a blogger and digital creator with 237K followers on her Instagram account  She additionally works as a social media lifestyle and influence celebrity. Aashna believes that irrespective of size, shape, and color, women ought to be permitted to enjoy fashionable clothing.

She is one of the most influential Indian body positivity influencers.

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11- Vitrag Mehta (@thestyledweller)

Vitrag Mehta is a businessperson and Indian influencer who publishes lifestyle content. He is also known for his Instagram username, “thestyledweller”, through which he has 126K followers. Mehta, along with his business partner Swathi Enjamuri, is a co-founder of The Conch clothing brand.

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12- Diipa Buller Khosla (@diipakhosla)

With almost 2M followers on Instagram, Diipa is one of the most popular Indian influencers on Instagram. She is now a famous actor and model. You can see her hot photos in different fashion magazines.

If you love to see her beautiful family and be a part of her travels and life journey, give Diipa Buller a follow. She’ll bring color to your Instagram feed.

13- Mitali & Summiyya (@houseofmisu)

Mitali Sagar and Summiyya Patni are two of the loveliest Indian lifestyle influencers. Everybody mistakes them as sisters, however, they have been besties since the age of six. Therefore, they decided to share an Instagram page together. They love fashion and art. And they are constantly traveling together all around the world. Their Instagram page has almost half a million followers.

Talk to Mitali & Summiyya

14- Aashna Shroff (@aashnashroff)

Next on our list of best Indian Instagram influencers is Aashna Shroff. Since Aashna has recently got married, she can now be considered not only a lifestyle influencer but also a wedding influencer. She teaches you what to use to have glowing skin and how to dress to receive all the attention in the room. Moreover, she has a great taste in perfumes and introduces the trending perfumes to her followers.

Aashna Shroff

15- Kamana Bhaskaran (@kamanabhaskaran)

If you want to learn all life tricks follow this Indian Instagram lifestyle influencer right now. Kamana teaches you how to do literally everything all by yourself at homeland she does it in a fun way. Her Instagram account is full of “How to” videos and she has 226K followers.

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Top 10 Indian fashion influencers

16- Komal Pandey (@komalpandeyofficial)

Her bold fashion statements and ‘get ready with me’ content manage to enthuse social media users across the country. Cosmopolitan best fashion influencer and vlogger, Komal Pandey, with nearly 2M Instagram followers, is one of India’s most-followed beauty and fashion influencers. A style icon in her own league, Komal shares many insights about what to wear with what you already have in your closet!

Connect with Komal Pandey

17- Masoom Minawala Mehta (@masoomminawala)

Masoom Minawala began her blogging journey back in 2010 and, since then, has become one of the world’s most popular Indian fashion influencers in the luxury niche. Strong business acumen has played a key role in the advancement of her company, Style Fiesta.

Her blog covers her interest in fashion, inspiration, and trend reporting. She has created partnerships with big-name companies like Loreal, Hermes, Myntra, Netflix, Daniel Wellington, Dior, Estee Lauder, and so on.

Contact Masoom Minawala

18- Siddharth Batra (@siddharth93batra)

Siddharth Batra is one of the best Indian influencers in the fashion and beauty world. He makes funny and engaging videos that provide a fresh perspective on lifestyle, beauty, and fashion.

His fun-loving and likable character has contributed greatly to the final result of his views and has earned him immense backing from followers! If you are looking for a blog about what Indian men must wear, Siddharth Batsa has got you covered!

Connect with Siddharth Batra

19- Roshni Bhatia (@thechiquefactor)

Roshni Bhatia, a.k.a. TheChiqueFactor, has mastered the art of comfortable and elegant living through fashion and beauty blogging on Instagram. Her keen sense of style and effortless living tips delight her huge fan base. This female Instagram model is so inspiring for working mothers.

Talk to Roshni Bhatia

20- Meghna Kaur (@shetroublemaker)

Meghna Kaur is one of the leading fashion, beauty, and lifestyle influencers on Instagram in India. She started out as a YouTuber and then gained a significant social media following over time and now has over a million followers on her Instagram account.

Her primary social media content consists of fashion videos and shooting and editing fashion and style tips.

Collaborate with Meghna Kaur

21- Kritika Khurana (@thatbohogirl) 

With nearly 2M fans, her Instagram profile is one of the most mainstream and popular platforms in our country when it comes to fashion. She believes realistically, and her videos are tremendously easy to follow. You will like her creative method of turning dull and shabby old clothes into something stylish and trendy.

Chat with Kritika Khurana

22- Sakshi Sindwani (@stylemeupwithsakshi)

Sakshi Sindwani is one of the top Indian fashion influencers on Instagram, with more than 570K followers. She is also a model and on the list of best body positivity influencers promoting self-love. Sakshi Sindwani has been featured in Harper’s Bazaar Cover, Vogue India, Grazia, and Cosmo magazines.

Her creative, informative, and entertaining videos have contributed to her ownership of a sizable Instagram audience. So if you can’t find rejuvenating style blog article ideas, then checking out her posts may be a great option for you!

Chat with Kritika Khurana

23- Pooja Mundhra (@thecozyvibe)

She is a remarkably prominent Indian fashion influencer on Instagram. Pooja has a huge aesthetic and an extremely comforting, easy-to-follow, and minimalistic vibe. Pooja’s IG is all about fashion, beauty, music, and sunsets! If you are looking for comfy styles, she is your go-to option.

Talk to Pooja Mundhra

24- Aashna Shroff (@aashnashroff)

Ashna Shroff is regarded as one of the most respected Indian fashion influencers because of her honesty and lucidity. She provides valuable suggestions that are “wallet-friendly,” interacts nicely with her followers to answer their questions, and is utterly real and straightforward in her advice.

With almost 1M IG followers, she is on the list of top Indian influencers on our list.

Talk to Pooja Mundhra

25- Santoshi Shetty (@santoshishetty) 

Reveals an outstanding sense of fashion due to her destinations that are very uncommon and inspiring. She enjoys going to new locations, exploring surrounding landscapes, and learning about the many aspects and sides of fashion. In addition, her Instagram feed is filled with a stunning aesthetic that will keep you captivated every minute.

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Top 10 Indian Travel influencers

26- Aakash Malhotra (@wanderwithsky)

A mountain lad from India who has a passion for the world is presently on his 42nd country journey. Aakash Malhotra is a storyteller and content creator on his 42nd country voyage.

Known as one of the finest travel and adventure content creators in India, Aakash is recognized for the cinematic material he has produced for his YouTube channel, alongside his eagerness for one-of-a-kind travel experiences.

Contact Aakash Malhotra

27- Shubham (@nomadshubham)

2018 was the year that he viewed a video on YouTube called How to Travel the World Without Money. This video greatly impacted him, and it also decided his wanderlust that year. He spent about two months in Ladakh, and his desire to travel increased due to his stay. He has been making amazing content on how to travel on a budget and how to make money as a travel influencer.

Talk to Shubham

28- Anunay Sood (@anunaysood)

Anunay Sood has come a long way to be the prominent young traveler, photographer, and videographer that he is today, from running away to the Himalayan mountains while at college to bolting away from the office to the mountains of Iceland. He has managed to captivate the hearts of a vast Instagram audience with his breathtaking photographs coupled with words of encouragement about his adventures.

He is a true inspiration for those who love to travel and be able to follow their dream of seeing the world without needing to quit their jobs. He is now among the top 5 Indian travel influencers.

Chat with Anunay Sood

29- Sharanya Iyer (@trulynomadly)

Sharanya is always seeking new and exhilarating experiences, such as snorkeling between continents at two degrees Celsius, to support her online followers who often travel on a budget.

Her objective is continuously to reinvent the experience of travel. She has long understood her duty as an influencer, and with 478K followers on Instagram, she is one of the most popular Indian travel influencers. 

Connect with Sharanya Iyer

30- Larissa D’Sa (@larissa_wlc)

Larissa’s experience as an influencer and YouTuber showing women how to remain fit, fashionable, and enthusiastic is exemplary. Larissa has a large portfolio of motivating content (beauty, travel, art, DIY) that keeps her following. Her feed has a flood of inspiring content, and she has a charming personality to match everything on it.

Collaborate with Larissa D’Sa

31- Prakriti Varshney (@itisinthename)

Prakriti, who favors solo travel, brings her sense of self and stewardship along with her while traveling, although it appears as though she is most at ease in the mountains. The certified fashion designer has previously shown off her love for mountain travel, which she aims to achieve on a regular basis.

Talk to Prakriti Varshney

32- Neha And Arindam (Breathtaking Postcards)

Neha was born in Agra, India, and was raised in Saudi Arabia. She is a Mass Media graduate who loves nothing more than a good book and a cup of coffee. Arindam is a soldier from a military family. He was born, raised, and relocated throughout the US.

He is a nature photographer who can get up at 3 a.m. to catch a stunning sunrise even if his destination is far away. He fell in love and married in 2017, despite their differences in background and upbringing. They currently live near Gurgaon, India.

Connect with Neha And Arindam

33- Savi and Vid (@bruisedpassports)

When they were teenagers, they dated for years and then got married in 2008. Down the road, a marriage full of love and a shared passion for world travel filled their passports with stamps of all kinds and colors.

Bruised Passports, with 1.2M followers, are a hugely popular name among Indian travel influencers due to their endless travel adventures.

34- Abhimanyu Singh Dalal (@outsidemyrucksack)

His feed reads as fascinating as his handle! Abhimanyu captures the essence of wanderlust in every image he uploads on Instagram. His motto for traveling and living in harmony with the organic existence of local life stresses the idea of communicating socially with various people in different cultures and appreciating both great and small marvels of life.

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He travels through India’s natural landscapes and uploads photos that inspire you to travel. This excellent solo traveler has 411K fans on Instagram.

Connect with Abhimanyu Singh Dalal

35- Siddharth Kerkar (@siddharthkerkar)

Siddharth Kerkar is an artist and designer who lives and works in Goa, India. He also runs a social media lifestyle site named siddharthkerkar.com, where he showcases and sells his art, clothing, and designs. His travels around the world inspire his artistic blend of textures and minimalist patterns.

Contact Siddharth Kerkar

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Top 10 Indian fitness influencers

36- Sahil Khan (@sahilkhan)

He is acknowledged as India’s esthetiC king, having had various awards for his work in the fitness entertainment industry from certain renowned groups in Mumbai. 

Sahil, who has one of the perfect physical looks, is improving India’s sports, health, and well-being marketplace. With 11.3M followers on Instagram, he is one of the greatest fitness influencers in India and worldwide.

37- Radhika Bose (@yogasini)

Radhika Bose has designed herself as a Superwoman in the realm of yoga and fitness. Radhika, also known as Yogasini, has worked with various famous companies, including Fabindia, American Eagle India, and others. She has more than 613K IG fans and is on the list of best female fitness influencers in India.

38- Pranit Shilmkar (@fitnesstalks_with_pranit)

The fitness aspirant became a certified personal trainer in 2013. The following year, he became certified as a Pune Sportsmaster in the youngest and earliest instance. Since then, he has continued on his track, showing that his goals will be achieved. “You can be anything you want to be, if you want it” is his mantra.

In 2015, he opened SLF, his own gym. He shares fitness challenges, funny collabs, and modeling shoots on his Instagram.

Chat with Pranit Shilmkar

39- Yasmin Karachiwala (@yasminkarachiwala)

Yasmin Kandlawala has fitted a position as the pioneer of the Pilates physical fitness system. Yasmin has been so pleased by her famous clientele, including Katrina Kaif, Deepika Padukone, Alia Bhatt, Preity Zinta, and Bipasha Basu, being some of them.

Her numerous prominent fitness show appearances, together with her involvement in the launch of Get Gorgeous, have helped to expand her glamorous renown. She’s one of the greatest fitness influencers to follow.

Talk to Yasmin Kandlawala

40- Bani J (@banij)

Bani Judge, commonly known as VJ Bani and Bani J, was a highly popular MTV India presenter and an Indian fitness model. She was featured on MTV Roadies, Fear Factor: Khatron Ke Khiladi 4, and Bigg Boss 10. She played Umang in the Amazon Prime Original Four More Shots Please!

She has amassed 1.5M followers on Instagram and is one of India’s leading fitness and health influencers.

Collaborate with Bani Judge

41- Namrata Purohit (@namratapurohit)

In India, Namrata Purohit, a pilates instructor, co-founded The Pilates Studio with her father, Samir Purohit. She became the youngest Stott Pilates instructor in the world at 16, and by the age of 19, she had completed all of the Stott Pilates courses.

Indian motion picture stars, athletes, and other popular personalities are some of her customers. She’s also published a book titled The Pilates Journey.

Connect with Namrata Purohit

42- Sapna Vyas (@coachsapna)

Sapna Vyas Patel is proof that sticking to a physical fitness program and exercising’s perseverance holistically can assist you to attain your wellness goals.

Non-drug approaches included crash dieting and wellness and consuming only three lumps of meat a day; Vyas Patel transformed a lot in one year. This top Indian influencer is among the greatest wellness influencers on Instagram.

43- Shweta Mehta (@theshwetamehta)

Shweta Mehta is a renowned Indian actress, TV personality, engineer, fitness model, and cardiac surgeon. Born in Fatehabad, Haryana, India, she obtained a B.Tech. in an I.T. service, then worked at an IT company for five years before focusing her efforts on numerous fields.

44- Kunal Rajput (@subtle.strength)

Kunal Rajput is one of four Nike private training coaches in India. He has been an influential figure in the fitness goals of several notables, such as Sara Ali Khan, Nimrat Kaur, and others. 

He is the founder of The Movement- SnC programs in Mumbai, where he is a flourishing health and well-being entrepreneur and Certified Strength and Conditioning (SnC) coach with many years of experience. He is among the top-notch Indian influencers in the fitness niche.

Contact Kunal Rajput

45- Guru Mann (@gurumann)

As a fitness trainer, model, and author who is Indian and American, Guru Mann has been working in the field of functional training for 16 years. He has businesses named Mission Fitn India and NUTRITION GM.

He has been placed among the best male fitness influencers on Instagram by his followers, and following them will help you learn how someone stays fit and healthy. With nearly 6.5M followers, he is on the list of top Indian influencers.

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Top 10 Indian Beauty and makeup influencers

46- Malvika Sitlani Aryan (@malvikasitlaniofficial)

Popular Indian beauty influencer, Malvika Sitlani, also known as Malvika, revels in experimenting with her makeup looks. Malvika started a beauty brand, Masic Beauty, after moving away from her Instagram as a popular beauty and skincare influencer. Her posts can offer you a fresh perspective, and her unique style feels contemporary.

Talk to Malvika Sitlani Aryan

47- Shreya Jain (@shreyajain26)

Shreya Jain is a self-described beauty influencer who denounces superficial beauty standards. Shreya’s makeup tutorials and product reviews are popular among social media users worldwide, with more than 450K followers on Instagram.

Connect with Shreya Jain

48- Rowi Singh (@rowisingh)

Rowi Singh, an Indian magnificence influencer based in Sydney, Australia, is well-known for her innovative makeup designs and trendy streetwear styles. She expertly incorporates her Indian roots with global beauty traits. With almost 400K engaged followers, she is one of the best Indian makeup influencers. 

Chat with Rowi Singh

49- Srishti S. Bhatia (@srishtisbhatia)

Srishti has gained popularity for her easy-to-follow makeup looks. The fashion blogger, also known as the Bubblegum, is famous for makeup tutorials and unfiltered social media posts about her life. Srishti also frequently posts videos of her favorite makeup products, which her fans tend to admire.

Collaborate with Srishti S. Bhatia

50- Smitha Deepak (@smithadepak)

Smitha Deepak is widely recognized for her skill as an Indian influencer that recreates the makeup looks of Bollywood actors. Her videos are famous for captivating viewers and have assisted in establishing Smitha Deepak as a famous beauty influencer in India. 

Partner with Smitha Deepak

51- Mrunal Panchal (@mrunu)

Mrunal Panchal, known as “menu,” is a stylist and makeup influencer from Gujarat. She is one of India’s most famous Indian influencers in the makeup niche, and she has a passion for exploring the world. 

She frequently demonstrates how makeup is applied in various settings, such as photoshoots, movies, and other types of productions. On Instagram, Mrunal has amassed 4.2M followers. 

52- Debasree Banerjee (@Debasree)

Panache and creative thinking best describe Debasree’s Instagram profile. Nothing fails to impress her followers, from her eye makeup looks and tutorials to her workout gear. Debasree’s unique views on beauty and makeup resonate with her followers. With more than 300K followers, Debasree is the Indian beauty influencer you should follow for practical and easy makeup tutorials.

Contact Debasree Banerjee

53- Kaushal (@kaushal)

She is one of the top Indian makeup influencers in the community, and she is most well-known for her works in developing stunning and distinctive makeup looks. She is best known online for her engaging and entertaining videos, in which she plays up the demure Indian girl.

Talk to Kaushal

54- Swati Verma (@swativerma)

Swati Verma, a famous makeup artist, completed her studies in London before relocating to India to open her own company. She has trained under her successful colleagues, teaching her many makeup skills and techniques. With a 1.4M IG fanbase, she is on the list of top Indian influencers.

55- Himanshi Tekwani (@thatglamgirl__)

She is a multimedia celebrity and social media influencer well known for her modeling and fashion expertise, make-up tutorials, beauty advice, and quirky vlog content. Her spouse, Rishi Athwani, is also a social media star who enjoys talking about fashion, makeup, and healthy lifestyles.

Collaborate with Himanshi Tekwani

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Top 10 Indian food influencers

56- Amar Sirohi (@foodie_incarnate)

Amar Sirohi has been creating restaurant reviews and food articles for many years and has transformed himself into an established Indian influencer in the food section and creator of Foodie Incarnate, India’s largest vegetarian page. Recently, he posted a milestone of over 1.5M followers on his Instagram account.

57- Richa Hingle (@veganricha)

Better known as Vegan Richa, Richa Hingle is an Indian influencer, recipe writer, and bestselling author of the book Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen. She has an active user base of 347K followers on Instagram and over 39K subscribers on YouTube.

Sonia enjoys showing others how simple it is to prepare vegan Indian or other dishes. She has released an eBook on vegan Diwali sweets and is preparing to increase her popularity.

Talk to Richa Hingle

58- Deeba Rajpal (@passionateaboutbaking)

Deeba, a powerhouse in the world of baking, started as a food blogger in 2007. She quickly emerged as a top Indian influencer in the food niche, later adding her position as a styling and recipe creator to her skill set. She has more than 380K Instagram followers and even more followers on her second page @pabrecipes, which contains all of her recipes.

Connect with Deeba Rajpal

59- Rohit Mavle (@foodie_actor_engineer)

Rohan is one of the top Indian food influencers on Instagram, and he also utilizes his computer science training to mount a successful career as an actor and scrutinous creator. He is known on Instagram as Foodie Actor Engineer.

Partner with Rohit Mavle

60- Shivesh Bhatia (@shivesh17)

Shivesh is one of the top Indian influencers and a self-taught baker. He provides consulting services for Kitchen Aid India and has created recipes for companies such as FoodHall, Delmonte, and Britania.

Talk to Shivesh Bhatia

61- Uma Raghuraman (@masterchefmom)

Uma is dedicated to her passion for cooking. Her company, which specializes in culinary items, began over 20 years ago, and it has led her to establish herself as one of India’s top food bloggers along with her blog, which has more than 900 recipes from different cuisines. She also has them uploaded on her multiple social media accounts.

Chat with Uma Raghuraman

62- Hina Gujral (@funfoodandfrolic)

From banker to food influencer, her recipes have featured in CaLDRON , NDTV Good Times, and The Society. On top of spending time with her dog and reading, she enjoys going on outings and blogging about food and her travels.

Contact Hina Gujral

63- Pragya Saini (@thisisdelhi)

Pragya is an incredible Indian influencer when it comes to mixing food and travel. She’s a true foodie and a great food critic. Her many fans love her inspiring posts about delicious recipes. She has over 270K followers and has worked with prominent brands.

Collaborate with Pragya Saini

64- Pankaj Bhadouria (@masterchefpankajbhadouria)

India’s first MasterChef, Pankaj has 1.2M followers on her IG account. She is one of the best Indian food influencers. PAnkaj is also an entrepreneur, brand ambassador, TEDx speaker, and author of the first official MasterChef Cookbook, Barbie. 

65- Kerala Foodie (@keralafoodie)

Govind P., a native of Thrissur, prefers to travel with a group of friends to take in hard-to-find cuisine. Not only can he satisfy his appetite, but he also shares images of the food he has on his account, along with the names of the restaurants and locations.

He began his work as a food influencer in 2016, and now he has 344K engaged followers on his Instagram account.

Connectw with Kerala Foodie

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Top 10 Indian Photography influencers

66- Varun Aditya (@varun.aditya)

The wildlife photographer and NatGeo nature photographer of the year in 2016, Varun has 2.4M followers on Instagram. By creating high-quality content and being the Sony ambassador, he is one of the highest-paid Instagram photographers in India.

67- Ashish Sahi (@ashishsahi)

Former Art Director of AD India, Ashish specializes in landscapes and architecture photography. He examined the Gerber Bawa estate in Sri Lanka, the larger-than-life residences in Delhi (including the Jencks garden), and the celebrity homes he’s had the chance to photograph.

He is a graduate of the National Institute of Fashion Technology in New Delhi and has a great career with several companies in fashion and architecture. He is among the best Indian micro influencers in photography, with over 60K IG fans.

Talk to Ashish Sahi

68- Yash Rane (@chefyash)

The GoPro ambassador and one of the top Indian photography influencers, Yash’s feed is all about travelogues, landscapes, and many great sponsored posts. He keeps surprising his 136K fans on Instagram with his storytelling through eye-catching pictures and videos.

Partner with Yash Rane

69- Rema Chaudhary (@remachaudhary)

Rema is one of the greatest photographers in fine arts and fashion, and she specializes in her work inspired by nature and the location in which she lives. 

Her commercial work for Gucci, Nike, Adidas, Netflix, Dove, Google, and Forbes Japan, among others, is widely recognized for its standout quality. View the photos on her feed that are filled with picturesque beauty.

Talk to Rema Chaudhary

70- Rid Burman (@ridburman)

From a family of artists and sculptors, Burman has a natural eye for all things beautiful. He continually explores innovations in different cultural spheres to draw on an abundance of ideas. His pictures feature his sculptures and sketches, as seen on his feed.

Connect with Rid Burman

71- Kalyan Varma (@kalyanvarma)

Emmy-nominated filmmaker and nature photographer, Kalyan is on the list of finest Indian photography influencers with 36K Instagram followers.

His work has been featured in various publications, including National Geographic, BBC Wildlife, GEO, Smithsonian, The Guardian, and Lonely Planet. He has also worked for numerous magazines, environmental NGOs, and television channels like National Geographic and BBC.

Contact Kalyan Varma

72- Trishita Bhattacharya (@overrated_outcast)

The freelance photographer from Mumbai, Trishita, has 158K following on her IG account. The GoPro ambassador, creating content focused on travel, lifestyle, and architecture. Check out her feed for a more positive vibe and inspiration.

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73- Jayanta Roy (@jayantaroy_)

Jayanta, with 17K followers on Instagram, is an Indian photography influencer who creates inspiring images with profound emotion. Jayanta believes that knowing a scene before taking photos is a big part of his work. Jayanta thinks that black-and-white photography is the epitome of reality.

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74- Ganesh Vanare (@haram_khor_)

Ganesh has more than 700K followers on his IG account. He is an Indian photography influencer from Mumbai who specializes in street, lifestyle, travel, technology, and portrait photography. He is also an oppo ambassador and TEDx speaker. He is a macro influencer when it comes to street photography.

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75- Bharat Sikka (@bharatsikkastudio)

Bharat has devoted his career to intellectual topics that concentrate on cultural remnants and social evolutions in India. His works commonly concern India’s heritage, politics, assimilation, and masculinity. He’s got a gift for taking chances with shoots that touch on biology, the visible world, and fashion.

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See the complete list of photography influencers on Instagram.

Top 10 Indian Comedy influencers

76- Nikunj Lotia (@beyounick)

Nikunj Lotia is better known by his Instagram username BeYouNick. His breakout fame is also due to his fun finals, which sets him apart from the others on Instagram. With nearly 2M fans, he is one of the leading Indian comedy influencers

77- Kaneez Surka (kaneezsurka)

Kaneez is a comedian, actor, and YouTuber with over 250K followers on Instagram. She is among the top Indian comedian influencers and female stand-up comedians. 

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78- Srishti Dixit (@srishtipatch)

Aye pudgy! is exactly what is our initial thought that we bear in mind when we hear Srishti Dixit’s name. You must be living beneath the rock in case you don’t know what we are talking about.

Most people recognize her from Buzzfeed articles and YouTube videos because of her name alongside well-known Youtuber behensplaining. Her contents can be found everywhere, and we all grew up on the screen. With 765K followers on Instagram, she is one of the finest Indian influencers in the comedy section.

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79- Prajakta Koli (@mostlysane)

A former radio announcer and social media star primarily post videos on YouTube and Instagram. She started creating videos a few years ago and has since then never returned to radio.

She has collaborated with several Bollywood stars such as Kajol, Kareena Kapoor Khan, Hrithik Roshan, and more. Her YouTube channel has 6.5M subscribers, and her Instagram has 5M followers.

80- Kusha Kapila (@kushakapila)

Kusha is famous as a leading Indian influencer and creative mind behind the posts on the South Delhi Girls YouTube channel. 

Kusha has 2.7M Instagram followers. Here, she shares comedic videos and her life as a rising star. She has collaborated with corporations like Google and Cred and has been seen at major events in the film industry. She is also a fashion judge and has been featured in Karan Johar’s Ghost Stories.

81- Dolly Singh (@dollysingh)

The Instagram celebrity began to amass in excess of a million followers before catching on as a YouTube. Dolly is a co-host of the iDiva channel, and she started off by doing online tutorials related to fashion and beauty.

Dolly has worked with other Indian celebrities, such as Priyanka Chopra and Ayushmann Khurrana. She has also worked with several brand partners, such as Colgate and Olay.

82- Mithila Palkar (@mipalkarofficial)

She endeavored to become an actress during her adolescent years before she began her path to internet fame via social media in 2016 after uploading a performance of her song “The Cup Song” to her YouTube channel. Over 6M views later, her YouTube account now has 168K subscribers, and she has collected 3.6M followers on Instagram.

Mithila currently has a vibrant career as an actress and has landed roles in “Little Things” and appeared in “Katti Batti.” As an actress, she partners with many different brands, including Times Prime and Plumb Goodness.

83- Aishwarya Mohanraj (@aishwaryamrj)

Popular comedian Aishwarya Mohanraj has helped carve a niche for herself by creating a diverse range of content.

You’ll want Mohanraj to teach you how to grapple with every relationship problem before having a great joke out of it. As long as Aishwarya is still working to be a fashion influencer, she can provide you with helpful advice on how to be a diva and comedian.

Contact with Aishwarya Mohanraj

84- Samay Raina (@maisamayhoon)

Samay Raina’s YouTube channel can become your regular virtual hang-out place. And if it’s your first time checking it out, we would suggest you kick and sit with some snacks. His commentary videos, live streams, and gaming streams with other fellow comedians are to be highly looked out for.

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85- Rahul Subramanian (@rahulsubramanic)

From brand manager to comedian to one of the top Indian Instagram influencers, we sure know that Rahul Subramanian is multifaceted.

You can spot him on YouTube with many brand collaborations and definitely, his stand-up videos. This stand-up comedian has over 700K engaged fans on IG. Head to his profile to keep entertained for sure.

Find More Influencers in India


India is a key market for many businesses, and by understanding the role of influencers, businesses can more effectively tap into this market.

Indian influencers are a powerful tool for marketing to the Indian population. By understanding the culture and values of India, marketers can more effectively target their advertising toward Indians. 

Additionally, by utilizing the large social media following of Indian influencers, businesses can reach a wider audience. 

Who is the most followed Indian influencer?

Here are the top 5 most followed Indian Instagrammers:
#1 Virat Kohli (@virat.kohli) – 261M followers,
#2 Priyanka Chopra (@priyankachopra) – 89.7M followers,
#3 Shraddha Kapoor (@shraddhakapoor) – 83.5M followers,
#4 Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) 80.4M followers,
#5 Alia Bhatt (@aliaabhatt) – 80.2M followers.

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