32 Top Education Instagram Influencers To Follow In 2023

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You’ve found the right place if you’re on the hunt for education influencers with a wide range of audiences and engagement rates. 

We have compiled a list of 32 of the most influential people in the world of education. Now, education refers not just to what is taught in schools but also to the education of everything else that may be taught and learned.

For every conceivable academic discipline, we have assembled the absolute finest resources available.

How to find education influencers on Instagram?

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Do you wonder how you can discover the top educational bloggers and education content creators? Here are a few other options that might work for you to get what you want.

  1. Using influencer marketplaces such as Ainfluencer, as mentioned above.
  1. Take a look at the most popular education-related hashtags like #education, #educationmatters, #educationaltoys, #educationforall, and more.
  1. Browsing “Location” tags to look for education influencers or teacher influencers’ Instagram ids’ in a specific location.
  1. Googling for “education influencers Instagram id” or “top education influencers on Instagram” may yield several results to select.
  1. Using the “Suggested” feature of Instagram to search for similar education influencers to those you already have in mind.

The Top 32 Education Instagram Influencers To Follow 

For your convenience, this blog contains the accounts of the top education influencers on Instagram in the educational industry today.

1. Encore French Lessons (@encorefrenchlessons)

This education influencer is perfect for you if you want to improve your French with fun educational content. 

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced french speaker, you’ll find suitable video lessons here.

They’ve gained over 316K Instagram followers. Their private lessons are taught by native teachers who have a significant impact on their students’ learning.

Reach Encore French

2. Gursahib Singh (@gursahibsingh_ca) 

Gursahib Singh is the man to follow if you are an international student moving to Canada and want to know some essential information regarding Canada’s education system. He is followed by over 66.3K people because he provides invaluable guidance to foreign students. Also, he has 210K+ youtube subscribers. When it comes to Instagram, he is among the top education content creators.

Contact Gursahib Singh

3. Lee Parkinson (@ict_mrp) 

On Instagram, Lee Parkinson is widely considered to be among the best. He teaches elementary school, but in addition to that, he has written books that have been on the best-seller list twice.

As of exactly this moment, he has 103K followers. 

Connect to Lee Parkinson

4. Alfred Shivy Brooks (@callmeshivy)

Alfred Shivy Brooks is considered to be one of the most important educational influencers in the United States.

He posts a lot of information connected to the black lives matter movement and has his own line of merchandise. 

Additionally, he has appeared in an episode of the Netflix show “Instant dream house.” At the moment, he has 55K followers. In addition to that, he is an educator of OSG.

Talk to Alfred Shivy Brooks

5. Cynthia Lopez (@youleadup) 

Cynthia Lopez is an education influencer. She has been working as a math tutor for the past 20 years, and in addition to that, she runs a workshop for teenagers called DARE, in which she supports them with their own personal development.

 She is a licensed math instructor in the state of Florida and has around 10K people following her on Instagram. On Instagram, she is widely regarded as one of the top teacher influencers to follow.

Text Cynthia Lopez

6. Mellisa (@ohheyletsplay)

Is your toddler getting bored, and you need some new ideas for play? If you’re looking for an education influencer on Instagram, go no further than Mellisa. She shares a ton of videos on her account where she demonstrates how to do various kid-friendly projects. She also recommends certain books for you to buy and use with your young child as entertainment. She is followed by over 80K people. Her Instagram features kid-friendly educational games and projects. She is one of the top education bloggers on the market.

Collaborate with Mellisa

7. Alex Elle (@alex)

Alex Elle is not only an author but also a restorative writing teacher. She has written incredible books and is a true teacher and influencer in the field of self-care and self-love. She has over 1.2M followers on Instagram and even has a book tour happening. On her page, you can see self-healing posts. Also, a company like Customwriting stands out in this field. They provide a wealth of knowledge and expertise in academic writing, offering tips, resources, and guidance to students.

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8. Roy Ziv (@royzivmusic) 

One of the Instagrammers making entertaining, educational content creators is Roy Ziv. He is one of the best in the guitar industry. He shares videos of himself improvising comedic guitar solos.

Keep in mind that he has considerable sway in the realm of learning. He also teaches, and you may take guitar lessons from him online. 

He also works as a music teacher, producer, and guitarist. In excess of 123K people now follow him, and that number is only expected to rise.

Get in touch with Roy Ziv

9. Jackie Hill Perry (@jackiehillperry) 

Jackie Hill Perry is a wonderful education influencer She has so far written two novels and has her own podcast. She is one of the best teacher influencers to be seen on Instagram. She has over 765K followers. She is not only a writer but also a teacher and a poet.

Text Jackie Hill Perry

10. Sam Salem (@samuelsleeves) 

Sam Salem is the education influencer for the teachers. He also performs stand-up comedy, where he often makes jokes about what teacher witness in school and how they work. He’s managed to collect over 67K Instagram followers thanks to consistently high-quality content.

Reach Sam Salem

11. Lauren Louder (@burntoutteachers) 

Lauren Louder used to be a teacher, but she quit her job and is now tutoring mostly. She is an education content creator as she has created many funny videos related to her role as a teacher. Not to mention she has over 400K followers on Tiktok and 175K followers on Instagram.

Partner with Lauren Louder

12. Nick Meola (@nickittam) 

As he says in his bio, Nick Meola is a dancer, teacher, choreographer, and supermodel. He is an influencer in the dance industry. He has 55K followers on Instagram, and he posts various videos of his students doing his choreography. 

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13. Meghan Yarnell (@meghcallie) 

If you’re looking for a teacher influencer to teach you how to create ceramic things, then Meghan Yarnell is your go-to influencer. She is a high school ceramic teacher and potter in Ohio, Canada. She has over 31K followers, and she even has a shop that allows you to buy her beautiful creations. She posts many videos on how she creates her beautiful creations, so make sure to follow her.

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Collab with Meghan Yarnell

14. Jillian Turecki (@jillianturecki)

Jillian Turecki is a tutor and a teacher, but most importantly, she is an education influencer. She is one of the top education bloggers in the field of relationship issues and love life. She has one of the best podcasts, which is available on Apple Podcasts. She posts a lot of great advice on the issues you might face in your relationship. She has over 283K followers as of the moment, and it’s rising by the minute.

Text Jillian Turecki

15. Kino MacGregor (@kinoyoga) 

As a writer, teacher, and thought leader in the field of education influencers, Kino MacGregor is in high demand. Her other talents include podcasting and making videos on youtube. She teaches yoga in both in-person and online classes. This yoga influencer serves as a symbol of the yoga field. It’s no exaggeration to say that she is among Instagram’s most educational influencers. In the realm of education, she is a true teacher influencer, with over 1.1M Instagram followers.

Contact Kino MacGregor

16. Rank SSS (@rank.sss)

Rank SSS is an educator influencer at skillshare, in addition to being an architect and motion designer. Their Instagram account is full of motion graphics and animations. They have more than 75K people following them on Instagram.

Get in touch with Rank

17. Ms. Melody Jenkins (@thechromaticmusicteacher)

At the elementary school where she works, music is taught by Ms. Melody Jenkins. She is also a content creator, as she posts videos of her time in the classroom.

She has a tendency for producing a lot of beautiful and colorful posts about music. Over 166K people follow her account. Additionally, she is regarded as one of the top teacher influencers on Instagram.

Talk to Melody Jenkins

18. Barb Schmidt (@peaceful_barb) 

Not only is Barb Schmidt an author, meditation teacher, activist, and seeker of truth and inner peace. In addition to all of these accomplishments, there are a lot of fantastic pieces on Barb’s blog about feelings and finding inner peace. It is safe to say that she is one of the most successful education bloggers on Instagram since she currently has over 505K followers there.

Collab with Barb Schmidt

19. Cory Muscara (@corymuscara)

In a wide variety of different ways, Cory Muscara is an education influencer. He is also a writer and a speaker in addition to being a teacher. He is an educator on the subject of mental health. On Instagram, he is regarded as one of the top mental health influencers due to the fact that he has more than 231K followers. On top of that, he is regarded as one of the top education bloggers on Twitter and tweets a ton of stuff on his account that is relevant to mental health.

Reach Cory Muscara

20. Shelli Tygielski (@mindfulskatergirl) 

Shelli Tygielski is a teacher, activist, keynote speaker, published author, and CNN hero. As one of the influencers in the education industry, she frequently shares vital information that the public should be aware of. Almost 254K people follow her. She teaches people valuable life skills and knowledge on topics that aren’t covered in the classroom.

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21. Kevin McClintock (@mr.mctiktok)

Watching Kevin McClintock’s Tiktok videos, which he also posts on his Instagram account, is a great way to chuckle while learning from teacher influencers. On Tiktok, he is followed by more than 2M people.

Partner with Kevin McClintock

22. Dorothea Taylor (@taylor.dorothea)

Dorothea Taylor is the go-to person if you want to study drums from a hip educational influencer. As a content creator, she is fantastic, which is why she has over 388K followers on Instagram. She shares numerous helpful videos covering a wide range of drumming subjects.

Talk to Dorothea Taylor

23. Emily Chen (@emilykchen) 

As a yoga instructor and educational influencer Emily Chen is a respected influencer in the community. Her Instagram is filled with instructional videos showing various yoga poses and how to practice them correctly. Over 206K people now follow her.

Text Emily Chen

24. Ness (@_inversioness) 

Ness is another one of the recommended influencers in education; she conducts yoga sessions remotely via the internet. She’s gained over 116K subscribers by sharing videos of her yoga practices.

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25. Noelle Cheney (@noellelovessloths)

Have you ever been curious about school lunches? Noelle Cheney, however, has made it her mission to assist you in answering that very question by becoming an excellent education influencer. On Instagram, she has over 74K; on TikTok, she has around 3M followers. A number of her students’ classroom activities are documented on camera and posted online by the educator. Her page is the place to go if you’re looking for fun educational material, her page is the place to go.

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26. Mason Pyper (@masonpyper) 

There is no better teacher than a teacher who can also be entertaining. Then, it’s safe to say that Mason Pyper is the coach you look up to the most. His TikTok following is around 2M strong, while his Instagram following is at 38K. One may argue that he is a key figure in shaping the future of education. He records some of his time spent coaching basketball at the school and shares the resulting entertaining videos online as a content creator. If you’re looking for a chuckle, you should visit his page.

Reach Mason Pyper

27. Robin Martin (@robinmartinyoga) 

There are many great yoga instructors worldwide, but one of the best influencers is Robin Martin. Her Instagram is really fascinating to follow. She posts so much awesomeness. She has racked up almost 421K followers on Instagram by performing unique, but exciting yoga poses on her feed.

Partner with Robin Martin

28. Krystal L. Smith (@the_renewed_teacher)

Krystal L. Smith works in education, but she’s not your usual influencer; she’s on a mission to keep teachers inspired and help them rediscover their love for the profession. Currently, she is followed by over 11K people on Instagram. As an education content creator, she creates entertaining pieces about classroom management and other topics relevant to educators.

29. Alex (@thekindergartenconnection)

If you’re a kindergarten teacher of young children and want to become one of the many influencers in the education industry, or looking for helpful advice on having a playful and engaging classroom, look no further than Alex. To aid you, she shares amusing educational materials. She is followed by more than 82K people on Instagram.

30. Rebekah Poe (@lessons_and_lattes)

Educators of students with Individualized Education Programs can benefit from Rebekah Poe’s helpful hints. She is also a special education teacher and a prominent figure in the field of education reform. She is an active content creator with over 112K Instagram followers who share incredible information and resources for struggling educators.

31. Tell Williams (@mrwilliamsprek)

Do you want to find the most amusing educator and educational content creator? Let Williams know he’s your man. Over the past year, he has gained over 2.3M TikTok and 214K Instagram followers. In other words, he isn’t your ordinary teacher. He’s a funny guy who makes excellent educational content.

32. Monica (@monicajsutton)

Preschool classroom instructor Monica has gained widespread online popularity. In addition to her 600K + YouTube fans, she has over 54K Instagram followers. One of the most potent educators today, she encourages other educational influencers to implement the methods she has found effective in making their lessons more exciting and interactive for their students.


In this article, we compiled a list of 32 Instagram accounts with significant influencers in the field of education, taking into account their number of followers and the diversity of their working niche. We trust that this list has everything you were looking for.

1. What is a teacher influencer?

Due to their educational background and ongoing motivation to develop both personally and for their pupils, teachers are natural influencers. By producing material that people want to relate to, influencers establish connections with their audiences. Due to their educational background and ongoing motivation to develop both personally and for their pupils, teachers are natural influencers. By producing material that people want to relate to, influencers establish connections with their audiences.

2. Who is the number 1 influencer in the world?

Cristiano Ronaldo is the number one influencer in the world at this very moment. His Instagram account is @cristiano

3. Who are the top 5 influencers?

Introducing the 5 most influential people on social media.
1st: Cristiano Ronaldo with 517M
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3rd: Ariana Grande with 429M
4th: Selena Gomez with 425M
5th: Taylor Swift with 361M

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