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Influencer marketing is the most important part of Instagram marketing that 89% indicated that Instagram was the most important social media channel to collaborate with influencers. Based on this stat, many brands select this medium to tell their stories and find their voice through top Instagram influencers.

Generally, brands need better ways to find and collaborate with influencers to make trusted relationships with to sell for them. In this case, top social media influencers can not match every brand marketing scale; therefore, they should come up with an influencer marketing platform to pick up an appropriate influencer and grow their brands and make money on Instagram.

Top Instagram influencers are known to the Instagram audience because they are famous enough to include Instagram stars. Here we are going to introduce the top 10 killers Instagram influencers

1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristian Ronaldo is the first top Instagram influencer with 239  Million known as one of the Instagram stars for his amazing football play.  He does sponsorship posts with brands they believe their audience would be likely to engage with, such as Nike’s rich, famous brands, to share huge opportunities from Instagram. However, this top Instagram influencer also shares photos of both his sport and family life.

2. Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande is the second most popular Instagram accounts, hit 203 million followers, is an American singer, songwriter, and one of the most popular Instagram models. She is known as one of the best-selling pop stars and a top Instagram account among women. Moreover, she recently starts a brand partnership with Luxe Brands; her Instagram feed confirms her IG followers with the music’s back scene and modeling photos.

3. The Rock

The third biggest Instagram account belongs to The rock, with 200 million followers. He is one of the most popular Instagram actors and sport character partnership with Under Armour is launching a new collection called “The Work,” who serves his IG followers with his family life, sports, and sometimes sponsorship posts.

4.     Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner is another popular Instagram model, with around 197 million followers. She is one of the top Instagram influencers who appeared as an American media personality plus founder and company Kylie Cosmetics.  Kylie also turns into one of the biggest Instagram stars due to her top most-liked Instagram posts. Her Instagram feed is filled with her profession, and personal life includes lots of baby and her partner photos.

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5. Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez is the third most followed Instagram account among famous women Instagram models. She is an American singer and actress with 194million followers who gains massive popularity on Instagram as one of the hottest Instagram influencers. Selena Gomez is now advertising a new cosmetics brand called “Rare Beauty.”

6. Kim Kardashian

Another popular Instagram model is Kim Kardashian, an actress and media figure with 189 million followers. She is known as one of the top Instagram influencers in the cosmetic topic. Coty brand is one of the beauty companies she partners with. By the way, her Instagram activities are around photos from her modeling and the events she attends, along with particular content like old family photos.

7. Leo Messi

The next one is Lionel Messi, a soccer player like Cristiano Ronaldo, with 167 million followers. He is the second famous player in the world, and; his Instagram includes shots of his playing as well as his personal family life and an insight into other events he attends.

8. Beyoncé

Beyonce is the eighth valuable Instagram influencer, ranking high on the list as an American singer with 155 million followers. She teams up with the Adidas brand, and her Instagram account showcases from her performances and professional work, with a few more personal posts among them.

9. Justin Bieber

Justin is one of the Canadian popular pop stars who play many instruments; his songs made him a billion views in 2010, turning him the first musician after Lady Gaga. There are lots of shots from his pictures with celebrity mates, cartoon versions of himself, etc.

10. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is an American singer, songwriter with 140 million followers who is an expert in branding and gained a huge reputation on both Twitter and Instagram. Swift has a more productive figure on Instagram than Twitter. It is obvious from his Story Highlights, performances photos, and promotions of her latest work and activities (along with the usual selfies and personal life posts).

How to become an Instagram influencer?

Top Instagram influencers come from the most popular Instagram models, either the most popular Instagram accounts, and their popularities make them the biggest Instagram influencers. The steps to becoming an Instagram influencer are completely different from these Instagram stars because they already have been famous public figures. When establishing their Instagram profiles, millions of Instagram users follow them, and then they appear in the list of top Instagram influencers network.

Who has the most followers on Instagram?

Instagram’s official account, with 369 million followers, puts in the high-ranking among all Instagram accounts. The thing that makes it stand out is the amazing Instagram content it shares with the audience, which showcases the best and the most interesting accounts and trends on Instagram.

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