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Regardless of how society and popular culture consider ideal shape, size, and appearance, everyone deserves to have a positive body image. And today, body positive influencers are responsible for passing on this message. 

The New Modeling Elite is an online women’s magazine focused on plus size fashion. This magazine features exclusive interviews with some of the best body positive Instagram female influencers, including Bailey Jay, Taylor Swift, Beyoncé Knowles, Victoria Beckham, and Kimora Lee Simmons.

Body positivity promotes healthy weight loss through diet and exercise and encourages women to embrace their bodies.

It sends the message that beauty is sexy and that being sexy doesn’t mean you’re thin or of a specific size. It promotes women of all sizes and shapes to be proud of who they are and celebrate their assets.

With the help of Instagram, young women are being exposed to the latest trends in the plus-size fashion industry and gaining access to the body positive influencers that inspire them.

Therefore, body positive encourages women of all sizes to embrace their bodies and look their best while at the same time making sure their curves are flaunted.

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Top 55 Positive Body Models And Influencers

1- Megan Jayne Crabbe (@meganjaynecrabbe)

Megan Jayne Crabbe is the influencer who has stacked up nearly 1.2 million Instagram followers is an author, creator, and one of the most influential body positive models.

She’s a “woman with opinions” you’ll love on your feed.

Negotiate with Megan

2Em Ford (@mypaleskinblog)

She is an English beauty vlogger whose YouTube channel, My Pale Skin, experienced a meteoric rise in popularity. Of course, this was possible thanks to her tutorials on acne coverage and various makeup techniques.

Her channel has earned over 1 million subscribers, while her Instagram account has attracted 710K followers, which has made another example of best body positive influencers. 

Click to contact Em Ford

3- Candice Huffine (@candicehuffine)

Candice Huffine is one of the top body positive influencers and plus size models represented by IMG Models.

As a former teenage beauty queen, she signed her first modeling commercial contract in 2000 and has since crossed over from the commercial world into high fashion. 

Talk to Candice Huffine

4- Michelle Elman (@scarrednotscared)

Life coach and author Michelle Elman has some advice: “Stop saying ‘I feel fat.’ Fat is not a feeling. If you feel bad, insecure, uncomfortable, say what you mean instead of reinforcing negative associations around fatness”, the body positivity aesthetic influencer has drawn 201K followers on Instagram.

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5- Shay Neary (@watchshayslay)

Shay Neary is an American fashion model. She is known as the first of transgender body positive women to be featured in a significant fashion campaign. Neary was born and raised in the Pocono Mountains in Pennsylvania. 

During high school, she identified as a gay man and performed in drag— 26.6k followers on Instagram.

Click to contact Shay

6- Nicolette Mason (@nicolettemason)

One of the must-follow body positive influencers, Nicolette Mason, has 198,000 followers.

Although she regularly partners with other brands, such as Loft, on her blog, she’s also launched her body positivity aesthetic, plus size line, Premme, which she co-founded with fellow fashion influencer Gabi Gregg.

Start your collaboration with Nicolette

7- Caralyn Mirand Koch (@caralynmirand)

Caralyn Mirand Koch has over 366K followers and is one of the few body positive influencers with the blue badge and confidence crusader.

She’s based in N.Y. and splits her time between Buffalo and New York City. Her blog is full of fashion tips, try on advice, and style ideas.

Partner with Caralyn

8- Alex Michael May (@alexmichaelmay)

What is wrong with so-called fat influencers? Alex Michael May as your virtual BFF and one of the best body positive influencers is in charge of proving to everybody that there is nothing wrong with them.

She is from Nebraska but now calls California home. She’s got nearly 154K followers on Instagram. 

What’s more, she has a YouTube channel where she posts plus-size fashion videos and lifestyle videos.

Contact Alex right away

9- Kaylynn Marisol Campbell (@kaylynnmarisol)

The self-relationship and body connection educator, Kaylynn Marisol Campbell is definitely worthy of mention as one of the top body positive influencers on Instagram and the world. 

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10- Iskra Lawrence (@iskra)

The 30-year-old British fashion star rose quickly to fame in the fashion industry after American Eagle chose her as one of its models. 

She has also made a name for herself by promoting herself as one of the  body positivity influencers on her social accounts with 4.6M Followers while making it a priority never to retouch her images.

Talk to Iskra

11- MCKYLA (@mckylamariposa)

The mid-size gal who also suffers from vitiligo has put an end to her discomfort by becoming one of the must-follow body positive influencers on Instagram with 10.7K followers. 

She tries to improve her followers’ mental health, in particular, in California by inspiring them to love themselves. 

Collaborate with MCKYLA

12- Bijou Demi (@bijoudemi)

Bijou Demi, one of the body positive women also from California, is easily the next name on our list with 16.7K followers and over 11% engagement rate.

Partner with Bijou Demi

13- Deb Benfield (@dlbenfieldrdn)

Nutritionist Deb Benfield is a social activist, supporting LGBTQIA+, and one of the most influential body positive influencers by raising awareness of aging with vitality, cultivating body respect, and changing negative stereotypes in our culture reinforced by media. 

She is based in California and currently has over 3.2K followers on Instagram.

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14- Sarah Hart (@helizabeths)

She may call herself one of the thick Instagram influencers, yet she definitely inspires body positivity aesthetic. Based in New York, the actor and model has about 3K followers on Instagram.

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15- DeAnna (@simplydee79)

DeAnna, one of the top body positive influencers on Instagram, doesn’t shy away from calling herself in the fat influencers club. She is from Huston, Texas. And has stacked up 10K followers on her IG account.

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16- Bridget (@bridgetxkate)

Bridget is not only one of the most popular body positive influencers from Austin, Texas but also a great lifestyle influencer sharing videos of home decoration, cooking, and anything else you might find interesting. What’s more, she frequently collaborates with brands and businesses.

Collaborate with Bridget

17- Taylor Cole (@taylorcoleofficial)

One of the thick Instagram influencers and body positivity aesthetic inspiration worthy of mention is Taylor Cole from San Antonio with over 5.6K followers on Instagram. 

She is also a certified doula who is open to collaborations with a wide range of brands and businesses. 

Work with Taylor Cole

18- Jess (@imjesssims)

Writer and blogger, Jess, has become a must-follow body positive Instagram influencer on Instagram with 12.8K followers on her account. 

She is from New York and shares content regarding lifestyle, hairstyle, looks, and self-care. 

Get in touch with Jess

19- Lucy (@lucymountain)

Want to feel less appalled by your body and diet? 

Also, get your hands on some content about style and lifestyle from relationships with parents to daily life in the house? Lucy, from Huston, Texas, is one of the body positive women you need to follow.

Talk to Lucy

20- Zach Miko (@zachmiko)

One of the first men to have become an influencer with body positive message at IMG Models, and a writer in William Morris Endeavor agency, Zach Miko boasts about his brain and brawn. 

Contact Zach for more inquiries

21- Nguyen (@justsaynguyen)

Nguyen, from Huston, Texas, with over 12.2K followers on her IG account is aspired to inspire fitness, family, and faith as one of the top body positive influencers. 

Negotiate with Nguyen

22- Project Heal (@projectheal)

Love your body but find your eating disorder. Body positive Instagram influencer, Project Heal, based in California offers its mental health service to its 77.3K followers. 

Join the Project Heal’s club

23- Alicia keys (@aliciakeys)

The Grammy Award-winning singer, and one of the top body positive influencers on Instagram, Alicia Keys, believes women of all shades and styles are gorgeous in the way they were made.

Talk to Alicia Keys

24- Plus Size Wellness Events

Plus Size wellness Events is one of the must-follow body positive influencers on Instagram based in California. 

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Contact Plus Size Wellness Events

25- Yomixtapecold (@yomixtapecold)

Yomixtapecold is from Dallas in Texas and works as a brand ambassador. She is into hairstyles and has a serious body positive message for sure.

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26- Gigi Gorgeous Getty (@gigigorgeous)

Giselle Loren Lazzarato Getty, better known as Gigi Gorgeous, is a Canadian YouTube celebrity and one of the must-follow body positive influencers on Instagram who rose to stardom after documenting her gender transition.

“He Said, She Said: Lessons, Stories, and Mistakes from My Transgender Journey,” her compelling 2019 memoir, was praised for its funny asides, real honesty, and radical self-love.

She’s noted for using basic captions like “I am human” in her Instagram postings.

Talk to Gigi

27- Don’t Call Me Pretty (@dontcallmepretty_)

Aside from body positive models, thick Instagram influencers, and all people who are doing their best to improve a body positivity aesthetic sense globally, it is words and movements that will eventually make a sweeping change. 

That’s why, Don’t Call Me Pretty is one of the most influential body positive influencers. What they do is prove that all women are worth more than how they look.

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28- Lea (@lea.rdg__)

Just have fun and be all smiles. Lea as one of the best body positive influencers is probably the person who you can have all the fun in the world with, inspiring you not to worry about how you look at all.

Find Lea Here!

29- EFF YOUR BEAUTY STANDARDS (@effyourbeautystandards)

EFF YOUR BEAUTY STANDARDS is a community with body positive message based in California. 

Click to join the community

30- Briana jai (@briana__tz)

The public figure and also one of the body positive influencers, Briana__tz, has dedicated her IG account with 195K followers to a positive and necessary message for women. 

And she quite often takes part in influencer marketing programs in the bargain.

Talk to Briana

31- Allie Kieffer (@kiefferallie)

Allie Kieffer, a professional runner, ran a personal best in the 2017 New York City Marathon, slashing 26 minutes off her time and placing fifth.

Kieffer has been a big champion for ignoring the assumption that you have to have a specific weight to be a successful runner after getting flack for her stature which made her end up one of the must-follow body positive influencers.

Talk to Allie Kieffer

32- Adri (@adrianablancfit)

Sharing the same message as Allie Kieffer, Adri is a coach and one of the best body positive models on Instagram who shares training sessions to lead a healthy life while you can also see how she lets go of food rules.

Collaborate with Adri

33- The Identity Of She (@theidentityofshe)

Self-Love Organization With Clothing Made To Make You Feel Good About Yourself makes “The Identity of She” a worthy of mention influencer with body positivity aesthetic aim to be as comfortable as possible. 

Contact The Identity Of She

34- Meet Curve (@meet.curve)

Fat influencers or thick Instagram influencers who show you how to be happy and proud of yourself present the best plus size swimwear on their IG account based in California with over 46.8K followers. 

Talk to Meet Curve

35- Vikingastryr (@realkvindehintern)

Vikingastryr hsa 352K followers on Instagram, drawing more people to respect body positivity aesthetic. Her growing number of followers tell us that she is definitely one of the must-follow body positive influencers. 

Collaborate with Vikingastryr

36- Jeyda Milani (@jeydamilani)

Jeyda, originally from Iran, and based in London, the UK, is undoubtedly the one of the body positive influencers, not because of her bodybuilding career but for her message. 

She is a coach, a sponsored athlete, a bikini model, yet she believes every single woman should be respected for what they do, not how they look.

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37- Genesis M. Mendoza (@la_fitness_girl)

Nutritionist Genesis M. Mendoza is a great body positive Instagram influencer from California who helps women work towards a healthy body without having a bad feeling towards their body. 

Connect with Genesis M. Mendoza

38- Erin (@esshealthylifestyle)

One of the body positive influencers with the focus of workouts and lifestyle coaching is Erin with over 4.3K followers on her IG account.

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39- Sydney B. (@sydnlivingcolor)

Another body positive Instagram influencer from Huston, Texas whose page centers around fashion, natural hair, lifestyle, and thrifting is Sydney B.

Talk to Sydney B.

40- Rachel Lea (@thecurvyelf)

One of the fat influencers who not only doesn’t shy away from her body but also boasts about her tattoos is Rachel Lea with 10.6K followers on her IG account.

Contact Rachel Lea Now

41- Tauni Brook (@tauni_brook)

The body positive activist, Tauni Brook, is worth mentioning as a chronic illness warrior. 

She proves being married and leading a happy life is not about your body despite all the negative stereotypes against body positive women.

Collaborate with Tauni Brook

42- Vanity Boudoir (@vanityboudoir)

Empowering people to show their confidence, Vanity Boudoir photography is one of the best body positive influencers from the US worth mentioning. 

Negotiate with Vanity

43- Adallis Bradford (@baddieplusaddy)

The plus size model, Adallis Bradford is one of the promising body positive influencers from the US with 13.7K followers on Instagram. 

She has focused on body acceptance and confidence, travel, and plus size outfit and fashion. 

Talk to Adallis Bradford

44- Emily Hahn (@emilyhahnrd)

As one of the top body positive influencers, she shares with you about her eating habit – which contains bigger portions than her partner, Matt – and much more stuff that you may think is not ok! 

Start your Journey with Emily

45- Janelle Gardner (@janelleisenough_)

Get inspired to lose weight but don’t feel guilty about yourself. 

The plus size model and body positive Instagram influencer, Janelle Gardner, spares no efforts to prove this to you. 

Get in touch with Janelle

46- Shelby Huntsman (@hiddenmusee)

The prestiges mommy and business owner Shelbey Huntsman from the US has stepped up as one of the body positive influencers on Instagram with over 2.5K followers on her account. 

Talk to Shelby

47- Amanda Toth (@amandaxoplus)

Canadian plus size model, Amanda toth, has 98.2K followers on her IG account and represents clothing brands. She has been successful in both her business and in spreading body positivity aesthetic messages. 

Start a conversation with Amanda

48- Hilary Duff (@hilaryduff)

Hilary Duff is an American actress, singer, and author who has been officially one of the most famous body positive influencers on Instagram for some time now. 

What she tries to show is that her body is getting old with all the flaws, especially after giving birth to 3 children. 

On top of that, she makes her point by saying how grateful she is for her body that is healthy and gets her where she needs to go.

49- Serena Williams (@serenawilliams)

In an era that athletic women are looked up to and put down at the same time, many are in two minds which one to choose. Going after their dream or being afraid of getting criticized for becoming muscular. 

The American tennis player, however, is not and has never been doubtful about which path she should embark upon. A path that has eventually led her to becoming a popular body positive Instagram influencer as well.

50- Kesha (@iiswhoiis)

Her courage in the face of adversity is unlike many celebrities of her age and niche.

Having dealt with problems with her record label and a variety of other issues. Her metamorphosis from glitter queen in “Tik Tok” to rainbow queen in “Praying” symbolizes a lot of things: confidence, acceptance, and purpose.

Now, she is using all these symbols to show she loves herself. While her body positivity aesthetic messages have been shared with her 3.1M followers on Instagram, she seems to continuously love herself and help others love themselves as well. 

51- Kristen Bell (@kristenanniebell)

You can appear confident and attractive while still having insecurities.

Also, she is a huge supporter of mothers who struggle to rise above challenges with love, strength, determination, and hope. 

52- Anne Hathaway (@annehathaway)

Anne Hathaway isn’t shy to talk about gaining weight during pregnancy or anytime else. 

With all her captions and content she shares on Instagram, we can’t overlook her as one of the must-follow body positive influencers. 

53- Aly Raisman (@alyraisman)

Alexandra Rose Raisman, better known as Aly, is a retired American gymnast and two-time Olympian. In 2012, she was the captain of the U.S. women’s Olympic gymnastics squads “Fierce Five” and “Final Five,” both of which won their respective team competitions. With six Olympic medals, she is the second-most decorated Olympic gymnast in American history, behind Shannon Miller.

54-  Mama Cāx (@mamacax)

Mama Cx was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 14 and was able to save her life by sacrificing her right leg.

Mama blogs about travel, beauty, and, most importantly, encouraging people who follow her on social media. Mama accepts her scars as a part of her journey, a result of an illness that tried but failed to steal her life.

Mama’s approach to having a prosthetic, which she turned into an opportunity for art, has gained her features in TeenVogue, Cosmopolitan, Essence Magazine, and Glamour, where she dismantles the misconceptions surround amputees.

55- Morgan Mikenas (@i_am_morgie)

Morgan Mikenas has proven that body hair does not equate unattractiveness, and she is the living embodiment of natural beauty. Morgan doesn’t expect humanity to give up their razors overnight, but she does want to foster a gentler approach to body hair, addressing the stereotype that women must be razor-sharp.


Body positive women and body positive influencers as a whole have so many opportunities in the fashion industry. 

Still, they are often left out because they don’t fit the model type. 

Women of every shape and size can fall into the thick Instagram influencers category but are often left feeling self-conscious about their bodies and unsure what to do with themselves. 

That’s why brands like D&G need to sponsor or include body positive models in their campaigns to give women more confidence in their fashion choices. 

“We work with our models on an everyday basis,” explains Jasmine Becket-Griffith, director of communications for D&G. “They go through rigorous training and diet programs. Being a brand that promotes healthy beauty in the modern era, we feel that the body positivity is a natural extension for us.”

Of course, you can use Ainfluencer to have access to an infinite list of influencers and models of any niche on Instagram, in particular, body positive influencers and plus size models.  

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1- What are the cons of body positivity?

The purpose is to assist people in improving their self-esteem and body image. Despite its positive aspects, body positivity has certain disadvantages. It maintains an emphasis on looks, falls short of its purpose of inclusivity, and may encourage some undesirable lifestyle practices.
Yet, most body positive influencers are making a great impact on their society. Women won’t, for example, lose their confidence during their pregnancy, or once they gain some weight for any reason.

2- Which model has inspired a body positive movement?

The movement questioned excessive feminine beauty standards such as flawless skin, body size, and the avoidance of flaws. Tess Holliday, a model, and feminist, launched ‘@EffYourBeautyStandards,’ which sparked a wave of support for the body positive movement.   

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