15 Top Book Influencers To Market Your Book In 2023

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If you want to promote a book as a writer or publisher, you can always count on book influencers on Instagram. However, it might be hard for you to find the best in this field. Thus, we decided to make a list of the best book bloggers on Instagram to make it easier for you to market your book.

How to find book influencers on Instagram?

Now that influencer marketing has grown on Instagram, you can use influencer marketplaces such as Ainfluencer to find the best book influencers or even influencers in other fields, such as fitness influencers or beauty bloggers

Ainfluencer has a database of so many influencers in different categories. You can either search them by category or find them based on the hashtags they use. Connecting with book influencers can be done with just a few clicks. By using this platform, you can save time, find the best, and promote your book on Instagram.

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Top 15 book influencers on Instagram

This list of the best book influencers on Instagram can help you promote your book faster and more efficiently.

1. Sue (@Suethebookie)

Sue lives in Utah, US. She loves reading books and inspiring others to read more books. Therefore, she reviews the books she reads and lets her followers know what she thinks about each book. She has 22.2K followers and is one of the micro influencers on Instagram. She usually updates her Instagram every 2 days.

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2. Michelle (@bookbriefs)

Michelle is one of the bookstagram influencers living in Michigan, US. She has more than 10K followers and updates her Instagram every day. She writes reviews about each book she reads and also has a dedicated highlight for these reviews. Therefore, her account can be the best marketplace for your publications.

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3. Danielle Rollins (@daniellevalentinebook)

Danielle Rollins is a book blogger on Instagram that not only writes books but also introduces the books she reads and likes. Danielle lives in New York, US, and inspires people of 34-44 years old. She has 9K followers and is one of Instagram’s best nano book bloggers.

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4. Mikaela (@miks_bookpicks)

Mikaela is a book lover from Massachusetts, US. She has 8K followers and updates her Instagram every day. She typically reviews the books she reads every month and rates them. As a nano Instagram influencer, she can inspire teenagers and millennials to read books. Therefore, if your target audiences are teenagers, collaborating with Mikaela can be effective for your market.

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5. Kristen (@myfriendsarefiction)

Kristen is a bookish girl with two other Instagram pages about books. “Myfriendsarefiction” is the most popular one with 160K followers. She mainly talks about the books she reads and gives her opinions.

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6. Liberlady (@liber_lady)

Liberlady is an Indian writer from NY, US, who also reviews mainly romance books. Although she is still a nano influencer on Instagram, with only 9K followers, she has a great engagement because of the reviews and book introductions she has on her account.

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7. Alice (@a_stylish_bookworm)

As her ID indicates, Alice is really a bookworm. She loves reading and reviewing books. She updates her Instagram and posts new content every day. Thus, she is one of the active book influencers on Instagram. Alice has more than 7K followers and is a nano influencer.

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8. Fiction and Tea (@fictionandtea)

Fictionandtea is one of the best bookstagram accounts with more than 7K followers. This account doesn’t post new content frequently but has a good engagement anytime it reviews new books. Furthermore, the way this account presents its content is unique, which makes this account a good choice for selling any products related to reading or books.

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9. Ariana Godoy (@ari_godoy)

Almost all the book influencers in this article are English speakers. However, it gives them broader followers and a better market for international introductions. But if your market is people with the Spanish language, Ariana Godoy’s account will be a good match. She is an author with 1.2M followers.

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10. brianas booknook (@brians_booknook)

Brianas is a girl from Florida who owns 7K followers. As a nano book influencer, she tries her best to help her followers find the best books and related products on her account.

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11. James Trevino (@james_trevino)

James is one of the macro influencers on Instagram who has 294K followers. He is from Romania and has one of the most artistic bookstagram accounts on this platform.

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12. Elizabeth Sagan (@elizabeth_sagan)

Elizabeth is considered James’ competitor. She also has 201K followers, and the way she presents her content is the same as what James does. Due to the concept of Instagram, which makes people like photos more than words, the way that Elizabeth and James present their content is unique and receives lots of engagement.

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13. Reese Witherspoon (@reesesbookclub)

Reese has 2.4M followers, and her Instagram account is a book club. Each month, Reese introduces a book to her followers and asks them to read it with her. Then they have a community to talk about each novel they read. That’s what makes Reese’s Instagram account so popular among book lovers.

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14. Amy’s Bookshelf (@amysbookshelf)

Amy, with 100K followers, is one of the best book bloggers on Instagram. She is a bookworm who reads many books each month but picks the ones she likes more and introduces them to her followers.

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15. Book Riot (@bookriot)

Bookriot is actually a website about books, which has different categories based on the genre of each book. It also has audiobooks, podcasts, and reviews. As a well-known website in literature, its Instagram account also has many followers. Therefore, it can be a great place to inform book lovers about your new book. Bookriot has 290K followers right now and updates its account almost every day.

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Whether you are a book lover, author, or publisher, you can always use Instagram to market your book. Several book influencers are on Instagram that can help you introduce your books to the world of book lovers. Find the best book bloggers on Instagram with the help of Ainfluencer.

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1- What is the meaning of bookstagram?

Bookstagram is an Instagram hashtag that is used for book-related photos. Generally, book influencers on Instagram use this hashtag to make it easier for people to find them on this platform.

2-  What does a book influencer do?

As their name indicates, book influencers on Instagram try to inspire people to read more books. They read and review books. Mostly the publishers and authors give their newest products to book influencers and ask them to promote them on their accounts and help them sell more.

3- Is Instagram good for selling books?

You sell almost anything on Instagram. You only need to find the right person to help you promote. In the field of books, Instagram book bloggers are the best choices.

4- How to share books with influencers?

You can use the Ainfluencer platform to find the right influencer for your marketing plan. You can either give them a hardcover book or share the PDF version. It’s generally up to the influencer you want to work with.

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