25+ Instagram Daddy Bloggers To Inspire You In 2023

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We adore witnessing the unique connection that exists between a father and his child. Nothing is more appealing than witnessing a dad who is incredibly committed to his family and goes above and beyond for his kids.

If you’re looking for a way to motivate yourself, look no further than Instagram Daddy bloggers. These individuals have mastered the art of taking pictures and compiling them into amazing blogs that will inspire you to work harder, be more creative, and believe in yourself. Whether they’re traveling the world or simply living life one day at a time, these bloggers have something to share with anyone who’s interested.

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27 Instagram daddy bloggers

1- Luke Leonard (@daddynannydiaries)

Luke Leonard is one of the top dad bloggers with 25.3K followers on his Instagram account. He is living and loving life in LA as a stay at home dad to his two children, Ivy Rose, and Logan Maxwell. Be sure to frequent his YouTube channel to see Vlogs of how he is the modern-day, masculine Mary Poppins.

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2- Doug (@thetravellinggays)

Doug and Sanj, a.k.a The Travelling Gays, have been together for ten years and love traveling the world together! They have one of the best gay dads blogs. Follow them on their adventures and their laughs along the way.

Connect with Doug and Sanj

3- Dad on Duty (@christophekeyes)

This daddy blogger is called the Dad on Duty. What you will get on his fatherhood blog with 32.6K followers is honest rants and reviews from your favorite dad, from cars, to real estate, fashion, lifestyle, etc.

Chat with Dad on Duty

4- Brian Nagel (@briannagel8)

Brian Nagel is an actor and producer who is best recognized for his roles in feature films. He has one of the best dad blogs on Instagram with 45.5K followers. He is a dad to two cute girls and is waiting for their third child. His IG account is where he documents every aspect of their lives.

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5- Zach Fack (@zachfack)

Zach Fack is one of the top dad bloggers on Instagram who has amassed 122K followers. Zack shares the sweet moments of his family, his wife Anna and their twins,  around their home and their travels.

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6- Colby Shipwash (@doddblog)

Colby Shipwash is Staci Salazar’s husband and dad to five kids. This daddy blogger has amassed 13.4K followers on his Instagram account, where he posts travel,  lifestyle, and family content.

Chat with Colby Shipwash

7- DJ Hapa (@djhapa)

DJ Hapa is a flag bearer of DJ education who has gained 29.3K followers on Instagram. This DJ coach can be considered a successful daddy blogger since his account is filled with his three kids’ photos and videos.

Partner with DJ Hapa

8- Binh Tong (@banuntil)

Binh Tong has a little boy. This daddy blogger posts his travel and lifestyle content to his 14.7K followers. Follow his Instagram account to see his full journey from becoming a husband to being a kind dad.

Chat with Binh Tong

9- Peter Holland (@champagnegatsby)

Peter Holland is one of the top dad bloggers who has a son. In addition to being a father, Peter is also an entrepreneur. As a blogger, Peter has created an Instagram account where he posts about raising his son, being his friend, and spending time with his family.

Contact Peter Holland

10- Travis Clark (@traviswethekings)

Travis Clark is a Nashville singer and songwriter and the lead vocalist for the famous rock band, We The Kings. This super dad’s Instagram account with 332K followers is a real example of a fatherhood blog. He is a dad to four little angels, and his account is full of their photos and videos of having fun with their daddy.

Collaborate with Travis Clark
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11- Tony Bellissimo (@tonybellissimo)

Tony Bellissimo is an actor and dancer who is known for his work in La La Land. He can be considered one of the top dad bloggers on Instagram. He usually shares both himself and his son’s photos and videos together in matching outfits and smiling from ear to ear.

Talk to Tony Bellissimo

12- Scott Clifton (@cliftoncam)

Scott Clifton is a Daytime Emmy award-winning actor, best known for his work in the long-running American soap operas General Hospital, One Life to Live, and The Bold and the Beautiful. He currently lives in North Hollywood with his wife, son, and their four over-fed cats. His Instagram account is where he shares his life as a husband, dad, pet owner, and actor.

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13- Aaron Thygesen (@thedad.father)

Aaron Thygesen is a dad who uses his influence on Instagram as a daddy blogger to share his dad jokes, toddler clips, dad tips, and lifestyle with his 58.3K followers.

Contact Aaron Thygesen

14- Jon Gustin (@thetireddad)

Jon Gustin aka tired dad is one of the top dad bloggers who just loves parenting. He, his son and daughter, and his wife all do their best to make and share family videos to make you laugh and even cry sometimes.

Chat with Jon Gustin

15- Gerard Fluellen (@gerard.fluellen)

Gerard Fluellen and his wife Alyssa have three kids, two girls, and a boy. He is a daddy blogger who uses his Instagram account as an outlet to share his experiences and life as a father. He successfully shows parenting, family, and relationships to his 67.5K followers.

Talk to Gerard Fluelle

16- Anthony (@dad_vlog)

Anthony has one of the best dads blogs on Instagram with 49.5K followers. He shares every simple moment of his life with his family on his account and celebrates the simple and appreciates the everyday. 

Connect with Anthony

17- Derik Beeston (@derikbeeston)

Derik Beeston is an entrepreneur and social media influencer who has gained huge popularity on different social media platforms, especially YouTube (1.5M followers).

He has also amassed 150K followers on Instagram by posting his photos and videos with his wife and son.

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18- Andrew (@papaperspective)

Andrew is a dad influencer for tips, motivation, and laughs. He shares real dad-life moments on his Instagram with his 21.6K followers.

Partenr with Andrew

19- Brian (@briansworldd)

Brian has one of the fatherhood blogs on Instagram with 17.5K followers. He uses his Instagram account to let others be part of his adventure as a married man and a dad.

Contact Brian

20- Tyler Smith (@tybrothehog)

Tyler Smith is a family man, surfer, and cultivator. He has two naughty sons who are by their father’s side most of the time having fun.

Connect with Tyler Smith

21- Keenan Nuehring (@keenyapolada)

Keenan Nuehring is another daddy blogger who deserves to be mentioned in our list of dad bloggers. Follow him on Instagram to see his posts and Stories documenting it all from hiking around with his kids to spending a night out with his kids and wife.

Chat with Keenan Nuehring

22- Doop Mitchell (@1doop_mitchell_)

Doop Mitchell is married to Hope Gabriela Mitchell and daddy to Liam Haze Mitchell. As a daddy blogger, he has amassed 11.3K followers on his Instagram account. If you want to see his adventure as a family man who spends time with his family, give him a follow.

Negotiate with Doop Mitchell

23- Landon Deru (@landon_deru)

The “Deru Crew” has a combined 40K followers on Instagram and 216K subscribers on YouTube. The family consists of his wife, Julie Deru, a registered nurse, and dad Landon Deru. Together they have five kids.

The family’s Utah-based vlogs cover a wide range of topics, including budgeting and house organization. They also share the challenges and benefits of house renovations as well as how to potty train your child in three days.

24- Mike (@icemikeloveasia)

Mike is a single dad from Texas who lives with his two kids. He’s got 1M followers – they can’t be wrong. Follow this daddy blogger to see his fatherhood videos, photos, and quotes.

25- Jonathan Joly (@jonathanjoly)

Jonathan Joly is a YouTube sensation known for his channel SACCONEJOLYs, with over 1.7 million subscribers, where he video blogs about his family life. He is also a successful daddy blogger on Instagram with 1.1M followers.

26- Simon Hooper (@father_of_daughters)

Simon Hooper has one of the best dad blogs on Instagram with 873K followers. His Instagram posts and Stories are all about family life with his two daughters, his twin girls, and his wife.

27- Sergei Urban (@thedadlab)

Sergei Urban, aka TheDadLab, is the father of two adorable boys, Max and Alex. Sergei began sharing experiments and educational activities that he did with his kids on Instagram, and pretty soon, the number of followers started to grow rapidly, and now he has 1M followers. He is not a teacher or scientist. He just shares his fatherhood journey, kids’ science experiments, and crafts ideas on his IG account.


In conclusion, Instagram Daddy Bloggers will continue to be a powerful force in the online world and will continue to inspire others in 2023. Their authenticity, relatability, and willingness to share their lives with their followers will ensure their continued success. Follow these dads on Instagram for daily doses of inspiration!

1- Are Dad blogs popular?

Yes, Dad bloggers are a very popular and unique niche of male bloggers.

2- How can I be a cool dad?

Here are some tips that are sure to help you be a fun and cool dad:
1- Put a little effort into what you wear and dress up when necessary.
2- Show your kids the ropes of adulting.
3- Be a fitness buff.
4- Be supportive.
5- Don’t be overbearing.
6- Respect your children’s emerging opinions.
7- Be strong inside and out.

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