Top 10 Fashion Bloggers Over 40 That You Need To Follow

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The world of fashion is not just for the young generation; No matter how old you are, you can still look stylish and stick to the trends. Fashion bloggers over 40 can help adults and grownups find the best items for their body type and taste.

If you are a fashion influencer and want to know some of the best stars in your niche, we have your answer. In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best fashion bloggers that you can check out and follow. 

10 Best Fashion Bloggers Over 40

Social media is full of influencers across different niches, and Instagram is one of the popular platforms among these creators. Want to know some of the best fashion bloggers on Instagram over 40? Here are the top stars that manage their fashion blogs and Instagram pages. 

1. Josephine Lalwan

Let’s start with one of the best Instagram fashion influencers over 40, Josephine Lalwan. She started her online blog, Chic at Any Age, when she was sixty, by creating content around fashion and beauty. According to Josephine, her blog is for women over 50 who want to look good. 

She is currently focusing on building a sustainable and practical wardrobe. There are three main categories on the blog: Beauty, Style inspiration, and France. 

2. Tamu Mcpherson

One of the successful black fashion bloggers over 40 who has been active in fashion since 2008 is Tamu Mcpherson. Tamu was born in Jamaica and raised in New York. She started her blog, All the Pretty Birds, in November 2008. This monthly publication shows you how to style your hair and outfits and take care of your skin as you get older.

Tamu has more than 500k followers on Instagram and regularly runs brand collaborations with known names such as Gucci, Bulgari, Dior, etc. 

3. Cyndi Spivey

Describing her mission as helping women over 40 look and feel their best, Cyndi Spivey is one of the mid-size fashion bloggers over 40. As a full-time content creator, she manages her blog and shares useful fashion tips. She is also a part of the Amazon influencer program, and you can find her best items on Amazon on her storefront. 

Cyndi is active on Instagram and has more than 120k followers. If you want to collaborate with her and many other fashion influencers, sign up on Ainfluencer for free now!

4. Nicole Feliciano

If you are looking for mom bloggers to help you with challenges you might face, Nicole Feliciano has one of the best blogs to check out. Nicole Feliciano is the founder of Momtrends, which is one of the best fashion influencers over 40.

On her blog, she shows you the latest trends in the world of fashion and gives you inspiration to look pulled together and stay fit. She is also active on Instagram and is a travel influencer who shares everywhere she goes. 

5. Susana Fernández

If you are a fan of feminine, elegant, and sustainable style, Susana Fernandez is one of the fashion bloggers over 40 you need to check out. Her fashion blog is categorized by color, and you can many outfit inspirations for your mood. Even though she is a micro-influencer on Instagram, you can see many of her posts have the ‘Paid Partnership’ label. 

6. Alison Lumbatis

Another mom influencer on our list of the best over 40 fashion bloggers is Alison Lumbatis. She is the founder of two fashion blogs, Get Your Pretty On, which has more than 2 million visitors per year, and Outfit Formulas. She started blogging in 2012 and tries to change the way women feel about themselves, regardless of their age and size.

Her ‘Outfit Formulas‘ blog is an online personal style program that provides members with a seasonal shopping list of trendy and classic pieces. You can set your budget and the look you are looking for to view many trendy items to buy. 

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7. Ana Maidique Bogusky

If you want inspiration for your everyday looks, Ana is one of the best fashion bloggers. Especially for curvy girls, her fashion blog is full of ideas for your body type. Ana has talked about the impact of fashion on the environment multiple times, and most of the items she uses are sustainable. 

8. Brenda

Without any doubt, one of the best black fashion bloggers over 40 who can help you find confidence by wearing attractive colors is Brenda. Brenda is a Chicago-based fashion blogger with many inspirations for vintage and modern looks with bold colors. 

9. Erin Busbee

One of the UK fashion bloggers over 40 who has served a community of more than 1,300,000 women around the world is Erin.  Erin Busbee and eight attractive girls decided to create a fashion blog together, named ‘Busbee’ to help women feel amazing at any age. 

There are four different categories on their blog: Style, Beauty, Lifestyle, and Wellness. Also, you can access free wardrobe basics checklists, closet editing & organizing checklists, Zoom call tips, etc. on their blog. 

10. Linda Fargo

When it comes to fashion bloggers over 40, Linda is one of the well-known designers and bloggers who has appeared in Vogue. In her fashion blog, Making it Manhatam, she shows you how to style different colors. Also, she designs classy outfits for women over 40 that you can buy from her shop. 

How To Collaborate With Fashion Bloggers Over 40?

The power of social media influencers is not hidden from anyone these days. One effective and popular way among brand owners to increase their customers is by collaborating with influencers in their niche. If you are a fashion, beauty, or even lifestyle brand, you can find over 40 fashion bloggers and collaborate with them to increase brand awareness and customers. 

There are different methods to find fashion bloggers over 40 for partnering with them, such as hashtag research on social media platforms, Google searches, or monitoring your competitors. But we have a better solution, Ainfluencer!

The Best Way To Collaborate With Fashion Bloggers: Ainfluncer

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It uses an AI-powered search engine that allows you to find your best collaboration match based on more than 20 criteria such as age, gender, location, niche, audience demographics, etc. 

So, to find fashion bloggers over 40, you can easily set the niche as fashion and set the age above 40. After a couple of seconds, the Ainfluencer will provide a list of available matches. 

You can use the in-app chat feature to contact influencers that match your budget. So if you are ready to collaborate with TikTok and Instagram fashion influencers over 40, sign up on Ainfluencer for free now!


Fashion is not just for the younger generation. Fashion bloggers over 40 have shown that adults and grownups can still look stylish and keep up with the latest trends. In this article, we’ve introduced you to some of the best bloggers that you can check out and follow on Instagram.


1. How Can I Collaborate With Fashion Bloggers Over 40 For My Brand?

Collaborating with influencers is a powerful marketing strategy. Use influencer marketing platforms like Ainfluencer to discover and connect with them. The platform employs an AI-powered search engine, ensuring you find the perfect collaboration match based on various criteria such as age, niche, and audience demographics.

2. Why Focus On Fashion Bloggers Over 40?

The world of fashion is not limited to the younger generation. Fashion bloggers offer valuable insights and inspiration for adults and grown-ups who want to stay stylish and embrace current trends tailored to their age and taste.


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