Top 22 Blonde Instagram Models To Follow: 2023 Must-have List!

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In a world of social media and influencers, it’s hard to know who to follow and who to trust. But if you’re looking for some stunning blonde Instagram models to follow on Instagram, we’ve got you covered.

These days, many brands turn to influencer marketing platforms in order to collaborate with the best Instagram models to promote their services because they streamline the whole process for them. That’s why we’ve gathered up a list of trusted IG blonde influencers that you can collaborate with with ease of mind.

So, without further ado, let’s delve into our top picks for the best blonde Instagram models to follow in 2023.

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Top 22 blonde Instagram influencers 

Indeed, there are many blonde models on Instagram these days. So, you might be confused as to which one to follow, or which one to collaborate with. Well, don’t you worry! We’ve got your back!

1. Anastasia stock (@annastasia_stock)

The hottest blondes on Instagram are not always girls with lots of followers. Anastasia is a nano influencer from Arizona. She has 8K followers and is a blond Instagram model that promotes fashion clothes and hairstylists. 

Contact Annastasia


2. Isabella (@itsisabellaloren)

Her curvy hair made Isabella one of the cute blonde models in NYC. She has 11.3K followers, and as a micro influencer, she could find her way to modeling for brands like Adidas and H&M. 

Connect with Isabella

3. Destiny Smith (@destinysmithfit)

Destiny is a blonde Instagram model with 54.9K followers. She has a casual style and loves traveling. Furthermore, Destiny is a mom to two boys, and she randomly shares their photos and Stories on her account. 

Contact Destiny

4. Scarlet B (@scarletbwild)

Scarlet is one of Instagram’s hottest blond models, with 93.4K followers. She is mostly an underwear model who promotes sexy and cute swimsuits and underwear.  

Collaborate with Scarlet

5. Kornelia (

Kornelia is one of the cute blonde models from NYC. She has 195K followers and is considered a famous fashion influencer on Instagram. She also likes being in nature and enjoys swimming.

On top of that, this stunning blonde Instagram influencer has over 1 million followers on TikTok, which makes her one of the most popular fashion influencers.

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6. Jessica (@jessiimarques)

Jessica is a Los Angeles Influencer with 109K followers. She is a bikini model and one of the sexiest blonde models on Instagram who shares content regarding modeling, traveling, and fitness.

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7. Tiana Harkey (@tiana.harkey)

Tiana is one of the blonde Instagram models from Vegas. She has 95.4K followers and loves promoting colorful, attractive dresses. Since she loves cats, she calls herself a crazy cat lady!

Collaborate with Tiana


8. Isabella(Bella) Barrett (@isabellabarrett123)

Isabella is an NYC influencer who is a fashion model, designer, and actress. She is one of the blonde Instagram models presented at different fashion events. With 108K followers, Isabella is a micro influencer on Instagram.

Connect with Isabella


9. Nicole (@nic.lynn.xoxo)

Nicole is a car model with 14.1K followers. She is one of the blonde IG models that never stop training because she always wants to be in shape. She’s highly creative and her photos indicate that she is one of the hottest blondes on Instagram.

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Contact Nicole


10. Maria Makarova (@makimakarova)

Maria is one of the hottest blondes in the world. She is a young model from LA with 17.3K followers. Her Instagram account is Maria’s personal blog in which she shares enjoyable moments of her life. Furthermore, Maria is mostly a bikini model, which makes her even hotter and sexier.

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11. Karolina Demy (@karolinademy)

Karolina is another LA influencer on the list of blonde Instagram models. She is a young dancer and a hot model with 12.7K followers. Her flexible body and pretty face have all contributed to her great performance.

Connect with Karolina

12. Angelica (@angelicasalek)

Angelica is one of the hottest models from Lose Angeles for modeling bikinis and swimsuits. She is a famous blond model with 108K followers. If you check her Instagram account, you’ll see that she’s been posting trending reels to entertain her followers.

Ask Angelica to collaborate

13. Victoria Nowak (@victorialnowak)

With 11.8K followers, Victoria is a popular blonde girl on Instagram that loves modeling Indian dresses. Interestingly, she walked on different runways and became miss teens nation Universe in 2021. 

Make an offer to Victoria

14. Sophie Valentina (@sophie.valentia)

Sophie is one of the hottest blonde Instagram models with 11K followers. To entertain her followers, she posts aesthetic photos of herself in bikinis, swimsuits, and underwears which has led many to consider her a hot blond Instagram model. 

Make an offer to Sophie


15. Caroline Daur (@carodaur)

With 4.2M followers, Caroline is a macro influencer and a famous blonde model that has worked with many well-known brands such as Fendi, Dior, and Versace. Caroline is a fashion model and loves traveling.  

What makes Caroline to be considered one of the most popular blonde Instagram models is the fact that she really cares about the world around her. Lately, for instance, she has started a fundraiser for Turkey and Syria’s earthquake.

16. Romee Strijd (@romeestrijd)

Romee is the famous blond model of Victoria’s Secret brand with 8.1M followers on Instagram. Her lifestyle is so influential to most people, and that’s obvious in her joyful and positive photos. What’s more about her is that she’s a mom of two children, and occasionally posts pictures of them on her Instagram account as well.

Also, she’s one of the blonde influencers who appeared at the Cannes Film Festival this year and left thousands of people in awe of her stunning style.

17. Claudia Schiffer (@claudiaschiffer)

Claudia is one of the blonde Instagram models with 1.8M followers. She is a German influencer modeling for famous brands such as Valentino and Versace. As a famous blonde model, Claudia’s photo has been published on the cover of Elle magazine several times.

18. Chiara Ferragni (@chiaraferragni)

One of the hottest blondes in the world is the Italian influencer Chiara Ferragni. She is also on the list of highest paid Instagram influencers and a mega influencer with 29.3M followers. She has two children and is considered a mom influencer too.

It’s worth mentioning that this popular blonde Instagram influencer has founded her own brand of make-up collections too!

19. Alexis Ren (@alexisren)

Alexis is one of the top blond Instagram models with 17.7M followers. She mainly shares her favorite fashion styles and daily life on her Instagram account. Furthermore, Alexis has a wellness community called We Are Warriors. She spreads positivity and energy through the quotes she shares and encourages her followers to be more active by doing daily workouts.

This blonde Instagram model and actor has recently signed with WME, opening new doors to her career path. She has also been appearing on many TV shows and podcasts.

20. Mikayla Demaiter(@Mikaylademaiter)

Next on our list of hot blonde Instagram models sits Mikayla Demaiter. With over 2.3M followers on Instagram, this Canadian model shares stunning photos of herself, mostly in a bikini, on her IG profile and attracts millions of people.

21. Alix Traeger (@majortraeger)

When speaking of top blonde Instagram influencers, Alix Traeger is definitely on the list. Alix is a food blogger and shares interesting reels of trying different recipes. Aside from food posts, she posts photos of her lifestyle and travels and receives love from a community of 453k followers.

22. Abigail Campbell (@abicampbell01)

Last but not least on the list of hot blonde Instagram models is Abigail Campbell with 19.4k followers. She’s passionate about fashion, shopping, and traveling, and posts photos and reels of herself trying different clothing styles.


Blonde Instagram models are attractive and usually have many followers. We have listed the hottest blonde Instagram influencers in this post to make it easier for you to find cute blonde models on Instagram to follow or collaborate with.

Don’t forget to sign up for free on Ainfluencer to discover more influencers in other categories.

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