Top 25 Los Angeles Influencers: Grow Your LA Market in 2024

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Sometimes you want to expand your business in a particular city or region like Los Angeles, so you need to find a list of the most effective influencers in that area. Collaborating with local influencers like Los Angeles influencers can help you boost your sales and compete with other local businesses. 

Los Angeles is home to a vibrant and diverse community of influencers across various industries, including entertainment, fashion, beauty, fitness, and technology. Using an influencer marketing platform can simplify the process of finding the ideal influencers in your niche.

If you want to grow your business in LA, here is the list of the top Los Angeles influencers to help you reach your goal.

How to find top bloggers in Los Angeles?

Before getting to the list, we can give you a quick trick to easily find Los Angeles influencers. There are several methods of finding local influencers on Instagram or TikTok, including searching Google or following local hashtags. But all these methods are time-consuming and won’t give you a full list of influencers in that area. 

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Finding Los Angeles Influencers
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Grow Your Market in LA

Top 25Los Angeles Influencers to Grow Your Brand

From beauty bloggers to food influencers, here is the list of top 25 influencers in Los Angeles. 

1. Batya (@batyafeuer)

Looking for a home decorator in LA? Batya can be the perfect micro influencer for collaboration. As one of the Los Angeles Instagram influencers, she loves to make homes more luxurious than they are and gives design tips and tricks to make this happen. Batya has 72.5K followers who like to learn more about design trends and home décor.

Collaborate with Batya

2. Marjan (@youngcouture_)

With 1.4M followers on Instagram, Marjan is a makeup influencer. Like other Los Angeles influencers in this field, Marjan also gives makeup tips and usually introduces the best cosmetic products. 

As a beauty blogger in Los Angeles with numerous followers who would like to learn more about makeup and its related products, Marjan can be an ideal influencer in LA to promote your brand or even shop.

Contact Marjan on Ainfluencer

3. Anna Azerli (@annaazerli)

With 3.4M followers, Anna is one of the macro influencers in LA who is mainly known because of her voice. She is a singer and model with a unique taste in fashion.

Connect with Anna

4. Jessica Angel (@j_a_fashion_la)

Wedding planners and brides in Los Angeles are lucky to have a fashion influencer like Jessica. This fashion stylist is one of the Los Angeles influencers who is very genius in styling and dressing up couples for their weddings. 

She is a macro influencer with 51.2M followers, making her a celebrity in this field. Due to her popularity, she has a website containing a collection of her works. 

Make an offer to Jessica

5. Erika Altes (@whiskeyandlace)

Like wine? Erika is a wine influencer who explores the world to taste different wines. She also creates videos about making tasty cocktails. If you want to know where you can taste the best wine or if you are a wine producer, Erika will be the suitable person to follow. Additionally, she is a mom to two children who like to travel with their mom. 

Erika has 127K followers on her Instagram. She also has a website and a podcast on the subject. 

Send a message to Erika

6. Emily Moses (@emilymosesmakeup)

The gorgeous model and makeup artist, Emily, has 81.4K followers on Instagram. She is one of the Los Angeles influencers who often shares photos of herself wearing classy and unique dresses to promote clothing brands.  

Contact Emily

7. Jennifer Freeman (@msjenfreeman)

The young actor, Jennifer has a lovely and cute appearance, which makes her an excellent model for clothing brands and fashion stylists. Jennifer also loves training and tries to inspire her 516K followers to do exercises by posting videos of herself doing yoga or other sports.

Collaborate with Jennifer

8. Mads (@madeline_massingill)

Madeline, known as Mads, is a dancer and cheerleader with 110K followers. As she mostly posts videos of her dances and daily life, she is considered one of the popular dance influencers on Instagram. She is also a choreographer, making her one of the top Los Angeles influencers in the dancing world.

Ask Mads to collaborate

9. Cody McClintock (@codycm)

People who love to see eye-catching shots of Los Angeles and other locations should follow Cody. He is a digital creator and an Instagram photographer with 57.2K followers. He is one of the top LA influencers who usually captures photographs by drones. Therefore, he can be a suitable person to promote such products.

Contact Cody on Ainfluencer

10. Faith Bui (@nobootybuii)

With 129K followers, Faith is a fashion blogger in Los Angeles. Apart from being a model and promoting fashion clothes, Faith writes about her daily life. She is into art and digital creation too.

Make an offer to Faith

11. Janna Mae (@janna mae)

As one of the top lifestyle bloggers in Los Angeles, Janna loves to share about her daily life. However, she follows her dream as a filmmaker and writer too. Janna has 101K followers and receives a good impression from them.

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Contact Janna on Ainfluencer

12. Justina Blakeney (@justinablakeney)

If you look for an interior designer, Justina is one of the top influencers in Los Angeles you can find. She is a creative home designer with 548K followers, which shows how influential she can be to people who want to decorate their homes.

Connect with Justina

13. Stephanie Jakubek (@simplystephjaye)

Being stylish, even on trips, is what Stephanie is good at. She is a travel influencer with almost 33K followers. However, being a traveler is not all she loves. She is one of the Los Angeles influencers that is also known for the unique and iconic outfits she wears that attract most of her followers.

Collaborate with Stephanie

14. Negin Farshad (@jewellfarshad)

Calling herself Jewel, Negin, is a Persian actor and model based in LA who is also an activist for women’s rights. Currently the brand ambassador of Fashion nova, she is mostly considered an underwear influencer due to promoting unique and stylish collections of best lingerie brands

Negin is one of the top Los Angeles influencers with 242K followers who are interested in the content she produces.

Send a message to Negin

15. Marquis (@lifewithmarq)

People who love cooking follow Marquis because he is a top chef and food influencer in LA who loves to cook and give recipes for delicious cuisines he makes. Marquis has 414K followers who are cooking enthusiasts. Therefore, if you have any product that might relate to cooking, this account is where you should promote it.

Connect with Marquis

16. Casey Lynn Hancock (@caseypaintings) 

Meet Casey, an LA based artist and painter who has 346K followers on Instagram. Without a doubt, her followers are primarily artists, art students, and anyone with a taste in painting and working with colors. Therefore, if you are a company that produces anything related to painting and art, this art influencer’s account is a suitable place to introduce yourself to people who are your marketing target.

Collaborate with Casey

17. Kristina Kacheeva (@kristinakacheeva)

Kristina is one of the LA based fashion influencers who loves to try different styles and provide styling advice. She also gives beauty tips to her followers. Kristina has 188K followers and sometimes gives beauty tips to them.

Contact Kristina on Ainfluencer

18. Jonas Maier (@jf_maier)

You may look for a male fashion influencer in LA. Jonas is a young and handsome model with 234K followers. On his Instagram account, he mostly posts about his lifestyle and talks about men’s fashion.

Make an offer to Jonas

19. Kate Alvarado (@kate_avocado)

Looking for a fitness trainer in Los Angeles? Kate can be the ideal influencer for you. She is one of the Los Angeles micro influencers on Instagram with 14.6K followers. As a fitness influencer, she mostly talks about her daily life and gives workout tips to her followers. Therefore, she can be a perfect option for sports brands. She also has an online class that teaches Yoga.

Collaborate with Kate

20. Shana (@shanasgalaxy) 

Instagram is where everyone can tell a story and share their experience. Among them, mom influencers have extra attention. Shana is has two cute babies. Although she is still a micro influencer in Los Angeles, she mostly writes about her daily life and family, especially her kids. 

She shares happy moments of her life to show how enjoyable life of a mom will be. She has 12K followers who like this type of lifestyle.

Contact Shana on Ainfluencer

21. Eddie Sanchez (@hungryinla)

If you have a restaurant in LA, you should definitely search for food influencers in Los Angeles. The good news is that Eddie is one of them. He loves to taste different food at different restaurants and share his opinion about each of them. 

So, people who don’t know where to go in LA to eat specific food or cuisine can follow Eddie. That’s how he has gained 143K followers on his Instagram. 

22. Liberty Netuschil (@thelifeoflibs)

The LA based model, Liberty, is one of the influencers who shares awesome photos of herself with sexy poses in bikini. Apart from being a bikini influencer, she promotes gym clothes and energy drinks to her 308K followers. Therefore, she can be an ideal match for gym clothing brands in Los Angeles. 

23. Hue (@hieucow)

As her name indicates, the Instagram account of Hue is full of colors. From her colorful hair to dresses she wears, everything has a vibrant color. Hue is an artist who is also a lifestyle influencer in Los Angeles. 

She calls her Instagram account ‘a Fairy World.’ So, do you have anything colorful? Give it to Hue because her 97K followers also love adding colors to their lives. 

24. Zander Hodgson (@zanderhodgson)

Men’s clothing brands in LA can find Zander a great match for collaboration. He is an actor and model with great style who introduces himself as a professional poser. Zander has 316K followers and is now the brand ambassador of NovaMen. 

25. Parker York Smith (@parkeryorksmith)

Another great male fashion influencer in Los Angeles is Parker York Smith, who usually shares formal outfit ideas and suits. He has a great taste in matching clothes for different occasions. So, his styling ideas are interesting to his 647K followers.


Categorizing influencers based on their location can be an effective way for brands and companies to expand their businesses in a specific city or region. However, most influencers have followers globally. But, most of the time, the number of people that follow someone who lives in their city is more than others. Therefore, collaborating with Los Angeles influencers may better impact your sales in this region. 

Do not forget to sign up on Ainfluencer for free to find the right influencer to promote your brand.


1- Who Is the Most-Followed Influencer in Los Angeles? 

Alisha Marie is a model with 3.6M followers on Instagram, which makes her the most-followed Los Angeles influencer.

2- Which City Has the Most Instagram Mega Influencers? 

Los Angeles is the leading city in the world that has the most Instagram mega influencers.

3- What Do Los Angeles Influencers Mostly Do? 

Like any other city in the world you can find any type of influencers in LA too. However, almost 31% of all the Los Angeles Instagram influencers are fashion bloggers and models.

4- Which City in the USA Uses Instagram the Most?

Los Angeles and New York City are two major cities in the USA that have the most active users. However, LA is still far ahead of NYC with more posts with its location and hashtag. That’s why LA based influencers are more popular in the US. 

5- What Time Are Instagram Users Most Active in LA?

It is essential for every business to know the best time to post on Instagram. If most of your viewers live in North America, the best time to post for you can be between 6 to 9 PM. 

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